Monthly Archives: August 2008

Do your NS before you go

Only persons who have emigrated at a very young age together with their families, and who have not enjoyed the privileges of Singapore citizenship, will be allowed to renounce their Singapore citizenships without serving national service. Colonel Darius Lim – Mindef

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Before you speak, please…

Please don’t destroy the plants, don’t disturb other people…do it within certain hours, don’t make too much noise… Please exercise the freedom to demonstrate. Please do it within the rules. Please respect and recognise that we are a multiracial, multi-religious society. Mah Bow Tan – on using Speakers’ Corner

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Enjoy your children – not the money!

So, don’t just look at what they don’t get. I think they should look at what they will get but more importantly, look at the baby, look at their own children and enjoy their children! Wong Kan Seng – on baby incentives

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