Daily Archives: 2007-04-06

The First Tier of The First World: Beyond the Bottom Line

By Leong Sze Hian & Choo Zheng Xi Like a responsible board of directors, we may have been constantly keeping our eyes on the bottom line, obsessing over the most cost efficient solutions to build up the solidly reliable Singapore Brand. Perhaps, keeping a country together requires something more than keeping a company solvent, profitable and growing. But what is …

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Questionable benchmarking formula

This is filed under “Letters To TOC”. Firstly, I cannot understand or accept the PM’s and MM’s logic or rationale for the incredible pay hike for our cabinet ministers. Why do they want us to believe that our cabinet ministers are that avaricious, corruptible, self-serving and mercenary, and so open to the highest bidders? In justifying the astronomical pay for …

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