Daily Archives: 2008-09-10

Come join us at Hong Lim Park this Saturday!

The PTC is expected to announce fare revision for public transport this week. Come and support TOC's first public event on speaking out against any further fare increase.
Bring your friends, families and colleagues to Hong Lim Park this Saturday, 5pm.

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It is still affordable

Bus fares continue to remain affordable for the general public even with the 1.8 per cent increase as this is considerably lower than the annual increase in average monthly income per household of 5.7 per cent in 2006 SMRT chief operating officer Yeo Meng Hin Business Times, Sept 12, 2007

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Serangoon Gardens – foreign attitudes

Stereotypes are well and truly alive in this modern multi-ethnic metropolis. We want our own space and are selective about which foreigners will be allowed into it, making a serious dent in the attempts to evolve into a tolerant multi-cultural society.
By Siva Govindasamy.

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