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A renewed call from the past to abolish ISA.

By Terry Xu How would you feel if Workers’ Party Candidate Lee Li Lian was arrested shortly after her victory in the Punggol East By-Election? This was a question posed

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TOC Exclusive: Teo Soh Lung – In her own words (part one)

Teo Soh Lung gives readers an exclusive look at her activities before her detention under the ISA.

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Passion for activism extinguished…but not for long

TOC’s Gerald Giam speaks to ex-ISA detainee, Tan Tee Seng.

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No beatings and torture under ISA

  There are no beatings or torture. There have been no deaths. Ambassador Chan Heng Chee, Embassy of Singapore in

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Reform the Internal Security Act

Increasing tolerance towards alternative voices needed.Donaldson Tan.

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TOC Editorial: But butterflies are free

Singaporeans should question the relevance of the Internal Security Act

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1987 “Marxist Conspiracy”? People are just “jealous”, says letter to ST forum

Letter to ST forum page says it’s better for “a few” to do time than “have the nation destroyed”.

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“Operation Spectrum was political rape”

Was the “Marxist Conspiracy” truth or propaganda?

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1989 – Lee Kuan Yew’s defamation suit against FEER

LKY sued FEER in 1989 for report on “Marxist Conspiracy” saga. Nathaniel Koh.

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