Daily Archives: 2008-03-05

Has our Prime Minister gone missing too?

By Andrew Loh Mas Selamat Kastari is the most wanted man in Singapore right now. He is the number one terrorist threat to Singapore. A massive island-wide manhunt is on the way to find him. Malaysia and Indonesia are also on the lookout for the escapee. Interpol has put out a worldwide warrant of arrest for the man. The international …

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Civic participation serves to strengthen governance

This is a letter written by Tan Rong Jin Timothy, and was sent to the Straits Times. TOC thanks Timothy for allowing us to publish it here. I read the letter by Mr Chua Sheng Yang with great interest. (“Demos at Speakers’ Corner? No, they could hurt S’pore”) It amazes me that he rails against so-called Western principles of freedom …

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