Daily Archives: 2009-02-16

Is it wise to save $36,000 this way?

HDB's cost-saving measures for new lifts is a matter of concern - in terms of safety and long-term maintenance costs - for residents. Who will pay, ultimately? Boris Chan investigates HDB's use of cheaper lift shafts for LUP programme.

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Where is the President?

Mr Nathan, as President, you must take the initiative to release the above information for the public to know.  You are a very close friend of Lee Kuan Yew. But he is not your boss. You do not need to save face for them by covering up their mistakes. Please remember your duty to the citizens of Singapore. Singapore Dino, …

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The disappearing Singapore soul

Because of the constant desire to renew, Singapore has lost much of its soul and intrinsic details. And we have lost, in great numbers, the roads less travelled within our own city… Perhaps it is time we stopped trying to design and build our city and, instead, let our natural patterns shape it. Lisa Healey-Cunico, ST Forum Page

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