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Muslim group launches WearWhite campaign against homosexuality

June 29
11:10 2014


Even as thousands of LGBT people, friends, family and supporters gathered at Hong Lim Park on Saturday for the annual Pink Dot event, the campaign by some Muslims against homosexuality was launched – in a little less ostentatious manner.

The WearWhite movement, a social media initiative inviting Muslims to return to their “natural disposition” (fitrah) and the Sunnah (way) of the Prophet Muhammad, was launched on 28 June 2014 in a less ostentatious manner than Pink Dot which saw a reported 26,000 people turn up at Speakers’ Corner.

The WearWhite campaign, organised by some Muslim teachers, was born from “observations of the growing normalization of LGBT in Singapore”, the campaign’s Facebook page says.

“The movement encourages a return to the values as guided by Islam,” the group explains. “These values include prioritizing the family and marriage, responsibility and justice and fair dealings.”

It called on all Muslims “not to participate in the LGBT event on 28th June”, an apparent reference to Pink Dot; and to emphasize “a return to natural relationships as found in Islam.”

At the heart of the movement is the belief that “marriage between a man and a woman forms the basis of the family.”

The WearWhite campaign is thus aimed at encouraging Muslims to “a return to the values as guided by Islam.”

“These values include prioritizing the family and marriage, responsibility and justice and fair dealings.”

The campaign prompted Deputy Prime Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam; Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim; and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), to urge restraint and civility between the Muslims and the gay community.

The WearWhite campaign’s call for a symbolic wearing of white to evening prayers on the first day of Ramadan, which also fell on Saturday, was apparently heeded by many Muslims.

Pictures of individuals and groups clad in Islamic attire, such as the hijab and the thobe, were posted on the campaign group’s Facebook page on Saturday.

Some were apparently taken at various mosques around Singapore.

All pictures are from the Wear White Facebook page.










  • sharkAttack777

    Would the men in white be also represented to be against free love to ram their dickies against shitholes too?

  • Nutcase

    To each his own, be it white or pink or red or orange or black.

  • dellusional

    when one’s ideology and perception of reality feels threatened, one tend to retreat to one’s echo chamber for sense of comfort as it progresses to the next stage, whether it be of further denial or of opening one’s mind.
    like how suarez still thinks he didn’t bite anyone (surrounded by uruguays) and how self-proclaimed-martyr-messiah still thinks an evil government is out to get him for speaking the “truth” (surrounded by ppl without the ability of critical thinking that he inconceiveably deceived, ppl who’d believe whatever they want to believe irregardless of the ludicrousity of the claim).
    the latter being worse in level of dellusions, with the former being at least exceptional at what he does, latter having none

  • stjohnofthevatican

    Gay acts has always been forbidden by God. But man is so stubborn, and has always been, and made this gay thing so popular and now those who observng the law of God, Christians and Muslims, are now considered fundamentalist. It is now wrong to obey the law of God. If you obey you will be considered anti-social.

    Another thing that I observed is that there are no so many bastards, its so popular!

  • KayleeGan

    Im not muslim, but i know for certain that Ramadhan is about self-reflection and increasing one’s own ibadah and personal mindfulness to God. Hence i think Wearwhite is an absolute unfortunate distraction to muslims from the true, good spirit of Ramadhan – by tainting the holy month with intolerance and prejudice towards others. This is a crying shame and i think clear-minded muslims should speak out more against Wearwhite if they do not want Ramadhan to be hijacked by hate.

    And up to this day, the Wearwhite organisers have yet to answer for apparently misleading the actors in their videos into thinking that the videos were solely about Ramadhan, hiding the fact that they also have an anti-LGBT slant.

  • tat

    The Muslims should first get their own house in order before starting to venture into other houses.