Bangladeshi workers stranded, Singaporeans step forth to help

Andrew Loh

This is an update on the situation with the 179 Bangladeshi workers who were reported by TOC to have been abandoned by their employers. The following update is provided by a good-hearted Singaporean who was moved by their plight to help out today at the dormitory at Tagore Lane. He wishes to remain anonymous.

I have, since this morning, spoken to TWC2 (Transient Workers Count Too) and brought some bottled water down for the workers at Tagore Lane. Perry Tong from the Workers’ Party was there and he brought along some groceries, and also Wee Kiat the journalist from TODAY who covered the news – he’s there not for work but to see how he can help.

The latest development is as such – TWC2 has negotiated with Tipper and made it their responsibility to provide 3 meals a day for the workers. They will also be relocated to another dorm in Yishun, owned by Tipper, on the 20th.

But what the workers need are more than food and lodging. They haven’t been paid for two months, so they are running out of basic necessities, such as washing powder, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper etc.

I should be able to gather some donations by tonight, and with the money, i should be able to buy some toiletries to last them for another week.

For now the situation is stable, but we will need to monitor further. (BTW, TCW2 has limited funds as they are already bogged down feeding up to 300 people a day.)

As you can see, until the workers get employed again, we have to keep the help steady, and I doubt I can get a constant stream of donations from the same people.

I’m sure many readers at TOC would love to help. I’ve never done this before, asking for donations from online sources, maybe you guys are better coordinators.

Editor’s note: For now, and until we are sure donations can be collected, readers who wish to donate should get in touch with the people from TWC2. You can contact them through their website here.

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