Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sardine City

As it is, many of my peers have expressed a sincere wish to emigrate, not because of the high cost of living or the stressful lifestyle. It is primarily because they are appalled by how Singapore has been transformed into a city where it is difficult to find a seat on the MRT on a weekday afternoon, or seek peace …

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Beyond dialects and languages

It is a fallacy to think that being chinese and able to speak mandarin would eventually lead to a comparative advantage. The failure of the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) serves as an important reminder to all of us. Kelvin Teo.

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Better put it right, says SM Goh

The suggestion that a minority MP could be biased against others who don’t believe in your own religion, is I think, a very serious one. I do not think the reporter or the journalist writing it realised the implication. A Malay MP could not reach out to the Chinese, I think that is very bad for the PAP. Fortunately, that …

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