An 18-year old boy, who had returned from Australia, consulted his GP and the Health Ministry’s hotline about his flu symptoms but “everyone dismissed his condition as normal”, according to the boy’s sister.

Here is an extract of a report from the Straits Times:

But after a general practitioner told him he probably had only the seasonal flu, and also being told by the Health Ministry’s (MOH) ambulance hotline that he should see his GP again before calling for the ambulance, the youth decided it was safe enough for him to take the train when he next visited the doctor.

The two-minute ride from Serangoon to Kovan MRT stations on Wednesday morning has now subjected him to much public criticism.

Members of online forums have labelled him ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘selfish’ as they felt he could have spread the virus to a large number of people.

“We wanted to be civic-minded, but no one pointed us in the right direction. We tried our best, but doctors we consulted seemed to think we were over-reacting.” – The boy’s sister, as quoted by the Straits Times.


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