Daily Archives: 2007-07-24

Wee Shu Min, Li Hongyi…nothing is sacred anymore with the net

By Yeo Toon Joo Does the internet and its speed and openness change the way we communicate? Of course, the internet has drastically altered the norms and practices of open communication, and even private conversation. It opens a pandora’s box! Anything you wish to disseminate or promulgate, idiotic or edifying, can be done instantly by just hitting a button. It …

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Pssst! Have you heard….?

Word on the street is that one senior cabinet minister is rumored to be leaving his post.  Some forum participants on the internet describe him as a compassionate person and a man of high morals.  He is also known as a thinker. In the past, he had often delivered in-depth and thought-provoking speeches and analyses of Singapore society and world events, some of …

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