Dr Ting and TOC respond to Mindef’s charge of harassment


On 28 January, Dr Ting Choon Meng received a lawyer’s letter from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) threatening to use the Protection from Harassment Act against him unless he signs a written undertaking.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), alleging that Dr Ting has made "false statements" against MINDEF about an earlier case where he had sued MINDEF for allegedly infringing on the patent rights for his invention, the Station With Immediate First-Aid Treatment (SWIFT) vehicle.

The Online Citizen also received a similar letter from the AGC, where the AGC also threatened to use the Protection from Harassment Act against us unless we remove our original report, or append a preface to it that redirects to MINDEF's clarification statement on the issue.

TOC has declined to accede to the AGC's demands.

Both Dr Ting and TOC have sought legal advice on the letters. Attached are the letters from the AGC, and the responses from Dr Ting and TOC.

Letter from AGC to Dr. Ting

Letter from Dr. Ting to AGC

Letter from AGC to TOC

Letter from TOC to AGC

  • GUSSIE91

    woahlan…………..another legal battle between the govt w/deep pocket against the average ordinary Singaporean.

    You see, how powerful is the ruling party, none of us can stop it.

    • PikuChoo

      And the best part? The govt’s “deep pocket” comes from Singaporeans.

  • cannot-take-it

    Our dear Ministry of Defence needs to be protected by Harassment Act???? How to protect the nation?

    • PikuChoo

      The AGC will be sent to the frontline and lead the charge? Any enemy stupid enough to attack us will have to reckon with our judiciary…

  • Samson

    It was ISA & IMH before, now it is AGC. Keep paying your dues to support these evil machines of PAP Millonsters who’s $mils are also from your dues. 60% citizens are incredible!

  • Something is not right. The Government has sold our land to the foreigner. Still this day I still have no idea why they open the door freely and invited them to our land. I’m so sad and stressed. Look at the likes of Jurong, Changi Business Park and Pasir Ris. Nowadays there’s a lot of foreigners moving to these town. Most of them are working and stealing the job that We, Singaporeans WANT. Nowadays there’s a lot of Pinoy working in the public hospital as a nurse and doctor. Do we trust them to treat us?

    Also look at the IT job. A lot of Indians from India hold the IT job. I’m pretty sure Singaporeans are better talents than them. So in short removed those foreigners that are stealing and working the job that We, Singaporeans WANT. Changes need to be made ASAP. If not Singapore will go down and sink in the water due to overcrowding in PAP hands…

  • Alan

    Exactly what Roy did in the defamation case! Did u rascals follow the same S.O.P?

    • Nutcase

      Oh yea @ $C(*^C)$#@&&C)++)&%#@^ ?

    • ganeshsk


      I think most of the posters arguments are that the SOP you mentioned is actually flawed and that is what the fight is all about.

      Hence they are seeking to cure the root of the problem.They reckon the tree will collapse sooner or later and such that we need tend to the roots before it rots beyond repair.

      • Alan

        I agreed it’s flawed as flip flopping is not the way to go. You decided to apologise in one instant and eating back in another does give a lot of confidence to their supporters.

        • nelsonmandala

          harlor..better than so many OVERPAID pap ministers who had YET to apologise for any thinggie

          • Alan

            Counter it with unrelated stuff is always the best thing to do! Usual with the same idiots around here.

            Why don’t you blame the government for you being born!

          • nelsonmandala

            u meant u a..LAN is bein manufactured by a govt minister?
            which 1? lauLEE himself?

          • GUSSIE91

            oh my……….you again and trying to stir TOC, why?

          • Alan

            I’m reflecting what you idiots are doing every damn time. You called this stirring?

            Are you retard or what?

          • GUSSIE91

            you see………..after decades the ruling party has been in power, they have realised that Town Council Act should be amended after losing their support from the last election.


          • Alan

            Yes! It’s is amending because your WPTC screwed everything. It’s out in the open and you still have the fucking cheek to twist around!

          • GUSSIE91

            Sounds to me that you hate the oppositions those have been voted and chosen by more than 39% Singaporeans, why………?

          • GUSSIE91

            you see……………UBS, Singapore control bank got another huge penalty for concealing dirty mortgage securities.

            What is going on w/the due diligence prior to buying UBS, head must roll from GIC/Temasek senior executive and its chairman also must resign soon.

  • nelsonmandala

    when u take a shot @ uncle sam america..he will shoot u back
    when u take a shot @ mossads israel..they will demolish me hut
    when u take a shot @ the indians injuns..they will not play cricket with me
    when i take a shot @ our beluv primister..he will issued me with a harrashment note
    ow i feel my country king and warlord no longer luv our country..he sold us ALL out

  • Nikko Asia

    We got a pussy-wussy MINDEF. Frankly will you have any confidence that they can defend the nation, if they need the AG to back them up. I have my doubts. Maybe can use them for coup de-tat if the alternative parties win the election, as threatened by LKY

  • liangjwc1

    If AGC didn’t reply to the responses they are like BLJ for sure.

  • jessie

    Is the Ministry of Defence pulling down the credibility of our Ministry of Law ? Any other Ministries joining in? Looks like a circus of clowns being paid million dollars. Hey, you are elected to govern the State not create problems and work for yourselves by your poor judgement.

  • Johnathan Li

    Marsupials should be in Australian nature reserves and farms, NOT in the Courts of Law!!!