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Why there is no subsidy for the poor….

The CEO of SMRT goes to work in a Mercedes. She deserves it because the profits of SMRT has doubled in the past few years. Even as the economic crisis

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Time for the government to re-look “no-welfare state” policy

Welfare can provide greater security for the people against events that are outside of their control. Tan Kin Lian.

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More flexibility for bosses but what is there for employees?

Why is the govt making it easier for employers to reduce workers’ salaries? Gilbert Goh.

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Where is the “unique Singapore advantage” to protect our workers?

Labour Chief should stand up for S’porean workers more. Andrew Loh.

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The myth of the lazy native

If the economy does not bottom out fairly soon, S’poreans’ patience might become sorely taxed.

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An alternative to penalising labour

Donaldson Tan suggests a recession insurance for non-financial firms. Firms are not going to stop retrenching workers whom they deem as excess manpower regardless of wage subsidy schemes. Instead, the fiscal policy for saving jobs ought to be targeting firms that face difficulty in raising short-term credit.

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