Burger King ad in Singapore comes under fire

Excerpts from blog Taragana:

Mark Duffy, a blogger and an advertising copywriter at a major New York City firm, said that the advertisement was among the “worst” he had ever seen in more than 17 years of his experience.

“I’ve seen a lot of sexual innuendo ads and this is about the worst, especially for something as mainstream as Burger King. I was a little repulsed by it. It’s really misogynistic to women and it’s also unappetizing,” said Duffy.

Duffy said that the woman’s face in the advertisement appeared to have been retouched to make it look like a doll, and that the American cheese on the sandwich seemed a little too white.

“It’s outlandish. They obviously didn’t hire a top-notch food photographer,” he said.

Duffy, who called on Burger King to terminate the ad, said: “It’s really distasteful on the appetite level and on the social level. The ad pretty much speaks for itself. How much more do they have to spell it out for you?”

Lauren Kuziner, a spokeswoman for Burger King, said that the campaign was produced by a local Singaporean agency, and not by the company’s U.S. advertising firm, Crispin Porter plus Bogusky.


Read the full article here.

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