Potential Death Traps in Ang Mo Kio Hub

By Kevin of The-Upperroom

Last Tuesday (2nd Jan) evening, I decided to prepare a nice dinner for my dearie. I saw the opening banner of “NTUC Xtra” outside Ang Mo Kio Hub a few days ago and thought it will be interesting to check it out.

As I drove towards the unimaginative building called Ang Mo Kio Hub, I was shocked by the traffic chaos outside the building. There were at least 7 taxi occupying the left lane of the road leading up to the carpark entrance of AMK Hub. Cars that were turning into the carpark jam packed the middle lane leaving only the right lane for normal traffic in the already congested road.

I wondered to myself, which idiot architect/town planner placed a 2 bay taxi stand less than 5 meters infront of a carpark entrance. (remember, this is AMK, 1 out of 10 Singaporeans live in this HDB town, there will be high demand for taxi).

Read the rest of the article here.

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