NSP Departure from SDA– Study the Press reports

Excerpted from Singapore Alternatives.

I would highly recommend a political commentary provided by Burning Republic State although I disagree with the author’s point of view that the SDA will face problems after the NSP’s (National Solidarity Party) departure. Although this blog has only a few articles, it has provided very insightful articles right from May 2006.

The NSP’s press release is well written in such that it gives the reasons why it chose to leave the SDA, clear the speculation of “unhappiness” of Mr. Chiam’s leadership and stated its commitment to grow and provide more choices for Singaporeans.

I have taken pain to post the original NSP’s press release and most of the relevant newspaper reports on this whole issue to demonstrate one simple point, views can be “engineered” by newspaper reports.

This is especially so in the ZaoBao’s report. Despite the fact that NSP has reiterated in its press release that its departure from SDA is NOT due to any unhappiness over Mr. Chiam’s leadership, the ZaoBao’s report still puts the whole issue in a very negative angle of “opposition faces disintegration” and suggests NSP left because it is unhappy with Mr. Chiam in reforming the SDA! Worst of all, it put up “undisclosed” source of information to suggest that this is the “truth”!

Read the full article in Singapore Alternatives

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