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Bitter medicine in 2007, bitter pill in 2008

January 2007 Is it better to take your medicine sooner or stretch it out? Take medicine once or two times? I prefer to make (sic) my medicine early, why? This is something we need to do, once we have done it, we can move on; we have the resources to have the revenue from the GST that we use…. Channel …

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Coping with joblessness: A personal account

TOC guest Gilbert Goh tells his story about being jobless. "During that period, I hovered between desperation and panic. Naturally, relations with my wife was not the best.After about six months of unemployment, I realised the first step was to manage my emotional health above all else. I realised that, if I could manage my emotions better and stay positive, I had a better chance of coming out of my financial crisis stronger."

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Being open – but not quite

When asked if town councils might lose more money from their other investments, Dr Teo said that he did not have the details of their investments and declined comment about his town council, Holland-Bukit Panjang. TODAY

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$2 billion over 20 years

Over the last two decades, 14 PAP town councils have accumulated about S$2 billion in sinking funds. That works out to about S$200,000 per HDB block in Singapore. There are about 9,000 HDB blocks in Singapore. Channel NewsAsia

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