Daily Archives: 2006-12-10

Foreign labour policy & income disparity in Singapore

By Edmund There has been a disconnect between the profits of businesses and the wages of ordinary Singaporeans in recent years. While corporate profits have increased, the wages of Singaporean workers, except for those at the higher end, have barely budged in real terms. In addition, income disparity in Singapore has increased. The lowest 20% of income earners or 300,000 …

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Singapore’s declining birth rate

By Epilogos Incredible, but true. Singapore is too expensive a place to have a baby, so many young couples in Singapore think. This is in spite of the fact that in Singapore, both couple – husband and wife – are more likely to hold down a paid job. A new acronym, DINKS, has been invented to describe couples with jobs …

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Blogs, bloggers, blogging

By Raymond Deputy editor of The Straits Times, Felix Soh, once said, “You can check the government until your paper gets closed down. Then you lose your job and everybody loses their job too…you got to be very realistic, if you want to engage the government, you have to do it on the political arena. You got to accept that …

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