Daily Archives: 2008-05-01

Should Singaporean youths be allowed to vote at 18?

The Youth Wing of The Workers’ Party will be holding a public discussion forum on the issue of lowering the voting age to 18 this Saturday, May 3. (See details below.) Titled, “YouthQuake – Should Singaporean Youths Be Allowed To Vote At 18?”, it “seeks to educate, empower, and unite young people to bring youth-centric issues into the forefront of …

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Islam in Singapore : Where to from here ?

Syed Alwi Singapore is an anomalous red dot in a green sea, being composed of mainly non-Muslim Chinese in a neighbourhood that is largely Malay-Muslim. Within this already sensitive geopolitical setup is the Muslim community in Singapore, a minority within a society that is itself a minority. In today’s post 9-11 world, Islam has become headline news everywhere – and …

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