PAP should submit all films to BFC too, says Martyn See.

Party political films please, we’re the PAP!

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Three years ago, I was placed under police investagation for making Singapore Rebel. I had to surrender all my tapes and camera and was subjected to gruelling interviews by the police – all for making a “party political film”, as alleged by the complainant, the Media Development Authority (MDA).

Some of my friends and acquaintances were also called up by the police for interviews, as the Singapore Gestapo combed through my phone records without my knowledge. I had publicly stated, even to the local press, that I hope to be the first and last person to be formally investigated for making a political film in Singapore.

Today, I can safely lay claim to that title.

The ruling People’s Action Party will be making and posting their videos on their website. That’s great news. But then someone should tell them to submit all their videos to the Board of Film Censors, as required by the Films Act. Otherwise, the censors are not averse to physically seizing films, as they did with One Nation Under Lee. Or are some parties in Singapore more above the law than others?

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