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Rewarding good character with hard cold cash. No Kidding!

~By: Jen~ I am very disturbed by the new Edusave Character Award scheme by the Ministry of Education to reward good character in students with hard cold cash. This award

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Singapore is Asia’s most competitive city: New EIU report

~by: Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh~ Singapore is the most competitive city in Asia and third globally after New York and London, out of 120 of the world’s major cities, according to

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Singapore will not spiral downward with a two-party system

~by: Douglas See~ What a non-Singaporean thinks of a two-party system would be one that is typical of that in US; two dominant parties in politics, where any other parties

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Performance bonus breeds the culture of avoiding responsibility

~By: Tan Kin Lian~ The culture of avoiding responsibility and minding turf has grown to be very bad in Singapore.

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PUB's incompetence is one reason for recent floods says a TOC reader

A reader (Philip Ang) sent us these pictures, saying "I read with disbelief PUB's intention to install prototype vertical gratings

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By-election in Hougang in end March or early April?

~by: Jewel Philemon~ Reliable sources tell us that plans are underway to call for a by-election in Hougang towards end March

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Petition by parents of children with autism- MP Denise Phua on the defensive

~by: Jewel Philemon~ A petition making its round among parents of children with autism, seems to have caused Member of

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TNP accused of racism – just words or intentions?

~by: Howard Lee~ When The New Paper published an article on 7 March with a front-page title “Bangla boys show

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PM Lee: The Workers' Party has caused this situation to happen

Workers' Party Chairman Sylvia Lim, "does the Prime Minister not agree that with the Hougang SMC being vacant, there is

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