Daily Archives: 2008-04-16

New Media – Do you agree with PM Lee?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the following, as quoted in the Straits Times’ article titled “Leading and lightening up in the YouTube age”: If a newspaper report is wrong, readers can write in to refute it or the newspapers can carry another report to clarify matters. The newspaper readership is rather fixed, but it is difficult to identify readers …

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Breaking News: MDA approves Martyn See’s film for screening

TOC has just been informed that the Media Development Authority (MDA) has approved Martyn See’s film Speakers Cornered for screening, with a NC 16 rating. See had submitted the film to the MDA in December 2007. Martyn See will post more details of this in his own blog Singapore Rebel soon. The film is also available on YouTube. Clarification: Martyn …

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