Monthly Archives: August 2008

I like PM Lee :)

I never knew the government did so much and gave us so much money. I wonder if they receive any thank yous and if so, from who. Cause all along, i’ve never heard anyone thank the government. I’ve only heard people complain and blame and resent the government. those people, shen zai fu zhong bu zhi fu. Amelia

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Letting off steam – safely

We’ve got to allow political videos but with some safeguards… We have to move away from this total ban and find ways to allow people to let off steam a little bit more, but safely… Lee Hsien Loong

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Singapore’s Temasek courts disaster

Nearly five months after its March 31 year-end, Singaporeans should be eagerly looking forward to the publication of the report of the guardian of so much of the national wealth, Temasek Holdings.

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