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The US Presidential Elections – Results (Update 7)

Here are latest news reports of the results of the US Presidential Elections. We will update this page throughout the day. You can also view the up-to-the-minute results here at the New York Times website and CNN's Election Tracker.

Electoral Votes Count (270 needed to win Electoral College vote):

Obama - 338

McCain -156

Breaking News: CNN - Republican John McCain concedes the US elections

International Herald Tribune - Racial barrier falls in historic elections

CNN - Barack Obama wins presidential elections

Reuters - Obama moves to brink of historic win

Reuters - Obama takes command with win in Ohio

International Herald Tribune - Key eastern states called for Obama

CNN - McCain takes West Virginia and Georgia

Reuters - Obama defeats McCain in Pennsylvania

CNN - CNN projects Pennsylvania win for Obama.

BBC - Obama wins battleground state

International Herald Tribune - Obama wins early vote in New Hampshire

Reuters - Obama and McCain split an early pair of states

Obama wins Pennsylvania: