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Police's manpower shortage, 'How is that my problem?' – Expat assault victims tell all

February 12
09:03 2012

~by: Jewel Philemon~

“What are the extra ingredients that require expedited justice? It's not rocket science.” – Mr Paul Louis Liew Kai Ming on the inefficacious police force and legal system.”

Inefficient, Ineffective, Slow Police Force and Legal System?

Mr Liew suffered the worst injuries with a broken nose and a deep gash on his forehead. He also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and attends monthly therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. “Whenever I look into the mirror, the scar is there. It’s a constant reminder”, he expresses, “I also have to make sure I don’t hurt anyone through my actions. I have to be anal about myself in controlling my emotions.”

Being attacked from behind has also had its own ramifications for Mr Liew. He says that he cannot bring himself to enter crowded elevators and that if he has to enter one, he turns around and makes sure the door faces his back, “I need to physically place my back on a wall. I cannot have people standing behind me.”

As an undergraduate of an Australian university, Mr Liew also talks about the difficulties of adapting to a new environment, especially amongst Caucasians. “I have to face new people. I have to face Caucasians. I cannot have any prejudices because of this”, he says openly.

However, both Mr Liew and Mr Wong attest that these repercussions are minor compared to the inefficient and ineffective manner the police force and legal system have handled the case.

Mr Wong reveals that despite making three phone calls to the police throughout the duration of the attack, the cops only arrived after the ambulance, about an hour later. Mr Liew, who was almost unconscious due to his head wounds, adds that he only remembers opening his eyes once and seeing the ambulance take a wrong turn.

Mr Wong further mentioned that the investigating officer (IO) acted insensitively and more importantly, unprofessionally. He said that the IO seemed quite unconcerned in his investigations and did not put in enough effort in taking the statements of bystanders who were still in the vicinity.

It was almost a week before Mr Wong and company heard from the IO again and when they finally did speak to the officer, it was only to be told that there were no conclusive leads.

A frustrated Mr Wong took it upon himself to catch the unprovoked assailants. He managed to uncover their identities after an amateur investigation spanning two hours. “They were obviously coming from a charity event! They were wearing suits!” exclaims Mr Wong, “I found pictures and names within two hours. I don’t know how an investigating officer can take a week to do something and still not come up with answers especially when that is their job.”

The investigation officer’s reaction was one of casual nonchalance. According to Mr Wong, the IO claimed that the police force is short of manpower and that they handle an average of forty cases a month. “How is this my problem!”, Mr Wong asks.

Mr Wong and company have been playing a waiting game since then. Frustrated at the lack of swift action, they decided to inform the people via the press.

“Our disappointment has stemmed from the accident site itself”, Mr Liew interjects, “I could have died that night, can I be blamed for being upset?” Mr Liew asks. The assessment that the police force use their own prerogative to prioritise cases only adds salt to the wound.

“We have been conscientious about not hindering proceedings. We only want justice to be served. But it has only been disappointments upon disappointments upon disappointments”, laments Mr Liew.

Mr Liew recounted that it was months before their statements were submitted to court and that even that was only done after much coaxing. “We trust the authorities to do their job. But nothing is being done! What else do we need to do.”

The lack of accountability and transparency is another sore point for the victims. They were apparently told that the case is being handled by the IO, then the AG, and then by the ministry of foreign affairs. “I am still chasing after them while in Australia”, Mr Liew confirms, “I don’t have any benefits from this. I don’t want a story. All I want is accountability.”

It took fifteen months for the case to get to the courts. Fifteen months filled with headaches and roadblocks and justice has still not been served. “You have facts! What is holding you back?”, Mr Liew questions, “I don’t want to speculate, but why is it stagnating?”

“It has been a year and three months and you know everything about the case- A to Z. So what is happening? What are the extra ingredients that require expedited justice? It is not rocket science.”, he opines.

Mr Springall sped away again in December 2011, unbeknownst to the victims of his violent crime. Perhaps to join his co-assailant Mr Robert Stephen Dahlberg, in greener pastures safe from the long arm of Singaporean law enforcement.

These pictures were submitted to the police by the victims to assist the police in their investigations:

"We chose not to keep quiet for the sake of the victim of Ionescu, who is already dead," assault victim Lawrence Wong. Watch this space for Part 3.

See part 1 of this exclusive interview HERE and part 3 is HERE.


  • Joe

    Sorry lah police officers too busy chasing women, emulating their bosses. Angmoh expat also have a get out of jail free card like in Monopoly, you don't know meh?

  • EastEndBoy

    This is an outrage. We are becoming 2nd class citizens in our own homeland!

  • Sad sad state

    No wonder crime rate is low.  No investigation, no report, no charge, no crime, zero crime.
    Sg Govt got budget surplus every year, how come can have police manpower shortage leh? Pay police more lor if nobody want to be police (like you pay minister more if can't attract top talent right).

  • Sg lost what to do

    These fellows come here to do business paying very little tax, get paid much more than us (expats), use cheap foreign labour, treated like princes by Govt services and could even get away with assaulting us.  They are like PAP Forever Fxxx'ing own people off.

  • Tan Kin Lian

    After being assaulted, the victim found that the Police did not have sufficient manpower and professionalism to carry out the investigation. He had to do the investigation on his own.
    During the past years, I have also observed several incidents where the Police was quite sloppy in carrying out the investigation work. I suspect that it was due to shortage of manpower – but other factors could come into play, such as a lowering in the sense of duty. It seemed to be quite common to pass the buck around and point to somebody else to do the dirty work. Sadly, this has become our national culture.
    One possible reason for the shortage of manpower is that most graduates prefer to work in the financial sector, who pays high salaries or to be property agents, insurance agents or financial advisers. Fewer people are willing to do the work as a police, investigator or other traditional occupations.
    We need to get a better balance in the deployment of our resources. The finance and property sectors are the non-productive sectors of our economy. They should not be taking away so much manpower, to the detriment of the other sectors

  • A&E

    "Long arm of Singaporean law enforcement"? What a closing line to a story like this. 

  • agongkia

    Learn a lesson here.You can easily help to bring those 4 drunkard angmo down single handedly.
    Drunkard angmo cannot stand firmly.Since they started to assault the driver,you should help to stop them and if they start to assault you and refuse to stop,give a sweep on their ankle and they will fell.
    Being a law undergraduate,you should apply the right of private defence.Help save life.Not wait for men in blue.
    Unless you are also drunk.ToC ,dun moderate me again.I just want them to learn a lesson and anyone can challenge me.

  • Lim Tiong Huat

    I have come across several people who have to interact with the blue men, I have cause for doubt about their partiality, effeciency etc.
     Things over here is not what the MSM make it out to be.

  • P

    This is serious, not just assault and rioting but carjacking. 15 months to Court is way too long.
    So, what are the charges, if already decided?
    These unruly (foreigners) beasts must be dealt with decisively.
    It’s comical if two out of three managed to leave the country … And no justice is served just yet!

  • Neutral

    Someone once told me that he had seen some of the police inspectors being so obese that they would not be able to run after thieves! There goes his faith in the police force to ensure justice is executed fairly!

  • mel

    “long arm of singaporean law enforcement?”… dont kid me I cant even state that its a “short arm that extends only within our own borders”; For the many months that the criminals remained within our borders after the attack what was “the arm” doing?

    I did not know that there are different sets of laws for foreigners. Disappointing

  • Damn

    Men in blue too busy with the prostitution case involving several civil servants??!! Taking into consideration the Inoscu case, and now this,  Men in blue have a lot of answering to do!

  • Taxi-driver

    I am a veteran driver for more than 2 decades and I already lost faith in our judiciary system long ago. Whenever I encountered fare cheats (runaway passengers) and abusive & rouge customers. I had gone through the hassle of making police reports and filing Magistrate`s Complaint without justice being served! That`s a sad and true state in our country`s law and order.

  • andrew leung

    The Ministry of Law should require all bars to refuse to sell liquor to intoxicated patrons, they should be screened by the bouncer with a breathalyser test. The bouncer should be equippped with Tasers, because this country is getting more violent and diverse criminals from all different countries. They should also hold on to the credit cards of the customers to prevent them from running.
    They should also review their manpower requirements and update the laws to give more power to extradite prisoners or use ISA to detain all foreign agressors and impound their passports. They should also fine them and charge their credit cards the full amount of their fine and sue them for bankruptcy if they cannot pay. PAP is being incompetent again. 
    They should also centralise all IT equipment purchasing to a Central Govt Purchaser so that they will not sleep around with sales people.
    They are incapable of dealing with the floods of criminals. MHA should apologize to the aggrieved parties for their slow and poor handling of the matter. The Police PR must be kept alert for their lack of professionalism and case management. They must also get those Night Taxi drivers who have to pick up drunk passengers to take free self defence courses and give them Tasers. 

  • Lye Khuen Way

    Not the least surprised that our SFP acted the way they did in this case.
    I can attest that I have more than 1 incidence with our esteemed SPF that leave me with the perception that they are Short-Sanded and lacking in the "fightin g spirit" one expect from an security agency.
    What is more worrying, is the trend in other Government  bodies to adopt  similar tunnel vision mentality.  Sure, they wanted to stay "focused" !

  • a sickaporean

    I used to have many friends in the police force during ns days. Very often they avoid situation when they are outnumbered or try not to get into trouble, afterall no point risking their lives just for ns.
    They wountnt risk their lives for singaporeans U expect them to risk their lives taking on the foreign trash now?
    Don’t expect them to be what we see on tv; the brave new York or hong Kong police.
    We just need to take care of our own lives now, cant trust the authorities! They can and only go all out to catch and punish helpless locals!

  • DSQ

    Downsize the police force any further and all cases will never be solved. So much for "cost-savings" ideas and "workforce" reduction ideas put forward by scholars who are not held accountable for the long-term effects of short-sighted policies in the civil service. 

  • iWEARshortPANT

    now you all know..when the polis in shortpants is required by any pap ministers/ problemo..ow many you get
    if a peasant is assaulted and bleedin..dialin 999/911/991 also no used..take them 20 mins the fastest to arrive @ the that time..not only the assaliants/assaulters finished their job..they can also hacked the body to pieces and swept to the giant longkaus


    the police force are good at detaining local political opponents and hassing local singaporean
    fail at any other tasks when comes international undertaking
    MAS selemat escaped from prison
    2009 Singapore Romanian diplomat incident

  • witness

    This is quite outrageous. I feel the injustice for all the victims of the assault.
    Not enough manpower? But they are spending many hours investigating victimless crime such as the online sex trade. Yet, when real crime happens, they cannot bring the perpetrators to justice even when they have been clearly identified? Are they frightened of angmohs or wha?
    It's a real sham, and a real shame!!

  • Norman

    >>the IO claimed that the police force is short of manpower and that they handle an average of forty cases a month.
    but they have no shortage of resources when it comes to arresting, interrogating and charging opposition members who carried placards.

  • andrew leung

    The Opposition Parties must start a Department of Justice to give free legal advice to these poor oppressed people. They lack proper government services and recourse. Please get more professionals and financiers for a whole of government assessment.

  • Derrick

    Robert Dahlberg, the New Zealander who was the first jump bail, was in fact the nephew of convicted murderer James Dahlberg in New Zealand, who was freed on Wednesday after spending 20 years in jail for killing his estranged wife, Ann Urquhart, in 1991.
    Looks like the criminal mentality runs in their family…

  • Jimmy

    12 February 2012

    Being a law undergraduate,you should apply the right of private defence.Help save life.Not wait for men in blue.
    Good common sense. But would one be charged for taking the law in one's hand or being judged for using disproportionate force.
    Drunkard may not be stand firmly. But they may be able to do so long after the event and being sober if legal support and technicality start to shift in their favour, if you know what I mean.

  • andrew leung

    It seems the Min of Law/MFA is uninterested in the citizens safety and legal concerns. It must give an account of the escaped convicts and type of beverages served by Charity Organisations. Minister Shanmugam must show them who's their daddy.
    The Government have let these violent criminals escape from Singapore again. All those foreigners must be issued with a special Wanted Criminal Travel  Document signed by their own country Diplomat with extradition treaty papers and pay a security bond before they are allowed to depart. They must whipped by the Prisons officer before they step on the plane courtesy of PAP. 

  • Jack

    If they stopped harrassing opposition politicians, they could deploy those personnel to more serious cases.

  • my dearest

    This once again shows up the irresponsibility of the pap government for recklessly implementing such an overwhelming foreigner tsunami policy.

    If you import such a huge number if foreigners, the crime rate will definitely rise tremendously. This is a no brainer. The police force must be expanded to handle foreigner criminals.

    Now, what can the understaffed SPF do?

    It just seems to me they have chosen to focus on catching fellow citizens and let foreigner criminals go scot free.

  • View Finder

    Another possibility for the glacial pace may be because nobody really knows how to investigate a case where the perpetrators are fully aware of what their rights are and whose government are more likely to defend their citizens' rights to fair treatment while under investigation and to fair representation. Investigating such individuals will be very differnet from say investigating locals who may not be privy to such rights or whose government has been attributed with the blasé attitude (towards its own citizen) of  "You die your business."
    Another possibility is that whoever is supervising the IOs are those with a whole lot of paper qualification with no real world experience. So while the resume looks great on paper, they do not translate to application in the real world. How then to know what leads to follow or what clues to look for?

  • Change the judge

    If Kangaroo court don't wait up their stupid idea and move speedily to tackle crime effectively, it will be a matter of time Singaporeans will take law into their own hands and punish the culprit on the spot.  This is getting more uptight in the ever increasing foreigners who have no respect for our law because we have a weak government, ineffective police force, and slumbering judges.  I pity our own countrymen. 

  • Adam

    My question is this….if a foreigner is to be in mr liew's shoes.  Will they get the same treatment or a preferential one?  There was this incident where I heard a little girl crying and wailing under my block.  I went down to take a look and she was about 5 years old.  She had blue black marks all over her legs and parts of her back.  I called the police post and was told that they will send a patrol car over.  15 mins passed and no be came.  20 mins after the call and a guy smelling of alcohol came, picked up the girl and went off.  The police has yet to arrive.  I then decided to walk to the police post which was about 50 meters away.  There were 3 policeman at the post.  When I asked them why no be came, they said that the patrol cars are attending to other cases.  I asked why they themselves didn't come over…their reply…" we are not allowed to leave the post". They need 3 men to attend to the post.  Not even 1 of them can leave the freakin post to go check on a possible child abuse case 50 meters from their f***ing station!  

  • Jack


    Who else can help if police are preoccupied?

    I WOULD like to know who residents can contact when the police are unable to respond to calls for help for genuine reasons such as a temporary lack of resources.
    Two Monday evenings ago, a group of rowdy teenagers in school uniform – four boys and six girls – decided to make our Housing Board corridor on the upper floors their party venue.
    They were noisy. At first, they were verbally obscene. Then, when they started burning tissue paper and sniffing glue, they took off their tops.

    There appears to be a shortage of manpower for a long time now. I guess the majority of Singaporeans don't feel comfortable joing the force and then being used to harrass opposition politicians.
    Of course, the low wages doesn't help either.
    If I'm not mistaken, they are recruiting more and more from Malaysia.

  • cow138

    sad situation to see locals being abused and the local law enforcement is not up to dealing with foreign citizens. think its just a case of the domestication of singaporeans. we are so domesticated that we are not able to handle situation which does not involves only singaporeans 

  • anon

    The police have been instructed by the cabinet to go slow with all cases involving ‘foreign talent’ lest they refuse to come in to prop up the govt’s economic plans?
    If that is the case, locals should start forming vigilante groups to help fellow Singaporeans in need and being bullied in our own backyard. We should seriously consider bringing back the good old days of thrashing Ang Mohs when they overstep or misbehave.
    More  citizens should take up self defence and street fighting techniques in order to confront these foreign thugs (that’s what they are) and teach them a lesson.  


    View Finder12 February 2012

    Another possibility for the glacial pace may be because nobody really knows how to investigate a case where the perpetrators are fully aware of what their rights are and whose government are more likely to defend their citizens' rights to fair treatment while under investigation and to fair representation. Investigating such individuals will be very differnet from say investigating locals who may not be privy to such rights or whose government has been attributed with the blasé attitude (towards its own citizen) of  "You die your business."
    Another possibility is that whoever is supervising the IOs are those with a whole lot of paper qualification with no real world experience. So while the resume looks great on paper, they do not translate to application in the real world. How then to know what leads to follow or what clues to look for?
    Touche. The police force seemsi good only for bullying hapless low-income Singapreans who have no  legal recourse or for clearing the roads for VIP motorcades. They are scared or reluctant  to deal with difficult cases requiring real police work.
    And why are the inadequacies of the police system not highlighted in the mainstream media?
     Everything here stinks. What a shame. 


  • Senior Citizen

    How many foreigners are employed in the Auxillary Police Forces? Does the regular force recruit them too? 

  • Neutral

    To be fair, police job prospects & pay is very poor – their pay should have been increased to attract more committed people instead of paying tonnes of money to top brass!

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  • Jackson

    Can Law minister Shanmugam (PAP) and Internal Affairs minister  Teo Chee Hean (PAP) explain ?

  • Disgraceful

    Caucasians and their problem with booze.  You don't have to look very far to read about the hooliganism shown during / after football matches, street parties and what have you.  There is no reason to get drunk but they all do. (and stupid young Singaporeans also think it's so cool to drink loads and then get drunk / puke at pubs, with some girls getting groped)
    The SPF being stretched?  Absolutely.  I recall during the Youth Olympics when the SPF was stretched beyond belief.  And overheard a policeman lament that there better not be any major, hostile attacks because they wouldn't be able to cope! Chill ran down my spine! 
    We badly need to increase our SPF.  We do not have enough police officers for our enlarged population.
    A relative had a cashcard stolen from her car, and when she went to the police station, the officer actually discouraged her to file a police report because it meant that he would have to do the admin work of typing into the system and issue a case number.  As expected there was no follow-up whatsoever.
    In another case, a domestic helper was robbed.  Incident was reported.  IO took forever to follow-up, and cited that she had a mountain of cases.  (if the victim was rich and prominent, you bet they will get priority treatment!) And guess what?  This resourceful domestic helper was capable of tracking down the thief (the thief took her whole bag and used her mobile phone) and provided the lead to the IO.  And the IO still took ages to act on the lead!  In the end, the thief was deported out of Singapore. No credit to the SPF.

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  • agongkia

    @Jimmy12 February 2012

    Priority is to save life.I agree with you and  do not rule out the possibility that one may suay suay be implicated for manslaughter instead,while acting in good faith by using minimum force.But the fact is  its worthwhile  saving another's life.
    I experienced their incompetency and wrongful punishment so I understand your concern and is here not to say how good the are.
    We must not think that angmos are untouchable.So many of them around and yet Lawrence can be the last to get into the taxi and return to save that uncle only after the latter crawl to him and it takes some minutes to decide to help after imagining that he is his father.And you have law undergraduate facing his back to the assailant just to avoid being implicated with law.
    Act swiftly,no point waiting for the men in blue.Cannot afford to wait 1 hour for such situation.The only person who can help are those who happen to be around.At least  return to the pub to ask for help from the management or the bouncers if no one dare to have their attire dirtied..The Management and bouncers can pretend dun know anything.Get them involve.They are the one who should be ensuring the safety of their customers.
    If they insist on assaulting you,dun let them grab you and try to make them stand apart by moving around them one by one,have their ankle kicked.If they dun drop,kick their scrotum.1,2,3,4.ambulance arrived.Case close.


  • ST fail again

    How come so big story we don't read it in Straits Times? But we keep reading Mr Yaw's personal affair.

  • Alan Shadrake

    In sentencing me for what I exposed in Once a Jolly Hangman, Judge Quentin Loh claimed I had 'undermined the confidence' of Singaporeans in the judiciary! Top criminal defence lawyer Subhas Anandan said this in his memoirs The Best I Could:  'I believe the changes in local criminal law have made things advantegous to the prosecution. Though there is a presuption of innocence according to our Constitution, the man in the street cannot be blamed if he thinks he has to prove his innocence in court.  The law is lopsided.  So many aspects of criminal law are against the asccused.  The Constitution says one thing but in practice, it's different.  The courts must also be blamed for this sad state of affairs. They rarely interpret the law in favour of the accused….  One day we may still have justice in the true sense of the word.'  How ironic that I should be jailed for 'undermning' public confidence for saying what everyone, including Mr Anandan, believes and knows and what victims of the ISA actually experienced!

  • Not gong

    If we do that, guarantee you we will be charged, fined imprisoned and/or may be caned unless we can 'go back to another country'.

  • Not gong

    Hi there Alan
    I read from a foreign medium that you actually came back to Singapore to be arrested because you have been warned that you will be arrested.  Nothing happened before you left Sg.

  • Hulk

    Next time don't depend on the Police. Just depend on your own and your friends and show them what we are made of. I would have smash those foreign drunkards into the ground.

  • agongkia

    @Not gong
    Ya,thanks for the concern but dun be gong.Nothing is an offence which is done by a  person who do it in good faith,especially to save a life.Use minimum force to protect the victim and you have your right of private defence if you are being assaulted for doing so..
    I am not asking you to find fault and start testing your kicking technique on their ankle for no reason.
    Next time if such things happen where life is endangered,try it.Maybe you can get a CP award .

  • Mr T

    its painful to read your responses u noe? dishing out advice that just sounds like Ma Hou Pau (in mandarin) your should have done this you should have done that..blah blah..NOT HELPING AT ALL =_=|| keyboard warrior sounding

  • aljunied

    @ Tan Kin Lian,
    you attributed graduates preferring to work in the financial sector,agents etc as possible reasons for shortfall in manpower.

    Do we need a graduate to be an Investigating officers. many with O LEVELS. served as effective Investigating officers in the past.

    Over emphasis on paper qualifications is the problem. Many O and A level guys will make good investigating officers. There is a need to change mindsets . A graduate who is not street smart will not make a good investigating officer.

  • Serious Matter

    This is a serious matter. I believe it warrants an answer from the Commissioner of Police, and the Ministry of Home Affairs!

  • Masa masda

    All available policemen deployed to guard Mas Selamat.
    Cannot afford another escape.;like 2 times SMRT graffiti.

  • Coka

    SG police only good catching local petty criminals. They are 100% useless against Ang Mao la… Where got balls to catch expats.?

  • singaporeson

    SG police are pap dogs. They only bark when told to.

  • Lee

    Agree that manpower shortage is tge bl#¥£ problem of the chief or chief’s chief paid highest in the world.

    The problem is that the people dare not really fully demand more. In fact people may have under-demanded bcos of bohchapness.

  • Jimmy

    12 February 2012
    We must not think that angmos are untouchable.So many of them around and yet Lawrence can be the last to get into the taxi and return to save that uncle only after the latter crawl to him and it takes some minutes to decide to help after imagining that he is his father.And you have law undergraduate facing his back to the assailant just to avoid being implicated with law.
    Well, you must ask yourself why we have many people in our society who are too dumbstruck or could not care less to act in such situations, graduates (law) or otherwise.
    Even though we know the culprits are untouchable, I would say that certain impression has been given in the form of conflicting official signals, in the way they handled certain past cases and certain judgement given (e.g not only in assualt case). 

  • Alan

    SPF certainly exhibits raw inefficiencies and greatest lethargy in policing for security and safety of Sporeans!  I have lodged a few cases against foreign tenants and many times there is never any action taken by IOs and presumably the cases were conveniently closed…it seems many supposedly govt bodies, depts, and stat boards public service have degraded to an unspeakable shit-pit no Sporean can ever trust them anymore…real shame on PAP!

  • Alfretz

    "Police’s manpower shortage, ‘How is that my problem?’ – Expat assault victims tell all". One solution could be to cut the pay of highly and over-paid public servants and employ more true-bred Singaporeans in the Police Force.
    By the way, I am appalled at the fact that foreigners who had broken the law could abscond primarily back to their home country as their passports were not impounded. Passports of all foreigners who are involved in court cases must therefore be impounded until they are over. Would-be law-breaking foreigners then will think twice if not thrice before they bully our people in our own country and then get away scot-free! Justice must be served!

  • A&E

    This really shouldn’t be cast as a foreigner vs local incident. We just don’t know enough about that angle. That our system granted bail to suspects who subsequently fled unhindered on repeated occasions is sufficient cause for alarm and calls for accountability. What is the point of prominently prosecuting writers for authoring publications casting aspersions on our system? To defend it and tell the world our shit dun stink, only to have whiffs wafting around?

  • sunny

    Hide baby hide
    Run baby run
    You can run, you can hide
    there;s nowhere to hide
    You' llbe back in little red dot
    to dance to the music
    Catch the, the world is a global village. If they gewt scot free, the sing will become a laughing stock in the world.
    How come the minister of home affairs fail to catch them and they have flown away, like the birds and now as free as the wind. Perhaps, temporarily. Is Sing scared of the ang moh. Scared to can tsnow white backside and draw blood. Ang moh backside are the same as all backsides.

  • PoliceStill WearShorts

    The SPF has entered into a state called "self-destruction" state. Their insipid and nonchalant attitude towards handling cases which to them might be trivial has stirred up many unhappy sentiments among us citizens.
    I also had a frustrating experience with SPF when my former sub-landlord's wife tried to find trouble with me right in my shop sometime in 2007,after I reported him to the shop's landlord which was a company overseeing the rental deals of all shop units under their wing.So I called for the police for help,but they arrived only 1 hour later!And the best part was when I fumed and asked what took them so long to arrive,they gave the lamest of excuses that they had problem finding a parking space!!! I rest my case since then.

  • anak

    no value work for SPF? where is my superman and spiderman?

  • PAP Forever or Singapoe Forever

    So ST told us the half truth again.  Singapore is best place to live, yes but not for Sporeans? It is for foreign investors, expats & their families, foreign students, foreigners in general.

  • BK

    You are spot on to have your account of the assault and police unacceptable inefficiencies and unprofessionalism published online for all to see. We will put pressure on them to hold them accountable. Don't worry.

  • Hopeless

    as usual, in singapore, #1: Angmoh #2: Singapore citizens. This should be brought up in Parliament. Too bad the MIW are just busy trying to defend their salaries.

  • Smudger

    If Mas Selamat can escape from a city, or is it nation, or country, or a little red dot or pimple…and in a rubber tube from the hapless police and military, wot the f56k do you expect? There have been far too many foreigners (predominantly white?) that have "comfortably sashayed" out of the country. And I do not think these foreigners used a rubber tube.
    Foundational and fundamental problems in all facets of the judiciary officials, police officers, border control officers, including the MHA, SPF, ICA and all government agencies linked to the known cases of fugitives that have fled the country. Very suspicious circumstances IMHO.

  • Chicharito

    Shortage of manpower? When it come to deploying TPs as snipers on roads to catch speeding vehicles or to issue fine tickets they have lots of manpower. When it comes to catching crooks, esp Ang mos, they shortage of manpower. Why not just put it straight? The formal brings in the revenue for the pappies while the latter does not!! Mickey mouse police…

  • Chicharito

    SPF definition of investigation:
    Step 1: Take statements.
    Step 2: keep statements in record files.
    Step 3: go for canteen break…
    Reasons why they take one hour to arrive at crime scene upon report of fight; they very much knew that fights lasts only a few minutes and they(police) won't get there in time anyway. So might as well go for supper first!! Tis is truth told to me by a formal policeman!!!

  • Tang Li

    I suspect that if the guys who committed the assault were from Bangladesh, the police would discover a sudden bout of efficiency and this forum would be filled with people calling for the guys to be hanged.
    But since they are Ang Moh's the police do not seem to believe they are capable of being criminal and the Singaporean public gets very protective of them – "Oh, we got to be fair etc etc."
    Why do we need to be fair to Ang Moh's and harsh on Banglas etc etc. The Ang Moh's come to "supervise" us and the Banglas and other Asians do back breaking work we won't do. Yet at the end of the day, we cannot help but welcome the guys screwing us and screw the guys who do real work for us.

  • Sad sad state

    The police was very efficient in stopping TOC reporter talking to the Bangladesh workers during the recent strike.  How come it is their job leh?

  • Sad sad state

    Next time if there is a flood, go and take pictures, the police will be there in a jiff to handcuff you! LOL!

  • Pinkerton Gone Bonkers

    In total agreement with Tang Li. Many Singaporeans will vehemantly deny this, but I've seen the Pinkerton complex unfold right before my eyes numerous times, from retail stores to restaurants/eateries & nightspots to even the workplace.  Little wonder the white men have little respect for us, if any-  we're prolly just their obediant, eagar-to-please dogs in their eyes. :/ 
    DISCLAIMER:  of course I do not mean every retail/service or office worker has a bad case of the "Pinks", but the general atmosphere there are overwhelming…sometimes due to "envirornmental influence" if you get the drift.  A friend who once worked in retail even told me that her boss explicitly instructed her to be nicer to their Caucasian customers. And usually, the only Asians they will treat better are the Japanese.

  • Pinkerton Gone Bonkers

    Btw I am strongly reminded of the Inosceau case – had it not been the public outcry I suspect he would be quietly gone back to Romania without an arrest warrant.

  • Singaporean

    shortage of manpower? then why is it my repeated attempts to do voluntary constabulary work did not even get a response from them?

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  • Mike

    See Robert Dahlberg is in a town called Nelson in NZ.

  • BlackDot

    I just can't stand it anymore……
    Shortage of police personnel
    Shjortage of nursing staff
    Shortage of medical officers
    Shortage of bus/mrt drivers
    Shortage of full-time qalified teachers
    Shortage of hospital beds
    Shortage of dentists
    Shortage of buses and mrt trains
    Shortage of Singapore talents(so import FTs)
    Shrtage of babies(so import FTs)
    Shortage of workers(so import FTs)
    What's the PAP good for then?
    Answer: World Highest Paid Ministers with 13.5 months bonuses! Never heard in the world!

  • johhnie

    Shortage of manpower my foot! I've lost count of the number of times when 3-4 policemen standing around doing nothing at the scene of a petty crime! They are all over the malls and the east coast beach for goodness sake! Incompetence and lack of management is the issue for SPF!. The other issue of course is our govt preference to turn a blind eye to ang moh foreign criminals. It's too obvious already!!


    reading all these public misconduct coming from talents our gahMEN hold in higher esteem than our own good sgporeans,i cannot help but ask IF THE GAHmen have been importing substandard FOREIGN REJECTS of otehr countries into SG to replace our own good citizens in more recent years?
    the 'EXPATS' we once knew were somewhat 'haughty',NO DOUBT,BUT then,they did conduct themselves with decorum and were quite well-versed in their fileds of expertise.
    these days,we 'anyhow old how ' allow foreign rejects to be called lovingly as FTs?
    it is either our gahMEN are sleeping,nonchalant or irresponsible or sgporeans are daft?

  • ANgry Citizen

    SP is losing its credibility compare to in the 90 , you wander around after midnight and you will see policemen coming to question you but not now police operate in a police post and its not 24 hour.Why the changes , before there police petrol every where. I remember many time I met police on my way back from work at around 1  am and the officer greeted me and ask you work so late.

  • BillyMa

    Singaporeans can't help to strongly believed that this is how th epolice 'managed' to keep the crime rates low – i.e. by dumping such cases into dust-bin.
    Clever move.
    So the chief of police & the PAP ministers can claimed 'excellent' performance bonus for themselves.
    This is how singapore is today. what a shame!!
    And the saddest truth is that there are more that are not exposed just yet.

  • Tan Hwa

    Ya the spf need to wake up I do face  an incident
    where the police(sgt) ask me to lodge a report at ant
    police station instead of taking down my report on the spot.worst is after a certain period the police can tell
    me they misplace the culprit address?????/

  • JustNot

    Remembered in the 90s, Michael Fay n his Thief + Vandalism punishment??? see
    Now this assults + public disorder incident n suspects fleed 1 by 1?
    What gives? the fabric of our society as in Justice n Equality, (govt to heed) so will Happiness, Prosperity n Progress.

  • agongkia

    At least its better than just complaining on our men in blue.I agreed with you all that they are incompetent but that is the reason we must help them more as a citizen.
    Take up the initiative to help when you  see your fellow singaporean being bullied on front of you after calling 999.
    Stand up.Together we fight crime.Dun let those naughty angmo think that the law is in their favour and continue to bully our locals.
    and @Tan Kin Lian.
    Your comments prove to me that 90% of singaporean are smart.You dun need someone with high qualification to be a good IO.Those with lower education may be much better than those bookworms,as far as investigation is concern

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  • seeseekay

    increase pay of rank and file, take the extra spending from pay cut of senior officers and there will be enough of nurses, police etc

  • Eugene

    Pinkerton Effects – some case studies:-
    1.A caucasian argued vehemently to obtain a seat in SIA at the ticketing counter.  He was arguing for at least a 'Jump Seat' and I could not understand. Finally the Singapore Cha-bo gave him a boarding pass and apologised for the inconvenience.
    2. There was a long queue of locals on a Saturday Night at the Ministry of Sound and some ang mohs arrived and talked their way through with the bouncers smiling in servitude.
    3.A drunk US marine was harrassing a group of local girls. Despite the girls warning the marine held the hand of one of the girls. When the Spf arrived they did not arrest him but warned him to behave and they left. Although the marine moved off, he caused a bloody raukus just 100 meters away getting drunk again.
    Why should we be lenient to Ang Mohs? Why do they get away with it?

  • Change

    During the 90s, there were frequent policemen  patrolling the street, now I rarely see them. 
    If the upper management is more concern with other stuff, there bound to be lapses in security.  
    But the police r a joke, I was accuse of molest by ex gf, when I ask for my stuff back in a very public area with security cam, n when they come, they just ignore me n my request for my stuff. Obviously she stole from me. And warn me to stay away. I got the evidence but not the heart to press charges.


    the PAP claim that we will become mail in another country if it is not for them
    but  we get beaten up and run over by foregners in our own country
    fark the PAP

  • Uniquely Singapore.

    You are daft

  • bennyboo

    I better learn karatae for own protection, especially against ang mohs so that if they try to be kwai lan with me, i will whack the hell out of them. Can?

  • Angelina

    @Tan Hwa
    Misplace culprit's address? This is comedy material, LOL!!!
    Women stole from you & report molest and the police ignored your side of the story.  Yes, police are a joke but this is sob story material.
    The PAP has spoken, it is money (the economy) they are after and they know no other way to built it without foreigners & casinos.  So do accept & tolerate the pains. 
    The money & pride, yes pride, of punching above your weight is worth it to the majority, if not for survival, it is to show it to the world (as if the world cares if Sg is no.1).

  • Eugene

    The Singapore Police Force's response to fights and gang clashes is a minimum delayed response of 30 minutes. It is an unofficial law among cops.
    Secondly when they arrive they are supposed to arrive with the blaring of sirens so as to scoot the remnant of fighters still lingering for action.
    This is done so more for their administrative convienience. A freind tells me why would a cop step in between a feiry fight and in the process create chances of injuring themselves.

  • citizen

    MHA was under the purview of WKS, the so-called "population czar", who allowed flies, mosquitoes and louts to come through the windows.  He has the population expanded so fast and furious that the SPF was bursting at the seams, and housing became such a problem.  Glad he is gone.

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  • Jan

    Dear Singaporeans, in no circumstances should you fight or cause hurt, even if in self defence, because you might get charged for it.  Don't forget that "the long arm of Singaporean law enforcement" 100% applies to Singaporeans.  It is SINGAPOREAN law enforcement, NOT foreigner law enforcement which does not exist, so foreigners can be lawless in here.
    Get bullied or get beaten?  Do as our minister had said:"Bite the bullet".

  • Jan

    @citizen – WKS is gone?  Nein, nein, he is back as PM's advisor.  He can never be gone.

  • Passerby

    Can expose the name of that IO? We should be writing to MHA on this.

  • Eugene

    Wongcunt Sing has plenty of experience dealing with Vietnamese refugees as an ISD officer. Wongcunt Sing was solely responsible to ensure that none of the boat people anchored and become singaporeans. As the pm's advisor he is well poised to advice lhl how to make Singaporeans as refugees in their own country.

  • Jan

    @eugene – The boat people are stupid, it is so easy to become Singaporean, is there a need to go the refugee way?  No wonder they are so easily caught by the very talented Wong Ka Ceng.  And he is also well poised to advise on how to export our women out as maids to generate more GDP in the near future.

  • Jan

    @NAZI PAP – PAP is by no means Nazi.  Nazi is formed based on nationalist ideals, with a belief that their very own Aryan race deserves the best, thus hating other races.  PAP is the opposite, believing that Singaporeans deserve the least, thus loving foreigners.

  • johnson

    terrible…singaporeans are at mercy of foreigners.. it seems not only this …singaporeans are being bullied from jobs being taken away by foreigners too…80K jobs taken by foreigners and 40K by citizens out of 120K jobs created in 2011 and the situation is worse in 2010…as report from newspaper…
    What is this place now..I dont recognise it is a place where our ancestors slog hard…no wonder singaporeans are giving less birth..we cannot even take care of ourselves why let the next generation suffers??? 

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  • My heart goes to victim

    ST reported that 97% of people “agree/strongly agree” that our court is just/fair and efficient. Please read 152th (ranked border without freedom) press with a tonnes of salt in this regard.

    It is called kangaroo not without reason.