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Yong Vui Kong files affidavit alleging unequal treatment

March 07
13:03 2012

Yong Vui Kong has filed an affidavit alleging unequal treatment by the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) after further evidence concerning his “boss” Chia Choon Leng was brought to light.
The AGC initially brought 26 charges against Chia. However, they were later withdrawn and Chia was not prosecuted.
Details of five of those charges were recently released to Yong’s lawyer, M Ravi. The charge sheets show that Chia had allegedly abetted Yong in his crimes by “instigating Yong Vui Kong” to transport drugs from Johor Bahru into Singapore.
Chia is now detained under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, which means that he will one day be released.
Yong, on the other hand, has spent the past four years on death row, and is awaiting a response from the President with regard to his clemency appeal.
“Enough Evidence”
In his affidavit, Yong stated that investigating officers and prosecutors must have had enough evidence against Chia to have brought 26 charges against him in the first place.
According to Yong, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Darryl Soh had implied, in a letter written to M Ravi, that Chia was not prosecuted because of Yong’s own refusal to testify against him in court.
Yong explained that he had not wanted to identify Chia in court because he was worried for his family’s safety. At the time, he did not know that Chia had been detained.
However, Yong wrote, “I am advised that if the Prosecution had considered that my evidence was relevant to the case against Chia they could have compelled me to give such evidence in Court”.
Equality of Treatment
According to Yong, the prosecution has indicated that they would consider reopening criminal investigations into Chia’s case, should Yong confirm his willingness to testify.
In response, Yong said, “This offer comes too late. If Chia had been prosecuted when I was prosecuted, any number of things might have happened so as to produce a very different result from that which has happened.”
“A lack of equality of treatment is a wrong that has lasting consequences, unless the Court reverses the wrong,” he continued to say in his affidavit. “The wrong that has been done to me by denial of equality of treatment cannot now be corrected simply by belatedly prosecuting Chia after I have been denied any of the… opportunities that would have been present if I had been given equality of treatment.”
Mr Ravi has made requests for the other 21 of Chia’s charge sheets, as well as his detention order.
The AGC has so far refused to accede to these requests, claiming that they are irrelevant to Yong’s case.
Yong’s hearing has been scheduled for 10:00am on 14 March 2012 (Wednesday) at the Supreme Court.

Yong Vui Kong's Affidavit

This article first appeared in 'We believe in second chances'. TOC thanks the website for allowing us to reproduce it here.


  • George Tan

    Why does anybody feel that there is equality in Singapore among ALL its people? There is a feeling that different people are treated differently in Singapore. Its just too bad when you are at the wrong end of the treatment. But on the other hand, when you are sitting on the death row, there is no reason for you to show any restrain. So kick up as big a fuss as possible and let the world know how Singapore works.

  • ràymbomatiqué

    I got a feeling the DPP Darryl Soh is just plain under political pressure to make Yong go to the gallows, as if its a game for him to delay and make life miserable for the chap. i guess in a draconian justice system the detained person is presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Thats such a bloody end game , its not fair and its not justice whatsoever.
    Justice can never be properly served this way, ever.

  • involuntary organ donor

    The way the Govt is so adamant about not letting Yong live makes me wonder if someone important needs one of Yong's organs, which the Govt will get to harvest FOC when Yong is hanged.  Remember the One-eyed dragon and how his kidney went to Tang's CEO? Yong is in the prime of his life and his organs will be top-notch!

  • reservist_cpl

    Obviously his decision not to testify resulted in the prosecution dropping the case against the other guy. The problem is that now his decision to testify is qualified with the fact that the court must give a judgment on very specific grounds (clearly politically motivated by M Ravi). A more reasonable thing to do might be to say he will testify if the conviction is quashed for any reason whatsoever or if he gets clemency in return.

  • konon

    Can somebody please explain to me this:

    According to Yong, the prosecution has indicated that they would consider reopening criminal investigations into Chia’s case, should Yong confirm his willingness to testify.


    In response, Yong said, “This offer comes too late. If Chia had been prosecuted when I was prosecuted, any number of things might have happened so as to produce a very different result from that which has happened.”

    ..So, YVK said "NO" to the offer to testify before. Now, he/Ravi blames  prosecutor for it  ..and yet again, said "NO", to the offer to testify *again*.

    Have I missed something? what is it YVK/Ravi trying to achieve? ..escaping gallow without having to testify to Chia?

    I don't get !!  Ravi is playing with YVK's life here.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear. Rev
    He has refused to testify.  In his own words, the prosecution offered to reopen the investigation, if he offered to testify.  In other words, there was room for a deal,  He testifies and there is room for Yongs clemency appeal to be In his favor after his conviction.  he turned down a deal for silly reasons.

  • Eddy Blaxell

    "He has refused to testify.  In his own words, the prosecution offered to reopen the investigation, if he offered to testify.  In other words, there was room for a deal,  He testifies and there is room for Yongs clemency appeal to be In his favor after his conviction.  he turned down a deal for silly reasons."
    As far as I can see, no one has offered him a deal at all. No-one has suggested any hope of clemency.  Why would anyone go out of their way to help the Singaporean justice system out of a vague, unilateral feeling that it might show some sympathy? Has it ever done so before?

  • Ah Gong

    Ravi is trying to make sure that if Chia were to be charged, YVK gets a retrial with him, else YVK would still face MDP even Chia were to be charge with YVK being prosecution witness.
    The proscution had never made a request for YVK to be their witness, the sentment was made by YVK, not knowing that Chia has been detained, possiblity of being charge while his family members not harmed. If AGC had treated YVK equally, they would have made such request and made known to YVK that Chia would be charged as well but nothing on this was relayed to YVK.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear Eddy and Go
    Any lawyer worth a dime would know that offering to turn cooperative witness for the state means there was a deal. It's the same in any damm jurisdiction and that deal was turned down by Vong during his trial and after.  
    Gong there is a world of difference between a coorperation witness for the state and a compelled hostile witness for the state.   The words of Yong Vui Kong certainly indicated that there was some kind of offer on the table.  He did not take up the offer during the trial and after and he is pleading unequal treatment  that is rank hypocrisy.  
    There was an offer to testify against Chia pre and after his trial and conviction. Which he did not take up.   the fact remains that if he had been a witness for the state the state would be in a position to recommend clemency.

  • This article doesn’t serve Yong well!

    If the purpose of this article is to evoke public sentiment it will not be helpful for Yong's case.
    I agree with Lockeliberal and note that Yong's failure to identify Chia in court and thereafter would weigh heavy against him.
    But I do hope he gets the clemency he is seeking…..

  • http://onetoone NOBBY

    He should be give a second chance, remember the yellow ribbon or else forget all rthe rubbish ribbon. Life is precious he is just an teenage kid like our children. God is watching. President of Singapore is not doing anything?

  • son of s

    The State has charged Chia with 26 charges.The AG has  swept  away  all 26 charges against Chia just because Yong does not testify against him.. The AG being AG should be street smart enough to  examine Chia in a thorough manner no matter how Yong behaves towards Chia. Even without Yong's testimony, police investigation should be carried out on Chia's involvement in Yong's action. I am afraid that the AG has not served justice in this case. In a sense he has chosen who to drop on the Death Sentence and who to release from the Death Sentence. The AG coming into play in this way so early in the game has prejudged the case, for the whole burden to fall on Yong. Common sense would would lead  one to believe that Yong was not acting alone. The AG by deeming Chia's charges to be irrelevant is an astounding piece of  judgment. which damns Yong even before the word go..

  • angela Oon

    He is from Malaysia, don't say too much about SG. If we talk of Malaysia isn't it the same when comes to equality? Why in your own country Malays can enroll to local university even though they have poorer result? Why when the Malaysia government sell shares the Bumi can get them and not the Chinese? Why Dr M's sons are so rich? Najib's brother is also super rich? Why? Please lah! before you talk of SG 1st ask your own government.


    You need two hands to clap not one ,only one to slap.

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  • Go and defend him!!

    All ye naive!!!  Go and give all your undiluted comments and help his legal counsel and set him free….if you are smarter than the law…..
    What are you all to make judgement?  You really think our AG is dumb?  Compare each of yourself to him…or ask yourself why he's the AG and not you!!!! or why even not the counsel reprresenting ?

  • By the by

    Singapore law used to have an outdated law abt ORAL SEX where consenting adult oral sex is punishable.

    This was repealed in recent years only despite so many lawyers have graduated in singapore law schools.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear S
        I had the same argument about the case against Chia with the supporters of Yong Vui Kong a while ago.  The difficulty of proving the act, the lack of physical evidence or other evidence as the act took place in Malaysia.   
       Equal treatment under the law does not preclude the fact that evidence might be deemed sufficient for a case against one individual whilst insufficient against another for the very same act.   
       I am surprised that the AGC found grounds to charge chia , that they were willing to go to court with Yong as a key witness.  I am not surprised that in the absence of Yongs coorperation they decided not to proceed.
      Yong had a second chance.  He could turn state witness and the sad tragic fact is that he refused his chance.  When it is all said and done Yong will die for his actions and he will die protecting Chia.   
      Why. ?  My question is why would Yong die for Chia,  and the only answer is that Yong is no innocent drug mule.

  • Ah Gong

    The AGC is more motivated to charge YVK compare to Chia just because it is easier to charge YVK compare to Chia? It seem that you are approving that AGC should take the easy step but when it come to justices and LAW, as an authory to carry out justices, it found it appalling that AGC is in such a laid back state, seem that they were too lazy to convince YVK that Chia should be charge, they did not even bother to inform YVK that Chia was arrested, giving YVK the impression that Chia was still at loose.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear  Gong, 

         It is the onus of the AGC to decide whether a case or the evidence at hand is sufficient to convict in a court of law.  As much as you may believe that Chia is guilty it will still have to be proven in court.   The releationship beween the AGC was two fold. 

    a.  Pre Trial.  According to Yong AGC wanted to testify but he did not want to for fear of his his family and he did not know Chia was caught

    b.   Post Trial.  AGC offered to repoen investigations if he made a committment  to testify.  That was in the letter dated 12th of February 2012 from the PP with his clemency APPEAL still pending/   AT this JUNCTURE ,   Ravi Vong and every dick and his friend already knows that Chia is in custody.  There is a FUCKING LAST chance here, the DPP is offering to cut a deal, and Ravi decides to fuck with the DPP.   I am half convinced furious beyond belief that Ravi is trying to FUCK his client and send him to the gallows

  • son of s

    Is this the role of AG in other countries? Even before the case goes for hearing rule that some persons should not be proceeded with?
    I have seen this done by the AG  in another case, not such a serious case though.
    Why have Courts, prosecitors, judges, lawyers? The AG can just  sit back in his chambers and judge  behind the scenes.
    And if someone or some entity prods the AG in the privacy of his Chambers to do this or that, we are all screwed.
    First  you do away with the jury, then with the judges. Finally you will be left with the AG with Superhuman Powers, Godlike, allowing this man to live, that man to die, the other man not to be pursued.

  • lockeliberal

    Dear Son of S
       In any country, there are limited and finite resources available for the state in prosecution.  The Courts and Judges , judge based on the case brought before them by the prosecutor, the defence defends.  Each acts independently fulfiling its own role.  The AGC's role is not to " judge"  but it has a role in determining whether the case or evidence is strong enough to secur conviction.  and to determine the exact charges to be brough based on the evidence at hand.  

        If there is insufficient evidence, if the AGC feels that there is no reasonable chance of conviction, they are duty bound to drop a case. in the interests of justice and the system.  


  • Lockeliberal

    Dear Gong,
    Perhaps there was no knowledge during the trial that his boss was detained but in the letter from.  THE DPP dated 12th February 2012.  They offered a deal.  Ravi then chose to tell. the AGC to go to hell.  I am not to sure what Ravi was telling his client, but if both or either have turned down a deal, then they have sealed their own fate.   

  • WP score own goal

    Why let a young man die, this is not good.

  • WP score own goal

    But he have to die so that others would not have to go through the same mistake.

  • son of s

    What is the reason for the AG to close the case on Chia so early in the justice process? Yong's refusal to bear witness agianst him is not sufficient reason. Waste of public money and resources is not an issue because this is a Capital Punishment case.
    The mule, Yong could not be acting alone. Closing the case on Chia means that the AG is sure that Yong was acting alone. Henceforth only mules for drugs will die. Master minds are too great to die.The implications are mind boggling for the state of Justice in Singapore.

  • JayF

    son of s
    Yong was the key witness. Of the 26 charges, 5 hinge on Chia's alleged links to Yong.  It'd be a bad lawyer to continue when the lynchpin of the case is gone. Waste of public money and resources is always a consideration, even in Capital cases. The life of a condemmned trafickker should not hold hostage the workings of the justice system.
    Of course Yong is not working alone. That's why they arrested Chia and even now is holding him under the Criminal Act.
    Pity Yong has no confidence the Malaysian police can protect his family. He wants to be a dead hero protecting his family? Maybe his death will have some value.

  • Peter Ong

    I bet this chap chia will bring in more heroin in future. He has some experience on how to push to others. Our young will have to bear the consequences.

  • son of s

    Lets say Yong is already hanged. What about Chia. Who is the AG afraid of?.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear Son of S
    If Yong is hanged, Chia will not go to trial due to lack of evidence.   Chia will go free eventually, will not be allowed to enter Singapore but will continue to recruit mules like Yong and send many of them to their deaths in SG.  If Chia is charged convicted and goes to death row, the AGC will offer clemency in exchange for coorperation as a witness versus a compelled hostile witness . He gets a second chance, becomes a posted boy saint, repents, does good, save future drug mules etc etc and all he has to do is to be a witness so what the fuck is stopping him from being the saint his supporters and fan boy say that he is

  • JayF

    When Yong is hung high, that's a closure for this case. As for Chia, unless the Home Ministry deems otherwise or somehow there is a legal review of the Gov right to dentention without trial, Chia will remain under lock and key for a loong time.
    Of course, if Yong didn't refuse to testify, at the very least he'd be seeing his old boss in hell not long after their mutual dates with the hangman.

  • son of s

    Yong's refusal to testify against Chia may have the valid reason that Chia has threatened his family back home in Malaysia. A man who distributes drugs across borders, employing mules and delving in  all sorts of planning and plotting  can easily plan and plot the murders of Yong's family in Malaysia. It is not a sure thing that even after Yong is hanged, the Law here will proceed with Chia. Most probably they will let Chia go  on the quiet and keep silent about it even when question by the public. When the silence is long enough, everything will be forgotten, even the question of why the AG does not pursue Chia vigorously in the interest of the community. The AG is known to mysteriously instruct the police not to pursue some people for no apparent reason. I do not buy the theory that the AG wants to save public funds in pursuing difficult cases.Public funds, taxpayers money are the last thing to be careful about. I know this because I and my family have been pursued by the ISD and the ICA for two years not because of any criminality but because an elite Law firm calls  upon these State Institutions for assistance in my domestic litigation.
    I want the public,  to keep an eye on Chia's eventual fate. We must prevent a perversion of justice just because we need to keep our tranquillity, keep our jobs, grow our assets, be safe inour own small world and to hell with the rest.

  • Lockeliberal

    Dear Son
    The reason Chia is currently being detained under the criminal equivalent of THE ISA is precisely because of a lack of evidence ,  You can't wish or create evidence out of nothing sufficient for a case.  Other commentators have already illustrated why Yongs testimony will be central to any case against Chia including basic facts like the act took place in Malaysia.  You have to state how more evidence is there or why Yongs testimony is not critical but you cannot assert without fact and just say the evidence against Chia is there.
    Vui Kongs best chance at life, lies in turning states witness.  I can't understand for the life of me why Ravi and all of Vui Kongs supporters are not seeking to find a way to bring his family to safety in Singapore.   All that hypocritical VUI KONG we love you, well they might but as it stands there is a deal on the table and nothing is being discussed about how civil society can help his family to safety.  

  • son of s

    Bringing Yong's family to Singapore for safety is a  retrograde step. Modern countries with police forces must keep people safe. Yong's family should accept death in exchange for justice for Yong. The AG should put Chia on the stand and have a judge talk to him.

  • son of s

    I find it facile to argue that since there is no evidence against Chia and so he must eventually be free. This Government has locked up people with no declared charges and that for  decades.
    It is impossible that there is no absolutely  evidence at all. If so he would not have been identified and retained at all. Another man, Lim or Tan or Yeo could have been picked up. What were the circumstances to cause Chia to be initially picked up? From this point it is certainly possible to discover more and significant evidence to bring him to the stand. On the stand even more can be learned from him.
    As I see it, the AG is taking the easy way out by blaming Yong for not witnessing against Chia. Yong ultimately is not the authority to preserve the Law in Singapore. The  State is ultimately responsible for the operation of the Law in Singapore. We the citizenry want  to see the strong force of the Law on Chia so that mere mules like Yong do not have to pay the price all by themselves.The AG who is given extraordinary powers in our legal system should not use it againgst us in favor of Chia.

  • lockeliberal

    Dear Son,

       Evidence enough for a suspicion and evidence enough to convict in a court of law where Chia has rights is another issue entirely.  You can't assert evidence or it should be there or the police can find it without saying how or under what circumstances.  

        Yong is a mule who was found guilty and is now sentenced to hang.  He was offered a chance to deal and turn states witness by the prosecution which he and his lawyer turned down.  

       Ultimately Yong will go to his death protecting Chia and you have to ask why.

  • son of s

    Before the Internet Age, mules like Yong would have swung long ago with the public knowing nothing except that the Government is doing a good job of clearing the State of its Enemies. But now some pertinent  matter seeps out to public knowledge. It seems there is a man and wife, directing mules , todate the mules coming to light are Koh and Yong. The man Chia, of this married couple to the horror of most ordinary citizens have been discharged of all 26 charges he had originally been charged with, by the AG. It seems a complete U turn  made by the custodians of the  Law in Singapore. Must have been a formidable force which can turn back a tide so strong as 26 charges. I can;t even be forgiven a single traffic offense. This is the mystery of Mysteries which in the Internet Age will persists in drips and draps long after Yong is gone. This side information will turn out to be the most important facet of the case, for it tells of a  controlling interest in the Yong case far more intriguing than Yong and his activities can ever be. It promises to tell of an organization, maybe comprising of just this married couple Mr and Mrs Chia, maybe a consortium of like purposed men and women planning and plotting behind the scene , seemingly immune to the the process of Law because working with the denizens of the Law.
    Of  course you cannot get the AG to speak. He is too great for that. At any rate he is a denizen of those who need not speak, SILENCE being their watch word. So the citizenry have to churn outs its own theory of this strange phenomenon about an accessible nearby   galaxy ignored in the neighbourhood of a minor star, Yong Vui Kong.
    Hopefully we can break the SILENCE soon because there is a break in the continued rule of this bunch of elites. If not the rumour of the nearby galaxy will reverberate in the minds of the citizenry down the cyber corridors of  time.
    One thing will arise in the Hall of SILENCE.The call to Officials that no more mules will be caught,  not to say  hung because the Druglords cannot be implicated so dangerously close again. Then Singapore will spiral down to become cousins of countries that grow rich on the drug trade. maybe a boon to the GDP and the Ministerial salaries.
    Protecting drug lords is a narural brake to the mandatory death sentence. So long as the citizenry stays awake to know which chicken has been chosen for slaughter each time, the slaughtering itself will grind to a halt. Because sooner or later , the citizenry will want something more interesting than mules.They want their handlers.

  • son of s

    Do you expect the citizenry to believe that, everything falls apart, the center cannot hold, if Yong does not testify against Chia?

  • son of s


    Digging deeper into the prosecutor's position statement that since Yong does not want to testify against Chia, Chia must be discharged of all the 26 odd charges against him. These charges were formulated  by the prosecutor himself and suddenly we find that these charges are all dropped because Yong does not add his testimony in support of them.. Looking carefully at what transpired, co-existing with the 26 charges was Yong's accusations against Chia for  Yong already mentioned Chia a few times in the proceedings up till this point by referring to Chia as his boss. So it is not that Yong never mentioned Chia, nor denies knowledge of Chia. It is only that when offered by the prosecutor to devote a whole Court session to testify against Chia, Yong declined. His reason of fear  for the safety of his family is valid, especially when a whole Court Hearing maybe running for a few days has as the subject matter of Yong incriminating his boss Chia. It will certainly raise the anger of the criminal organazation of which Chia is a member.
    So the prosecution attempts to make the advent of Chia, a novelty to the scene, as if they have never heard of Chia before, while they have  already charged him 26 odd times and have heard Yong mentioning him on several occasions under police  interrogation.  The clinching point is that Chia was already once charged with trafficking heroin with one Koh, even  before Yong was arrested.
    Why make such fuss over Yong's testimony against Chia, as if that testimony is the whole anchor on which to hang Chia? .Without that anchor , all charges brought against Chia, even those  before Yong comes on the scene are to be wiped away. Does anyone believe that our crimino-legal system is so fragile a system, a system which depends on one point and one point only?
    So it  seems to me that the prosecution makes Yong overly significant, pretending that Chia has never been heard before in this narrative and that Yong's testimony against  him is new evidence and the only  evidence without which everything already  erected against Chia fails, even the  charge of trafficking with Koh fails.The charge of trafficking with Koh comes before Yong came on the scene.
    I find the behaviour of the prosecutor nonsensical. I find the AG discharging all 26 odd charges against Chia, treacherous against the citizenry.. I am amazed that grown men of Law  cheats, and cheats so stupidly.
    I have the view that the AG has been strongly persuaded to let Chia go by a party or parties unknown. Being a Singaporean, I have unfortunately come across the AG making orders to the Prosecutor to stop pursuing certain perpetrators of mischief  for no apparent reason. No reason because, ensconced in his chambers he can be no more better informed than the protagonists in the heat of the legal  battle.
    The AG must have stopped the prosecutor in her tracks countless times. it would be instructive to find out from him and even the previous AG, what was the reason he stopped her each time .Was the AG influenced  by non crimino-legal matters? And by whom?
    These questions when  applied to the Yong-Chia case will answer every puzzle arising in the case. I promise you.


  • son of s

    The AG in his letter to Yong's Lawyer dated 13 Feb 2012 says that he does not intend to explain his charging decision to Yong. Well that's alright if nothing important is at stake. But not when it is a death sentence decision. Either the AG is acting high and mighty or he really has no reason but was persuaded to let Chia off by a party or parties unknown.
    The AG then went on to say that the charging decision is based among other things on the sufficiency of evidence. That s true about many things in life where a decision has to be made. But a total discharge of 26 plus charges seems an all or nothing snapping of the main nerve of the brain. Moreover Chia was known to the AG as a  trafficker or possible trafficker even before Yong came on the scene.As soon as Yong appeared, his mind snapped and he decided to release Chia of all charges and to proceed with Yong for the death sentence. Why ? because says the AG, Yong refuses to give evidence against Chia and  there is a  possibility that Yong's evidence could be  relevant in the case against Chia. There is a possibility. Only a possibility. Only a possibility that Yong's evidence is useful against Chia prompted the AG to release Chia of all 26 plus charges formulated even before Yong was arrested.
    I may be inaccurate in the precise chronology of the acts of Chia and Yong and Koh, but I can find the AG is not making sense.
    There is a possibility that selecting a person from a set of two persons without  an articulated reason  for the death sentence of one, is murder. But then it is only a possibility.

  • son of singapore

    It is possible that if and when the motivations of the AG are revealed, he may have to be tried for murder. His concealed reasons for not charging Chia together with Yong for capital punishment may be ominous. His not disclosing the other 21 charges against Chia shows that he has something to hide. The sum total is that the AG blew away all 26 plus charges against Chia and charged Yong for the death penalty at a simultaneous stroke is very troubling for the crimino- legal system in Singapore. All these tight lipped , closed mouth tactics may hide the ultimate anathema for a major custodian of the Law in Singapore.

  • son of singapore

    he reason anyone can  legally  put someone to death is that he is deciding it under the auspices of the State. But when he adds to the decision making process his own idiosyncrasies then there is the possibility that he is no longer sanctioned by the State to put that one to death. He has himself decided to put that someone to death. The description of such a will to death is Murder. We have to find out when we are capable of doing so, what is the reason for the AG of discharging one, Chia, and  charging the other of a pair, Yong, for a Capital Punishment. What is the reason for not disclosing  Chia's  remaining 21 charges . What is the reason for not disclosing at the first trial that  Chia already had two charges  for trafficking  even before Yong was arrested. No official however elevated can decide to charge someone with the death sentence based on his own scheme and hiding it from  public scrutiny. Not even the combination of AG and Prosecutor.

  • son of s

    The Crimino-legal system in Singapore has become so attenuated that one man the AG is sufficient to start off a case against a man by stopping investigations on him by the prosecutor and discharging charges against him. Then  order the lawful pursuit of another man leading to the Hearing and his sentence of death
    The peculairity before us is  that these two men are a pair accused of  being in the same project of trafficking herion into Singapore, the pair Chia and Yong. Chia discharged of all 26  of his crimes and Yong, heard in Court and sentenced to death. The difficult thing to understand is why is the AG not revealing the contents of 21 charges against Chia and why his earlier two charges of trafficking heroin with another Koh also not revealed. The AG asserts that these charges against Chia are irrelevent  in the decision against  Yong. Chia's criminality is thus canned by the AG to protect him in the judgments of his new crimes.
    Now , like a bad plot,. when Yong appeals to the State for clemency  release from the death sentence, the President of Singapore will receive the appeal and thrust it to the Cabinet who by the Law of the Land will have to get the AG to  decide on the clemency. So you start with the AG and end with the AG.
    I am curious but cannot find out for myself whether other countries who have in their crimino-legal system installed an Attorney General, also  put  so much power into his hands. Or is this formulation of the AG,  one of the many inventions of the Ruling Party designed to make short work of any opposition member but now routinely used against the public?