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Subdued and Sombre Atmosphere for PAP

By Benjamin Cheah Grim faces crowded around the television screens. Channel News Asia had set up a command centre at the void deck of Block 124A, and residents took full

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Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2010: Once more, with fear

We derive a strange and sickly comfort in the familiar, even if that familiarity invokes fear. It is otherwise hard to explain our enduring vulnerability. When Teo Chee Hean began

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Pre-General Election campaigning

Staying together, moving ahead. Donaldson Tan

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PM Lee doesn’t take private jet

Mr Lee said he did not think Singapore was an affluent country, the Korean daily reported.  ‘Besides, as a government

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MP recounts fiery attack

MP Seng Han Thong looks back on his ordeal. Straits Times.

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Tweaking back to time…

Our forefathers fought for Singapore to be freed from the shackles of colonialism and for us to be able to

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PAP understands opposition more than opposition understands itself?

Opposition parties & their leaders must beware of such ‘Greeks bearing gifts’ situations. This is especially so when the PAP

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No need to vote tactically, says Vivian Balakrishnan

What we are trying to tell our people is that in future, you don’t need to vote tactically. We will

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Victims of reverse tactical ploy or party political opportunists?

The WP has swallowed hook, line and sinker the PAP’s tactical masterstroke.

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