Art exhibition to explore, express and celebrate the art of an ASEAN sex worker


Yet Still We Dance! Sex Workers of ASEAN Art Exhibition is an exhibition that explores, expresses and celebrates the art of being a sex worker in ASEAN. The exhibition is part of SW-ASEAN, an Empower project supported by UNDP and includes photography, paintings, cloth sculpture, and installations.

Empower is a registered Thai Foundation promoting rights and opportunities for sex workers. Founded in 1985, Empower works with a rights based philosophy aiming to promote human rights, reduce discrimination, stigma and abuses.

Launched at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in April 2013. The exhibit began its Asean Tour as part of the ASEAN People’s Forum in Yangon Myanmar March 2014. Singapore is the second stop in its ASEAN tour.

mirrorsVisitors to this exhibition can expect to see various photographs, paintings, sculptures, interactive art created by ASEAN sex workers. Visitors can also choose to take part in one of the artwork to take photos of themselves with the artwork (a paperbag) over their heads to feel how sex workers feel when their faces are erased... metaphorically and literally.

Project X, the Singapore counterpart of this network conducted some art workshops for the sex workers in Singapore and produced part of the artworks exhibited. 
Ms Vanessa Ho, project coordinator of Project X said, "All the artworks were personally made by sex workers from all over ASEAN. so the idea is to let the public have a better understanding of the lives of sex workers--a group of people whom people think they know a lot about but don't actually and art is a great medium to allow sex workers to express themselves in ways that words cannot."

"People say that sex work is an art. Cheerful resilience to stigma is also an art, and there is a definite art to living well in the face of discrimination!" said Ms Ho.

Free entry for visitors to exhibition and free guided tours around the art works is available upon request.

Exhibition opening hours are from 12pm to 9pm.

Address of exhibition - The Substation, 45 Armeneian Street

Friday is the last day for art exhibition. So hurry down to Substation to view the artworks fast!

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