Human Rights Focus Week extended

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let everyone know that we are extending our Human Rights focus by another week. This is a request which some of you have made to us and the editors have unanimously agreed!

Our intended “Wages & Inflation” week will now be postponed to the week after. Our apologies to those who were looking forward to that.

In the new week, we will be highlighting some of the more interesting and insightful comments posted by you guys and gals here on TOC, besides more articles on human rights. So, look out for that.

If you wish to contribute an article on human rights (or on Wages & Inflation) to be published here, please do email us at: [email protected].

Remember: TOC is all about you and your views. So, keep your comments coming..

Thanks, everyone… for the spirited discussions and debates.


Andrew Loh

Deputy Editor


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