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Petain Road name change would open floodgates

March 28
11:30 2012

~ By Narayana Narayana ~

Prof Tommy Koh' posted a commentary "Should Petain Road be renamed":in the Straits Times of March 20 2012
It must seem rather ironic that the learned Prof Koh is Honorary Chairman of the National Heritage Board (NHB), while recently another official body, the National Library Board, has been assiduously involved in collecting information on old, and now mostly forgotten, vignettes of early Singapore history.
Prof Koh's piece was printed coincidentally, and one could say, strategically, before a 'dialogue to bring together French and Singapore culture and heritage professionals' that same afternoon.
The learned professor is of opinion that 'in the light of (these) historical facts, we must agree with the French  community that it is inappropriate to continue to honour Petain by naming a road after him". (if one wants to split hairs, it could be argued that it is in fact expunging an already in existence name, rather than 'naming a road after him).
Some at least may find it difficulty 'to agree'. 
What in fact are those 'historical facts'?
Prof Koh writes, 'The three judges were in favour of acquitting him. The jury however, disagreed and convicted him of treason (the crime of betraying one's country) and sentenced him to death, subsequenty commuted to life  imprisonmment …..taking into account his contributions in the First World War". 
If Prof Koh can accept that 'the French Army was no match for the Germany Army' and 'the military situation was hopeless'.is it really so difficult  not to find mitigating circumstances for Marshal Petain's decision to 'sign an armistice with Germany'.which led to his subsequent impeachment. According to one source "the Cabinet (of the time) resolved to make peace with Germany".It was not his unilateral decision.
Having experienced the devastating horrors inflicted on his fellow Frenchmen through the use of 'poison gas' in The Great War, the elderly marshal's deccision to surrender could be considered in the more favourable light of wishing to spare them further suffering,and unnecessary loss of lives and destruction of property by further.resistance.
Seven decades down the road, are we here in Singapore in any position to be judge or jury to pontificate on what the ground situation was in distant France then?
At our own doorstep, there was the parallel of Lt-Gen.Percival's surrender of Singapore on Feb 15 1942. How is he to be judged, similarly or differently? 
The rationale that 'the French community has been campaigning for many years to change the name of the road'.appears specious. According to one source. they number around just  9,200 (doubled over the past five years') in our population of 5 million. If that is a strong (or the strongest) argument, and acceptable, it could well open the floodgates to a host of other similar pressures, some perhaps even more reasonable.
Prof Koh gives as precedent the former 'Kling Street' being changed to its present 'Chulis Street'. As an ethnic-Indian myself,  I have never found the word 'kling' being used as other than pejoratively and/or in a contemptuous context. It is in fact all but forgotten in Singapore today, but still i use in a neigbouring country. 
There are numerous other significant changes that could have been trotted out if support were at all needed.
What used to be familiarly uttered (and still is) and spelt as 'Tampenis' has perhaps through 'Victorian prudery' now changed to 'Tampines'. A spell of official 'Sino-isation' was probably what changed 'Ow Kang' to 'Hougang' and even the well-known 'Nee Soon' to its present 'Yishun'. And who can forget the brief forward/'go stan' from 'Tekka' to 'Zhu Jiao' and now return to 'Tekka'.
One Straits Times' reader commented ''The argument for changing the name relates to French history and politics, not Singapore's". He is not far wrong.
With the recent emergence of Myanmar into the global spotlight, could not similar pressure be anticipated for 'Burmah Road' to be changed to 'Myanmar Road' and 'Rangoon Road' to 'Yangon Road'? And 'Ceylon Road' to be re-named ;Sri Lanka Road'? 'Amoy Street" may be yet another anomalous name.
Some names may even have hilarious side effects. I knew a racehorse owner (non-Chinese and now long deceased) who named his horse 'Cheap Buy". It happened to be a front-running horse, and the ang-moh race commentator had considerable difficulty in trying to keep the two words distinctly separate, with its vulgar connotation in dialect. The owner always denied that he had named the horse with any bad intentions, The Turf Club asked him to change the name free without having to pay the customary fee that was usually levied.

*'Kalinga' was 'an early state in central-eastern India'
Read about the man that the road is named after atétain. Henri Philippe Pétain (24 April 1856 – 23 July 1951), generally known as Philippe Pétain or Marshal Pétain, was a French general who reached the distinction of Marshal of France, and was later Chief of State of Vichy France from 1940 to 1944.
Headline photo courtesy of To Singapore blog
  • henry

    Well said Mr Narayana Narayana!
    Perhaps it was motivated by a lack of things to say ( to the French) besides croissants and foie gra..

  • agongkia

    Change whatever name  you want ,just leave that portion banana leg aka Khin Chio Khar alone.We need to preserve such place of interest.

  • Mr Eiffel

    Prof Tommy Koh should just invite the delegates to Orchard Towers for a few rounds of French XO cognac instead of lobbying LTA to change the name of Petain Road to 'de Gaulle' Road. 

  • iAMahMENG

    singapoor government got nothin better to do..a road name is a piece of history..ow can suka suka changed name? would you changed your name to leekingyou?

  • kampong boy

    Just a thought:
    What if some years down the road when a NEW government managed to dig up a lot of dirt about LKY, do we have to change the names of "LKY this fund", "LKY that fund", "LKY this school", "LKY that school", "LKY this prize", "LKY that prize"?
    No wonder the pap people are hanging on to their dear lives to ensure their political survival at all costs, e.g. importing new citizens using public funds to vote for them.

  • Political Wizard

    Let the street be named after our very own David Marshall, or Lim Bo Seng

  • lim

    Petain still retained his marshal of France title, same reason to which the road was named for, and his conviction was only by a majority of one. So changing the road name seems a bit drastic. De Gaulle is a bit distant in terms of linkage to Singapore. but I can understand Prof Koh sensitivity towards the French community. Lim Bo Seng Road would be a good local choice. Gandhi Road would not be out of place in the nearby surroundings.

  • Tan Choon Hong

    Let the French vilify Petain as much as they want, change Petain to de Gaulle or whatever, but Petain Road is a part of Singapore heritage, and we should keep it that way.
    It is ironic that the man who saved historic French art and architecture from Nazi destruction is to the excuse to destroy a part of local heritage by ill-advised civil servants. If Rajaratnam, the only minister I know who had any real sense of culture, were alive today he would not have tolerated the destruction of Bukit Brown or the re-naming of Petain Road.

  • spotlessleopard

    Next what? Change Tanjong Kling to Tanjong Kelinga?…..I hope they leave names as they are…It is like LKY changing dialect names of singaporeans to Han Yue Pin Yin Names but his own remained unchanged….
    Changing Names is changing History.

  • singaporeson

    oxley road to bastard road ?

  • alamak

    Such storm in a little croissant. You can name the road after me so everyone can move on.

  • Damn

    These filthy rich miw have nothing better to do? What's with this changing of road names to their whim n fancy! Perhaps the day may come when we'd have LKY Lor 1 thru  to Lor 108?! How ridiculous these people can be?! Dedicate your time to more important and pressing issues please, like the Hougang by election. 

  • John

    To MR EIFFEL.  For your information LTA has some of the most brainless people imaginable in its employ.  And the problem is that we are not only taking about the bunch of 'outsource' traffic cops.

  • Orang Miskin

    And how about Lorong Chabai and Jalan Tua Kong? Also, try pronouncing the former bus company, Tay Koh Yat,  backwards?  

  • Ong Lai Liew Lian

    Heard they are going to rename Lorong Liew Lian to Durian Road and Lorong Ong Lai to Pineapple Street and teh road adjoing them will be known as Rambutan Avenue…. lol.

  • Luke Lu

    I did read the entry on Wiki, and it did seem that Petain's 'crime' was more than simply surrendering to the Germans. He led a government that basically abetted Nazi atrocities in German-occupied France.
    Yes, I agree that the road name could be viewed as a historical anachronism and most Singaporeans wouldn't be bothered anyway, BUT perhaps the writer of this piece could be less superficial in the reasons behind why French people may be uncomfortable with Petain as a historical figure. I wonder if Narayana read the wiki entry in its entirety before suggesting we do so.
    In a hypothetical scenario (just to play devil's advocate), what will we do today if we had a road named Yamashita or Hitler?

  • YMC

    Names change all the time. In this case – it relates to a disgraced French general. You think the French people will want to name one of their main streets as Goh Chok Tong street or Danabalam Avenue?
    Why not change it to a figure which has more resonsance – any number of our WW2 resistance fighters or people who contributed significantly to Singapore's history – ie Farquar – haha would do.

  • AL

    can we change LKY funds to Lao Kui You Funds 

  • Jafri Basron

    Prof Koh gives as precedent the former 'Kling Street' being changed to its present 'Chulis Street'. As an ethnic-Indian myself,  I have never found the word 'kling' being used as other than pejoratively and/or in a contemptuous context. It is in fact all but forgotten in Singapore today, but still in use in a neigbouring country. 
    'Keling/kling" is not to be looked upon in present era as a derogatory remark but a remnant of history.  
    As for Malaysia who is still using the word as part of it's road name, the reason is only one that is to preserve history . Nothing else.

  • JJ Kinkos

    I disagree with the author's implication that the names are changed due to 'Sino-isation'.  In fact, the names are changed in order to standardize them as Pinyin. 
    This standardization has been done decades ago and has nothing to do with 'Sino-isation'.  Being an ethnic-Indian, the author's use of the term 'Sino-isation'  in fact, displays a sense of spite.
    As for the word "Kling", if the author isn't aware, it is a Anglo surname.  Google it and you will even find fashion designers named after this word.

  • Matt A

    I'm staggered that an academic would support such a preposterous idea as changing the road name. 
    Petain is a fascinating historical figure; let people learn of his story, don't pretend he didn't exist. Millions lost their lives in both World Wars. Incomprehensible suffering and wrong-doing was matched with collective courage and heroism the likes of which humanity may not have seen before. The world remembers this; the good and the bad, in a whole host of ways; let that continue.
    The small road that bears Petain's name serves as a reminder of the divisive man, for sure, but also of the carnage and destruction that engulfed Europe (and Asia, and Africa and Singapore) in the first half of the 20th century. Great men fell, evil men rose, order was replaced with chaos and people were forced into making decisions we can only wonder at. Fight to the bitter end and lose hundreds of thousand of lives, or sign a piece of paper and perhaps save as many, but lose everything you've worked for all your life. This single human struggle is one of millions in a unfathomable period of history. Erasing it serves no greater good, and will serve to do further damage to the public's already tenuous link with the past. In an age when kids are spending their formative years exploring fantasy worlds online and shunning that of the real, Petain is a reminder of the real. Removing his name from the road, the maps, the fabric of Singapore, would satisfy only hurt Gallic pride. The French are a proud people, and rightly so; that one of theirs collaborated on such a grand scale and as Luke Lu says above "abetted Nazi atrocities in German-occupied France" is a painful memory. Every country has painful memories, mine included. We are better people, better nations, for keeping them and acknowledging them, not seeking to erase them.

  • chazza

    at the risk of sounding like an idiot, who cares? petain road will always be keng jio kah or pokok pisang to most of us who been there in the past. so if prof koh insists on re-naming it, lets just call it pokok pisang or keng jio kah so uneducated people like me won't be confused.

  • iAMahMENG

    chazza29 March 2012

    at the risk of sounding like an idiot, who cares? petain road will always be keng jio kah
    i would rather the bananalegs replaced the aunties in maude road with frenchie ole blonde maids as well


  • Andrew

    (Posted previously in Singapore Heritage)

    The French should mind their own business. Do Singaporeans go to France and ask for road name changes? Please respect our legacy.

    Leave Petain as it is. When the British victors returned to Singapore, they saw no need to change Petain Road. They, more than us, fought the Germans directly. Why didn't they change it?

    Because in my neighbourhood where I live, right by Petain Road, it is to honour the memory of WW1. Petain was a hero in WW1, no matter his role in WW2. That record stands. De Gaulle was a WW2 hero, but his contribution to the Allies in WW1 was cut short by his injury. Why should de Gaulle be placed with other WW1 heroes in my area?

    Tell the French not to interfere in our heritage, as we do not in theirs.

  • Char Azenable

    How would you feel if malaysia have a Mas Selamat Road, Ris Low Road and Indonesia have a Abbas Saad Road and Tin Pei Ling Street 

  • octopi

    If they want to be so sensitive about Petain Road then let them rename it all they want. But if it's about Petain being a Nazi collaborator, then what about Japanese collaborators like Lee Kuan Yew? If you renamed Petain Road, you would never be able to name anything after Lee Kuan Yew, so think about it carefully.

  • chnag pew tee

    ya lor,since now SG has 40 pct or more of its population made up of FTs,maybe should also change 'CHINATOWN' to COMMIIEStown and LITTLE INDIA to BANGLAtown.
    LICKY PLAZA can alos be renamed LITTLE MANILA and the ISTANA can be called MALACANANG  PALACE, hor?

  • son of s

    The authorites in Singapore has a penchant for changing names of places of historical significance.. Perhaps they are jealous of these people who have their names etched in the hardware of  history while they for all their million dollar salaries have not a pillar  to their names.
    Even the  Angullia Mosque in Orchard Road had its name changed to  Al Falah when the land  on which it sat at the present Liat Towers and surrounds was acquired  and the mosque was moved to the basement of another building on nearby Bideford Road. This serves to erase the memory of one of the early pioneeers of Singapore, MSE Angullia.. 
    MSE Angullia has still another Angullia Mosque at Serangoon Road , which is well used by the Indian Muslim population in Singapore and Muslim tourists.. Hope they don't acquire this mosque and make it into a restuarant, moving it and  changing its name to Al Suparman..
    The name of Petain has the potential to lead the reader into aspects of Singapore's past not easily  cursory survey by locals or tourists alike. The tapestry of the past is precious legacy.  Why blot out the real past and in its place introduce a nonentity? 

  • Black-dot

    We should focus our attention to more recent names. Names like KTP Hospital and NTF Hospital makes me vomit!!

    PAP is purely money-face! cheap skate!

  • seasand123

    Most prominent figures in the past history have their fair share of protagonists and antagonists.
    If one wants, flaws can be uncovered even with people like Mr M K Ghandi and Dr Martin Lurther King. The Pope in Rome did nothing when mass genocide and pogrom was taking place in many parts of europe during the second world war.
    Leave the past, we have many presssing needs to look into in the present and lets leave things as it is. 

  • son of s

    They are furiously writing their biographies and wondering why their illustrious names are still not evident  in the streets or its furniture. To make space for themselves in hard concrete they would need to erase some existing names. Imagine such powerful people with million dollar salaries and not brick to their name!

  • son of s

    Need to have at least 80 names to accommodate all the great men and women. How to erase 80 existing names so as to make space for them? Need to inculcate a name change culture. Instead of Tree Planting Day, PA will organize a name change day. Who of the 80 will be the first to repalce old Petain? Hubris at its sillyiest.

  • Erasmus

    My opinion: Leave Petain Road as it is. The dispute over his heritage makes it even more interesting as a road name, because it adds more layers of history and meaning to it.
    Having said that: Was the writer of this article drunk or high when he wrote it? The punctuation and spelling mistakes present in it are utterly atrocious (especially when considering the good quality of the English), and the article's flow itself is disjointed. Most peculiar.

  • Ungmoh City Lost in Asia

    I have no issue with changing the name of Petain Road if the French find it objectionable. What I find risible is Prof. Tommy Koh's suggestion to change it to De Gaulle Road? Petain Road is an artifact of its times when it was named. In 2012 post-colonial Singapore, how appropriate is it naming it De Gaulle Road? Just to please the French? We ain't in French-IndoChina anymore, Dorothy?
    If Petain Road should be re-named, it should be re-named after a person who has contributed to modern Singapore. Anyway, Petain Road has a rather seedy reputation so best to leave it as Petain Road as it is quite befitting for a fallen French hero. I don't think anyone would want to be honoured with the association of Petain Road.

  • Richard

    I thought our government is always against "foreigners interfering in local politics and other local matters"? 
    Bowing to French pressure to change the name of an obscure and seedy road will certainly open the floodgates. The French have no business to tell us how to name our roads and Prof Koh's suggestion to rename Petain to de Gaulle smacks of balls licking. 

  • Godfrey

    When you change the name of a road, you change the history and heritage of Singapore.  How many youngsters in Singapore know who Lim Nee Soon is? 

  • Richard

    OK lah, let's rename it Rue la jambe
    de la banane. Now all the Frenchies happy? 

  • iAMahMENG

    Godfrey30 March 2012

    When you change the name of a road, you change the history and heritage of Singapore.  How many youngsters in Singapore know who Lim Nee Soon is?
    i know he the bloke who shot a tiger…
    i am the boi who stole the tiger tooth



    son of s30 March 2012
     Imagine such powerful people with million dollar salaries and not brick to their name!
    in london chinatown..charlie chaplain lifesize statue is aroun…and i din even know charlie chaplain was british…

  • Really?

    Thanks for a very well written and educational article by a senior citizen.  We need people like Mr. Narayana Narayana to put things in proper perspective for all citizens to know and not to allow the power that be to change things at their wimp n fancy.  The learned Prof. Koh has his agenda.

  • son of s

    Having failed in their day job, the PAP is diverting the citizens' attention to something which is even more of a failure. This is the failure to see that whatever we have in our country is our choice and we should not try to pander to the French or whoever about what we do in Singapore.
    More and more, this Government is losing its sense of  commonsense. 

  • agongkia

    If really boliow and want  to have a change in name,I would prefer they change the name to Hong Hui Hui or Jenny Road.Many Ah Pek told me last time, they like to visit there to look for popular Hong Hui Hui and Jenny.
    Or maybe after the name of the latest Malaysian heroine who was murdered there for helping to reduce sexual crime rate.

  • Frog eaters

    Tommy Koh is a consumate rewriter of history, that much we can be sure of. His reasons are totally specious. The local French community are trying to erase a not so pleasant past of their history – they have the right to do that in their own country but no right to ask us to be sensitive to their desire feel less guilty about their past.
    No doubt it would make them feel far more proud to rename the road after a "hero" like De Gaule rather than a fallen Petain. Sometimes, historical avoiding  embarassment, like the way japanese deny the numerous massacres they committed while selectively playing the aggrieved party of Hiroshima/Nagasaki can impart the wrong values to future generation.
    The French, unlike the Gernans, do not like to confront their dark past. For example, there were alot more "collaborators" in helping deport their jewish countrymen than say neighboring Swizterland or Spain during World War II; Renault was also found guilty of collaboration with Germans.

  • Josh

    I think we should change the name of Petain Road. 
    Many Singaporeans especially taxi drivers cannot even pronounce the name properly.
    I would not vote for De Gaulle Road''.
    Maybe "'Pierre Trudeau Street" or "Pierre Street" would be a better choice.
    But it you want to still have connection with Petain, why not "Philippe Street"'?
    Or since it is near Little India, how about 'Rajiv Street'?
    I like ''Pierre Trudeau Street' best.  But 'Philippe Street' might be an acceptable compromise.
    I don't buy the floodgates argument.  If anything, there are many streets which could have better names, especially those named with numbers and sounding like an adjoining street.

  • Josh

    Incidentally, a road is a track for travel, forming a means of communication between one city, town, or place, and another.  A street is a track for travel within any given city, town or place. 
    So really some of the streets in built up areas should properly have "'Street" in their name, rather than "Road"'.  Roads lead some place like Orchard Road used to lead to the orchards that were somewhere near Tanglin and the Botanics (the orchards weren't really along the way but at the end of it), and London Road would be the way that led to London rather than London being the township along the way.
    Not saying we should change "'Road"' to "Street" even' if appropriate.  But maybe one should be more conscious when naming new streets or if there is thought to change name of street.

  • Robert Teh

    PAPitocracy not enough, PAPocrisy also not enough, Now they want to PAPigulate not only laws and regulations but also road name to those that are supporting of legacy of the great PAPitocrat's personal glory. Professor Koh is one who has been PAPicopted to the PAPPYCOCKS to serve his key interests to make them look good. So the hidden agenda is not to be doubted lah. Nothing good will come out of such PAPicopted individual.

  • robin

    Petain's quisling Vichy government helped pack off Jews to the gas chambers, amongst other wrongs. It actually surprises me that people have a problem with changing the name. Shows why people think sometimes theonlinecitizen oppose just for the sake of opposing. 

  • tocqueville

    I am told that Petain Road is a red light district with cheap whorehouses in the back lane. If that is so I propose it be renamed Rue St. Denis like in Paris which will make the French community feel at home.
    Seriously, the French are a bit like the Japanese, they would like to forget the shameful part of their history.
    They should be more  like the Germans, who confronted their past honestly and even built memorials and monuments to the Jews.

  • Josh

    I am only guessing but I think most locals and taxi drivers had serious problems pronoucing "Petain"', so it came to be mispronounced  as or corrupted to "Pisang".  And calling a street "'Banana" sounds funny, so from there it became "'Pokok Pisang"' (or Banana Tree).  From there, it became Keng Jio Jah.  Anyway now you know  it has nothing to do with former banana plantations or banana vendors in the area. 
     It looks like those who think Petain is being honoured should know he (or the street names after him) has for years been referred to as a banana or banana tree. 
    And those who think he should not be honoured by having a road named after him wold be glad to know many people mispronounce his name as Pisang or call the street by another name other than its official name.
    We only perpetuate the confusion if we keep it as Petain (or refer to the street as Posok Pisang or Keng Joi Jah).  Better to chose another name that people can pronounce and can better relate to.

  • A Singaporean

    Whatever the case is, Petain is a known war criminal. Naming a road after Petain is as good as naming a road after Adolf Hitler – a slap in the face to humanity. 
    I suggest renaming Petain Road to "Sophie Scholl Road"  to remember the German girl who was executed for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets or "Auschwitz Road " to remember the victims of the Holocaust instead.

  • ikan bilis

    Liddat, better make sure we dont name any street after LKY cos he worked for the Kempetai during the Jap occupation as an interpreter. People were risking their lives and fighting them in the jungles and this coward was working for them!

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