The evolving role of women in S’pore

The Workers’ Party Youth Wing takes great pleasure in inviting you to participate in an upcoming public forum as part of the YouthQuake Forum Series. This forum series is into its fourth installment.

The topic for this session focuses on how youths can propose and carry forward a refreshing new approach to women issues in Singapore.

YouthQuake offers an excellent opportunity for Singapore youth to exchange ideas and experiences and we are confident that the forum topic will stimulate participants to debate and discuss. We thus encourage you not to miss such an occasion where you can keep pace with the pulse of today’s youth in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere and experience the dynamic nature of youth-centric issues.

The details of the YouthQuake Forum are as follows:

Date: 16th August 2008 (Saturday)

Time: 1430 hrs – 1630 hrs

Venue: 216-G Syed Alwi Road #0203

The speakers for this event will be:

Dana Lam- Teo

Dana will be providing an overview on the story of feminism and a history of women’s activism and achievements in Singapore since independence in 1965 and how the role of women in Singapore society has evolved over the decades. She will also be touching on what the women’s movement is all about and why it is relevant today. Looking ahead, Dana will conclude by speaking on certain issues that she believes will be most relevant to AWARE in the current internet age.

Lee Lilian

Lilian believes that no women in Singapore should be taking on the burden of single motherhood willingly and single-handedly. Her presentation entitled “The predicament of a single-mother in Singapore” shall illustrate how the stigma of being a single mother still exists in Singapore society and why we should accept single-motherhood as a respectable part of our society. She will also propose some recommendations on how the government can provide a better support network for them.

Koh Kai Lin

Kai Lin’s presentation entitled, “1.29 to 2.1” is a reflection on boosting the birth rate among young women in Singapore and why financial incentives unveiled in recent years to encourage married Singaporeans to have more babies have failed to significantly cure Singapore’s baby blues. She will be offering creative and radical measures aimed at boosting Singapore‘s flagging birth rate. What exactly works best for young women in the local context will also be discussed.

Selene Cheng Ai Lin

The working women in Singapore has to grapple daily with the ideals and responsibilities imposed on them by the nation, society, family and the organisations they work for. Selene will be examining the roles of working women in a globalised economy and will offer suggestions on how businesses and the government can go about creating flexible work opportunities for women.

More Information can be found in the attachments enclosed.

In order to assist in the organisation of this forum, kindly confirm your attendance with Bernard Chen @ [email protected] or email the Workers’ Party Youth Wing @ [email protected] by 14th August 2008 (Thursday)

We look forward to hearing your views @ YouthQuake 4.


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