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Trust lost, trust yet to be found

By Howard Lee Watching the unfolding of the Population White Paper was like watching a Channel 8 drama serial. The debate in Parliament was filled with emotional ups and downs,

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Singapore's Economic Model – the fallacy of “growth at all costs” – Part 2

by Rajiv Chaudhry   What happens when population grows exponentially? If Singapore continues to grow at even half the pace it has in the past, its economy in 20 years’

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Stop Trying to Frame the White Paper, We Can See the Truth

This article first appeared at Jentrified Citizen By Jen It is becoming irksome hearing and reading the government and the Straits Times telling us that we have all missed the

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Dubious footnotes in the Population White Paper

By Gordon Lee Last week, the Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean (who heads the National Population and Talent Division)

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Population growth: Losing the debate with an unsubstantiated case

By Gordon Lee   Recent days have seen much scaremongering by politicians, businesses and the mainstream media about perils of

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Lesser Economic growth for a Better Singapore.

By Terry Xu Speaking at the parilament today, Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC spoke out against

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Population White Paper: Still not listening to us

TOC Editorial – The Population White Paper published by the National Population and Talent Division could have just focused on

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Behaviour of Bonobos and Chimps Tell Us A Lesson on Over-Crowding

By Edmund LimI refer to “6.9 million population is a projection: S Iswaran” Even though it is just a projection,

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Democratic Progressive Party unveils new faces, discusses White Paper on Population

By Benjamin Cheah Mr Benjamin Pwee, Acting Secretary-General of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), introduced today three new faces to

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