Daily Archives: 2006-12-30

Review – GE 2006 & The Internet

By Charissa. Once again, we are at the dawn of a new year. It is that time of the year for some reflections. 2006 has been an eventful year for Singapore and us Singaporeans. So many things happened that I find it impossible to cover them all. Thus I would be focusing on only a few key issues; GE 2006, …

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Jurong Island Theft: 100kg of Jet fuel additive stolen.

By Bernard I was shocked to see this piece of news in The New Paper and in TODAY (29th December 2006). It is reported that thieves had made off with 100kg of Stadis 450, a jet fuel additive. Stadis 450 is classified as a flammable liquid and hazardous material. The New paper understands that the jet fuel additive was left …

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