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It's the voters who'll have to judge Mr Yaw

February 10
12:42 2012

~by: Tan Kin Lian~

I agree with the decision taken by MP Yaw Shin Leong to resign as treasurer of the Workers Party and the exemplary approach taken by the leadership of the Workers Party in handling this difficult issue.

I also agree with the stance taken by Mr Yaw and the leaders of the Workers Party in choosing to remain silent over the rumors of extra marital affairs.

We have to respect the right as a citizen, including a public figure, to remain silent on private matters that do not affect the performance of their public duty.

There is no need to make further disclosures, as there is a need to protect the privacy of Mr Yaw's family.

The voters of Hougang will judge Mr Yaw at the next general election. 

I am heartened to read the words of support from many residents to Mr Yaw, who has worked in the grassroots of Hougang for many years, even before becoming their elected Member of Parliament.

The people of Singapore will have to accept that they will not be able to find angels to be their leaders, either in the current party in power or in an alternative political party. 

I like to express appreciation to Mr Yaw's wife for her strong support of her husband in this difficult situation and to wish the best for their family.

  • hangman



    when president clinton was havin his dick mouthwashed by monica lewinsky in the oral office
    did america collapsed or went to war with south america?
    so what is the problemo ere? afterall the pap cabinet minister is still AROUN @ his job still a cabinet minister

  • Heng

    does Mr Tan have insider information about the truth of the affair so as to compel him to write this article?  or does Mr Tan assume that Yaw is guilty as alleged by the media?

  • Julian Low

    I'm just wondering. If a PAP MP commited the same moral trangression, would the Mr. Tan still say the same?

  • Dark Clouds

    So mr tan is saying even he is not an angel…so we should be expecting devils or devious politicians like himself?

    Well, that's very enlightening indeed.
    I wonder what would Yaw's church say to that?

  • Wondering

    In the picture, the wife is in white T-shirt at far left away from him? Who is the lady in micro shorts next to him? His other conquest?

  • Leon Chen

    I am sure Kin Lian will say the same as he has now if he had to write about a PAP man.the problem is the media would only be brave to relish tearing apart an oppo person . I knew Tan to be a self-effacing person with a heart for the common man; I once asked for a job opportunity from him through e-mail as a total stranger and he replied positively. Can the same be said of this present Government ?

  • kampong boy

    There are rumours about a current minister having extra marital affairs going around coffee shops.

    Does anyone here know the truth?

    If the rumour is true, it explains why the pap ministers and MPs are so quiet about the Yaw affair.

  • GG

    @ Julian
    My guess is Mr. Tan would do the same if was the PAP or any other politician. In fact most of us would.  Notice the PAP themselves know better than to make political capital out of this. As for the MSM media hounding Yaw. YSL went about his publicduties accompanied by his wife. That's the story, nothing more to be said.

  • kampong boy

    Will the pap or the minister concerned come up to clear the air?

    Or they, like the WP, also have no comments on extra marital affairs engaged by their members?

  • kampong boy

    Why are the mainstream media silent on the rumour about the extra marital affair of the alleged minister?

  • Kapoh Kana


    According to Tan, all political parties are devils so don't expect anyone of them to represent the people on morality matters.
    Their job is to ensure you can afford "Viagra" on the side while they secretly consume it.


  • Tan Tai Wei

    I'm afraid it's a matter of principles. How could electorates continue to trust someone, who flout the rules of truthfulness and justice in a matter as personally important as marriage, in other matters, which to him should be lesser affairs?

  • pigcanclimbtrees

    @kampong boy,
    if what you say is true about there being a rumour of a current minister having an affair then why are the local msm not writing and printing the story like the way they did to the Mr. Shaw?
    The answer is simple – the local msm has no ball when pap is in the picture. That's why I always give 101% discount on local news that I read from the local msm. You would rather believe that a pig can climb tree then believing the local msm when it comes to local news

  • js

    Whose principles are we judging him on? WIthout knowing the inside outs of his affairs, if any, who are us to pass comments on his behaviors? Also, I wonder why some people automatically link these rumors to his ability as a MP.
    Does that also mean that a faithful and loyal husband will never lie? Think Bernie Madoff.

  • Tan Kin Lian

    A few people have speculated about my motive in writing this letter. They are suspicious people – which is a bad part of our culture. We need to view other people in a more positive manner.
    I do not agree with the tendency of some Singaporeans in assassinating the character of people, based on rumors.  Even if YSL has committed the alleged bad behavior, it is for the people of Hougang and his family to judge him. There is no need for other people to pass judgement.
    If Singaporeans expect angels to be our leaders, we will not be able to find them. We also deserve the future ahead of us – high cost of living, low birth rate and other problems.
    At least the Workers Party is able to attract some people to come forward, although they are not angels. They deserve our support, in spite of this temporary setback.
    These are my views. If you disagree, it is all right. There is no need to attack me – another bad culture of some Singaporeans.
    For those who ask, would I do the same if it was a PAP MP that was involved? The answer is "yes", if it is necessary for me to speak up – but I believe that the PAP MP would probably have sufficient support from other sources. 

  • Just Who Is Low Class?

    Really, who cares who Mr Yaw slept with?  There are more important national issues to care about. But SPH cares because it is a low class media trying to stir shit on behalf of the ruling party?
    If SPH is interested in sexual affairs, then go dig out the details of the woman who had regular 69s with the 2 top govt officers at the expense of the taxpayers' money. But SPH will not do it because they are clear lackeys of the ruling party. They are the  Monica Lewinsky of the ruling party.
    The more SPH digs information on Yaw, the more low class it gets. It fully deserves the extremely low rating given by Reporters Without Borders.

  • Gary


    Sorry Mr Tan, it is for the whole of Sin to judge, not just his wife and hougang people because his influence on policies(though he is a tiny housefly) matters to ALL.


  • Mitty

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • ttt

    To Julian , who wrote "I'm just wondering. If a PAP MP commited the same moral trangression, would the Mr. Tan still say the same?"
    I would say, I would expect a PAP MP not to commit any trangession. Simply for the reason, that they have been impressing on others that they are GOD. And GOD do not f**k around.

  • Angel Not

    If your internal affairs are unclean, your external affairs would also be questionable. Hence, we can't separate the two for anyone who wants to represent us.

  • Baby

    Oh, those who cast stones are without sin :) sin is defined as idiots LOL

  • Hougun

    We cannot assume he has not screwed all the women in the picture,can we???
    The husbands in the picture should start to wonder whether they need to visit the VD center?

  • Mr Tan And WP Are Right

    I fully agree with Tan K L.  The major culprit is SPH  who is trying to sensationalise the affair, hoping to distract the public from the more important national issues like flooding, mrt breakdowns, corru[tion of 2 top scholars, etc.
    Look, if I am an executive of WP and I am approached by Yaw's family to keep the affairs private, I will accede to the request, because, among the many reasons,  Mr Yaw is not accused of corruption, unlike the 2 top scholars who echanged favours for sex using state funds. So what is wrong with WP's approach? In the case of Yaw, there is leeway for the party to remain silent and let the people of Hougang judge his performance over the years. That he quits the executive council to concentrate on his work at Hougang is the right thing to do.
    So I will tell SPH to shut up and stop digging into the private affairs of Yaw. Enough is enough. There is no need to tell us of your hidden agenda because everyone knows that if we were to unzip the ministers' trousers, we will find all your hands there.
    As a natioal newspaper, SPH should be focussing on national issues rather than the private affairs of Yaw. Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you are interested in sexual afairs to boost your sales, go write on the 2 corrupt scholars who lusted with saliva dripping with a woman at the expense of state funds. That is, if you dare write.    

  • Can Tan think?

    (someone penned the below)
    Why should anyone care?

    Because it is telling about one's character. If someone performs acts that are deemed immoral, what else can we say about his attitude and values towards his work? Do we dare say his flawed character will not spill over to the politics?

    Because we are talking about leaders here. We are talking about influential people that has considerable influence on the values society hold dear to them. If we refuse to condemn his actions, does our silence signal the approval of such an action? Would it then not result in a shift in society's values? What are we trying to tell the younger generation? 

    Because we are a democracy. And the opposition who loves to characterise themselves as a champion of accountability and free speech should also be accept to prepare the full brunt of their actions and their words. If the conservative society of Singapore refuses to accept such acts from a politician, do we citizens not have a right to voice out opinions and demand for an apology? This is true freedom of speech. 

    And yes, I would say being immoral and yet being a good politician (vice versa) is a possible scenario. The question is whether our society is ready to accept that a politician's personal life should be divorced from politics. 

    A man may be capable enough to use a gun. But it is his morals that direct him on how to use that gun – whether to injure or to save. Similar, a politician may be sharp and capable… but without morals to direct him, I fear we could be heading the wrong direction.

    Just my two cents worth.

  • No angel myself

    @Dark Clouds.
    You wondered what Yaw's church would say. Well, if I were a member of the church, I would say:   Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  • President wannabe my foor!

    We ought to thank the divine that TKL did not made it to the Istana as he would have turned it into a "Whore House".
    Yaw is an MP, a public figure who has sworned to conduct himself exemplary and with probity in accepting the MPship.
    But this seducer of married women and home-wrecker has defiled the sacred oath of the office and should be "burnt on the stake" and fed to the dogs.
    Please stop all the lament that its is a private matter.  Yes when he has stepped down, then we can call that "a private matter,  but not until then..No! No! No!

  • According to your logic

    Then we shouldn't be casting stones at dictators,corrupt officials and corrupt busissmen etc.? The police and legal department should go fly kite?
    Next time when your dad, husband or bf fuk around and double timed you, remember to …praise the lord, he is the judge,not you, while you still spread your legs wide for them to screw you again and again.
    Oh, you are such an angel(contrary to what TKL pessimistic view of humanity)

  • Sodom

    Wrong. The church would say..where art thy children for sacrifice? I bid them to come and be baptized in my bed.

  • Silly Billy


    Of course the church laws tell the idiotic followers not to throw stones lah. if idiotic followers start throwing stones, how the church fukk around and their leaders laugh themselves to the bank?
    the best sinful profession is to be a preacher of grace where  you are elevated and reverently placed on the pulpit with divine authority to shut the dirty mouths of idiotic followers with stupid interpretation of the bible. hahaha


  • Ah Tan

    Morality of the story is: don't go high and Hi Five too much or one fine day,   when you missed the mark, someone's hand may just land on your face – piak.

  • 2016

    This guy only hurt his family and church. Least he did not cost spore billions of dollars loses on tax payers money.

  • Tan Tua Kong

    Haha… From the horse mouth. This Tan Kin Lian is an old cock in womanizing.

  • Darren

    why are people blaming msm when the first website that reported the news is TREMERITUS, an anti-PAP website?
    guys its ok to be anti-PAP, but lets not practise double standards here. if a PAP MP commits adultery, you guys wont let him go.
    same to Yaw. If guilty he should go.

  • What Difference with / without Yaw?

    With or without YSL, what huge significance does it make in Parliament and for SIngaporeans?

  • angyg

    Why, TKL dont even bother about the other party husband feelings. MSM and TR same kind. MSM dont publish our letters,TR block our comments when they dont like it
    TOC is fair also reflects both views .


    but lets not practise double standards here. if a PAP MP commits adultery, you guys wont let him go.
    same to Yaw. If guilty he should go.
    yeah right..let be fair to what happenned to the pap cabinet minister..he is still the cabinet minister…why he so special? he hav a gold pric k liked durai mey?

  • rockabyebaby

    Thank you @ Mr. Tan And WP Are Right.
    it looks like there are still holier than thou chaps here even after Mr. Tan posted his clarifications. Those who flaunt their own upper "dicky" without regard just because they are protected in cyberspace by their namesakes with a "nick to dick" are obviously not decent in themselves. Mr. Tan was clear about dierences in opinions and view and that there is no need for others to "attack me". Tan Kian Lian posted with his name and is well known. All his nay sayers who slur him and values he stands for are apart from moral an ethics themselves. Their way of argument shows that they unwise. "keep quiet and no one knows you are a fool. open your mouth and all doubt is removed" – Lincoln
    People like @Angel Not & @Baby and others who are worse who do not understand the event details like "let he who have not sin throw the first stone" give opinions much like LKY they don't like. Don't you?

  • The Guillotine Awaits

    It is blatantly obvious that the ruling party is using their proxy , SPH, to harass the opposition. This is gutter politics at the lowest level. This act alone rightly justifies SPH disgraceful ranking of 135 out of 195 by RWB.
    Singaporeans are not stupid and can see the tactics used to divert attention from the major public and more serious blunders that the ruling party has made over the last few years.
    The personal attack on Mr Tan K L by the ruling party's supporters on the net is another of their organised tactics to discredit the writer so that the facts of the case need not be debated.
    The tactics of the ruling party are becoming too obvious and all netizens will soon find out. All I can say is that there is no way that incompetency by the ruling parrty can be covered up, not with an active social media. The guillotine awaits the ruling party in 2016.

  • my dearest

    Judging from the personal attacks against Mr Tan K L here, there are a few people here having personal grudges against him, or are they pap supporters?

  • Onesimus

    Besides voters as judges. We must not forget all Singaporeans also because Yaw is also part of our social fabric in this tiny island. Last but not least, God.

  • candy

    It goes to show mad people can have an illustrious career in Sin.

  • mice is nice

    PAP want to judge everyone but refused to be judged by others (always claim to be unique) & compared with others.

  • Eugene

    When too much of a 'sense of acheivment' goes into your head it creates a mad rush of blood to your head and perhaps that is how someone feels powerful. 
    This powerful feeling sometimes blinds us from being rational and prompts to step out of the norms of a society.
    Infidelity is wrong and when it happens the person should be sincere in his repenting and seeking forgiveness from his/her partner.
    Hopefully YSL repents and seeks genuine forgiveness from his wife (if the allegation is true) and MOVE ON.

  • David

    Any matured and developed society will know that such personal matters will not affect their vote for opposition parties.  It is the policies that have greater impact on the people and when they cast their vote, they cast with their head and not their dick.
    If PAP think this incident will dilute WP's supports, I have this to say to PAP, you are so wrong and I will still vote for WP in the next election regardless.

  • The Call

    Mr Tan Kin Lian is entitled to his view. As for me, with his type of view, I am so glad he is not the President. 

  • Stop The Gutter Politics

    It is sad that the ex-wife of Mr Yaw should come forward to clarify that her divorce with Mr Yaw was not due to extre-marital affairs. She must be under tremendous pressure to say it, thanks to the constant bombardment in the press of Mr Yaw by SPH, an acknowledged lackey of the ruling party.
    I say, enough is enough. Her forced revelation of her reason for her divorce is tantamount to an intrusion into her private life and we, the general public and SPH, the national media, have absolutely no right to intimidate her into revealing what should be a closely guarded secret of  the marital affairs of Yaw and his ex-wife.
    SPH should stop this gutter politics of having this affair over-published in the mass media, by their own writers and those in the forum page and stirring the emotional reaction of the netizens. Please stop your hidden agenda as it is going too far. Your bad reputation has been further aggravated.
    I truly respect the actions of the WP and the views of Tan K L.  The decision of WP to remain silent is indeed an honourable act. Even as a public servant, his private life must be safeguarded and respected. SPH has a lot to learn.
    I salute WP and Tan K L. Time is a good judge and will prove that they are right. There is a lot to learn from WP and Tan K L.

  • Digging Their Own Graves

    The more SPH dig into the private affairs of Yaw, the more they are digging their own graves. Why is the ruling party keeping silent on this topic? Because they have their lackey and mouthpiece, SPH, to speak for them and the latter is doing a bad job., tarnishing its image in the process.
    Just keep hammering Yaw and more sympathy votes will go to him, more so when he starts to deliver for the residents of Hougang.  The ruler party will be perceived as big bully , digging into the private lives of its citizens. What happened to Yaw can happen to any citizen. Just whay crime has he committed? The ruling party standing on high grounds? My foot. Just ask LHL to reveal the number of families he has destroyed by setting up the casinos here.

  • Bush

    Btw, in Clinton case, his guts were spilled and he finally came clean before he moved on….and not before.

  • Lim Cheok Hock

    i once had a female passenger in my taxi during the presidential election. she worked for ntuc when mr tan was the ceo and she had nothing good to say about mr tan and added she wants to puke at the mention of mr tan’s name. she told me the reason but i will not mention it. i dont want to be sued. i have no money whereas i am sure mr tan has money to last him many generations. but i am sure there are people who likes mr tan and have good things to say about him but they havent sat on my taxi yet. i have nothing against mr tan. i dont even know him but this is what transpired between me and the this female passenger. i am just a simple taxi driver with this confession.

  • seasand123

    We are not saying that the MP YSL is a saint beyond reproach. On the contrary,  like anyone of us, he is a bag of emotions, feelings and the lust we are all born with and have to endure throughout our lives.
    Interestingly, SPH is more keen on MP YSL alleged wayward life style and  who is just a mouthpiece of his constituency. He is not appointed to go after the evil doers or render assistance in a calamity.
    SPH is keeping mum of the two gunslingers who are entrusted to guard our dear country from the devils and the our assets but, as we are aware of, have been pursuing a mother with kids for her XXX favours relentlessly at the peril of our national interests. 

  • Eugene

    Readers please be present tommorrow at 5p at speakers corner to protest the influx of another 900,000 foreigners in another 3 years. As it is despite all the pressure in 2011 the papies allowed 85,000 foreigners. This year it is expected to be 150,000. The papies do not care for the squeeze or hdb inaffordability. They are hell bent on stuffing this tiny island.
    The msm is leading a diversion from more serious topics.

  • He will not run in GE2016

    Don't agree with TKL.  Voters will not be able to judge Yaw because he moslt likely will not even run in GE2016.  The reason is simple.  No party would take the risk by having him in the ticket.  His personal problems wil come back to haunt him if he runs again.  The opposition already have a difficulty getting support.  Yaw is "damaged goods".  His personal problems would be an unnecessary distraction and would certainly be exploited by PAP.

  • Tan Kin Lian

    I wish to thank a few readers who have chosen to look at the positive aspect of my intention and views. There is hope for our future, when more people are positive in their outlook and their views of other people
     I have been worried about the negative character of some (or perhaps many) Singaporeans. They display the following behavior:
    > pass judgement on other people
    > attack other people while remaining anonymous
    > push argument to an extreme
    > ready to join the bandwagon to hit someone who is down.
    > behave "holier than thou"
    YSL has arleady resigned from the leadership of the Worker's Party. He is already taking the penalty for this allegation. it is not fair to expect him or the Worker Party to say more about this issue, especially as there is a need to provide the privacy of his family. 
    I do not agree with the views of those who are baying for YSL's blood.
    To those who attack me personally and in a hideous way – do reflect on the kind of person that you are. 
    And to those who have taken a positive view of my intention and are willing to speak out for me (as I now speak out for YSL and WP), thank you. 

  • Hades

    Did he do anything illegal? – No.
    Did he misappropriate money in legal but unethical manner? – No
    Has he been negligent in discharging his MP duties? – No

    Has he delivered on his election promises – Dunno but that's for the electorate to decide.

    So why should ANYONE give a rat's ass about who he had sex with?!

  • For our Future’s sake

    I agree with TKL. Give Yaw and his family a break.
    Workers' Party handling of the case ,to me, has been very professional so far. I believe the PAP would have done the same if it happens to their MP.
    Yaw is out of the CEC, that is the first step. There is no one more disappointed than Mr Low Thia Kiang. At least, he does not come out and try to make a sacrifice of Yaw, so to save his and his party's skin. He has given the poor man time for a graceful exit. Just like the PAP has given MBT and WKS.
    So those of you who have been baying for Yaw's blood, think what if you had made a garve mistake at work, do you want your boss to give you a graceful exit or you want your boss to have a colleague see you pack your things and escort you out of the office?

  • Maw L J

    May I remind all, Yaw is no more WP.
    Lets not link Yaw to wp anymore.
    Just like Yaw, Saw is no Maw.
    pap once maw.

  • SPH Failed The Litmus Test

    The biggest loser in this whole episode is SPH. When news broke out that Mr Yaw may have exposed a weakness in his character, the clear bet is that SPH will pounce on this golden opportunity to bring him down like a lion which has spotted its prey and is going for a merry feast.

    And true to its word, they went about mercilessly, digging, digging and digging for the elusive piece of information that will please their political masters, the ruling party and their Chairman, Mr. Lee Boon Yang, an ex-PAP minister. Little did they know that my doing it so mindlessly and heartlessly,  they have unknowlingly set-up their own trap, taking out a " spear to spike themselves" .
    Now the whole world knows that they are mere lackeys of the ruling party, fully justifying before the world their disgraceful ranking of 135 out of 195 countries, which is below that of some third world countries.
    2016 awaits.

  • Thank you, Tan Kin Lian.

    Your statement is so refreshing and rational.

  • Show Your Guts

    I ask those who are quick to criticise Mr Yaw to re-consider their stance. What damage has Mr Yaw done to the Nation?  What proof have you that he will not perform at Hougang because of some stupid rumour? Whatever it is, it is only a perceived threat. What about the real threat that is unfolding before our eyes? Thousands and thousands of Singaporean families have been torn to shreds because of the Casinos here. And who brought them here? Shouldn't you be castigating those who introduced the Casinos here? So please, SPH and the PAP supporters, channel your expectation of flawless character at those who have brought about maximum damage to  Singaporeans big time: The Ruling Party.
    Or are you all a bunch of hypocrites? Show  what and where your real worth of value is by going for the real  culprits. Or are you a bunch of cowards, hiding behind your mothers' aprons at the sound of light thunder?

  • 2016

    @ the litmus test
    Very well said. Yes GE2016 awaits

  • Old Goat



    1) who doesn't pass judgment on other people and on a daily basis? when your daughters walk out of  the house, we tell them not to talk to strangers who offer sweets. we teach our young to  assume or judge them as up to no good than be sorry.
    2) and when you are the receiving end of judgment, how not to feel attacked? nothing wrong
    3) sometimes, extreme arguments are needed to drive home a point, nothing wrong.
    4) jump on the same bandwagon if you share similar conviction, nothing wrong
    5) holier than thou? you don't need a priest to judge an adulterer. an adulterer can condemn another adulterer, nothing wrong.
    where did you get your education from huh? SIN?



  • Paul

    Well said Mr Tan.
    It is obvious that LTK learned his lesson well from then PM LKY in his handling of GKS et al in the 1980s

  • Angelina

    Agree completely that "SPH Failed The Litmus Test"!
    If we should do a media space analysis of the following big stories in comparison to this one, it is so obvious that ST is not a newspaper but propaganda dept:
    Temasek's loss
    President Tony Tan's sons
    Tin Pei Ling broke cooling off day rule
    Alan Shadrake's case
    Yong Vui Khong's case (hanging of a teenage)
    The ratio of media space dedicated to the stories will be 10:1 (Yaw's story: any story above).
    It is blatant that SPH's allegiance is to PAP, not Singapore, sad.

  • Angelina

    Take for eg Tony Tan's sons case.  It concerns fairness to ALL Sporean men who sacrifice time & for some, blood, along with sweat & tears, it also concerns allegiance to Singapore thru NS.  How much more important is Yaw's personal affair compare to this? It does not even concern anyone!   I think ST is aiming for first bottom up. Either this or it is changing into a tabloid for personal affiair gossips.

  • Lexus

    Wah that lady next to him in the photo better be careful otherwise kana pau

  • Low Tick Koh


    Nothing more shameful than a man who can't face his own wrong 
    He should have been born a Tan.


  • mice is nice

    MSM was rather quiet on Town Council's (toxic) investment loses that ran into millions a few years back. if S'pore govt so clean & MSM reporting so balanced YSL's alleged affair would not have taken up so much space in print.
    even the on-going corruption cases regarding CNB & SCDF did not gather so much news. neither did the SLA million dollar corruption case. so where is the balanced reporting? gold standards?

  • Hebang

    I am not surprised that Low TK secretly viewed his wife's HP.

  • Lee Hsien Tow

    I agree, Tony's Tan Sons case is even more "disgusting" than Yaw's case .
    What happen to that piece of news ?
    What has Tony & his Alibab'as to say ? 

  • Angelina

    I have been told by Chinese friends that the most prominent of Chinese ministers have young mistresses. It was a very high profile minister who started the 'mistress' ball rolling, LOL. This is not even marriage gone wrong or about love affair, having mistress is their status symbol. Now that, I find utterly disgusting.

  • Moral courage to speak the truth

    I don't agree with Mr Tan although I voted him in the last Presidential election.  You see, the crux of the matter is transparency and accountability which was also championed by WP during GE 2011.
    MP is a law maker in Parliament and he or she should set a high moral standard as they are role models for ordinary citizens.  An MP must also be brave enough to take any allegations seriously and tackle them head-on..
    Since we are going for multi-party parliament,  MP Yaw's prevarication has brought disrepute to and harm the opposition cause in Singapore and cast doubt on the credibility of opposition members beyond repair !

  • Chef

    If Yaw can cook, you can cook too.

  • Eugene

    The keeping of mistress is the new normal. Being a pinkie boyfreind creates 'guang xi'.
    That is why the papies who were vehement against sexual misdeeds have soften their stand in the new normal times.
    Woody Goh life was strained by his act of forcing onto his private secretary. Lau Lee had to interfere. So How???
    The papies were smart to unleash their barking dogs the MSM on WP and Yaw. Sad.Even here we see so many papies trollers creating havoc.

  • Great Asia

    The children of Tan Kin Lian will have to judge their father.

  • Question To Tan K L

    Dear Mr Tan,
    Recently, Mr Lee Boon Yang, an ex-PAP minister, was made the Chairman of SPH. I assumed that his appointment was approved by the President, Mr. Tony Tan, who was the previous Chairman of SPH. Todate, the public is not aware of whether Mr Lee was the only candidate nominated for this very important appointment as there was no transparency. My question to you is if you had been elected the President, would you have approved the appointment of Mr. Yang as Chairman of SPH. Thank you.   
    Fm: A True Blue Singaporean

  • Angelina

    If Yaw is as old as Jack Neo and had bedded very young women (was it something Jack Neo did?), I'd say he ought to be fired and publicised.  What I read is that Yaw's is a personal affair, one that scores of people, ordinary or high profile, lives through day in day out – marriage breakdown, found new love etc. It is bizarre enough that this cost him his job. What ST has done is not on.

  • Comment

    If Yaw is as old as Jack Neo and had bedded very young women, it would still be no comment.

  • Yaw Did Not Approve The Casinos Here

    Dear Angelina,
    ST is a low class newspaper whose interest is to look after the interest and survival of a specific party and certainly not of the nation. That they spent so much time digging into the private affairs of Mr Yaw bears testimony to this. MPs with flawed characters are those who provide unstinting support for the building of the casinos here which to-date have obliterated the lives of many Singaporeans .  So why didn't ST castigate these people who are from the ruling party?  Calling them hypocrites or apple polishers is certainly too mild a word.

  • All the best

    I hope Yaw's wife will boil herbal soup for Angela to pau sun pau sun. And Angela's husband will discuss a second baby with Yaw.

  • Greed and lust are both vices

    Mr TKL, Singaporeans have a right to judge YSL's action and WP's position because the issue here invokes debate about our values system. An MP is a leader and a role model for his community. Because an MP has the power vested upon him by his constituents, the greater the onus will be on him to be exemplary – this is probably what many Singaporeans feel is required. If he or his party have a very different set of values system that permits or condones such actions, then it is up to the people to decide if they are comfortable of electing them in as leaders and placing them in a position that will influence the shape and form of our society. When a candidate offers himself as a people's representative, he should be cognizant of being constantly in public eye and every aspect of his action and behavior is subject to judgement.
    Having just cried aloud that we don't want people to be lured into politics because of the richness in pay, do we now feel it is ok for characters of lower morals to represent our flock? Greed and lust are both vices. Having any of our leaders succumbing to them could potentially compromise national interests. Should we accept that? 

  • http://= sayahakap

    Francis Khoo has finally come home. 
    Albeit his ashes only. After more than three decades. Who is going to say sorry now for not letting him come home earlier?RIP  Francis Khoo.

  • Agree With Your Moral Principles

    " do we now feel it is ok for characters of lower morals to represent our flock? Greed and lust are both vices. Having any of our leaders succumbing to them could potentially compromise national interests. Should we accept that? ".
    Agree. So let's throw out Ministers demanding high salaries and those MIWs who approved gambling that annihilates Singaporean families.
    2016 awaits.

  • andrew leung

    CNA should invite Mr Yaw to participate in a live TV Program with an interview and lie detector test. He should be given a chance to refute the allegations and  rumors affecting his good name. We wish Mr Yaw and Ms Angela to appear together on the program. Can be scheduled for Valentine's Day broadcast on 14th Feb.

  • RED-man

    For a moment, I thought MP Yaw raped someone. I laughed at those people with hidden agenda to bring the opposition down. They probably are those roaming around Geylang but do not have the guts to approach the ladies standing there waiting for them. 
    I assume those that call Mr. Tan a devil must be a angel themselves. Gee…. Where are these angel that should stand up and get themselves elected? Talk so much, but hide behind the keyboard assisinate the character of others. First of all, be reminded. Be it affairs or adultery, the other party (ladies) must agree. If not, that would be rape. Moreover, I don't think this group of opportunists are the one that voted WP either. So, if you want to continue vote for your masters and be treated like a good dog. By all means. But I am sure you be the last that qualify to comment on his personality as the intention itself is not even straight. 
    There is a saying in hokkien, the mouth talk while the balls feel good.

  • Beware Of TR Emeritus.

    This is just my suspicion, but I feel that somehow the old Temasek Review Emeritus and the new TR Emeritus are run by entirely different people.
    The new TR Emeritus editors and moderators appear to be biased in their opinions. They describe the women who allegedly had affairs with Yaw as 'victims'.
    If they willingly had affairs with Yaw, why are they called 'victims'? Did Yaw seduce them? Maybe, with sweet talk. But from the standpoint of sex, it is usually the woman who seduce the man. If the woman refuses, what can the man do?
    From one of TR Emeritus moderator:
    MOD: Just an update if you missed it. One of his many “victims” has already placed on record and admitted openly that she had an affair with him. The rumours have been escalated into an outright allegation. What other evidence you want?

  • Angelina

    @Greed and lust are both vices
    I read and re-read your post very carefully and could not find what exactly is the "behaviour' that you are against or immoral or not a good role model.  Is it womanising?  I take this as meaning bedding one woman after another.  Was Yaw doing that?  Or are you against extra marital affair?  If it is this, unless you know the initmate details about the relationship between him & his wife, how can you call it immoral?  Would it make a difference if Yaw had divorced or separated from his wife?  If it doesn't, then you are saying that under no circumstance should a Minister separate from his or her spouse?  What if one spouse has weird habits (not just for laughs but people cannot live together when they find out each other's habits).  Why force 2 people together if they do not want to be together anymore?

  • RED-man

    With the obscene amount pay those ministers are getting, the mathematic possibility of them hidding some special edition in their private mansion, would not be surprise at all. While you can go on arguing and speculating MP Yaw commit a affair or adultery. Same can be applied to our ministers who have every resources and mean to do better than him. 
    It is often not what one says that matter, the fact that it is often they are judged before they say. With this logic, why is silence not the best way when there are so many fools exist in this world? 

  • Angelina

    Some people turn this into a soap drama to satisfy their own fetish. Sad, sad people.  I take it MediaCorps does not produce good enough family dramas to entertain Sporeans?

  • Onesimus

    If Tan Kin Lian really commented above I now double confirmed that my judgement of him as a mediocre is overrated. Imbecillesque is the appropriate word.

  • RED-man

    The last time I checked, being a MP does not necessary need to be a monk. Many years ago, there was a chief judge who champion family abuse cases was a abuser himself. Which was later exposed and removed from position. 
    Please lah, it is not uncommon to hear the aunties say, it is only when a man has power and money, that need to beware of his changes. MP Yaw money even compared to the most junior minsters would be seeing peanuts like some minister's wife said. And I laugh at the PRC that proclaim she had a short  relationship with him funny. Usually, a descent woman would rather keep quiet then to come out for interview. Interesting tell tale sign.

  • Angelina

    The majority of Sporeans are still stuck in third world mentality.  How to progress like that?

  • RED-man

    During a heated arguement or misunderstanding, it is always the most wise thing to walk away and remind silence till both parties are cool headed to discuss on the issue. Simply because, all words will be fell into deaf ears since there is already a perception labelled to you. So, why silence is not the best thing for Mr. Yaw to do? As a political figure, I believe many people is hoping he will lost his cool and speak the wrong thing and therefore bring him down further. Why must he fall into this trap? 
    There's already a few up there commenting.

  • RED-man

    Sexual urge is a registered not only in human but all other animals as to promote procreate and therefore keeping it species strong in numbers. 
    While human are animal of higher intellegent, it does not necessary mean we can control this urge all the time especially when someone express admiration and response with emotion. 
    A womanizer on the other hand, do not go thru' this process as it would be too time consuming to satisfy their crave. They often operate more like a hit man and will not waste time, have the profile of sweet talker, dress impressive and most of the time dare to approach. I don't see that quality in MP Yaw and the fact, it was a house wife further confirm that. The relationship probably developed thru' community work and admiration. This would more fit the profile. As for the PRC, I seriously have a doubt in that.

  • reality check

    i agree with Angelina that what happens to Yaw can happen to any man. May i add that what happen to Jack Neo only happens to certain small group of men because the allegations points to a sinister conduct. Jack Neo had emotionally damaged the life of a young innocent naive girl to satisfy his sexual needs. Yaw is more honourable as there was no mention of young underaged women involved. Yaw made amends for his folly by resigning from his WP post while Jack Neo’s apology at the press conference appeared to be a staged performance. There is a saying that goes like this ” a fool who realises that he has been a fool is wise to a certain extend while a fool who thinks he is wise is a fool indeed.” i can see where Yaw and Jack Neo fit in this quote. U have my respect Mr Yaw, for being a man. But as a MP, it is a different ball game with different set of rules that apply, whether u are from PAP or WP. Jack Neo will face his karma one day. Retribution ia another word to use.

  • RED-man

    While sexual needs can often be tackled like visiting a positute, it cannot say the same for woman especially for such conservative country. Thus, for common woman it usually come by opportunity. 
    Worst, if the married woman already have some serious issue with the husband. This opportunity would be more tempting. 
    I see that there is a lot of focus on MP Yaw, while most people selective avoid mentioning the woman very interesting. Like what some said above, it is MP Yaw right to handle his own problem and keep it private. Anyone that this agree this right, feel free to tell everyone you have issue like (fond of abusing your wife or children, gamble all your money and left family with none, stick yourself to the computer to watch some XXX movies etc. If you issue MP Yaw lost his right, you probably lost your!

  • RED-man

    To conclude: I don't think there is many angel in Singapore. At least I dare to say I am not. But that does necessary mean I am devil. 
    Anyone dare declare he/she not sin from the day he/she is born? You already start to sin from the day you come out from your mother womb, causing her so much pain!

  • Tan Ah Yaw

    In defense of a criminal, some will waste their minds to justify crime. Way to go. 

  • mice is nice

    yes, YSL is a criminal, i thereby sentence him to sleeping at the void deck of the MPS for 120 days. a portable loo will be provided, but no tents are allowed.
    security will be provided by pappies dogs!

  • Tan Kin Lian

    I am encouraged by the many comments that compare the gravity of YSL incident with other incidents of potential wrong-doing and abuse of privilege. They know that we are not in a perfect world and many person, including those in power, do have their shortcomings.
    For those who insist that they have the right to judge other people, I wish to remind them of the following rules of natural justice:
    > Few people have the qualities to be a judge
    > A judge has to be fair minded
    > A judge has to get the facts, listen to both sides (including the accused party) before making any judgement
    > A judge has to be known to the accused (and cannot be anonymous)
    As I do not have the facts, and I do not even know the parties that are involved, I am not qualified to judge this issue. Anyway, there is no need for me to do so, as there must be countless people who feel qualifed to judge other people.
    For those who argued that YSL should come clean on the rumour, let me remind them that there are other innocnent parties that are involved – namely the YSL's family and the family of the other party (if the allegation is true). To protect the innocent parties, maintaining silence is the right thing to do.
    Some people feel that they have the right to judge me or take take this opportunity to assassinate my character with unfounded allegations. Perhaps they expect me to answer to these allegations as well? 
    For the few who feel that they will not vote for me in any future election, you are entitled to vote for whoever you feel is the best person. But this does not give you the right to pass judgement on me.
    Let me, once again, express my thanks to those who step forward to speak out for me and to give a positive angle to my intention. We need to encourage a positive approach, to bring optimism to our country.

  • Tan Kin Lian

    I wish to thank Denis Distant who spoke out for me in his letter publised in the Straits Times Forum. I have written to Denis directly, as we have corresponded before.

  • oms

    @ James,
    Son, I don’t  think you are judging but you are concluded the story that Yaw indeed committed a Sin.

  • Talking of Integrity

    You sound like the Devil trying to be a Saint.  

  • willbee

    Cheers Mr Tan Kin Lian,
    Don’t give up… Learn to articulate much better verbally and be absolutely magnamious…

    You can be Like some policiticians become next president and really guard against our already much depleted reserves and Cpf locking issues.

    Learn not to react… And learn yoga- cara and 因明学it’s way to debate utilmately. Yoga- cara is like the lion and 因明学 it is the wings. Yoga- cara emcompass the philosophy and psychology and mental aspect and even encompass tech and science. And it is much deeper… Beyond words of reasonings beyond certain levels…

    See 慈航 法师 and 正果 法师 and 萧平实 and 吕真 观博士 topics… Google them
    Like bees, just extract the good hOney and don’t care about rumors.

    Although I like tjs more due to his outspoken. And he is clear to really guard our reserves, And You might be ambiguous. But u definitely got some positive potential… Also, tjs also need change his verbal skills, pr and image enhancement.

    Good luck

  • TheMistake


    Mr Tan, so long as you put yourself forward to be " employed",  you have to meet and abide by a set "criterias" from your " employer". You as a one time head of a corporation would surely understand that?
    This set of "criterias" is by which you are judged.
    Yaw, and including you, are seeking "employment" in high places. You are liken to someone who apply to be a social worker or a lawyer.
    The people, or employer, will look at the resume of the employee, and may even "have tea" with the prospective candidate, to determine his suitability before signing him up.
    And herein lies the dichotomy. 
    The people are divided on the " standard or requirement" of public office.
    To cut the long story short. You have a lower standard then most people – that's your prerogative and you are only an individual. However, most being conservative, would want an MP to possess self control and perform his duties with dignity, honor and WITHOUT scandal – that's the people's prerogative and nothing wrong with that.
    At the end of the day,  we can employ a pimp or an idiot to run NTUC, and if so, we will surely know the outcome of such a decision.
    If you had such loose morals, would you have enjoyed your moment of glory?
    Let the dead bury the dead or ……. The Mistake.


  • maikong

    He had affair with who? Alone? Why only he kena?

  • Walau

    I hope he comes clean. I actually don't believe that the workers party should do anything but for him to come clean on his own.

  • 2theAdulterer


    Husbands are Head. She slept with THE ENEMY – hence adultery and SIN defined. Those who stoned her were SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY too.
    If you judged from the ENEMY CAMP, you will be stoned by THE ROCK
    Go and return to your church vomit, YOU ADULTERER because you don't understand what it means to…go and SIN no more.


  • maikong

    Assuming all of the leaders are free from sin or crime is like assuming they all go to heaven.. Good la.. Then hell got no government..

  • Hello

    You are in hell

  • kampong boy

    Please leave religion out of this discussion.

    Thank you very much.

  • Democracy

    You can go to hell

  • atheist

    Yes, please leave religion out.

    And leave personal grudges out as well.

  • God Forgive but…

    I thought Yaw has already went to his church to seek forgiveness but was "betrayed"…otherwise how we got the rumors?  It goes to show it is not always wise to confess,  lesson learned: silent is golden

  • Autocracy

    I want to live in hell

  • Churchianity

    I want to live in Never Never Land laaaaah

  • David

    Talking about moral,  Yaw's saga has brought SPH down to MANY NOTCHES beyond recognistion. There is  no moral in SPH and no journalism to speak off. This time all PAP stooges were deligently working behind SPH desk, the first ever freedom given to them to bark at opposition.  If it involved PAP scandal, you can bet they will be taking all their tea breaks and many breaks longer than usual before scribbling a note or two gently just to say it is objective.  Expect more self-proclaimed awards to he given to the staff, my primary school niece school trophie is worth more than those silly SPH award.

  • oms

    There is no  religion in this discussion but poisonous tongue.

  • Who Says No Gutter Politics

    " Finally, I am thankful that the PAP has not involved itself in gutter politics". – James
    Who says the ruling party is not indulging in gutter politics? In fact, what they are doing is big time gutter politics  i.e.  staying silent while using their proxy and boot-licker SPH to do the work. So what they are doing is worse that gutter politics . It's outright hypocrisy and gutter politcs.
    So Singaporeans beware.

  • rockabyebaby

    @Bush: 10 Feb 2012,
    And his wife Hilary know God's words well. She forgave him and still championed him publicly. THIS is the true word of God Almiighty about unconditional love display in His son Jesus Christ on The Holy Cross at Calvary.
    Understand what is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE anyone of you nay sayers to this, to TKL and other level headed ones who shares his opinion? As why did you attack him. You all displayed exactly what Jesus meant when he said to the rowdy crowd who wanted to stone the adulterous woman, "le the man who has not sin throw the first stone". Then all heads were bowed in shame as all knew the answer for self. Then Jesus turned to the her and said, "Woman, go and sin no more. Your sins are forgiven"! From the advers and rowdy and adverse comments, it is no wonder that God said of humans as, "You are spirtually apart from me"! Any myastery still? Especially YPAP and their likes!
    "Keep quiet and no one knows you are a fool. Open your mouth and all doubt is removed" – Lincoln
    "A man should be upright, not be kept upright" – Roman Emperor marcus Aurelius. Understand why I post this too?

  • Shame OnYou

    The constant publications of  Yaw's private affairs in the major headlines of  the STs and other govt-controlled papers is clear testimony of SPH's deserved low- standing in the world of international jounalism. A national newspaper that puts an insignificant private affairs to serve a hidden agenda ahead of national issues deserves to be condemned and castigated.
    SPH has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is absolutely screwed -up, low-class and  amateurish,  comparable only to third world countries like Zimbabwe, an African  country renowned for its human rights abuse, as attested by  their extremely low ranking of 140 out of 190 countries by Reporters  Without Borders.
    Shame on you, SPH.

  • Jimmy

    Tan Kin Lian
    10 February 2012

    I have been worried about the negative character of some (or perhaps many) Singaporeans. They display the following behavior:
    > pass judgement on other people
    > attack other people while remaining anonymous
    > push argument to an extreme
    > ready to join the bandwagon to hit someone who is down.
    > behave "holier than thou"Tan Kin Lian
    Why worry. Ordinary singaporeans are not elected MPs & Ministers with whom you need to apply a higher standard.
    For God's sake (excuse the pun), every word you speak or think and action you take is a judgement that you have made (some albeit subconciously).
    And Mr. Tan, you have your own opinion or should I say have made your own judgement on those people for the very behaviors that you have listed..


  • Family

    By now, young and old in Singapore have come to know of MP Yaw's alleged affair and associating him being promiscuous and committing adultery with a married woman, which may lead to broken families.
    As parent, we look forward to his immediate condemnation of such behaviour publicly, so that our children do not follow suit and thinking that any problem arise can just be wished away easily with silence.
    As an elected MP and a public role model, he has more moral obligations to Singaporeans to reject such liberal western values.

  • President wannabe my foot!

    Apparently, presidential wannabe, Tan Kin Lian does not understand the moral sanctity required in holding public office.
    As a public office holder you have subjected yourself for public scrutiny because you have to be exemplary to the people whom you are leading.  Public office demands a high standard of probity.
    And to Tan Kin Lian, I hopr that for your own sake, you do not waste any more of your life to aspire for any more public office, because you are perceived by most as a man of low wisdom and in any election, it would be a surprise if you can now on even garner 10% of popular votes.
    Please lock your vacuous and feeble comments in those empty brain shell.   You are simply ludicrous… a real JOKE!

  • tak boleh tahan

    You not only passed judgement on him but you even executed him, when you don't even know the whole facts. So don't behave so righteous and stand on high moral grounds. This is not a Christian , muslim or jewish society but a secular society, so don't bring religion into the picture.

  • Babi

    There are people here who want to protect religion or commercial religion hence, don't bring religion into the picture

  • agongkia

    Pls leave YSL alone.
    Should consider allowing polygamy to reduce such cases..
    Sometimes its hard for men not to have extras.

  • The Call

    Let's just say we disregard the voices of the "BLIND" 35% of supporters from both sides of the pro PAP and WP camps from this discussion leaving the "MIDDLE" 30% to judge whether YSL is fit to be (elected) an MP in the light of present circumstances, my guess is it would be a "NO".
    The WP had missed a golden opportunity to take the moral high ground from the PAP if only they had sacked YSL and sought a by-election because it would have demonstrated they demanded their people to be "whiter than white" (pun intended). Chances are if they had done that they would have won greater respect from their supporters, the swing voters as well as and maybe even some PAP supporters. The WP would in all probability have won a by-election in Hougang in such a circumstance and set a new standard for Singapore. Instead, it appears to be a spineless and opaque political party without a moral compass instead.
    As for TKL, I say again, with your kind of views, I am so glad you were not elected President. I am so glad that 94% of fellow Singaporeans thought likewise, and you have proven us right.

  • anon

    what happen to george yeo when he came out to 'support' jack neo ?(probably lost 4% of the votes in aljunied)

  • Ghost of YOG

    No one knows anything it seems, we all don’t even know why Mr Yaw resigned as the treasurer of WP. Things are so bad that this is a list of responses from a thread in PBK. See for yourself and trust me there is much more where that came from

    Mr Yaw may not have been mature enough to handle this matter wisely. But why did the decision makers in WP screw it up as well by being evasive and non transparent.

    Trust me even if it was Nicole Seah or Chen Show Mao, the response of our elders in the Internet would have been the same, you make it sound as if we are deliberately being malicious and unkind to Mr Yaw. That is not the case, all the elders want is for us netizens to buy into ONE rule book for all. Why should we treat PAP differently from WP? They asked us all one day, none of us could answer that question.

    Yes the voters have already decided Mr Tan. You are right.

  • GG

    Role model yadda yadda yadda High moral standards yadda yadda yadda Self control yadda yadda yadda. 
    hey guys YSL rocks……he is a balding speckle but he can bed hot women …….. Some may consider him quite a role model. 
    I guarantee there are women out there now trying to get his phone number

  • Lim Cheok Hock

    The purpose of my earlier comments was to share with mr tan the conversaton i had with this female staff from ntuc income while she was a passenger in my taxi. nothing else. infact we discussed about other presidential candidates as well and she had no problems with them. at no time was it my intention to assisinate mr tan’s character. he should accept it as a feed back and ponder over it and perhaps even do some soul searching. while mr tan seems happy with positive comments, he seems unable to accept criticism, choosing instead to hit back at those who criticize him and challenging them to look at themselves in their own mirror instead. i have no ill intention against mr tan. nonetheless, doesn’t mr tan have the foresight to realise the impact his article will have on Mr Yaw. i think this articlcle has unwittingly done more damage than good to Mr Yaw notwithstanding the good intention of mr tan. perhaps a phone call to Mr Yaw would suffice. also if not for this article, my conversation with this female ntuc income passenger would have died unnoticed.

  • A Message to Mr Yaw

    Dear Yaw,
    I have a very simple message for you. Please ignore all demands put on you by SPH and members of the public  to reveal your private affairs. As you have decided to remain silent, so be it.  No one including myself has the right to demand information that is strictly private. No criminal charges have been placed against you, so you have every right to decide.  Always look after the interests of your family first because nobody outside the family cares if something happens to your family.
    Most importantly, ignore the demands of SPH as they only have a political agenda and are out to annihilate you on behalf of their political masters.  They don't really care whether you and your family live or die. 
    One simple advice. There is already severe political damage done to you. Don't worry. Just work hard for your constituency. Come 2016 election, just do your walkabouts and campaigns with your wife in close support and everything will be just fine. 
    Your WP leaders have done a honourable job by remaining silent.  Trust them and please don't worry about what SPH says because they are a low class mass media.
    God Bless,
    From a True Blue Singaporean,

  • rockabyebaby

    @Jimmy and others,
    Know the difference between an opinion, judging, clarifying, seeking clarification, agreeing, conditionally agreeing, counter, sharing, etc.
    If you have not learned these things as an adult you have not yet matured enough to be a matured adult. "Experience is the best teacher". Speak not too soon until you've have under what is said or written and of it's real but not of your perceived intentions too.
    I know that I may get queried incoherenttly for this. So i won't be responding to any frevilous replies. because, if you are here to flaunt your ego like LKy does, then any criticism of your also don't carry respectable substance.

  • lucky Jew

    We have reasons to be very concern when such a man, with such poor judgment and lack of sensibility, can helm such a big organisation.

    I i i shuddered just to think how many idiots out there have been anointed to lead. …

  • rockabyebaby

    And so, if you too quick to the draw again, i ask if you've spotted my deliberate spelling slack? I could have said lack, typo or even… Well… simply corrected it. This is to see how sharp and thorough you are for your own good to know of yourself better.

  • David

    Denis who dare to bombard Tan Kin Lian about openness and transprency forgot that Tony Tan's patrick was hiding under his father cloak when people drilled him on his 12 years NS deferrment. What take on this Denis? Compared TT who misuse his authority for his children benefit and those of Yaw's private affair, it seemed TT look more than scandal but exploiting the systems to the maximum. Talking moral? SPH covered its head under the mud on several PAP ministers moral issues.

  • Jimmy

    11 February 2012

    @Jimmy and others,

    If you have not learned these things as an adult you have not yet matured enough to be a matured adult.
    So is your above statement a piece of "opinion, judging, clarifying, seeking clarification, agreeing, conditionally agreeing, counter, sharing" or some other thing….. 

  • Are You Really A Taxi Driver?

    Lim Cheok Hock,

    Are you really a taxi driver? Did you really meet a lady passenger who said God knows what? Or are you a PAP supporter whose well-known mission is to always discredit the writer so that the issue at hand need not be debated?
    If I were Mr Tan,  I will totally ignore what you wrote. I have half a mind of calling myself so and so, identify myself as a hawker who heard many good things about  Mr Tan when I once worked in NTUC. Get my point?  The mind boggles.

  • Rohit

    Read ST…hint hint…self control a must but athletes are striving for greatness, not sainthood.

    Btw, can hold your drink doesn’t make you a saint.and drinking a lot doesn’t make you unholy either.

    Why be drawn to an archaic belief and get yourself entangled with insoluble?

  • Lim Cheok Hock

    i am a taxi driver. i stand to be punished by the religion i believe in if lied in my comments. only mr tan will know whether there were reasons why this female staff disliked him. yes, i am a pap supporter but i am sympathetic to Mr Yaw. mr tan should stop rebutting. everytime he does that, more comments follow with some for and some against Mr Yaw. all it does is to hardened the resolve on both sides. the administrator should put an end to this.

  • Ah loong.

    can't take the heat…go back to the street.

  • Only Time will tell

    Adultery is illegal in Singapore. Innocent until proved guilty.
    Please don't assumed that he was having an affair and drain him down. Yaw would have sue SPH if he would want  to clear his name. If he would want to remain silent, please respect his decision.

  • andrew leung

    If Mr Yaw is not guilty why he must resign CEC. Be a man, resign as MP and stand as independent. You are already judged. The sentencing is in 2016. You are famous now, you not only have 1 wife, but 5. Go & sin no more.
    Some people try to be famous out of Mr Yaw infamy. Why don't you do some more good deeds. You can counsel those divorcee wife, single mother, cuckolded husband etc.


    andrew leung11 February 2012

    If Mr Yaw is not guilty why he must resign CEC. Be a man, resign as MP and stand as independent. 
    fwah sured tork so loud hor…ow come you didnt tork as loud as the indian cabinet minister?
    why are you afraid of his thaipusium spears?


  • Are You God?

    Andrew Leung,
    Are you God? You seemed to know so much. You seemed to know what's right and what's wrong like LKY who has promised to rise from the dead if he sees something wrong. Will you do the same? You seemed to be a man without sin.

  • HoHoHo

    dun anyhow call people sinner without understanding the chim chim meaning of sin. all your holy leaders teach one garbage.

  • TAN Kin Lian

    Five years ago, the CEO of a large government linked company who is connected to a political family resigned abruptly. It was rumoured that he had an affair with a female employee. If I recall correctly, there was no mention about this matter in the mainstream media.
     I believe that it was right for the media to avoid coverage of this private matter, even though that person was also a public figure. At least, his family is spared the ordeal.
    I want to point out that YSL and his family should be given the same privacy.
    Some people are pristine white because they have the power to stop the news from leaking out. Those people who clamor for transparency from YSL should give this matter a second thought.
    To those people who continue to attack me hideously, needlessly and in a cowardly manner and to assassinate my character, do reflect on the kind of person that you are.

  • A Goon eye the presidency!

    He aspire to the highest office in the nation and supports opacity in public office.
    How about he becoming the "Court-jester" for President Tony Tan?

  • steve

    TKLs intension is understandable, perhaps he shld have kept it hush.

  • Taste The Forbidden Fruit

    To all those who claim to be standing on moral high grounds by condemning all those who have weaknesses of the flesh, I call you hypocrites.
    Come on, If I invite you to a dimly-lit room  where a tall. long-hair, gorgeous, busty and shapely naked girl sticks out her wet tongue at you,  opens her legs wide, and beckons you to come forward to taste the forbidden fruit, I'll bet you will turn around to ensure that your better half is not around before plunging yourself into an activity of endless lust and sexual pleasure.  And if you still claim that you will walk away from this temptation, I'll bet you'll walk straight to the bathroom and start playing with your little brother till he becomes a man before you spurt yourself dry. 
    So please don't be a hypocrite. Accept that all men have sexual desires and will succumb to temptations. 
    Now whoever has heard that a politicain must behave like a pope in order to do his job well had better sink his head in the well. Ask Bill Clinton if you do not believe it. 

  • andrew leung

    WP is being suspected of condoning adultery and murder of foetus for the sake of Political power. You are staying in Forbidden City and tasting Forbidden Fruits. Please partake of Mr Yaw's consequences.

  • Bodoh u

    I can eat your idea of forbidden fruit and yet have not sinned. 
    But of course your idea of sin originated from a fukker and thus your obsession with lust.
    hey, lust is not a sin lah dickhead.

  • Lim Peh Kong

    Yaw is culled not for religious reason but for GOOD REASON…duh

  • LOL

    how these sickaporeans think out of the box? hopeless idiots,

  • Land of 40% Blind

    @Taste  The Forbidden Fruit :
    There is a world of difference between your assumption and Yaw's infidelity.
    Yaw's a seducer of a married woman and thus a home-wrecker.  He did not walk into a room and found a naked woman waiting to seduce him.
    You are too simplistic.  Yaw must be "Burnt on the stake" and fed to the mongrels!

  • Tan Kin Lian


  • All Men Have Filthy Minds.

    Come on, no man has a clean mind. We are all dirty inside.  Consider:
    How can you have babies without ejeculation?
    How can you have ejeculation without erection?
    How can you have erection with foreplay?
    How can you have foreplay with sexual desire?
    How can you have sexual desire without sexual imagination?
    How can you have sexual imagination without a dirty mind?
    All men have dirty minds. So let's not judge others. It's where your filthy minds lead you. Filthy minds are inherent in all men. We are born with it. Without filthy minds, the world's production of human beings  will cease.  So stop pretending.

  • Dirty minded

    All women like men with filthy minds otherwise, how they get pregnated unless they themselves have dirty mind HAHAHAHAHA 
    gezz…such idiotic tok. see lah,see what religion does to your mind? HAHAHAHAHA

  • witness

    All men have dirty minds???? Wrong.
    Sex is not dirty. Lust is a natural feeling. Why perceive sexual desire in such a negative light?
    Instead, change your perspective — sex is wholesome. Without sexual desires, no chance of reproduction. Not only that…. sex is actually good for the body.
    Like eating, sex is an essential part of the good life.

  • Land of 40% Blind

    @All Men Have Filthy Minds :
    Becoming an MP, Yaw has sworned to serve the electorates with dignity and the highest standard of probity.  He is not just your ordinary "All Men".
    That he is guilty is surely a foregone conclusion. And with this act of debauchery on him, we cannot have an MP without moral rectitude to soil our august and haloed chamber of Parliament.  I urge some MPs to sponsor a proposal to rid Yaw from his MPship, then have a by-election in Hougang and the PAP returned and decency prevails.

  • anak

    so many aunties and uncles in singapore.

  • Quitter

    What a crazy nation!  People don't care if the Govt short changed them, practice nepotism and favoritism, monopolise power & encourage gambling but but have the time to fight for sexual morality so fiercely spearhaded by some 'news' reporting. Glad I am out of this.

  • James

    I think you all are mistaken. My point is that Mr Yaw can be forgiven by his wife and his God, but he is accountable at the very least to his electorate. I cannot trust someone who betrays the person whom has entrusted him her trust most.

    You will never accept a murderer as your president or parliamentary representative yet you can trust someone who has a double life?

    if Mr Yaw is non a public person, that is fine and I will not be bothered, but an MP must have the basic integrity for trust to be based upon. This is nothing religious and simple to understand.
    I have no grudge against him but I feel strongly that he must come clean or step down. This is far from judging his private character because we are talking about accountability and integrity toward family and then your country

  • Lim Cheok Hock

    may i ask mr tan if this CEO u mentioned is elected by thousands of singaporeans in an election & required to hold weekly meet the people sessions. if the answer is no, why should the press or people be interested then. better u compare apple with apple. u lack the foresight to see the impact ur article will have on Mr Yaw. i see every negative attack against Mr Yaw as an accupuncture needle poking him and it is all because of ur article. with friends like u, Mr Yaw dont need any enemies.

  • As

    Hi dear mr tan,

    Don’t give up… Learn to articulate much better verbally and be absolutely magnamious…
    You can be Like some policiticians become next president and really guard against our already much depleted reserves and Cpf locking issues.
    Learn not to react… And learn 唯识学 and 因明学it’s way to debate utilmately. 唯识学 is like the lion and 因明学 it is the wings.  唯识学 emcompass the philosophy and psychology and mental aspect and even encompass tech and science. And it is much deeper… Beyond words of reasonings beyond certain levels…
    Don't be ambiguous. Really fight for the people


  • much ado about nothing

    But has he failed in his official duties ?
    And we expect politicians to behave like priests ? What about priests and child abuse, "next to God, the creator" ?
    Then it may be difficult to engage new aspirants as politicians if private affairs are included, as we are merely humans.

  • Alan

    What if coming clean means having to tell you how many times they have sex a week?  Can you judge if it is right or wrong, good ro bad? Do you think the wife like their sexual life discussed in public?

  • Give Up liao

    The Govt is increasing tuition fees & threatening to raise tax in order to help the needy, while they relentlessly pay themselves highest in the world with bonuses that even bankers envy, and here you people are, fighting over an MP's private (sexual) life.

  • Bornbred Singaporean

    I too feel that Mr Yaw should come clean as a high profile figure _ I feel that he owes it to those who voted him in. Let the people know what happened and let them jidge him.
    Having said that, it's no surprise how the Straits Times has chosen to give this so much coverage then choose to downplay other much more important issues like Temasek Holdings and Shincorp as this involves losses of many billions of dollars OF OUR MONEY!
    We know how a foreign company was able to own more than 90% of the company when Thai laws prohibits any foreign company from owing more than 50%. Every time it comes massive losses of our money through Temasek Holdings under Ho Ching, the media chooses to turn a blind eye!
    I say we need equal coverage for all issues that concern us especially when it involves our money being squandered!

  • Mr. Feeble for president!

    A presidential wannabe spewing venoms about a phantom CEO in a govt-linked organisation supposed to spike a debate he has embarassingly lost his credibility in.
    What a shame Mr. Tan!!!
    I heard your pre-election TV interview and your shocking revealation, "what is 377A"?
    But I am glad that many are not aware of this call by activists to repeal this act which is serving the good of soceity well, and has a role in our communitarian soceity.
    Thank you.

  • sp

    i seldom read TKL’s writing, this time i read his comments here and have to agree with his points.

    Mdm Lau wants to protect her marriage, is that clear to all? i won’t be surprised that she wants wp to
    protect her marriage.

    WP let him step down, meaning he won’t hold CEC
    position thereafter.

  • @sp

    i seldom read TKL’s writing, this time i read his comments here and have to agree with his points.
    Mdm Lau wants to protect her marriage, is that clear to all? i won’t be surprised that she wants wp to
    protect her marriage.
    WP let him step down, meaning he won’t hold CEC
    position thereafter.
    She can still protect her marriage with Yaw steppng down, can't they? TKL is one selfish and parochial minion. What about the few other marriages that Yaw destroyed??

  • mice is nice

    there is the line that seperates being honest & upfront on one side, & the other side that borders on gossip. morality & criminality are 2 very diferent things.
    YSL alleged affair is deemed a moral hazard, but so is excessive gambling & smoking. is it not a bigger moral hazard to allow 2 casino operators into S'pore? how many families has it harmed?

  • much ado about nothing

    So did he committed a criminal offence ?
    No, in the eyes of the LAW !
    So don't be muddled headed, did Bill Clinton resigned on the news…no right ?
    It was not official duties either, so in this case no necessity to say "Sorry" anyway !
    In the eye of the laws, willing partners are not considered criminal actions, no crime compared with priests holy holy and child abuses/paedophile.
    So don't expect politicians to be eunuchs, lah !
    Office gossips are more sensational !  But mostly happened outside office official hours.
    So wake-up nerds !

  • nani

    @sp How do you "few other marriages" Yaw destroyed.You saw, you know them, or you heard as everyone on heresay. Yes infidelity, but don't add ficitious storyline, characters and make believe further unless you know for fact or proven.

  • nani

    @sp How do you know of  "few other marriages" Yaw destroyed.You saw, you know them, or you heard as everyone on heresay. Yes infidelity, but don't add ficitious storyline, characters and make believe further unless you know for fact or proven.

  • TKL Not Good To Be President

    I agree with Tan Kin Lian that it is up to Hougang voters to decide whether Yaw Shin Leong is still fit to be their MP at the next GE.  Like TKL himself, at the last PE2011, it was up to Singapore voters to decide whether he is "good" enough to be the President of Singapore. The election outcome was that he was not and in addition, he also lost his S$48,000 deposit.  It therefore showed that TKL was "not good enough" to be Singapore's President though he qualifies to be a Presidential candidate.  The people of Singapore probably does not find him to be an angel and voted alternative candidates instead. 

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  • You want to know peoples sexual life?

    Some Sporeans are very imaginative in this area ("few other marriages that Yaw destroyed"), they should write soap scripts for MediaCorpse. Honestly, it is much ado about nothing!
    For some who condem Yaw, it could be only a matter of time before they themselve do the same.

  • andrew leung

    Translate documents for WP also must offer sexual services. WP must explain its procurement services policy. It is harbouring a sexual predator and potential criminal offender. 

  • Lim Cheok Hock

    TKL not good to be President

    when i think of the presidential race, i liken the candidates as aeroplanes with tt & tcb being A380s flying neck to neck overtaking each other at 30,000 feet. Following behind not too far away is tjs in his B747 at 8,000 feet. then u have TKL in his world war 1 bi plane trying franctically trying to get off the ground. instead of flying off, the poor $45,000/- bi plane got swallowed by the good earth. the plane or the money – gone forever. Because TKL got money to last him many generations, he installed an ejector in his bi plane and ejected to safety. once on the ground, TKL lifted his clenched his fist upwards towards the sky and shouted at the B747 saying, “how could you” this is my light hearted view on how the presidential race went.

  • Devagi

    It is a pity he is not elected President; otherwise all the MPs have a wonderful time and can remain silent. We should elect him as the President next round!

  • exposing hypocrisy

    Extra-marital flings are frowned upon.
    What about surfing porn sites?Who does not surf cyber erotica?PAP cabinet ministers?
    What about private kinky sex between man and wife?
    Where do we draw the line between "sexual decency"and"sexual indecency"?

  • Where got hope, Sg?

    At this rate they could target anyone, they could start a rumour with Mr Chen S M too, that he had a fling with a certain colleague. They could also target any oppo MPs who fell out with their sibling or parents and continue to attack for lack of clarification & transparency for the truth. This is getting like Chairman Mao's China during the cultural revolution.

  • mice is nice

    dear Where got hope, Sg?,
    at this rate, you know some are at the point of desperation to resort to such tactics. the way out of such mess is to draw the line between professional conduct & private life clearly. this line do exist in the private sector, they can be counted on for asistance on guidelines (maybe not free consultation).
    if there is a fallout between family members or party members, than it can be highlighted as a basis for any allegations.
    anyone who goes over-the-top in demanding personal information can be asked to defined where the line between personal life & professional obligation. if one is not even sure, than there is no reason to give in to such demands.

  • Pingback: Singapore: Miresaka Momba Ny Tantaranà Fijangajangana Ataon’ny Mpanao Politika amim-behivavy Ivelan’ny Fanambadiana Ny Vahoaka · Global Voices teny Malagasy

  • Betray, Betrayed

    My husband 46yo, like him in most extent, 2nd marriage, 1st failed due to committed adultery and several attempted adultry, so as his 2nd marriage to me.
    But betrayal is a sin especially in a marriage vow.
    I wonder how much is a glass / bottle of Erdinger Weissbier?
    When my ex-husband-to-be Jude Seah, emailed on his plight of being jobless, homeless, and roofless, I agreed to offset the latest sum of $16,xxx accumulated o/s family expenses owed to me and also reduce the family maintenance fee to $1000 for me and 2 kids. He told the lawyer and in the email that he “wishes to see the kids every 2 weeks, provided he has a job (money)”.
    When my soon ex-husband-to-be Jude Seah, dropped his pride to ask for a roof in end-Sept 2011, I made things easy for him. I did his laundry, cleaned / tidied his room, cooked his meals, including prepared most of his breakfast.
    When my 3-month-old-ex-husband-to-be Jude Seah, couldn't afford to settle an old starhub bill (which became due 5 years ago) but desperately 'need' a phone on 31Dec 2011(obviously a free phone by signing up 2-yr contract with Starhub), I pulled out a $50 for him to settle the problem.
    When my 2-month-old-ex-husband-to-be Jude Seah, 'could not' pay me a token rent / food for Jan 2012 and the outstanding legal fee, I just waited patiently for his forever-fail promised-dates (hopes). You know, he had "to work" 'very hard' till midnight (kids were already asleep) and came home terribly hungry, looking for food. He even had “to work”, as demanded by his "event organiser-boss", on CNYeve, CNY 1st, 2nd & 3rd day. No reunion dinner. Kids did not get to see him despite they slept at 2am on the eve.
    BUT he was almost all the time in those days mentioned above with a girl (27yo, Seah is 46yo) either at the wine outlet Katong which she works with or out eating / shopping with her.
    - 13 Jan waited her at wine outlet Katong, ate at nearby Joo-joo Jap restuarant, shopping at Parkway Parade, spent $39 at Giant Parkway.
    - 24 Jan (CNY 2nd day) to Arts Museum, jalanjalan ended at Marina Bay Sand
    - 28 Jan along a highway ? french kissing / groping / ?
    - 30 Jan Erdinger clark quay, meal & Weissbier. groping the girl.
    - 30 Jan Made a video at ?, 'forcing' her to say "wo shi ni de lao po" (I'm your wife).
    - 31 Jan made a video at the office of the wine outlet Katong.
    - 6 Feb, waited for her at wine outlet Katong, then having fun together at ?
    - 22 Feb to 26 Feb went to Hong Kong with the girl.
    - 27 Feb to 28 Feb, where was he? staying at the girl's house?
    - 29 Feb morning 12.15am, came back home with 2 cheapo phone 'chains' for kids, 1 big bag of laundry, describing & complaining his K.L. job a little, very tired & hungry that he ate the fried rice in the fridge without heating up.
    According to the court order, he is supposed to start paying the family maintenance. But he acted / pretended very "cham", (whenever he does not have "spare" money) he would "siam us far far", not even go market or coffee shops with us so to avoid paying; throughout the pre- to post-CNY, did not bring kids out for food or fun (even I did proposed the "River Hongbao" which kids enjoyed in the last few rounds); he "could not afford" to buy new year clothes, had to "borrow" (he said) 2 mandarin oranges twice for his "event organizer-boss' & photography-boss. He further added that the 'event-boss' wife was very unhappy with him 'cos he didn't bring oranges on the CNY 1st day, so took 2 from me on the 2nd day; he is sure that the wife is biased against him (now thinking back, I have a strong feel that that the "wife" is actually the girl's mother).
    BUT BUT BUT WAIT, on 21st March 2012, he booked 2 Cathay Pacific air tickets @ $480 each for himself and the girl (the receipts by Kingdom Travel bear both their names) off they went for 5-days spree in Hong Kong from 22Feb – 26Feb. (He lied to me and straight into the faces of my 2 kids that he would be away to Kuala Lumpur for an event job). (and as far as I could gather, this is his 3rd to HongKong with his lovers {different women} since 20th March 2007 (this day he flew with my $5k loan [still owing me today]] which he lied that needed desperately to settle for his special photography lights).
    Given the INCONCEIVABLE chance that he could live with his kids again while our divorce proceedings is in process, he does not treasure it and now it is lost AGAIN – FOREVER.
    Brothers / sisters, thank you for reading up to here.

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