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Breaking news: Yaw Shin Leong has been sacked from Workers' Party

February 15
17:14 2012

Our reporter Kumaran Pillai reporting from Workers' Party HQ confirms that MP for Hougang SMC Yaw Shin Leong has been sacked from the Workers' Party. We will bring you more updates soon.

the following is a statement from Workers' Party on the expulsion of its member and Member of Parliament for Hougang Yaw Shin Leong:

"The Workers’ Party has expelled Yaw Shin Leong from the party with immediate effect.

WP believes strongly in transparency and accountability, and expects no less from our party members, especially our Members of Parliament.

Shin Leong has been accused of several indiscretions in his private life.  By continuing not to account to the Party and the people, especially the residents of Hougang, he has broken the faith, trust and expectations of the Party and People.   

This is a difficult and painful decision for us.  Shin Leong has been a core member of the Party leadership for more than 10 years, and has made significant and unique contributions towards WP’s growth.   He has also served the residents of Hougang diligently.  However, the Council has decided that it is in the public interest to take this step.

We also believe it is only fair to the Hougang residents that they have another opportunity to elect their Member of Parliament.

We apologise for having to put them through a by-election. 

We wish to assure Hougang residents that they will continue to be served by the Party until the by-election is called.

The Meet the People sessions in Hougang will continue, with the other MPs covering.  Residents are free to contact any WP MP for assistance.  In addition, town council services will continue to be provided under the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.

Finally, we wish to thank the public for their concern towards the Party and for walking with us through this difficult period.  

Sylvia Lim












  • TYC

    WP means business! Don't see PAP doing the same! WP has won back confidence! 

  • steady

    NIce WP,LTK knows the ground well.Hougang is still LTK "turf".with this stroke of genius,PAP will be in trouble.They cannot denied the voters of a by election anymore when things go wrong or some Member passed on.Steady Man!

  • Jo Yeo

    Workers' Party : Men of their WORDS !!!
    Salute U with respect !
    His (Yaw, if he is guilty) head does not roll, fish balls to the Party….
    Thanks for the decision, Ah Low….

  • Give other opposiion a chance

    Why it took so long to be transparent and accountable.  The damage has already been done beyond repair..
    Since WP Has lost its moral compass, hope WP will not participate in this by-election.  Give other opposition a chance.  We still have good people like Dr Ang, Dr Vincent, Goh Meng Seng, Nicole Seah.

  • Musing

    Please, Nicole seah has fire and idealism but she is not ready to be an MP. 

  • Alias Prince

    WP can be proud of itself.  It is showing the way for PAP Ministers and MPs to be transparent and take responsibility………this is First World Parliament in action.

  • WhyWhyWhy?

    Wow, sacking Yaw and calling for Bi-election,
    This shows extreme confidence in recapturing HG.  WP has showed its true colour despite keeping silence for so long.
    Way to go.
    WP has earn my respect again.

  • Well Done Workers Party!!!

    Though it is a long time coming. I retract all my criticisms and restored my support for them again. Now we can all really move on and walk tall in our fight for the common good of all Singaporeans. Mr. Low Thia Khiang, I salute you and the rest of your comrades!!!!

  • lim

    1000% right move. This is a salvo to the PAP that the WP is going to be whiter than white. Risking the loss of Hougang is merely a small battle to win the war. Even if Hougang is lost which I can't see happening, WP is positioning themselves to win the next election.
    Wow, I tell you from any independent point of view, WP would have gained a lot of prestige!

  • byo

    Applause Applause.
    Well done WP, many of us empathise with your difficult position and support your decision.
    We now know why it took WP these two weeks before you break the silence, it must have been agonising indeed.  With this brave and morally ethical decision you have proven that talk is cheap and concrete action is what really counts.  
    Singapore need a morally upright and conscientious leadership like WP.

  • 100 Per Cent Efficiency

    This is the correct way. If you are an MP or Minster, you have to behave yourself 100 per cent. You also cannot make any mistake in your decision or work . You  have to resign or  else you will get the walking stick. This is 100 per cent efficiency in Singapore and there is no two way about it.

  • Red dust

    Tone of the comments here sounded so familiar….

  • Alfretz

    I truly believe that this is a very wise move on VP's part! May the voters of Hougang vote wisely in the expected by-election.


    this is what  INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY  is all about.
    the PAPies are indeed behind the curve in thsi respect.
    i wish the wp ALL THE BEST in their endeavours to serve sgporeans better.

  • As

    I guess it is more than meets it’s eye. But great move by wp although not a perfect one to save grace for ysl even though he is silent. He should have resigned himself. Ysl loses big including future pay. hopefully he is given chance to redeem himself.

    Can pappies now punish mbt by revoking his pensions and past bonuses and pays and other
    ministers and mps who erred like wsk and lsk(transport ministers) before?

  • As

    And pappie should come clean about Cpf and other reserves and gic and th losses.

    And also compulsory Cpf top up like robbery

  • my dearest

    Now, I am looking forward to seeing the pap members resign for breaking the promises they made during and after the recent general elections.

    Dear pap supporters, you have been pressuring the wp to act on the yaw affair. I trust that you will do the right thing to demand the resignation of your pap members.

  • The Call

    The Call11 February 2012

    Let's just say we disregard the voices of the "BLIND" 35% of supporters from both sides of the pro PAP and WP camps from this discussion leaving the "MIDDLE" 30% to judge whether YSL is fit to be (elected) an MP in the light of present circumstances, my guess is it would be a "NO".
    The WP had missed a golden opportunity to take the moral high ground from the PAP if only they had sacked YSL and sought a by-election because it would have demonstrated they demanded their people to be "whiter than white" (pun intended). Chances are if they had done that they would have won greater respect from their supporters, the swing voters as well as and maybe even some PAP supporters. The WP would in all probability have won a by-election in Hougang in such a circumstance and set a new standard for Singapore. Instead, it appears to be a spineless and opaque political party without a moral compass.
    As for TKL, I say again, with your kind of views, I am so glad you were not elected President. I am so glad that 94% of fellow Singaporeans thought likewise, and you have proven us right.
    I wonder whether the WP read my post and thought to themselves that their performance thus far had been very poor to say the less (spineless, opaque party without a moral compass) and better start to try and redeem themselves. Nothing for the WP to boast about their latest action; it has taken too long in coming but better late than never. Let's move on……


  • Precedence

    Let this be the precedence to be set in Singaporeans' minds that when a MP seat has to be vacated for whatever reason, party expulsion, sickness, death, personal reasons etc, a by-election must be called.  This is fair.  May Singaporeans never forget that.
    As for the Hougang by-election, if the residents think that PAP is more stable because they don't want to be inconvenienced, than PAP will win.
    Time for LTK to go back to his people to walk the ground, if he is allowed to do so for purpose of the by-election.  If not, he should try to be there at all the Meet the People session from now on. 
    Hougang Unite!  Keep to a 2 party fight please! 

  • Better Late Than Never

    Why did WP take such a long time to sack YSL?  I think on one hand, WP had been hoping that YSL could come clean, with hopes that the situation could be salvaged.  
    Losing an Opposition seat in Parliament is a painful one.  If PAP loses one seat now, when they still have the majority, it doesn't change very much.
    Sacking YSL meant a by-election would have to be called.   I don't think WP was so ready to risk losing a seat.   Now they have no choice.

  • RT

    WP did the right and sensible thing. They have to be accountable to hougang residents who voted them in. And I’m sure WP will retain hougang in a by election. Respect to WP!

  • Fortune favors the brave

    WP can extract a quote from DPM – "Premature sacking would have compromised investigations"

  • KMT

    Called it which ever way you want if it has to be done then do it. Let it be a precedent or some kind of record in political history of Singapore. A opposition party expelled a member even at the loss of a seat in the parliment. The party waited for him to come clean and voluntary resign but he chose differently.

  • Okay

    I don’t know why some people here keep saying that the wp had taken a long time to act.

    When did the wp know about the affair? How long had it taken to investigate it?

    If it had taken only a few weeks before sacking yaw then it is not long at all. In fact it is a bit hasty.

  • timo

    its sad that wp seems to ignore all that yaw has contributed to the party in making this decision. perhaps its reputation is at stake but is that more important than not allowing yaw a chance to redeem himself? perhaps wp could be less critical and look at the good side of others too

  • Bravo

    WP this is the way forward. Remember yours is a political party and your only way to fight things out is in the election. I wish you well and I believe you will win Hougang again. The voters understand and wise.

    Frankly no body love what is happening the last few weeks in Singapore, there is really no need to do manhunt on public servants just to pressurize WP, and thank you WP for saving all man in Singapore!

    In the spirit of brotherhood, let’s stop all personal politics from now. We just have so many man here.

    Mr Yaw, life must go on, keep your passion and we wait for your come back come back in better form. Let us all give him the support, like what we say in our NS – we have a man down, and we are going to bring him back!

    Singapore must mean inclusive, Singaporean must value inclusive for all.

  • Ivan

    That it took so long for the WP to come to this decision is baffling.
    The WP leadership had been all at sea not only where this Yaw SL saga is concerned but had also been vacillating  its stance on the hot potato issue of  Ministerial Salary before, during and after the 2011 GE.
    Chen S M and Gerald Giam were unable to offer any credible rebuttals to Teo C H's pointed query on WP's use of MX9 to underpin its counter plans to those of the committee's.
    In essence WP MX9 counter proposals were almost identical to that of the said committee.
    Low T K was "speechless" when Vickram Nair confronted him with the former's  $80K/month peg for ministerail pay in 2006.
    Suffice  it to say WP's call for a 1st World Parliament is fine sounding, but  the substance to back that call had not been forthcoming.
     WP's statement on Yaw's sacking emphasized its commitment to " transparency and accountability": commendable.
    Putting its house in order now would be an unenviable task given that Eric Tan left WP after the 2011 GE, and now Yaw S L is sacked over " several alleged indiscretions".
    Make one wonder if WP's selection process of its  GE candidates had been rigorous and thorough?

  • mice is nice

    the timing of the sacking of Mr Yaw SL didn't feel like WP has dragged its feet. surely a benefit of doubt could have been given to Mr Yaw, some time for him to come clean on the alleged affair & the arrival of a decision to take action to sack Mr Yaw. of course others may wish Mr Yaw to be sacked on-the-spot, but that would be to appease a mob rule IMPO…
    a by-election is only fair to the residents. as the party dynamics with a change in one of its core members is no small change.
    wish WP all the best & residents will vote for change, as in a party that practises change in itself & not wait for a flood of complains to be prodded to change.

  • Hougang=PAP

    It was a correct decision which unfortunately came in too late due to WP CEC inability to reach consensus and thus shows up the weaknesses in their leadership.
    Hougang is foregone for them and likely 2016 belongs 100% to PAP.

  • michael

    very smart political move.  Expelling Yaw to show WP is clean.  Forcing a by-election.  PAP will be hard-pressed to answer that unprecedented move.  Question is will PAP field a very strong team to challenge?  If they do and lose again….. very mahlu and more PAP people will "retire from politics" and change jobs.  And if they field a weak team or newbies, WP wins also very mahlu for PAP.  Means PAP scared to take up the challenge to face opposition.  Facing a weak PAP team will result in more votes going to WP = again very mahlu for PAP. 
    Now – PAP may come up with some excuse/law like saying to WP "No need for by election, just select somone else to replace Yaw lah" to avoid this clash.
    Forcing a by-election is definitely a good political move. Coz people will be talking about issues and politics again-which PAP will want to avoid till 2016.  Will be less than a year since the last GE and we have seen the WP MPs performance in parliament.  If they win again and with higher votes, this means people approve their performance and can only add momentum.
    Well done Yaw!  You did not plan on this, but your "sideline actions" is actually adding to the cause of the People in forcing a by-election.  YOU will be remembered as the Yaw-Gate that changed the political scene on Singapore

  • Whiter than albino

    WP has set an Exemplary example for political parties in sg and the world.

    Has pap sacked any?

  • http://Website(optional) iworkhardsometimes

    shrewd move by WP, and it is unlikely that the Prime Minister will call a by-election.

  • Chloe

    certain issues were raised/ released after the GE 2011: increase taxi fare, increase school fees, increase bus fare, increase GST, increase CPF contribution, CPIB probe into top civil servant..and the perpetual flooding and SMrt Saga
    The by-election is great!

  • Good move, what next?

    This is a smart move by WP.  By taking the "high ground" it is likely to  get more support from Hougang voters.  This contrast to the on-going corruption case case of the head of SNDF and CNB.   The by-election in Hougang, if it takes place, should be a referendum on LHL’s team.  TRE and TOC should join forces and help mobilize Singaporeans to prevent PAP from regaining the Hougang seat in Parliament.   Also make sure Tan Jee Say does not try to contest there and split the votes again and screw Singaporeans.           

  • Ah Gong

    With only 7 seats, WP have the guts to call for by-election while PAP has 80 seats and GRCs dare not call for by-election when two of the MPs passed away. Good move for WP.

  • Johnson

    Will still support WP wheather YSL has been sacked or not.

  • busybody

    Bros and sister, hope to see you guys and gals at the election rally. Let's make it 100,000 people strong. Power to the people.

  • PAP Forever

    ysl is real scum. pay this coward $16k a month. what a ripoff. all he had to do was admit his mistake, ask for a chance and ppl will forgive him. instead he still die die don’t want to admit. really can’t stand him. bring down the whole party. so selfish.

    in the interest of spore, i think hougang should be banned from elections – anyohow elect mp. and potong pasir also.

    wp, how you select candidates? ltk has been sleeping all these years.

  • Food for Thought

    What are the chances of PM Lee asking WP to just fill the position without a by-election, as 2012 is expected to be a woeful year to fix our economy to avert a recession?

  • PAP Forever

    i don’t see what is so great about wp’s actions, make them out to be heroes. oppies are really a bit screw loose. i don’t find teo chee hean a hero for getting rid of scum.

    wp sacked him because they had no choice. if they really have guts, i dare then to keep ysl. 100% alijunied will fall and hougang is for the taking, especially in a 3 way fight.

    wp did what they should have done. they sold us scum, took it back and that’s it. nothing great.

  • James

    Viva la WP! Majullah Singapore! Let us close a chapter and have a fair by-election. Singaporean is served by accountable people at last. Thank you WP for bringing back our confidence and thank you PAP for maintaining silence. May my great nation progress!

  • PAP Forever

    after ysl and lina chiam i think it is clear that ppl who live in hougang and potong pasir are a bit screw loose. either we redraw the boundaries and put potong pasir and hougang part of a grc or we make these areas a seperate city by itself. lina can be pm and ysl csn be president.

  • hahaha

    I can visualise the SHOCK WRITTEN ON PAP FACES. They would not have expected that trying to tear down WP image through regular gossip news on SPH and other tabloits, have turned out to be so drastic.  WP has started its card right and set a concrete precedent for PAP to follow.

  • Biscuit Revolution

    Why the decision took a long time some might ask? Well look no further then our DPM. He needs lots of time to do 'investigation'. So here we have WP working to see if Yaw take responsibility, apparently he did not. At least WP did not take more than 2 months!
    A bold and a right move!

  • Marko Ramius

    Wow they sure took a long time to do it.  If want to sack, they would have sacked when he stepped down from his Exco position!  Transparency my foot….

  • Observer

    Hougang and Potong Pasir do not have a screw loose.
    They stand up for democracy and integrity.
    They prove that money isn't everything.  Spirit is. 

  • Juli

    Though I respect WP for its decision and my best wishes to them, however my prayers are also with mr yaw in this difficult times and hope he will come out of this stronger and wiser.

  • Marko Ramius

    To those PAP detractors out there, do u all realize that PAP ministers have been silent about this issue? Do u think WP MPs would have done the same thing situation was the other way round?

  • adam

    I believe the PAP got what they wanted through the ST articles especially the one by Chua mui Hong., a by-election. May the best man or woman win
    WP???? have no fear for MOA is here.

  • Song

    I think this is highly irregular and speaks greatly of the lack of due process and control within the party.
    As mentioned, as a citizen, Mr Yaw did not break any laws even if the rumour was true. Is it standard procedure to expel anyone based purely on a rumour which veracity is in question? Where is the due process? That he has been less than truthful is one thing which may merit his expulsion, but even after this announcement, the people still do not know the truth. He and the party has neither come clean nor denied the rumour. I'm sorry, this sounds too much like producing the scrapegoat to take the blame considering all the good work that Mr Yaw has done and all the risks he has taken for the party.
    Considering that Mr Yaw is a WP stalwart, and that the WP cannot even make him tell them the truth means that all this while, their presence at the MPS', demonstrating their support, has been based on nothing but lies to give a facade to the public. Where is the party control?
    This is NOT transparency or accountability.

  • PAP Forever


    who’re u trying to fool? potong pasir stands for the cannot get along with ppl spirit and hougang stands for horny but don’t dare to admit spirit.


    the only thing shocking is that wp can offer sporeans this kind of gutless candidate who is so stupid he don’t know how to resign himself.

  • Erm

    "To those PAP detractors out there, do u all realize that PAP ministers have been silent about this issue? Do u think WP MPs would have done the same thing situation was the other way round?"
    erm …. perhaps because of the CPIB scandal that people in glass houses should throw stones?

  • WhyWhyWhy?

    By calling a by-election, all the things that PAP had done or promised to do but have not done,  after the election will again come to the surface and boil over.  
    WP will have the chance to "humtum" PAP again on the bread and butter issues etc again.  PAP fake promises/tears will be exposed again – a great lesson for the 60% to see the true colour of PAP.

  • Pap Lau kui Lah

    Ya, WP could have borrowed a famous line from DPM Teoh : Premature sacking would hve comprised investigation.!
    But why- only an "allegation" mah ?
    Perhaps the other guy from Pappy should be subjected to same "expulsion" ,since also "allegtions" mah? ( but has a rumour of a divorce being stop but Lee Hsiow Loong -the lengendary "Tai Chi "master )
    Borrowing a line from DPM Teoh: Nobody should or will be spared – even Crabinet Minister !

  • Pap beh sia lah !

    Hmmmmm…I don't see the Puppies or Dogs or so call Pigs "cleaning up" their Backside or even their Foul Mouth or Hypeup ego ?
    Shame on those Puppies and Old Dogs !
    Time to change and go for any other Creatures than those "stinking" Dogs or Puppies !

  • Go Tan Jee Say

    Tan See Jay should  participate and be a Candidate !
    Lets give "Pinky" more "Headache" since he is so "incompetent" ! 

  • PAP Forever

    pap removed mbt, wks, raymond lim and demoted lky and gct.

    this is called leadership and guts.

    i recall ltk asking mbt to take responsibility for mas selamat. since he personal groom this ysl, and this ysl screw up, i would like to ask ltk whether he is taking responsibility?

    wks said sorry, gave a full account in parliament and we still sack him. ltk, looking forward to your full account and apology in parliament. don’t act like it’s not your responsibility hor.

  • SengKang

    Well done WP you have make a right decision, although you mmight risk one opposition ward, but this decision will earn you a reliable party in long term. . I look forward PAP tchallenge Accountability and Morality in by election. Let see how WP going to  defense the challenge, 

  • No high horsing around

    How to best put this…. between a rock and a hard place.  WP was put in a position that no one will normally prefer.  Having said that, I think they did well under the circumstances.
    Is it really that easy to select a good candidate, especially it seems some here expect WP to screen all candidates for affairs…  Should WP assume all candidates are guilty of such and investigate them with a fine tooth comb before welcoming them when cleared?  Unrealistic, not to mention intrusive without reason.  Everyone, including MPs to be deserve some level of privacy.  BTW, affairs are usually rather secretive and hard to detect, right?
    In any case, WP had to respect Yaw as an individual.  And hence some time is required to handle this matter in a respectable manner.
    Hence like WP, we need to respect Yaw's decision and move on.  Let's now not take high horse route, as all of us are fallable in one way or another.  Yaw decision is his private matter.  Have you considered that he might be protecting something else dearer or worthier.
    It appears that WP has decided that the party must be of and project higher morals, hence disassociating with Yaw is the logical move for them.  Nothing personal, nothing emotional.
    After fighting so hard in GE2011 and wining the few precious seats in parliment, it must be a painful decision. To make this stand, WP demonstrated a lot of courage in the face of uncertainty that the decision will bring.  For that I applaud them.  Now only if I am staying in Hougang…

  • PAP Forever

    of coz wp is trying to disassociate. fool nobody.

    ltk should apologise for his mistake and inability to deal with the matter. he gave ysl weeks to say yes/ no.

    when mas selamat escape, he ask wks to be accountable. now ltk conveniently say not his responsibility. fool nobody. just shows the master and pupil is same kind – luke to ask ppl to be accountable but ownself don’t own up.

  • @ PAP forever

    Do you have selective memory?
    WKS did not apologise in Parliament.  Show me the clip and I will stand corrected.

  • Charles

    The WP is following Singaporean's moralist views: no children oustide mariage, no adultery, etc…

    No Hope

  • @papforever

    "PAP Forever 15 February 2012

    pap removed mbt, wks…"
    Are you sure?
    Did they not mentioned they decided to step down by themselves?
    WP tell you straight they sack YSL.


  • Damn

    WP, u walk the talk. We'll walk with YOU! At least we know WP is different. Your Party member didn't allow some terrorist to "walk free" and yet still hang around makIng million$ instead of being fired! 

  • Hardtruther

    This removal of one alleged bad apple is concrete proof that WP is a party like no other.
    The walk the talk when it comes to transparency and accountability.
    They set a bar so high even political parties from other first world democracies dare aspire to.
    Wrong is wrong. And they rather risk thevlost of a precious seat than to cling on tp it.
    Party before individual.
    Moral high ground rather than desperately clingy to a seat.
    Of course, this by election will be contested by other opportunistic opposition party.
    But I believe that WP will still win as the reasonable voter will support this courageous stand of its principles.

  • PAP Forever

    can you read properly? i said he apologised, i didn't say in parliament. but i grant you that my sentence was not clear.
    pls don't sidetrack. did ltk even give a full account and take responsibility? hahahaha he pretend not his biz.
    wp tell me you straight because their member go awol what. come on. this is a nothing point you are making. mbt etc got brain and when ask to resign, did so. everybody knows they got the sack. are you that naive?


    PAP Forever15 February 2012

    pap removed mbt, wks, raymond lim and demoted lky and gct.
    this is called leadership and guts.
    wu mey? did you see the primister hand his uncle the sackin /termination notices? did the primeister hav the balls to demote the mental/senile minister?
    its the 40% of the peasants DEMAND such actions…


  • Damn

    Mas Selamat is a Terrorist!! WKS allowed a terrorist to LIMP his way to freedom!! Was he held accountable? He is now shamelessly drawing a big fat pay!

  • PAP Forever

    no comment

    my party member gave a full acoount in parliament and was sacked what. not like wp "no comment". then after that ll, member awol already no choice but to sack him.

    what kind of bird organisation is this?


    what risk? wp know that if they continue they will lose alijunied and hougang next election. now act like ysl not their responsibility. 

  • PAP Forever

    so? the issue is about accountability and transparency. wks gave full account in parliament. where is ltk's acct? act like he got no responsibility. 
    some valid ques:
    how wp select candidates?
    how come ltk is so blind, see so many years still don't know?
    how come wp can wait so long for ysl to say a simple yes/ no?
    how come even though he still "no comment", wp still keep hm as mp and just sack him from treasurer?
    nothing answered. no accountability. no apology from mr ltk. the next time he ask minister to be accountable can just laugh at him. joker.

  • PAP Forever

    sylvia lim "we apologise for putting voters through a by election."
    like that only? how about a sorry for poor leadership and anyohow chose individuals to be mp?
    no wonder ysl join wp. he can see the ppl there like him, don't take responsibility type.


    PAP Forever15 February 2012

    so? the issue is about accountability and transparency. wks gave full account in parliament. 
    nothing answered. no accountability. no apology from mr ltk. the next time he ask minister to be accountable can just laugh at him. joker.
    and wongcantsink present his accountbilty to parliament citin why mas selamat escape and was NOT caught…
    you call that a fool report?
    why no comment on mine? uncle too powerfool is it?


  • Sed

    Could someone translate Low's speech? It sounds pretty different to the official English translation.
    Much appreciated. :)

  • PAP Forever

    no comment. :). wp teach me wan.

  • Breaking News

    PM Lee says no hurry for by-election.

  • oxygen

    , “We’ve grown in the last five years by just importing labour.” , Singaporeans were told.
    With the economy in a quagmire in the last 5 years and  the incumbents clueless of what direction going forward except more of the same mass migration failure route, I am confident that Hougang will remain in opposition if there is only a two-way fight.

  • Ace

    @PAP Forever
    Were MBT & WKS sacked from PAP for their screw ups?
    Why not?

  • Defense Scientist

    extra-martial affairs, which is more serious? or helping his son avoid doing real NS?
    You don't see the Istana calling for by-election, in fact, he took the post straight in our face, and will stand there inspecting the NS boys at NDP. the message is, THERE, I DID IT. SO WHAT.

  • Jackpot

    * PAP Forever 15 February 2012

    pap removed mbt, wks, raymond lim and demoted lky and gct. *

    What a bullshit. LOL !!


  • PAP Forever

    did mbt and wkt go AWOL? don't make me laugh lah.
    @defense scientist
    who you referring to? you got evidence, go to the press. if you're talking about tony tan, allegations already refuted. you don't believe is your problem. this was never an issue. there are many many ppl who are in cushy office jobs, and their father is a nobody. even if not office job, there are many many vocations damn relax. driver lah, storeman lah. so what's the issue?

  • http://Website(optional) iworkhardsometimes

    @ PAP Forever

    who is this wks and which party sacked him?

  • BlackDot

    I am proud to be a supporter of the Workers' Party again afer almost let down by the CEC for keeping quiet for almost 10 days!
    Yes agreed that Yaw should be summarily be sack as a principle of the integrity of the Workers' Party!
    Workers' Party will be back at the ralles again pack with 50,000 supporters! WP will trounce the PAP this time with 80% of the Houggang votes!
    All the opposition parties will unite with the Workers' Party!
    Long live Workers' Party!

  • Infinitely PAP

    @PAP Forever :
    Its hard to persuade people who think with their mouths.
    That's why no memory from them. Hougang residents are mostly afraid of opposition parties now.  Its a sigh of relief for most residents with the sacking of YSL.
    The first thing PAP should do there now is to order a celebration not necesarily to be in conjunction with YSL ousting but perhaps call it "A home-coming event".
    PAP should show humility even tho taking back Hougang is a foregone conclusion..
    I have been active here in TRE for a while now and judging from the tenor of posts, most of the bloggers are using multiple sobriquet and I would count not more than fifity regular contributors.
    Let's even put the number at 500, and even if all of them are Hougang residents they wont make a dent to the PAP's coming charge into Hougang.
    But how to make the blind see?   And now you understand that the blind think also with their mouths.
    Thank you.

  • Godwin

    Oppo imploding left right centre…
    Entertaining, but ultimately not contributing to the nation's political growth.

  • Do you have any common sense, PAPForever?

    @ PAP Forever
    I have been combing through the entire message thread and I keep cringing whenever I see your comments. Obviously, you need quite a bit of brushing up on your English language – why don't you do that FIRST before coming up with those lofty and baseless theories of yours?
    For the record, you stated earlier that WKS apologised for his mistake in parliament and WP should follow suit. If you actually have some sense, compare both situations! Now, you have a situation which threatened the security of an entire nation and for the latter, a scenario which though may have caused inconvenience to some Singaporeans, was nonetheless, entirely voluntary. Which deserves sorry more?
    Final note, PAPForever – theonlinecitizen messageboards are often a place of high quality discussions and you definitely do not belong here. Perhaps you can take your view to ST instead- i m sure they will love to publish them.

  • Wow

    @PAP Forever

    "pap removed mbt, wks, raymond lim and demoted lky and gct."

    What crimes had mbt, wks, raymond lim, lky and gct committed?
    When were they removed?
    Removed from what?

  • c’mon

    @ Infinitely PAP
    Wow you seem really confident of PAP's chances of clinching back Hougang. Your personal views are obviously respected of course haha.
    Personally, I think that WP have emerged from this entire debacle with more credibility than ever (unless the mainstream media spin it otherwise- which they might).
    @Infinitely PAP – I will like to return to this post after the by elections and it will be interesting to see which of our views was fulfilled.

  • Crazy

    A courageous decision. This is why WP wins respect

  • Crap

    Did PAP give full account of why a candidate was dropped at the last minute during GE 2011?????

  • Cocomut

    Now pap will use the entire mainstream media to demonise WP!!!

  • ABF

    The Workers Party has done the correct thing both from a strategic as well as moral point of view.  The fact that Yaw Shin Leong was sacked and not asked to resign shows that the party is prepared to be honestly accountable to the public.  This is a showhand move which I am sure has taken many parties by surprise.  It shows that the WP is prepared to set the bar high in terms of the standards it sets for its members, its integrity and the kind of government it wants to become should it come to power one day.  The roots of a serious challenge to the incumbent government is born today. 
    To Sylvia, LTK and the other members of the WP.  Thank You for a difficult but correct decision. Singaporeans as whole will benefit from a credible alternative who will uphold the highest moral and political courage.
    But I will not jump in blindly to vote WP just yet.  The journey has just begun. 

  • Song

    @Crap. FYI, that candidate was not "dropped". He made a personal decision to withdraw for reasons that are his own. No reason for anyone to give a reason for his personal decision. He is a man, he can speak out for himself. Besides, he was just a candidate! He didn't stand in the end, no big deal. At least he came out to say that he refuted the rumours.
    And even if you don't believe that, it is still better than the mess the WP is in.

  • Damn

    Perhaps to The ardent die-hard fan of miw, accountability is just an insincere "sorry" in parliament. Transparency is merely announcing to the whole world our WSK was so incompetent as to allow a limping terrorist to escape during toilet break but our forces had no clue he limped out of the country while this group of jokers surrounded some forests for days!! This same incompetent person is rewarded handsomely now! Perhaps miw thought the citizenry has forgotten about the appalling incident!! You can carry on fooling yourself but don't even try to fool anyone here. We are too good for you!

  • Damn

    Well said!!

  • Occupy Hougang For WP

    We the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves to support WP to win HG again,
    regardless of what PAP say, to build a fair, just and really democratic Singapore
    so as to kick out the PAP who allow foreigners to steal jobs, who allow SMRT to make hugh profits and YET threatened us with poor service if no allow far increases,
    who allow housing prices to shoot up, COEs to shoot up, told lies about Orchard Road Floods,
    In order to achieve happiness, prosperity for ALL (look at the HUGH richpoor gap created), AND MOST IMPORTANT, OUR  CPF  CPF  CPF…

  • Public Eyes

    Khaw Boon Wan is asking WP – why the U Turn now?  WP, please answer.  This is not the time to be quiet.
    WP, soldier on. 

  • Philip

    Go WP

  • PAP Forever

    Quiz Time
    q: Which area got no mp?
    a: HOUGANG!
    voted for a ghost. everybody got mp except hougang residents. hahahahahaha!

  • PAP Forever

    @do you have any sense…
    a, your english is like sai lah. sentence structure, grammar all v poor, u want to teach me? hahaha
    talking about lofty claims hor 
    "theonlinecitizen messageboards are often a place of high quality discussions"
    not only is your english poor, your argument no logic. i didn't say mas selemat is no big deal. but what you are saying is that ltk no need apologise for ysl because his is a lesser crime. got such things ah? both are wrong dodo! both need apology!
    anyway, i'm not the one who is so stupid to vote for a ghost mp.
    hougang, why other ppl have mp u no have? hahahaha

  • HaiGong

    At least this shows that the WP is transparent. Ask the PAP what they have done in the past when some of the MPs go the wrong way.

  • PAP Forever

    Q: which agreans are so dumb as to vote for an mp who completely go AWOL? wat as it? 65%?
    have you ever heard of anyone vote for mp who visit chine translator and then go AWOL. hahahaha. come on oppies, you gotta admit this is pretty funny. come, let's our party diffs aside and united the nation over ysl. 
    it's official, hougang residents are the dumbest in sg. can we sell hougang off to msia or something or convert it into its own city?

  • PAP Forever

    hougang residents voted for an mp who visited a china translator, kena burst hole by kpo neighbour (ysl you are seriously a loser) and…GO AWOL!!
    hougang ppl you classic lah! judgement no. 1!
    pm lee is correct. no need to call for election. hougang ppl you wasted one seat in parliament. it's now EMPTY coz you no mp to represent you. you got ZERO rep in parliament. you are a nothing to spore, u dun exist. 
    really can't stop LOL.

  • WP score own goal

    WP failed the people of Singapore, please close down the party to avoid more pain to Singaporean. They have no better ideas to bring into Parliament, please stop all the rubbish.

  • mice is nice

    PAP Forever,
    you din watch news? WP say they will take turns to cover YSL's post during the MPS at Hougang.
    WP sacked YSL, an action which wasn't demanded by the residents, despite the calls to greater transparency. but to openly declare such a decision, WP has shown that they were able to lead through action. unlike PAP, which prefers to respond to a situation only when the ground clamours loudly for it. situations like rising home prices, influx of immigrants & greater differentiation between citizens & PRs.
    WP, acts. PAP, re-acts.

  • @ PAP forever

    "it's official, hougang residents are the dumbest in sg. can we sell hougang off to msia or something or convert it into its own city?"
    With you calling Hougang residents dump, they will hit PAP and its supporters back by voting for WP again.  What Hougang pple can't stand for is arrogance.  Which you are full of it.  So, go on and be that PAP troll.  You are not doing PAP any service.  The right thing to do is not to taunt people.  
    Be prepared with your hanky when PAP loses, again. 

  • Tom

    Oh NO!!! PAP is gonna win 1 more seat !!!

    Opposition finnished even before 2016.

    Ysl sabo the entire 40%.


  • PAP Forever

    @@pap forever
    you have never won. even when you win, you still lose coz your mp AWOL!! hahaha
    oh yeah, wp act. disappearing act! can't wait to see the EMPTY seat during parliament. the sign of hougang voters stupidity.

  • ABF

    Mr Khaw's question to me is like the DPM trying to score political points with his salvo at Giam in Parliament.  The party has asked yaw to resign. It is prepared to risk losing Hougang to uphold its standards expected of its members. That is good enough for me.
    Moreover, its statement clearly said that Yaw had not accounted for his indiscretion to the party.  If that is not sufficient to answer Mr Khaw's question of whether the party knew of Yaw's indiscretion before the election, there is no point saying anymore.  He wont believe any other explanation anyway.  Let the Hougang residents decide.
    The question of how the WP recruit its members is really red fish.  As far as I am concerned, I dont think the PAP has done any better, eg Sam. 

  • PAP Forever

    and gerald giam wasn't trying to score political points with his bird proposal? 
    i look at his education background. hahaha…acs all the way and then end up at the particular univeristy in us. we all know if u from acs and u go to that uni *wink wink*…let's just say it's NO SURPRISE this fella never bother to check his figures.
    nobody asking how wp recruit its members. already know the answer: ANYOHOW.

  • mice is nice

    PAP Forever,
    one vacant seat in Parlia? there are always vacant seats in Parlia.
    disappearing act? it may be so, it may have contributed to some inconvience to residents, but the damage would pale in comparison to the train disruptions & floods combined to date. do you know which party is responsible for the looses? the damage is to S'pore's international reputation.
    the party which made Orchard Rd look like a construction site or war zone… you can laugh at that sorry sight!  :p

  • PAP Forever

    "some inconvenience" hahaha. u no mp, don't sour grapes la. of coz u say never mind. everybody in spore also suffer the same thing, but you are WORSE because you no mp.
    of course there are vacant seats in parliament. but there is one seat that is PERMANENTLY vacant because the MP GO FOR CHINA TRANSLATION and then AWOL.

  • PAP Forever

    @mice is nice
    anyway, by your argument, you show that wp is jst like pap wat. you make noise so much for what? when wp screw up, you say pap also, then you vote wp for what?
    such is the logic of hougang voters!!!

  • PAP Forever

    @mice is nice
    anyway, by your argument, you show that wp is jst like pap wat. when wp screw up, you say pap also, then you vote wp for what?
    such is the logic of hougang voters!!!

  • PAP Forever

    i fully support PM Lee. take your time to call for be-election. 3 yrs later no prob. let all these hougang kar cherng brain and wp sort out their own sai. don't come and disturb the rest of spore. no mp, their prob. who ask them vote for this kind? orbi gd.

  • Andrew

    There is no smoke without fire, so we are always told.
    The first smoke were the rumours that are still neither denied nor confirmed.  At one point, I even thought that maybe it's a political plot.  Suffice to say that from the comments on some of the pro-opposition website, most netizens believe the rumours to be true.
    The second smoke is the criptic press statement, which I really can't interpret.  
    1. Did WP investigate and found the rumours to be true.  And the guy was sacked because: (a) he was asked and he denied and he thus lied (b) he neither denied nor confirmed or (c) he confirmed but too late
    2. Or WP investigated but could not conclude and the best alternative is to sack him because he is neither denying nor confirming
    3. Or WP knew all along but thought that with other "interesting" news, people will just forget.   
    Basically, noone knows why exactly the fellow was expelled.  It's left to our own interpretation.  Which is a polically smart move actually: pro-WP will find a positive spin to that and the neutrals will probably stay neutral.  Most pro-PAP will probably be indifferent and stay as the silent majority.

  • mice is nice

    other MPs who did not turn up at parlia sittings are still (paid) MPs, while YSL's absence is a permanent wan. no more a parliamentary member.
    by your twisted logic any MP who is absent from a parlia sitting should hold a by-election? can i read newspaper in while parliament sessions are in progress? :)

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    Hi people,
    We should ALL stop rebutting PAPForever's points. Its painfully obviously that this lunatic lacks any logic or common sense at all.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that he washes toilets or serves chicken rice at the PAP HQ- this should explain why his command of the English language is so porous and his fundamentally flawed logic.
     Guys, I think it might actually be more practical to write 50 letters to ST Forum to get them published than try to convince this sad sod here.
    There is nothing wrong in supporting the PAP and I do not profess myself to be a Pro-Opposition supporter. But PAPForever is a disgrace to all measured and calculated supporters of the PAP with his needless remarks pertaining to Hougang Residents.

  • steve

    To Hougang residents:
    Please do not lose faith in WP! Wad they did today was all for you and Singaporeans at large!

  • Andrew

    …and after reading more comments, I think that indeed the press statement achieved it's goal by being cryptic. The pro-opposition will find a positive spin.  I read that someone mentioned that the PAP has not commented at all.  But yet, in many comments I read, it's not about dissecting the press statement but  asking PAP to come clean on some other rumours.  

  • PAP Forever

    you want to talk about english?
    1. if you say a person is a lunatic, you no need to add he lack any logic or common sense. it's like saying this person is a lunatic because he is a lunatic.
    2. are you saying ppl who wash toilet or sell chicken rice cannot speak proper english and have poor logic? please learn how to insult properly, not fire arrow at the wrong ppl. how eltist of u to make this suggestion!
    3. might actually? no need to use the word 'actually' lah. already might.
    4. "there is nothing wrong…profess…pro-opp…" first part of sentence no link with 2nd part.
    you learn how to type a short para of proper english, then you come and teach me.
    what so needless? hougang residents were fooled, weren't they?
    let me ask you a ques: who won hougang? pap or wp? see if you can work that one out. :)

  • PAP Forever

    then by your twisted logic, ysl's no show is the same as other mps who did not attend parliament? OK LOH! 
    hougang residents…joke.

  • PAP Forever

    @papforever, you're a…
    your english and logic is so bad that you wanted to insult me but ended up insulting toliet cleaner sand chicken rice sellers instead. LOL. and you want to go around correcting english. have you any shame?

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    (1)Well, some lunatics dont understand why they are lunatics and I am extending you this kind favour!
    (2)Hardly being elitist here; Just trying to fathom some connection to your poor English and your inexplicable support for the PAP. Well, objectively speaking, you lack the calibre (or reasoning) to be a PAP Cadre (which is a highly selective process); Hence, must be you clean toilets for the PAP la! Trying to connect the dots here, loser!
    (3)Dont see whats wrong with using "might atually" – Seems to be widely accepted.
    (4)Typing short paragraphs is hardly an indication, especially in your context! I will be very surpised if you even have an O Level Certificate! Obviously never attempted a two or three hours exam huh? Too used to writing short paragraphs for your PSLE standard answers : )

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    oops…Forgot to add "indication of precision" for point (4). Later kenna scolded by Professor PAPForever for my incompetent use of the English Language!

  • PAP Forever

    don't know the meaning of 'lunatic' just admit lah. don't need to try and save face and say oh i trying to explain to you.
    "I have a sneaking suspicion that he washes toilets or serves chicken rice at the PAP HQ- this should explain why his command of the English language is so porous and his fundamentally flawed logic."
    got no link AT ALL to 
    "2)Hardly being elitist here; Just trying to fathom some connection to your poor English and your inexplicable support for the PAP. Well, objectively speaking, you lack the calibre (or reasoning) to be a PAP Cadre (which is a highly selective process); Hence, must be you clean toilets for the PAP la! Trying to connect the dots here, loser!
    try harder la. 
    who cares what you think when you say things you don't mean and mean things you don't say? you clearly insinuated that chicken rice seller and toilet cleaners have poor english and flawed logic. 
    i would say nice try to save yourself but i would be lying. your earlier posts are even worse.

  • mice is nice

    PAP Forever,
    you were refering to an empty seat in parlia left by YSL, for which you wait in glee. no longer an MP how to enter parlia? this you cannot understand?
    like Parlia got balloting for the public who wishes to enter in place of an absent MP…hmmm, i think its a good idea. than the people know how many seats are vacant every session! :)

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    Hahahaha…BLIND lunatic!
    If you read carefully, I wrote earlier that "chicken rice seller or toilet cleaner" in PAP HQ. Limited scope here, right? Hardly an insult against ALL people of that class.
    I did managed to salvage something through my reasoning. DId you? Oops did I touch a sore spot when I mention your education level? paisei paisei! Well, at least I see an upturn in your English for the more recent posts- Good Job! You must be taking my constructive criticisms seriously! 

  • PAP Forever

    sample of pri sch grammar, fail one of course. corrections in bracket.
    "If you actually have (had) some sense, compare both (the) situations! Now, you have a situation which threatened (threatens) the security of an entire nation and for the latter ('for the latter' is unnecessary, convulated writing), a scenario which though may have caused (cause) inconvenience to some Singaporeans, was (is) nonetheless, entirely voluntary. Which deserves (a) sorry more?"
    your grammar sucks. now i cringe.  i may be taking 'o' lvls. u can't even pass pri 3. 

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  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    Lol… sidetracking already. At least you are not burdening this forum with your lunatic postings!
    Thanks for correcting my grammer by the way! Everything has taken place in the past, so why cant I use the past tense? In any event, its heartening to see you put in so much effort.
    All the best for your upcoming O Levels Bro! I am going off to try the entrance examinations for the GEP programme as a primary 3 student after this enlightening encounter with you!

  • PAP Forever

    kong simi? what limited scope? just like ysl, dare to do, don't dare to admit.
    you clearly insinuated chicken rice seller and toliet washer no logic, just admit loh. obviously u're insulting ALL ppl of that class what. 
    you salvaged nothing from your reasoning. your sentence insulting toilet cleaners and chicken rice sellers has got nothing to do with my connection to pap.

  • PAP Forever

    but you mix your past tense with present tense. so are you writing the sentence in the past or present? if you wanna write in past tense, you should use 'had' instead of 'have'.
    this kind of sai mistake you can also make, and repeatedly. bad grammar. go back to pri 3.

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    Wah lao eh, I was just downloading my GEP sample entrance test when I saw another of your brainless post.
    For the last time, i wrote earlier "chicken rice seller or toliet cleaner" working in the PAP HQ. Not all right?
    Sian sia, primary three student can see the logic, you O Level student cannot ah? Wah lao, go back and study primary one together with me la!

  • LOL!

    TOC has a narcissistic troll!  Loves the bombardment of his own silly posts.  Your corrections as you'd attempted are also incorrect.  Purleez.  Go back to school. 

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    @LOL! Which one of us is a troll? I hope its not me… :)

  • PAP Forever

    a, i can't be bothered la, argaration can already. you tink oppies can talk logic ah? lina chiam and gerald giam leh? ppl who got brain won't vote for an awol mp lah.
    yah i can read, still refers to ALL. you are insulting the occupation, not the place of work. like i said, you don't know what you type. tomorrow you go sch ask your teacher ok?

  • PAPForever, you are a disgrace!

    Haha I hope to see you in school when I ask the teacher tomorrow! Perhaps, we can ask our primary one teacher together which view is better ok? 
    Sleep early bro, morning assembly at 730am. Have to stay mentally fresh! 

  • PAP Forever

    but anyway hor, my english aside, i return to my favourite topic.
    hahahah. can we like barricade the area? 

  • PAP Forever

    "The party said it made the decision to expel Mr Yaw during a Central Executive Council meeting on Tuesday night. Mr Yaw's wife was informed of the decision on Wednesday morning as Mr Yaw was UNCONTACTABLE.

    Ms Lim said Mr Yaw was invited to attend the party's Central Executive Council meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the allegations but he DID NOT SHOW UP."
    In Hougang residents, we trust for spore' future.

  • Orang Miskin

    LHL will be having sleepless nights. He is going to delay the by-election in Hougang. He knows that Hougang is going to be where the PAP will be trounced and buried under a barrage of protest votes. The momentum will be carried through the next four years all the way to GE 2016.
    And he can't pretend that sooner or later he has to call for a by-election.  The longer his delay, the more cowardly he will look. People will say he does not have his father's fighting spirit. And that in order for you to really bond with your people, you have fight the pivotal battles. He has to – or  forever lose his mandate to govern.

  • mice is nice

    its likely a by-election will be held after the SCDF & CNB case + train disruption COI + flood measures are completed & MSM has done all it can to soften the ground….
    that is why no hurry?

  • Toothpick

    its a brilliant strategic move.  prodding the dragon with a sharp little toothpick.  in sacrificing material, the WP has gained vast strategic advantage in the chess game.  besides throwing in tremendous complications, which the PAP now has to deal with.  its a truly masterful stroke of genius.  

  • Very white

    wah SEH all the pappies here in full force!
    lemme go grab my coke and snacks and sit back and relax..

  • James

    Removal of an elected MP from a party is a solemn affair and must be done after thorough investigation. While it is not criminal to fool around with your willy, personal character and morality is important for a public servant. In this regard, the CEC had given him sufficient time to stand corrected and defend himself. By remaining silence and out of contact, an expulsion is inevitable.
    It remains to be seen if an extra holiday is granted for a by-election or if it is within the Constitutional law that a by-election may not ne held. But I disagree that the WP has failed us. No one can be held responsible for failure in personal stewardship. My thoughts are with Yaw too and I hope he will move on and be a stronger person

  • Teh Tar Lek

    @ PAP Forever
    You posted "pap removed mbt, wks, raymond lim and demoted lky and gct." ? 
    and "mbt etc got brain and when ask to resign, did so. everybody knows they got the sack. are you that naive?"
    You serious?
    I urge you to think before you post because you just made very serious allegations and insulted the integrity of some very important people. I hope those gentlemen who gracefully stepped down are reading this and take you to task for suggesting that they are sack or demoted….and if they are sack or demoted as you claimed, then you should state the reason for their sacking / demotion….
    Also, you (by you posts) implied that PM Lee is a liar since he did not say that those gentlemen were sacked or demoted. 
    Are you that moron Jo using another nick?

  • hmmm

    @ PAP Forever
    It's good that you are bringing some pro-PAP views to this hopelessly deluded opposition blog/forum, but to make good arguments you have to bring in the right facts. Unfortunately I think the rest make more sense than you here.
    It's funny though, that a week ago many opposition supporters are asserting that a MP does not need high moral standards, but now they applaud WP for "setting a high moral bar above all other parties". How ironic.

  • Pro Singapore

    @ hmmmm
    There definitely have been some crazy, self-serving posts.  Makes one worry if they are representative of voters at large.  I wish not.  Voters should always vote the best man/woman for the job, not along partisan lines. 
    All office bearers and high ranking staff in the Civil Service must have high moral standards. Period. 

  • Simon

    WP has set an excellent national example for transparency and accountability,WP deserves support.

  • Spirit of Hougang

    Extracted from Straits Times, 16th Feb 2012
    :A ripple of excitement went through the crowd of close to 60 who had gathered at the Meet-the-People Session of former Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong when they recognised the familiar frame of Workers' Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiang.
    Amid shouts of 'Workers' Party!', Mr Low arrived at his old stomping ground in a show of unity after finishing his own MPS at neighbouring Aljunied GRC at 9.40pm.
    Party chairman Sylvia Lim was helming the Hougang MPS, with Non-Constituency MP Yee Jenn Jong.

    In a similar display of unity, a large crowd had thronged the perimeter of the void deck of Block 310 in Hougang Avenue 5, even before the session started.
    Most were there to show their support for the WP.
    Of the 40 Hougang residents interviewed last night, more than half said they will continue to support the WP because Mr Low had done much for them and the constituency.
    Said Mr Tay Ah Huat, 33, an engineer: 'We support WP not because of Mr Yaw, but Mr Low and all that he has done for Hougang.'
    Homemaker Yeo Hwee Keo, 72, who has lived in Hougang for more than 30 years, added: 'We have faith in Mr Low. We will support whoever the party sends to replace Mr Yaw.'"
    The people of Hougang will unite. 


  • hmmm

    @ Pro Singapore
    Thank you, I fully agree. MPs are representatives of the people, while top civil servants set an image to the public and fellow civil servants. Both have to uphold high moral standards that the society expects of them.

  • National

    Well done, WP! WP has now shown Singapore what a first world parliament is like! Better to cut off a limb than to let the whole body suffer.
    This is better than the other party that find excuses to cover up whenever their MPs screw things up.

  • sani

    WP esp Mr Low had redeemed itself and proven it is whiter than white by it action and ownership to the people by sacking a serving MP and risking a by election to it's won ward. Bravo and  shames and silences the entire PAP and PAP led Main Stream Media as they were calculating WP will hold on to Hougang untile 2016 taking potshots via party controlled media as politically risky. Sorry PAP unlike you who protect the most screwed up ministers and party people shamelessly wo sacking them, WP did that. Bravo And MR Low proven despite not being an elitist like PAP's and not coming with scholar background, connections , HArvard education- PROVEN A SINGAPOREAN FIRST and Man of the PEOPLE.

  • ganesh

    PM Lee my guess is frightened t have a by election as might show up PAP's further losses and worst showing if it did and prove outrightly PAP lost the ground esp after GE2011 and after his maiden promise for changes which did not happen. in short a by election will prove a more headached for PAP than for WP, as will be used as a yardstick to emasure PAP's improvements after GE2011 and all promises as stated by PM. He can only delay till last hr, or find a clever way of avoiding it by working creative laws under OM office-Elections dept.
    Note a by election after Anson where previous legend JB Jeyaratnem thriumphed and destroyed LKY's stronghold PAP control of SIngapore and wards in the 80s is more likely show PAP as failed and not in thier interest.
    LKY and Tanjong Pagar GRC is also risked as a by election will pave the way for another in Tanjong Pagar GRC if LKY passes on before GE2016.That puts in jeopardy for the future of untested and unelected Minister and next PM in waiting Chang Chun Seng. Note they cannot say no by election as Tanjong pagar remains only walkover GRC, and all unelected as opposition was disqualified at last minute by election dept. So CCS future will be risked if that happens and a by election done anywhere will give the people a right to claim another in Tanjong pager if LKY passes away. SO PAP they have it in the worst situation both ways.

  • ‘Mat

    WP, acts. PAP, re-acts – mice is nice

    A slight modification – WP acts, PAPayas sit on their fat

  • Ee Er San

    Workers Party uses the knife, sharp and incisive.
    No cable ties for them.

  • PAP Forever

    I am a Troll of PAP.  I interrupt Forum Threads with repeated rubbish to discourage others from coming to shutdown this media.  I am no Fake, I am real.  We are many!

  • hardeepak

    Cool WP.  Way to go.

  • whoyouvotefornow?
  • PAP Forever


    what don’t make sense?


    in the parliamentaty debate, refer to pm’s speech. he said he knows which are/ where the ministers who don’t do well and he will find a way to part ways gracefully.

    it’s up to you to guess who.

  • Hougang bin Aljunied

    Gerald Giam fits the bill in the forthcoming by-election. Or Nicole Seah the favulous young lady.

  • lim

    Eric Tan should regret his resignation. He would have been entitled to lay claim to the contest as most of the other chaps are in NCMP seats.

  • looes74

    PAP Forever,
                          Don't be like that laa. Don't condemn them like that. Me, I would not 100% support PAP policies but however when commentors including TOC exhibit stupidity, one can't help but to hantam them.
                          I am not sure if this episode gonna wake them up. Frankly, such episode teaches us to be vigilant on anybody including Low Thia Khiang. Just as some commentors accussed others treating LKY as God. Likewise for Low Thia Khiang.
                         I bet with every hair on my body, Low Thia Khiang never survived up north. Sorry to say those up north are far smarter & pragmatic as compared to naive singaporeans. Don't believe, ask how many singapore businessmen kenna conned till mampus in china.
    To sane folks,
                             We need to set up a third force. This TOC & TR ain't third force. We must take control ourselves. I scouring through blogs & come across one blogger who is extremely sensible. Unfortunately, he's from up north
                              He come up with a scheme. Have block voters of 10K. List down the requests in open tender. Let PAP or whichever party to look. Ask them to bid. If the party perform best & can deliver, whole bloc votes would go to that party.
                             I am sure PAP is game.
          Are you game?
             You should how extremely biased MSM reporting up north. Those folks have had a tougher time to maintaining their gain.  

  • Teh Tar Lek

    "in the parliamentaty debate, refer to pm’s speech. he said he knows which are/ where the ministers who don’t do well and he will find a way to part ways gracefully."
    No where did he mentioned that those gentlemen you quoted as being demoted or sacked.
    You lied ….. simple.
    Like hmm posted about you… make no sense – EVEYTHING.

  • Teh Tar Lek

    You made very serious allegations and insulted the integrity of some very important people. I hope those gentlemen who gracefully stepped down are reading this and take you to task for suggesting that they are sack or demoted. And do stop tarnishing PAP's reputation with your moronic posts.

  • smear

    Check out this evening's tv news coverage showing YSL together with LTK in many footages.
    A lady from LKY something organization was saying on tv to the ears of  viewers things LTK would not like to hear.

  • PAP Forever


    yah smrt ceo also resigned, not sacked. you are right. anything else?

  • Teh Tar Lek

    Same old tactics lah moron Jo…. after lies being exposed and could not support the rubbish you posted…divert and now bring in SMRT CEO? 
    All these did not change the fact that you made very serious allegations and insulted the integrity of some very important people including our PM.
    And you could not support what you post with facts as usual…..Just a childish moronic puppy barking non-stop….

  • Logic

    LTK had taken action on a matter that LHL would never had the courage or decisiveness to do so. Look at WKS over the mas selamat case. WKS is allowed to stay on as DPM to collect millions of salary per per as if nothing had happened whereas the poor guys at the bottom were punished.
    Look at the footdragging in the ongoing investigations into the SCDF and CNB cases. Why take so long? WP took less than a month to react.

  • test