Daily Archives: 2007-10-24

Deconstructing the Majority

By Benjamin Cheah The ‘silent majority’ has finally spoken. Its representative is ‘The Majority’, a group that intends to prevent the repeal of Section 377A. The Majority argues that the retention of Section 377A is necessary, to preserve moral values. It is a reaction to the ongoing efforts to abolish Section 377A; therefore, the burden of proof is on the …

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Further questions about Myanmar and t-shirts

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “Singapore’s arms sales to Myanmar not substantial : No deals in recent years ; weapons sold not suited to counter civilian unrest ; economic links limited, says George Yeo” (ST, Oct 23) and “MPs fire questions on Myanmar issue” (Today, Oct 23). The first article reported on the answers given by …

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