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    Urging LTA to re-consider the proposed framework by SMRT Corp

Urging LTA to re-consider the proposed framework by SMRT Corp

By Derrick Sim On 3rd May 2014, SMRT Corp announced that talks had been ongoing with the government to extend the financing framework for their existing lines. If approved, under

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Strike was impromptu

By Terry Xu Our insider source informs TOC that the strike was not a pre-meditated action by the workers but started by a few drivers who stood in front of

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On Train announcements and Language Rights

If you are a frequent commuter on the North-South and East-West Lines, you should have noticed for a few months now a new announcement made when a train pulls into

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Strike Strikes Singapore: The Undertones of Industrial Relations

By Gerald Tan Strike strikes Singapore! A strike is defined by Section 5 of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act

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Bus drivers: Trying to make sense out of the numbers?

By Leong Sze Hian   I refer to the article “SMRT bus drivers can return to five-day week – without pay

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The “record” $2 million fine

Gordon Lee   On 16 July, LTA announced a record $2 million fine for SMRT, or 1.4% of SMRT’s forecast

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10 years – and still no public transport subsidy for disabled

The disabled asks for subsidy, not free public transport. Jonathan Koh.

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Overcoming fear and misinformation – give us our dignity!

More should be done for the disabled. Report by Ravi Philemon

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PTC fines on transport companies are meaningless

Fines are miniscule compared to companies’ profits.

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