Daily Archives: 2008-04-22

Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee

Videos of PM Lee’s speech below. “I am satisfied that the Ministry has taken the correct remedial and disciplinary action, and that the Minister and top management were not to blamed (sic) for what has happened.” “We must admit our mistakes openly and honestly, put them right, and act against those who have been culpable. But the last thing we …

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COI report: Reactions from the Internet

Breaking News: PM Lee says ministers shouldn’t be automatically removed for lapses down the line. More from Channel NewsAsia. The following is an aggregation of reactions from the Internet to the Committee Of Inquiry’s report and DPM Wong’s statement on Mas Selamat’s escape. Diary of A Singaporean Mind – Mas Selamat: 3 steps to freedom “Shame on you conspiracy theorists …

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