Daily Archives: 2007-08-08

The Prime Minister’s National Day Message

My fellow Singaporeans, We celebrate National Day in a happy mood. It has been another good year for Singapore. Altogether now, we have had four good years of growth. We have many things to cheer about: a. Our athletes are winning medals b. Our chefs are winning culinary contests c. Our entrepreneurs are launching new businesses d. Our students are …

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One wept at the birth of our nation while firecrackers thundered

By Yeo Toon Joo, Peter Singapore’s mercantile High Street-Hill Street district thundered with the blast of exploding fire crackers, more deafening than any Chinese New Year eve fire cracker duels. The most exuberant was at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce which led in the celebration. It was August 9, 1965. What was going on? What was the occasion? No new …

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