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The browning of Singapore – time to step up

March 13
08:46 2014


“From our latest water demand figures,” Dr Vivian [Balakrishnan] said last Friday, “we are currently consuming about 420 million gallons a day. Now if the demand figure continues to increase then certainly, I will have to re-evaluate the adequacy of our current plans.”

While it is reassuring to know that Singapore has enough reserves in its water supply to perhaps last us this dry period, it is also perhaps prudent to see what we – whether as companies, businesses, or individuals – can do to help, in whatever small ways we can.

As individuals, we can recycle household water for other purposes, such as watering our plants, or even washing our floors. We should also limit using tap water to wash our cars, for instance.

We could also help with the environment around our community.

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  • Andrew Leung

    The Government is going to bring in another few million people. They must increase the water catchment area, collection methods and underground storage and reserves. They should build some more water recycling and desalination plants in Pulau Ubin, Tekong and Sentosa. The weather and temperature changes and 2030 population increase needs will take place before the Malaysia Water Agreement expires in 2061. Please give the Master Plan for National Water Security for the next 50 years.

  • jerry

    This is crazy. No rain for 3 MONTHS!!! 60 percent of SG water comes from M’sia. How long when they stop sending us?

    • nelsonmandala

      in the istana, there is a reservoir, enough water to ration for a decade and best of all not even recycled water..and who lived in the istana beside the OLE FART(u think he stayed in oxley rise?)

      as for you and me..water rationnin..hav u even tried water rationnin?
      i did..that is where u know the value of water

  • Andrew Leung

    NEA must give the National Drought Contingency Masterplan for Singapore. They must have an additional Woodlands and Forest Fire monitoring capabilities and prevention measures.