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Vincent Wijeysingha: Or perhaps they will torture us to produce a false confession?

October 09
22:54 2011

~pictures: Terry Xu~

excerpt from Channel NewsAsia ‘Police investigating SDP Forum‘:

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in response to media queries, said on Sunday that the organisers of the forum on the Internal Security Act had arranged for a fugitive from justice, Mr Francis Seow, and a foreign national, Ms Tang Fong Har, to participate in a discussion on domestic politics.

It said the organisers had arranged for them to do so from outside Singapore’s jurisdiction, allowing them to be involved in domestic politics at a public assembly in Singapore without being physically present and accountable.

SDP’s Assistant Treasurer Vincent Wijeysingha on his Facebook in response to this news:

And I returned home to the ludicrous news that the police are investigating the ISA forum yesterday. MHA is quoted as describing Mr Francis Seow as a “fugitive from justice” and Ms Tan Fong Har as a “foreign national”.

Let’s see: Francis Seow went to Whitley Road Detention Centre to take instructions from his detained client, Teo Soh Lung, in1987 and was arrested and then held for 72 days and tortured. For no crime whatsoever. And HE’s the fugitive from justice?? I was always aware that Teo Chee Hean had substandard English ad a poor grasp of logic but this is poor even for him.

And let’s see some more: If Tang Fong Har is a foreign national, is it not because the government refuses to allow the renewal of her passport although she has never been tried and convicted in a court of law nor any evidence produced in 24 years since her arrest.

The police investigation of the event is designed to do two things:
(a) intimidate the organisers and
(b) belittle the words of the participants.

Has this administration not learnt anything from the General Elections. People are weary of this ridiculous, ham-fisted, bullying style of government. We the organisers will not be intimidated and I daresay the participants’ words will withstand the scrutiny of any inquiry, even one likely to be as incompetent as our police force is capable of mustering. Or perhaps they will torture us to produce a false confession? We will keep everyone on Facebook updated of the ‘police investigation’; please copy to your own pages so that the government is not able to operate in secret the way it did with the detention of the 22 in 1987.

Filmmaker Martyn See on his Facebook, commenting on Ministry of Home Affairs’ response:

At last, the new normal gives way to the old abnormal.

  • vol

    so we start to see why the great firewall of China is starting to appeal to our leaders.

    If they start blocking/monitoring/censor IM/video chat, will we see the similarities of Arab Spring?

  • GO

    I am not against MHA, but MHA keep talking without producing evidents to support what they have said! Stop using the past to support what had happened. The past has no internet, and no one knew what were going on but only “few of you”? The word is EVIDENTS in front of court!

    So the only way in the open democratic system, we should just open this to the court and close the chapter in the Spore history. I don’t see any problem with that unless MHA refused for political reasons?

  • Titiana Ann Xavier

    The action of the SPF borders on the ridiculous. It is overt and pure naked intimidation. Neither the organizers nor the participants have committed any crime in discussing domestic politics. There is no attempt to incite anybody to take up arms or to resort to violence. Expect the ISA to be used again to silent dissent.

  • yeoman

    saying a simple ‘sorry’ is indeed one of the hardest thing for any erring human -being to do till it is too late for him to do so.

    it takes great courage and bravery to say ‘sorry’.


    MHA statement/threat: It’s very simple. The already simmering ISA issue – especially the whole “Marxist conspiracy” episode – just needs a spark for it to become a real cause célèbre. All it needs is for the MHA to pursue its investigation and further intimidate concerned citizens who are as Singaporean and as loyal to the country as any PAP minister or member. The MHA will play into the hands of CSJ. And if this whole thing explodes, it will mark the accelerated beginning of the end of the PAP, through poor hamfisted handling and almost by default

  • ‘Mat

    Yep, hamfisted is their middle name.

    Just take a look at this guy here…

  • Joel

    @ Albert Tay

    I’m here not to defend Vincent, but to focus on ISA detaines. The Gov say they have prowof of what so ever. SHOW THE PUBLIC … Then we shall be convinced.

  • PAP is Simply A Pathetic Action PArty

    Threats, threats and more threats. MHA should stop calling Singaporeans with all sorts of names without justifications. Just call for a Committee of Inquiry to prove your case.
    Or is MHA turning a deaf ear to what Singaporeans are demanding. Repeat: Call for a COI under the supervision of the International Court of Justice. Period. Are you stone deaf, MHA? Or do we have to repeat it again and again and again?

    I am so sick and tired of hearing all these threats by MHA. The ISA is nothing but a political tool used to silence Singaporeans. Can’t wait for the 2016 election to put this issue to rest.

  • Quanxi

    Even the soviet union with it’s powerful secret police was broken up n mercifully exposed ,we are sure ISD activities will be leaked n worms will be spilled.Many ISD staff like a Benny are treated well n promoted to keep the past atrocities secret n unfortunately it is now impossible with social media

  • La

    “fugitive from justice”

    Deeply ironic there, don’t you think?

  • Transparency, respect and honesty

    In this day and age, the best policy is still the good old transparency, honesty and respect for differing opinions.

  • yeoman

    i think the observations and comments from a fellow singaporean like francis seow is more noteworthy than the snide remarks of those foreigners who seek ‘ECONOMIC ASYLUM’ here in this crowded-out little RED DOT at the expense of manya singaporean worker,don;t our ministers agree?

    what about that moron of a PRC STUDENT who did an insulting video on us and that most stupid commie pig who dared call all singaporeans ‘STUPID PIGS’?!

    IF ‘all’ singaporeans ares tupid pigs,it must alos included ‘ALL’ our ministers,past and present?

  • Deatheater

    Vote. Out. The. PAP. In. 2016. As simple as that.

  • zero

    Technically PAP is not wrong to say Francis seow is a fugitive from justice. They’re talking about the tax evasion case, not any other. I suspect that many people don’t declare income tax to 100% accuracy by human nature, so Francis Seow got into this trap, the oldest trick in the books…

    As for the term “foreign national” it is indeed an unfair term. Foreign National has a clear connotation of a foreigner. I understand that Tan Fong Har was born in singapore and her passport renewal was just refused by pap because PAP does not like her activities. But does this procedure make her a FOREIGN NATIONAL? IT is quite ridiculous. For example you have a son who is giving you lots of trouble and you disown the son. But that doesnt make him less of your son. Your son is still you son, despite the wicked things you consider him to do.

    HAving said that, i think a lot of the blame should also go to THE STRAITS TIMES rather than just PAP.

    Because, I read in the news report and understood that those words came from the reporter’s article. I dont think it was the police who said that Tan Fong Har is a foreign national, it was just the carry-ball reporter…correct me it was wrong.


  • mice is nice

    “this is a very serious charge, you must be able to back it up!”

    anyway, there are foreign-born-turned-SG MPs involved in domestic politics as well. 1 did not serve NS & made light of that fact, another was SMS-ing when our national anthem was played. non got any dressing down for it, so where’s the accountability?

    please show some standards b4 pointing fingers & toes at others.

    another “i dunno wad to say?!” cooling off day episode again?

  • oute

    Asked the UN Human
    Rights for help.

    Dont we have extraition treaty with USA / and Hongkong or China. Did they asked Interpol to arrest them.

  • fool

    Where is Temasek Review. Any ideas – anyone.

  • Bernard Tan

    Our heartless unconscionable PAP leaders will NOT dare to bring this case to open court for the world to see first-hand their paranoia, insecurity and blatant lies resulting in Ops Spectrum.

    Likely MHA will issue a severe warning to SDP threatening this and that and close the case.

  • Hypocrites In White

    We can look forward to oversea press to cover this story and expose the truth.
    It will be good if news channel back to us from outside for it will hold more truth than news within singapore, knowing we have a pap-controlled press.
    We have now come to trust alternative news more.

  • police doesn’t act fast with TPL

    when TPL’s flouting of Cooling Off Day occured WITHIN Singapore borders by non-foreign Singapore Nationals, you do not see the police jumping on this so fast.

    this is because the police rice bowls are not affected when they chase TPL’s transgression.

    however, they may get bigger rice bowls if they chase this SDP event.

  • out of touch

    the political establishment must be SERIOUSLY out of touch with the ground, if they think they can pull another ‘marxist conspiracy’ bullshit on us.

    20 years ago perhaps, but with the highly educated population of today, good luck to them.

    what utter idiots the establishment are

  • coalition

    detailed evidence, in black & white and videos from those who had been incarcerated in the 60s, 70s, 80s etc must be collated now and hold by an independent authority for action by S’poreans after GE 2016 or earlier!!
    the PAP leadership of the period is answerable!!

  • Ms lee, evidence of karma

    Take this chance to let more be aware!!

  • Yuhui

    I support Teo Chee Hean for this move. If we condone the move by foreigners, are we going to allow more?

    I think the Americans must be laughing now.

    An Old man who ran to US, gain Green card, become US citizen, then come and bash Singapore. Terrible man. Abandoned Singaporeans.

  • Newdawn

    Those who have committed crimes against humanity must be exposed and punished no matter how long it takes.Someday, somebody may be singing like the “Jolly Hangman” in exchange for immunity.

  • lim

    People on both sides should tell the truth rather than condone half truths.

    Francis Seow is wanted under an existing warrant of arrent for tax evasion. That’s fact.

    Whether the SDP broke the law in what they did is a question of legal interpretation. Whether the SDP knew there was any law preventing their actions, that has funnily not been addressed by the SDP.

    Even if ignorant, the SDP just stepped into another PAP laid minefield. Nothing new as only the SDP can, singularly of all opposition parties, do.

  • is this a crime?

    Having sky high pay plus being paid pension for same job at the same time

  • Paul

    SDP is trying to stir emoitions and create tension within the society.

    It is easy to deny whatever they had done which was so many years ago and many of the stories had probably been verfied by each other. Im sure Tan Jee Say could stand up and say something since he was then the PPS to PM then.

    Making the government look bad seems to be a trend in order to make a name for oneself in society. But at what cost?

  • Alan Wong

    Francis Seow has mentioned somewhere before that if he was indeed a CIA agent as alleged, then the US govt must be still owing him a lot of unpaid fees ?

    Is it that difficult for our ISD to track any payment of fees paid for being an agent of a foreign country ?

    So many questions have remained unanswered especially now when there are so many doubts that these allegations has only remained as our govt’s only word against Francis Seow & others.

    But if the allegations are indeed true, why has our Govt yet to produce any single proof for such allegations to stand on its own in a court of law ?

    What has our Govt got to lose to avoid putting all these detainees tried in an open court or even convene an official commission to clear all these unanswered questions once and for all especially when LKY is still alive now ?

  • popcorn

    Told you already, PAP only tell lies and resort to intimidation to rein in political dissent.
    The tax evasion is a lie trumped up to put a fugitive tag on Francis Seow.
    It’s not business as usual for politics in Singapore any more. Still dreaming of the past.
    SPF is just a haba gou, nothing else.

  • Maria Elena

    Enough said!

    We all know that PAP is truly a curse
    for our tiny island!
    This ruthless, uncaring bullies should
    be kicked out, soonest!

    In the meantime, the 60.1% must repent!!

  • Alan Wong

    Just to add :

    But on the other hand if the allegations are false and the past detainees are innocent, is our Govt then not worst than TERRORISTS for torturing these innocent people and striking fear into them into submission ?


    The fact MHA threathening the organisers is a sign that the PAP governmnet is very powerful, their votes must be brought down drastically, to humble them.
    People gave them their votes to rule wisely, but they abuse their power.That why next GE, ensure them lose 4-5 CRCs then they will know people are their “masters” and they will be humble and realise the true power belong to the people.

  • ikan bilis

    They shld have asked FS and Tang to put up youtube videos. then play these at the forum, or point the forum attendees to the url.

    Then they will have a hard time with the legal case.

  • Chanel

    A couple of months ago, our law minister, Shanmugam, said that police S’poreans must rely on themselves to resolve certain issues because the police force is stretched.

    Now we know why our police force is so stretched….becos it is busy trying to “fix” PAP’s political opponents!!!

    I recall that, following the burning of one PAP MP by an angry resident, policemen were seen accompanying PAP MPs when they were making house-calls. This is not only a complete waste of police resources, but also an abuse of power!!

  • justice is important

    “”zero 10 October 2011 Technically PAP is not wrong to say Francis seow is a fugitive from justice. They’re talking about the tax evasion case, not any other. I suspect that many people don’t declare income tax to 100% accuracy by human nature, so Francis Seow got into this trap, the oldest trick in the books…”"

    can anyone tell us how much is the amount of tax being involved (evaded) and resulting in him being a fugitive from justice.

  • georgia tong

    Well said Vincent from SDP. We respect your sense of justice and guts.

  • Citizen

    The SPF should have their scruples right! Go and arrest TPL for flouting cooling off day rules. How is it that LKY can villify Islam and Muslims and get away with it but ordinary citizens are castigated and threatened? Francis Seow went into exile for tax evasion and for terrorism, so?
    Tang Fong Har a foreign national? Yes, a true Singapore born native is refused her passport but we have Puthucheary types who become convenient citizen MPs overnight without doing national service and it is celebrated? He was saving children–my foot. Any other young man will be arrested, questioned, threatened and jailed for avoiding enlistment. This country is going to the dogs.

  • KTK

    Fool: Where is Temasek Review. Any ideas – anyone
    I think they were shut down. They should have stuck to their original
    name “Wayang Party”. They made a fatal error of judgement when they decided to take on Temasek Holdings.

  • braveheart

    the PAP has changed, the old PAP would not have allowed SDP to hold the forum at all!

  • KTK

    You can ignore public sentiment but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring publin sentiment.

  • tiredman

    “”KTK 10 October 2011
    I think they were shut down. They should have stuck to their original
    name “Wayang Party”. They made a fatal error of judgement when they decided to take on Temasek Holdings.”"

    maybe they just want to take a long rest after both elections. imagine the energy being put out just to generate those amount of articles every single day rain or shine before the elections.

    abt shutting down. anyone can just set up a website anywhere in the world.

  • timkosher

    欲加之罪,其无辞乎?If you are out to condemn somebody, you can always trump up a charge.

    MHA still owed the whole world concrete proof & evidents.

  • Michael Yong

    I am glad WP and SPP stayed out of this SDP led fiasco.

    WP is concerned about real issues and they don’t challenge the laws of the land blatantly unlike SDP. WP played by the rules, and won Aljunied GRC impressively

    SDP is now in cahoots with ex-Singaporean Francis Seow to disrupt our daily lives and waste Police resources.

    Thumbs down for SDP. You will not have my vote, ever

  • George


    Good observation!

    In LKY’s Singapore,
    the law (however repugnant and tyrannical)=”justice”.

    And only in LKY’s Singapore ‘law’ and ‘justice’ operate under the thumb of the PMO.

    Aptly, the saying ‘working hand in gloves’; ‘birds of a feather flock together’; and the ultimately appropriate, ‘as thick as thieves’.

  • popcorn

    TRE Domain name was sold to a China woman, who got bribed by the Singapore Govt to sell it to them, and then got closed down by the PAP Govt.
    Maybe TRE would appear in another website soon.

  • mice is nice

    PA, HDB, ISD, etc never involved in politics mey?

    why are they not gazetted as political associations?

    how many new citizens who lived in SG for less then 6 years get to vote in GE2011 & PE2011?

    anyway, there are the “lucky 1s” who are living in ivory towers that are also “outside” (or way above?) S’pore’s jurisdiction wad. then there was this case, a foreigner who punched a local but the police din even arrest him…

  • I stand to be corrected

    Are we going to witness another ‘Nip In The Bud’?. That is the way the repressive government keep the oppositions silent. This kind of intimidation is only practiced in an undemocratic country.

  • George

    I can understand why sometimes people resorted to violence when they are pushed to a corner and not given a fair hearing?

    It is a piece of cake for a govt to make all sorts of law to protect its own interest and hobble even legitimate dissent?

    Are you aware that the law of the land has been abused by many govt for it’s own ends. In Singapore, we have seen how JBJ and later CSJ were eliminated as political foes by the govt using the full force of the law, going for the minutest of infraction to deny these legitimate dissenting voices their say? This is abuse of the law – using it for political vendetta purposes to silence the critics of the govt. The law should be used to protect not obstruct our rights to be heard.


  • Sem

    I think Singaporeans are smart enough to see through our media… I give them at least that much credit. At the end of the day, the talk still went on, and no one was bullied into doing anything they didn’t want to do. Just my 2 cents worth (or less).

  • black & white cat

    “”"Michael Yong 10 October 2011 I am glad WP and SPP stayed out of this SDP led fiasco.”"”

    WP is concerned about real issues and they don’t challenge the laws of the land blatantly unlike SDP. WP played by the rules, and won Aljunied GRC impressively”"”

    let’s put in this way. one has to look not-so-good for another to look good.

    WP is doing the more careful, soft and image-building approach while carving out slowly their parliamentary inroad.

    SDP is setting up the noisy tone by examples of not being afraid or not being fearful of associating with and voting for opposition – even at the expense of breaking some ‘laws’.

    Either way, opposition stands to benefit. One group does not mind and is willing to pay the high price while another groups maintains the good clean image & therefore cannot be trapped easily.

  • All Sgreans incl PAPayas

    lky and his PAPayas are feeling the heat in their asses so their vigilantes are sent out to do what they do best, actually the main thing they were set up to do – suppressing and eliminating opposition and dissidents. Going after terrorists is just an afterthought. This will continue as long as lky has not climbed the lorry. CHANGE??? MY ASS!!!

    Here we go ’round the mulberry bush…

  • You know what you did, Francis Seow

    Francis Seow helped despot LKY to persecute politial opponents. He did not say that. Did he?

    Francis Seow met the US Embassay Officials with other lawyers to consider partake in the General Elections. The whole legal fraternity is aware of Francis Seow’s meeting with the US Embassay Officials.

    Fracis Seow suck up to the despot Lee Kuan Yew when he wanted to curry favour. That despot returned Francis Seow many favours.

    Francis Seow stood in the GE, lost and disappeared from Singapore, leaving the supporters in disbelief.

    Give me a break, Francis. You know what the Americans promise you.

    Where is your conscience, Francis? Lying to Singaporeans and trying to be on a moral highground?

    Have you forgotten what you have done? Just because you tell the world your half-truth, doesn’t make you a saint.

    LKY is a cunning man, but Francis, you are not an angel.

    I hope you sleep well at night, Franis.

  • KTK

    tiredman: re TRE

    It’s a shame if they decided to shut it down themselves. It’s a pity, they had so many followers.

    Yes, anyone can set up a website anywhere in the world. But IDA can block the website if you are accessing
    it from Singapore. There are other more
    subtle and less obvious method. You can
    hack into the website and put in a virus
    that will re-direct you to another site.
    Which is what I think happened in this case.

  • load of shit

    La 10 October 2011
    “fugitive from justice”
    Deeply ironic there, don’t you think?


    di 10 October 2011 (taken from another TOC thread)

    “Surely,they are fugitives from injustice!”

    Truer words have ne’er been spoken.

  • haha

    to spf.

    Great own goal again.

    As for foreign national intefering in other countries affairs, why is LKY babbling about Costa Rica, Malaysia, North Korea and practically every country on this planet. Why isnt the police arresting him for interfering with the affairs of other countries.

    Please explain this to me like a baby. I really want to learn and enrich my general knowledge.

  • Gortil

    Kudos to Vincent for the excellent and logical rebuttal.

    But we are not the judge or isa or mha. They decide. Alas!

    Dont make it too big such that the whole world knows. Is isa applied on sdp, it would be costlier for pap.

    Lets see what they react.

  • Nicholas Leow

    I felt I had to comment on this one (as my first ever comment on TOC) because the SPF’s pretext is so exceptionally ludicrous this time – it is seriously the most absurd thing I have heard in ages! The quality of comedy in this country just gets better and better! Keep up the good work Singapore!

  • Ah Cow

    “this is a very serious charge, you must be able to back it up!” – Phoney Tony Tan during the PE hustings.

    Well Tan Jee Say DIN back it up as demanded by the Phoney Prez, did he? And guess what…Phoney just pockets his $4+ million and acts dumb.

    See no evil, hear no evil, do lotsa evil…

  • popcorn

    SDP has to be distinct from WP, it’s the right direction. WP to work within the framework, while leaving SDP to hammer the PAP and break some laws to keep them on their toes, so less time for them to fix all the opposition. Keep them busy like a headless chicken running around.
    Good work, Vincent, you are the brains and right hand man of CSJ. Keep it up, we’re watching you. Hammer the hapa dogs SPF and the ISD.

  • tiredman

    “”KTK 10 October 2011
    Yes, anyone can set up a website anywhere in the world. But IDA can block the website if you are accessing”"”

    Definitely IDA can block. Did they do it ? They have to ask themselves, who are they trying to protect. Do they seriously think that they are so good & are the only ones there are to judge what is right or wrong. For all they claim, sometimes I find them woefully insecure.

    Likewise, there are so many country experts on hardware / software and why didn’t they effectively block those wikileaks which had more juicy stuff & could be detrimental to so many important people & institutions.

    Just look at wiki, youtube and all the websites of every variant or persuasion. What TRE used to publish were peanuts compared to them.

  • utter rubbish

    out of touch 10 October 2011

    the political establishment must be SERIOUSLY out of touch with the ground, if they think they can pull another ‘marxist conspiracy’ bullshit on us.
    20 years ago perhaps, but with the highly educated population of today, good luck to them.
    what utter idiots the establishment are

    Yes Li Kwan You, go do your darndest. And good luck to you!!!

  • ‘Mat

    lky and his PAPayas are in a quandary (real “deep shit”).

    Do oso die, dun do oso die, maybe die slower and more painfully…

  • KTK


    If you are talking about the US or Europe, they won’t because that would be
    supressing freedom of the press, which they hold sancrosant. No elected govt. there dares to do it, at least not in a democratic country. North Korea would certainly do it.

  • rockabyebaby

    Dear Zero on 10 Oct 2011,

    I have to disagree with you about Francis Seow being a “fugitive from justice” due to tax evasion. Because, if he was locked up not due to tax evasion but on account of representing Teo Soh Lung, then he isn’t a “fugitive from justice”!

    It is all thus another twist of arms and justice by Lee Kuan Yew’s brand of unjust “justice” isn’t it! What justice when he had also said that if he doesn’t have to get permission to govern from the people he governs, he is sure he can govern better in their interests? But what interests? He only or what Singaporeans want. Does not his claim smack of eliteism and authoritarianism? Clear as daylight or not.

  • David

    When LKY threatened Aljunied Resident that they will regrette and repent, it says alot about this man and I dare say those being arrested by him were similarly intimidated and threatened likewise, for no fault of theirs. Tony Tan argued that the arrest cannot be transparent nor accountable under the secrecy act. Gosh!! dare to arrest someone and dare not come out to tell the reason. Isn’t this politically motivated?

  • stevekor

    As usual, our “gustapol” styled Police.

    Not very different from ancient Russia, North Korea and Communist China.

    Very Efficient in such duties and investigation, but very inefficient in crime solving ,ie so many dead bodies in Bedok Resservoirs these days.

    Stinkapore is going down the “chute”.

  • stevenkor

    Actually, our lord of Mercy , Li Kwan Yin is the biggest bully and also the biggest coward !

  • 60% of SG, we need you

    This gov is really disgraceful.

    When TPL was being investigated, PAP sent the police force a message by appointing Tin Pei Ling as member of Home Affairs and Law GPC. This virtually made her a boss of the police force.

    PAP is sending a very frightening message, which is no longer an open secret.

    Stick with me, no matter if you are wrong. Stand against me, no justice in the world can help you.

    60% of SG voters need to wake up.

  • zero

    to @rockabybaby

    hi pal, well my answer to your comment is “no” plus “yes”.
    Firstly Francis Seow committed two offences, officially.
    The first offence you and the rest of thinking singaporeans, dont even consider an offence, defending a politically dubbed “marxist conspirator”. OF course on this count francis is NO fugitive of law, as we the free people of singapore don;t believe the bullshit of the repressive regime.

    The second offence is tax evasion. In this instance, if you assume that Francis need to explain to the AG or the authorities the amount undeclared taxes, etc., and Francis is unavailable deliberately, we have to conclude that Francis, YES, indeed is a fugitive of the law. Can you imagine if you avoided paying taxes and then run away and refuse to answer the Tax Comptroller’s queries? As i said before this is the oldest trick in the book to kill your enemies!

    Having said that, there are of course mitigating factors. Someone above asked, actually how much did Francis abscond in taxes? Is it $10 or $10,000 or $10,000,000? Nobody knows!! If it is a mere $10 i think it would be making mountain out of molehill. But since nobody knows the real situation simpy because Francis Seow never denied tax evasion charges, nor admitted, the case remains hazy and we have to give the benefit doubt to the Comptroller of Income Tax, and hence the PAP Govenrment, that in this respect, Frances is a fugitive of the law, as charged.

    Sad but true. I like watching Francis Seow. I recall in 1986 watching him on TV slice Lee Kuan Yew to pieces with his fantastic command of the english language. JBJ and Francis are true luminaries, able to tackle that man of old. Those days are gone, and the nearest approximation to the calibre of francis seow is CSJ but unfortunately the pap machinery has tainted the reputatioon of CSJ to a state which is beyond repair…as it appears to the vast majority of compliant daft singaporeans.

    Singaporeans just have to be patient with the revenge of Time. We can’t expect Arab Springs or the like until the route to Mandai is personally taken by the master of all plans, as would all singaporeans eventually.


  • conspiracy theory

    Why is the pro PAP Steven Kor suddenly posting so many views against PAP?

    Is it to build up a good name as an against PAP, build up credibility and then …

  • bentooo

    We cannot put down people who fought for the truth.

    SDP wants to fight for justice, its their plan. Our pledge said justice and equality, there is no need to insult SDP.

    SPF is damn quick to do this but what about Ministers’ pay? Coming to 1 year, what did they do? What about TPL? LHL said, it would take 4 years to stablise HDB. CHC investigation, almost 2 years, also nothing?

    Look at their work and their GE promises. And look at SPF, how quick they want to do this to SDP?

  • Truedirect

    Hey go read To catch Tartar and you will know what torture FS had gone through. This book as usual is ban from sale in this country

  • Utterly Disappointed

    How come police suddenly act so fast to investigate this forum? It took them ages to investigate into TPL’s violation case. What about the City Harvest investigation into misuse of church fund? Still no news. Police sleeping on certain cases but act so fast on other. How come huh?

  • Mole alert

    Is it not highly suspicious that a mole by name of zero zorro has infiltrated?

    Castrate it!!

  • rockabyebaby

    Sorry @zero,

    But I see you no go deep enough although you sound pretty ‘pro’ in your arguments on this one.

    How do you know that Francis Seow like CSJ didn’t deliberately evade tax to trump the now old geeko he knew too well? Meaning, use of the tax evasion to entice the lizard to stick out his tongue to lick him like a mosquitoe for political mileage! Well, the lizard did that didn’t he! And both ways too!!! Teo Soh Lung AND Tax Dept most timely!

    So, even with old geeko down and out literally, you and the 60% will still think that his son LHL he made PM will really open up and be for us TO BE “WE ARE An Open AND INCLUSIVE Civil Society” after his 2004 GE win with some 66%? BECAUSE – didn’t he just said before saying this that if Singaporeans want more Oppositi9n MPs in parliament, and back then with only 2 in the names of LTK & CST. And that with say 13,14 or 15, he won’t have time to govern Singapore as hell be busy thinking how to FIX the opposition (IN and OUT of parliament) and also how to buy his supporters allegiance!

    Oh Blimey as the British love to say. WE as Singaoreans were truly better respect by out British Colonialist weren’t we!

  • zero

    to @rockabyebaby

    I must credit you for being highly imaginative to think that anyone would pretend to evade tax just so as to lure “lizards” into their “trap”. It must be a very high-wire dangerous strategy!

    I also want to question your factual declaration that CSJ “deliberately” evaded tax, again to lure “lizards”. I have never heard of this… I know all the old fabrication stories but this tax story…., it blows me off completely, tell me more?

    Finally, please don’t get personal. You said “you and the 60%”. I think you are being very naive to jump to such conclusions about my political inclinations (which, by the way, is completely irrelevant as this is an objective discussion).

    You have the mistaken notion that anyone who writes anything even with a tiny hint of sympathy for anything pap, belong to the 60%. This is truly a most naive and untenable position to take.



  • mice is nice

    dear rockabyebaby, 10 Oct 2011

    hmmm, interesting point you mentioned. if people who evaded tax had ISD coming after them, would ISD come after people who committed traffic offences, not pay HDB installments in time?

    would be interesting to know if ISD went after people who choked the culverts at Orchard that lead to the infamous Orchard Road flood. that dent in S’pore’s reputation is more of a security threat than evading tax.


  • Robert Teh

    mice is nice

    No need to go that far actually. Look at Doppeldanger’s case, you can see that if you are in a divorce case, and you happened to have criticized the wrongful acts of government in any way, you may have to reckon with all the ISD should the wife use the service of a pro-establishment law firm to instigate against the guy for some acts of dissent.

    The line between government for the people, by the people and that for the party and autocratic manipulations for party survival has become thoroughly blurred with the pro-establishment law firm jumping onto the bandwagon for their own business greeds.

  • Tok A Kok

    Hahaha ISD is now Sg’s official trouble-shooting team. Anything others can’t do just send them in and they’ll clean up the mess.

    Thru’ the grapevine: Their next job will be to target women who dun give birth because they are deemed to be a threat to Sg. Phew! Dat’s one unwieldy problem solved!

    Hey ISD, how about doing a job on Ho Jinx; turn him into a woman…

  • mice is nice

    hi Robert Teh,


    really ah? i still single. thanks for the ups, think i will not get attached any time soon.

    not sure how to get invited to MIW’s coffee or tea sessions (not ISD’s coffee session lah), good to know who to siam! seems like alot, people from MSM, HDB, civil service, PA, etc… hmmm, not much alternative left.


  • Lianaz

    Guys, just demand zero to prove whatever he claims and soon he cannot wayang no more. Just keep demanding n he will be debunked.

  • Michael Lim Peng Liang

    In order to avoid further insecurity to our nation, this issue must be laid to rest once and for all. For that to happen, the ISD must have the remit to pursue and arrest these criminals whereever they are. Countries which are hiding these criminals must subjugate themselves to our ISD, which has powers equivalent to the International Crimes Tribunal.

  • Robert Teh

    Michael Lim Peng Liang

    Feeling insecure is a disease of the mind. It is different from insecurity.

    When one offers his service to serve the country, one should carry out his duties selflessly without all the claims for credit.

    Einstein has advised “the highest duty of an individual is to serve rather than to rule”

    When a person decides to offer himself to serve the country, he is also paid by the people and must take responsibility for whatever unhappiness expressed by the people eg. elitism, cronyism, writing his own million-dollar pay cheque against the wishes of the people etc.

    So who is the international criminal who did all these misdeeds who so far refused to own up and repent to the people.

  • Your Pinkie

    We love you. Just look at your shiny cork head.

    When will we meet again?

  • leehsientow

    “black & white cat10 October 2011
    “””Michael Yong 10 October 2011 I am glad WP and SPP stayed out of this SDP led fiasco.”””

    WP is concerned about real issues and they don’t challenge the laws of the land blatantly unlike SDP. WP played by the rules, and won Aljunied GRC impressively”””

    let’s put in this way. one has to look not-so-good for another to look good.

    WP is doing the more careful, soft and image-building approach while carving out slowly their parliamentary inroad.

    SDP is setting up the noisy tone by examples of not being afraid or not being fearful of associating with and voting for opposition – even at the expense of breaking some ‘laws’.

    Either way, opposition stands to benefit. One group does not mind and is willing to pay the high price while another groups maintains the good clean image & therefore cannot be trapped easily.”:

    Yes, yes, yes. But as a voter, I will be very careful about any leader of a political party who says publicly that he has been the victim of media manipulation. That is a blatant public lie. All that the media (whether mainstream or otherwise) had done was report what took place and televise what took place exactly without embellishment – all the childish and immature fasting, heckling of an elected Singapore PM in a foreign land in front of foreigners and shouting rudely during a morning walkabout at the same leader. Mind you, the same leader gave him the chance to contest an election in an SMC which this opposition leader lost fairly and squarely. What else is there to say? He has been repeatedly rejected by Singaporeans -and he will continue to be rejected. It is all about trust and credibility. By the way, I am not a PAP fan. On the contrary, I am anxiously waiting for 2016 to give the ruling party another big slap to its elitist, uncaring and anti-Singaporean face.

  • Bugs

    >>conspiracy theory 10 October 2011

    Why is the pro PAP Steven Kor suddenly posting so many views against PAP?

    Is it to build up a good name as an against PAP, build up credibility and then …<<

    Because it is NOT the same Steven Kor. You can impersonate anyone's name.

  • calibri

    Political melodrama of 8pm quality. It is like sympathizing with Joan D’arc for burning at stake when the ‘simple peasant girl’ laid claim to nothing less than divine provinence. I want ‘x’ and will acheive it by all means, except illegal or immoral methods. I would have shoved my agenda down your throat the ‘right’ way, so people who think I stink, must be despicable. This is the mantra you swear by and I will distrust you within 10^6 miles.

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  • commonlaw

    i hear this few times from horses mouth (lawyers) that common law is also known as lky’s law.

    justic in sg is ‘power and rich justics’ which means no justic for the average and poor. eventully, this ‘hard truth’ will huant those 60% who are still in the haze.

    see? this is what sg is all about when comes to law concern.

  • HP

    Hp. I think the ISD should change it’s name to “Kempetai ” very similar cruel practices. What happen to “Innocent until proven guilty”. Singapore should pactice this if it wants to be a develop, democratic country. To the 60% brothers & sisters pls wake up keep watching, do you want our beloved Singapore become like “kempetai” ?

  • PCF

    if you wear the PAP white, you are foreverr innocent and NEVER guilty of even the most conspicuous crimes, trespasses and faults – e.g TPL, MBT n many more.
    if not, you will be called a murderer even when you inadvertantly stepped on an ant, or when you are obviously stating facts.
    anything from PAP is the official facts and their truths. anything from non-PAP are always mocked upon and called names.
    in fact, if you r accepted into their ranks, they will also give you a lightning to hold in your hands n use it to strike down all your opponents – all those who disagree with u, or oppose u. welcome to the reality of this “Fine City”. It’s even a bigger lie than N.Korea behind all those super-fake smiles.