SPP's statement on MDA's licensing regime for websites


Statement from the Singapore People’s Party
The SPP views the Media Development Authority’s latest licensing regime for websites with grave concern. We find it even more worrying that the regulations were not brought for debate in Parliament, the body of elected representatives of the people. As such, NCMP Mrs Lina Chiam has filed an adjournment motion to speak on the matter at the next Parliament sitting, pending the confirmation of the Parliament Secretariat. 
In raising this motion in Parliament, the SPP also wants to be as representative of the community-at-large as possible. We therefore seek to hear from bloggers and concerned citizens as to how the MDA’s latest internet regulations that will affect their activities. If you have any comments to make, please email us at: media@spp.org.sg.
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Terry Xu

Terry Xu is the Rich Media Editor of The Online Citizen, where he is responsible for driving content production for TOCTV, Singapore's independent online video channel. An engineer by training, he has taken a camera into the peat fires of Indonesia to cover the root cause of the haze, and is responsible for much of the video footage at Singapore's civil society events and political forums. Terry is concurrently the webmaster for TOC.