Parent upset with pole dancing at NDP.

From strip clubs to National Day Parade

This is a letter from the Straits Times Forum Page, 4 August 2009:

Picture from phusion

BASED on blogs about the National Day Parade (NDP) Preview, it seems that pole dancing will be one of the features of the parade.

From the pictures posted, it appears that several dancers dressed in skimpy outfits will be performing.

As a parent, I am concerned about the portrayal of women in skimpy outfits and sensual dancing at the NDP. Pole dancing has its origins in strip clubs, however toned down the sensuality is now.

I am surprised that it should even make an appearance at the NDP when it is not local to Singapore. In fact, I have not heard of any nation celebrating its National Day with performances by pole dancers.

If skimpy attire and pole dancing are glorified on the national stage, then it negates the values that school teachers try to inculcate in their students. Teachers tell their students that their school uniforms should not be too short. Why should students listen when women can perform in skimpy outfits at the NDP?

Cheah Khuan Yew