Daily Archives: 2007-05-25

Foreign Talent policy: of principle and practice

By Choo Zheng Xi The government’s defense of its foreign talent policy follows a familiar pattern. The government rolls out a policy and frames it within unobjectionable truisms that few can disagree with. In the foreign talent debate, the truisms are ‘cosmopolitanism’ and the need for ‘healthy competition’. When challenged on the specific implementation of its policies policy, the government …

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The Work Holiday Programme: an undergraduate’s concern

By Ned Stark Singapore’s open door policy rolls on. The government’s stated goal is to bring Singapore’s population up to the 6.5 million mark. Unless we drastically increase our birth statistics, it is clear that many of these 6.5 million residents will be made up of foreigners. Minister of Manpower Dr Ng Eng Hen’s recently announced increase in S passes …

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