TOC welcomes 5 new writers

Theonlinecitizen would like to announce the inclusion of 5 new writers to the TOC team. They are Ng Sook Zhen, Joel Tan, Andrew Ong, Chong Kai Xiong and Jeffrey Leow.

Welcome on board, everyone!

Below is a brief background summary of who they are.


Ng Sook Zhen is a law undergrad at the National University of Singapore currently. Previously, she worked at Singapore Press Holdings on an internship. Her first contribution to TOC was a report on PM Lee’s forum at the NUS. (link)

Andrew Ong describes himself as a true-blue Singapore heartlander. He is presently working in the Research & Corporate Communicatons division of an NGO which represents the manufacturing sector in Singapore. Other than his work, he enjoys serving others through his church and community work. In his free time, he fuels his passion for writing through his personal blog.

Joel Tan is currently a national serviceman “awaiting release and the start of the rest of his life.” He describes himself as a recently conscripted defender of the nation, woeful ex-student and dedicated kitchen disaster”. Joel also writes on his personal blog, The Daily Backtrack, here.

Chong Kai Xiong is a programmer by trade and hobby. His interests are largely centered on computing, particularly theoretical computer science, gaming and digital rights. He is a human rights and a FOSS (free / open source software) advocate. He has also participated in last year’s Freedom Walk, SDP’s May Day march, the black protest at CentrePoint and the recent 16 Sep march. Kai Xiong is not a member of any party nor does he have any intention to be one.

Jeffrey Leow is an international medical student at Monash University Clayton, Melbourne. He grew up in Singapore and like many, gave 2 years of his time serving the nation with pride. Now, he is on a journey to find out where his heart truly lies in terms of national pride or dis-association.

If you wish to join us, please drop us an email at [email protected]

For the full list of our team, please click here.

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