Daily Archives: 2007-11-20

TOC Breaking News: 50 Burmese nationals protest

For more pictures, please visit Pseudonymity’s blogsite. 20/11/2007, 1930 hrs: 50 Burmese nationals gathered outside Orchard Hotel in groups of three. Standing in rows of three, they formed a line that snaked across the frontage of the Hotel. One group carried a banner that said: “Listen to Burma’s desire, don’t follow junta’s order”. We want to meet Gambari Mr Marc …

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Editorial: Time to stop Asean’s humiliation

By Choo Zheng Xi Every big family has its awkward characters: the cousin who can’t stop talking about Multi-Level Marketing. The 50 year old aunt who can’t stop talking about her sexual escapades. The mad uncle everyone wishes would just stay in his attic. Asean has been trying to pretend there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Mad Uncle Burma for a …

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