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Supporting Fr Michael Teo

Dear Admin Team, Good morning to you. With reference to the above mentioned article & the online publication (, I would like to provide my views and to share with

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The Fallacy of the “Our Forefathers were FTs Too” Argument

This letter was submitted via the Readers’ Contribution page. Having perused through several articles touching on the FT issue from various sites, some of which admittedly containing obvious political slants towards

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Meaningless fruits?

The freedom to demonstrate is meaningless unless it is applicable to all of Singapore. Alex Au

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For a sustainable Singapore

Reduce commuting time to sustain a liveable S’pore, suggests Tan Kin Lian.

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What we don’t need for exciting politics

Singapore does not need coups, demonstrations in the streets, people power, plots and conspiracies, wild allegations and uncalled for defamatory

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A justice system to protect the strong or the weak?

Prosecuting only the sellers of organs perverts the law, says Gerald Giam.

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Why no international recognition for S’pore’s fighters?

A TOC reader asks:

“Why do people like Aung San Suu Kyi get Congressional Awards and Nobel Prizes while none of our home grown fighters get any sort of recognition for their efforts? It is not as if people don’t know what happened to Chin Peng, Francis Seow etc etc etc.”

Share your views here.

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Judging the judiciary

Gerald Giam on criticisms of the judiciary.

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Medishield – Why burden the elderly further?

Why raise premiums by $480 for elderly?

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