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MHA says no to Commission of Inquiry

September 29
22:01 2011

~from: Ministry of Home Affairs~

The 16 ex-detainees call for a Commission of Inquiry (see HERE) to investigate their detentions. The subversion and violence of the Communist insurgency from the 1940s to the 1970s are a historical reality. The Government’s actions against the Marxist plot in the late 1980s were fully explained and justified at the time, and extensively debated in Parliament. These actual situations and events which were real threats to Singapore’s security cannot simply be dismissed as “rhetoric”, as the ex-detainees now try to do.

The detentions under the ISA were made for valid security reasons and properly dealt with according to the law. Every case was reviewed at that time by the Advisory Board chaired by a Supreme Court judge. The Government sees no reason to conduct a review now, more than 20 years after the event, via a Commission of Inquiry.

  • Robert Teh

    Does it mean that MHA can just simply hide the problems caused by ISA by relegating the injustices caused to history?

  • TrueBlueSingaporean

    I am so happy that the 16 ex-detainees are so brave to stand up for themselves. The Singapore Government’s decline to call for a Commission of Inquiry can only mean one thing – the government is afraid that the truth will be out, and that they are guilty of abuse!!!! ISA is UNFAIR and used as an abusive tool by the government!!!!

  • PAP are the Biggest Anti Singapore, Only Pro to extend OWN Power

    Lets overthrow the bstrd PAP come 2016 – seriously. The fkg PAP are irrelevant cone 2016. NO MORE pro Singapore is the PAP. The are Pro foreigners 101%
    If they can detain people suka suka, and NOW NO GUTS to hold COI – lets GIVE THEM a Taste of their own PAP MEDICINE !!! As what Hsien Loon, Chok Tong always always tell Singaporeans to take PAP’s bitter medicine to overcome PAP-induced National Problems !!!

  • MHA has a sense of humour…

    “The Government sees no reason to conduct a review now, more than 20 years after the event, via a Commission of Inquiry”

    This of course is a joke. You’re asking the culprits themselves to examine their actions and hold themselves accountable to public scrutiny in the light of new evidence and challenges. Obviously they would say no. Are there no other avenues of legal redress?

    “These actual situations and events which were real threats to Singapore’s security cannot simply be dismissed as “rhetoric”, as the ex-detainees now try to do.”

    The govt is the one employing rhetoric here and pulling wool over the eyes of the people.

    The question is not whether past situations and events were real threats.
    The question is whether a miscarriage of justice was perpetrated on the 16.

    Why won’t the govt help facilitate a sense of closure for the aggrieved in this sad and sordid affair?

  • Titiana Ann Xavier

    The government gave their version. The ex-detainees gave their version. Singaporeans want a neutral and unbiased version. A COI chaired by a neutral party preferably from abroad will unravel the truth as to whether the use of the ISA has been abused. MHA’s refusal to a COI gives the impression it has something to hide. The PAP government is thus guilty till proven innocent.

  • SingaLeaks

    MHA has things to hide.
    Guilty conscious.

  • Shell Refinery Fire is Maybe Gods Revenge

    Hahahahahah . . . …. The current refinery fire in Bukom is ‘Bao Ying’ . Of course its a ‘national scale’ accident – nothing that really affects the bastrad Lees personally, and probably have an impact on Singaporeans, direct or indirect , but I would celebrate somewhat, as this may demonstrate the incompetencies of the PAP by their massive massive imports of cheap cheapo foreigners to work, at Bukom which I am sure there are 100s and 100s of cheap incompetent foreign workers.
    And who would not possibly have guessed, in the end, cheap foreign workers might have a hand in this fire – serve PAP right !!!

  • http://afasdfas David

    This corrupted government who under LKY want to win both way. Tail they win, head they also want to win. Either they think they will win with their nonsense to preserve the name of LKY.

    Now they tell you that there is no need for investigation of detention, but when the old man passed away, they will turn around to give you another highfalutin excuse that there is no way to investigate since the main protagonist responsible for Operation Coldstore has passed away, so not fair for words against a dead person. Do not fall for this old fart’s trick. Did he really think Singaporeans are daft and can’t see through his cunningness ?

  • popcorn

    Lies have to be submerged, at least as long as the fabricators are alive.
    Dare not face the Peoples’ Jury.

  • DT

    I am not surprised by MHA’s reaction. Like the transport issue, like the HDB issue, like the PA issue, like the foreign talent policy, etc, etc, again, in a short space of 4 months since the GE, the PAP government has failed to show us that they are incapable of real and substantial change from within and that they are incapable of thinking out of their little box.

    What has really changed in the last few months? Nothing much really.

    What did PM apologize for during the elections? Was he sincere? I don’t think so. I think it is quite clear that the apology was not met with adequate follow up actions at all, to say the least. Nothing to show for except a pending ministerial pay committee’s decision that has been delayed beyond initial expectations.

    Going down this way, the PAP will only force voters to vote them out sooner rather than later.

  • TheGuiltyByStander

    Whenever I come across an interesting articles I would spend some time to analyse and question what were said and think critically. I would go behind the article and try to know who wrote it and why. Who are the editors, the writers, the authors, …what are their motivations, how are they organised, how and where are their funds coming from, is it an independent organisation, what are the sources of information, what theme are being played here………..those sixteen ex-ISA detainees had once upon a time wanted to impose on our society their views of what our society, political system and our lives should be and they were prepared to work with others through coverted activities and even force. If these people had succeeded most of us would have either been jailed or worst, lost our lives. Just because history has taken a different course to their plan does not make them “been innocent and had been wrongly judged”. They have been investigated, judged and “de-commission” over the years. What purpose and whose purpose would an COI serve? Yours? A passionate minority? The unseen and undisclosed political masters from within and without? Before we walk down this path be very sure it is not a path painted by others to mislead us.

  • yeoman

    it is betetr for those who have bear false witness against others come clean while they are still able to breathe;it wouldbe sad for them if they wait till they are about to breathe their last to confess.It might just be too late?


  • reachspore

    COI is platform where the public can listen to the grievances of the Ex-detainees and also listen to the explanations for the detentions from the MOH. Let there be a closure to these cases.
    It could do further damages to the good reputation and image of Singapore if the Singapore Government continues to reject the calls for COI.
    Singapore has laws to handle terrorism cases, riots, etc etc. How could ISA continue to be relevant in modern Singapore? There should be more open discussions on this important subject.

  • Say No to Repression


  • @TheGuiltyByStander

    “They have been investigated, judged and “de-commission” over the years.”

    Sure. Why then did PAP’s Dhanabalan quit politics saying he was not comfortable with the way the detentions were carried out? What exactly was the discomfort if everything was above board?

    “What purpose and whose purpose would an COI serve? Yours? A passionate minority? The unseen and undisclosed political masters from within and without?”

    It would serve the cause of justice. True justice. Such ideals are something the govt has forgotten. Everything is just about cloak and dagger, power and politics now. Whatever happened to the ideal of justice?

    “Before we walk down this path be very sure it is not a path painted by others to mislead us.”

    This path is an open one for both the govt and the 16. The point of a COI is to lay bare the truth. Nothing more and nothing less. Either party could look bad or good, depending on the facts. Provided of course that the COI is truly independent.

    The 16 are prepared to lay bare the facts. Why isn’t the govt?

  • busybody

    Take control of power is the number one important to the PAP. You can cry foul or even “kelong” that’s don’t make a different.

    PAP is the government of the day. The majority of parliament is in their hand. Our opinion is the opinion of the minority.

    All we need is a spark then only the impossible can spring up and change will take place.

  • doppelganger

    I say to the 16 detainees. You are lucky that MHA denies a Commission of Inquiry. Such a Commission would find you all guilty AS A MATTER OF DEFINITION.

    This is because the ISA is a an Act of Parliament and the ISD carried out its duties under that Act. Whether or not the 16 actually fall within the scope of that Act will be disregarded or argued away. Moreover any panel of people assembled by this Govt to serve in the proposed Commission will be an assembly of people all linked one way or another to the Govt and dependent on the Govt for their livelihoods. Will these people have the courage to break their own ricebowl or worse get the ISD itself to bring them in for interrogation? like they did to Francis Seow when he sided the wrong side for the sake of justice. We Singaporeans do not yet understand the depth and width of the breakdown of the law in this country.

    Only a tribunal that is independent of this Govt can do a proper job for the 16 detainees.If they are serious about seeking justice I suggest that the 16 people apply to the UN Human Rights Council. Google the UN and get the application form.

  • Pro Singapore

    Why was Francis Seow detained???

    Communist? subversive??

    Exactly for what reasons????

  • Robert Teh

    MHA chose to deny injustice done to the 16 persons by claiming that they were found guilty of security threats to Singapore.

    If that is so, please explain why according to the de-classified information released, the British sources found it otherwise and have clearly said the opposite – Lim Chin Siong was not a communist as alleged?

    Why was no evidence forthcoming to deny what the British authorities have said about Lim Chin Siong.

    Why detain Chia Thye Poh without first getting evidence to establish he was a communist?

    What did Francis Seow do to constitute security threat to Singapore that he has to be detained? Up till now he is still waiting for CIA to verify he was its paid agent. UN should look at such request and be more forthcoming to investigate his denial of being a paid spy or agent of CIA.

  • doppelganger

    LKY has in 1990 denied any part of the Marxists arrests saying that GCT was the prime mover for the arrests. The very fact that LKY splits from GCT is worthy of note if the matter is brought before the UN Human Rights Council.This should be done now before the protagonists fade away.

  • Ex Singaporean

    @Pro Singapore

    Francis T. Seow’s Ordeal – except from Escapt From Paradise.

    In May 1988, Francis Seow was arrested in accordance with Singapore’s Internal Security Act (ISA), which permits Singapore to detain anyone indefinitely — without trial, judicial review, or explanation. Under the ISA, Chia Thye Poh, a member of Singapore’s Parliament, was detained for twenty-three years, from 1966 to 1989.

    Singapore arrested Francis Seow, claiming he had been a “willing partner to acts of interference in Singapore’s internal affairs by representatives of a foreign power.” That “foreign power” was the United States. Soon after Mr. Seow’s arrest, Hank Hendrickson, First Secretary of the US Embassy in Singapore was expelled from the island for “meddling in Singapore politics.”

    Francis Seow was imprisoned in a small windowless cell, for 72 days with only a raised concrete platform topped with a wooden plank for a bed. During his interrogations, he was forced to remain standing, on one occasion, for sixteen hours!

    Francis Seow is an eloquent speaker with a charisma rarely found (or encouraged) in Singapore. In addition, he had decided to run for political office and was a fitting rival to Singapore’s ruler, Lee Kuan Yew. This was Francis Seow’s “crime.”

    Francis Seow was lucky, he was released from detention after seventy-two days.

    Mr. Seow left Singapore to become a visiting fellow at Harvard Law School. He now lives in Boston.

    We are honored to have Mr. Seow review our book so generously.

  • Ex Singaporean

    @Pro Singapore

    I suggest you access the web site of Escape from Paradise.

  • TheGuiltyByStander

    I would suggest taking a few steps back to the GE and the PE and analyse how this game is being played. Ask who are the producers, the directors, the editors, the writers and the players? The theme of this game is politics. It is far from having a COI and seeking true justice and your pound of whatever……. passion and willingness to uphold high ideals should not be misplaced carelessly.

  • @TheGuiltyByStander

    Dhanabalan, is that you?

  • Ethen Jin-Chew

    The case with the ISA detention is a fact, not an article or a piece of writing which is written by some authors.

    This ISD detention is a recorded history of Singapore, if one were to talk about motivation, then the motivation behind the arrest without trial is for the MHA to answer!!

    To tell us that a few social work volunteers has the means to impose on us their communist ideology and overturn the government in the booming economic environment of the 70’s and the 80’s is an utter insult to our intelligence, it sounds almost like joke.

    The whole episode looked even more perplexed against a back drop of declining influence of the communist states in Asia and Europe at that time.

    Let’s assume that these people really were out to influence and “subvert”, then at least show us proof that they had convinced the Catholic Church to help them spread their words, but had they?

    Had MHA gathered evidence during the time of the arrest to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Catholic church was involved with these detainees, openly or secretly? Did MHA have proof that the church did include in their Sunday sermons some talks about God and Marxism? What an idiotic and paranoiac perversion of law and justice!!

    Yes, a COI is very important for Singapore to mature into nationhood. Purpose of a COI is not to serve the “passionate minority”, neither it is there to serve the “unseen and the undisclosed political masters” (very imaginative!!). The COI is needed to show that we, Singaporeans, want our government, present and future, to take the path of respect, integrity, accountability and responsibility towards the citizens of our country.

    This is not a path painted by others.

    We don’t want our country whose government of the day has this law called ISD with which they can detain any citizen without trial on the pretext of “eradicating subversion”, the kind of subversion that is so secrete that it cannot be made public, need not be tried in the court of law and, worst, no need to answer to Parliament and the Judiciary. This would truly be a path that’s mislead.

  • ‘Mat

    MHA was instructed by their lightning gods.

    The lightning gods are scared shit that their many skeletons will come tumbling out of the cupboard.

    Big bullies turned into chicken shits!

  • http://--- Singaputra

    An independent COI will have to uncover the following:

    1. Who initiated the detention – the ISD or the Prime Minister/Minister of Home Affairs?
    2. What were the compelling reasons and what evidence did they have besides the “confessions”.
    3. Were the “confessions” corroborated by other evidence uncovered by the ISD?
    4.Did any of the detainees have a record of indulging in clandestine or subversive actions?
    5.Why was Francis Seow, who was representing one of the detainees, also detained when he visited the ISD to take instructions from his client?
    6. Is it not contradictory to detain FS on suspicion of “colluding” with the US -a friendly capitalist country – when he was acting for a “marxist”?
    Give us a break! There are too many unanswered questions. Shouln’t Singaporean be told the truth?
    What is so wrong for getting to the bottom of it all if the PAP had done no wrong?

  • Ah Cow

    Lee Kwan Yew, Goh Choke Tong and Lee Hsian Loong enjoy calling themselves Mr Clean.

    Well you three Mr Cleans, why not give yourselves this God-send opportunity to show that your hands are really clean? Because saying so doesn’t make it so.

    Convene a Commission of Inquiry. Prove it!

  • talkcock

    Q: What purpose an independant COI now served?

    A: How about a chance for MHA to clear all doubts, so that they can convincingly justify the use of ISA?

    So MHA, why not?

    Who is aftraid of the truth now?

  • copy your answer can?


    “I would suggest taking a few steps back to the GE and the PE and analyse how this game is being played. Ask who are the producers, the directors, the editors, the writers and the players?”

    Wah piang eh! You sound like my teacher. Ask and ask questions when you obviously already know the answer.

    Just tell me lah! I am Singaporean. Cannot think one. Must be spoon-fed.

    Tell me in case I get the wrong answer!

    You also sound like Fox Mulder, X files. Everytime also must talk in code.

    The truth is out there! But you don tell me how i know the truth?

  • yeoman

    only via a fair COI could we prove that the acused singaporeans were truly subversive and deserve what they’ve gotten.

    it is to the credit of the govt to have a COI conducted.

    or is the govt afriad that they might have to ‘condcut’ countless ‘COIs’ for the million or so COMMIES who are so warmly welcomed here?

  • Aaron

    I don’t know man. The timing about all these is just fishy.

    - They join SDP

    - Teo Soh Lung uses SDP to champion for her own cause at the expense of Yuhua residents

    - Vincent Cheng is now the SDP Chair I think.

    - After 20 years, they ask to review the case. Social climate is different 20 years ago.

    - What about Ho Kwon Ping? The banyan tree director? He was a detainee isn’t it. Why isn’t his name inside the signatories?

  • Sad

    And that is how Hitler held on to power forever. And the Japan Emperor never had to apologise for their actions in world war II. And Autralia govt did not have to apologise for their treatment of the Aboriginal Children. Long live PAP.

  • Aaron

    Actually I support the Government’s stance for this one.

    Government stand firm on what they believe is good for the nation at that period of time which is 20+ years ago.

  • Aaron

    And 20 years after the incident, they make a big issue. Why didn’t they make it an issue 10 years ago? or in 1990? Why now? WHY?

  • Richard

    Time for a Commission of Inquiry to look into the sincerity of LHL’s apology before GE2011 and his call for “soul searching” after the GE blow! The PAP is proving itself to be like the almost faultless man who asserts: “I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, I don’t womanise… (I only tell lies).”

  • GO

    PAP should demonstrate what is true democracy now! No point using the “political tools” to take cover, it will only get worst than better.

    “No one” is going to buy what MHA said!

  • JUSTICE for all

    Justice must only only be done – but seen to be done.

    Such high-handedness is thoroughly regrettable.

  • ricardo


    > They have been investigated, judged and “de-commission” over the years.

    But they were NOT investigated & judged. Confessions were extracted by torture. When the confessions were retracted on release, they were re-arrested & their lawyers too.

    When they were arrested, the ISA was the British system where the Govt. has to persuade a Supreme Court judge of the need for detention. In at least 1 case, the Supreme Court thought the Detention was for personal & political reasons.

    To deal with this, the PAP “improved” the ISA in 1989 so the President can overrule the Supreme Court’s opinion if it disagrees with the Govt. This was made retrospective so the judges could be ignored.

    In other countries, this is called Criminal Oppression. But in Singapore, some people are happy to let Criminals be Dignified multi-million times.

  • Michael Yong

    Good morning.

    May I ask where is Ho Kwon Ping? Ho Kwon Ping was detained under ISA.

    Now he is a successful businessman contributing to economy. Is he in the signatories of the 16 people? Why didn’t he sue the government?

    I am beginning to believe the 16 are leftists after all these things they have done recently… Looks like they are remained the same over these 20 years, committed to the leftist’s beliefs.

    I googled some info on Ho Kwon Ping:

    2000 : Director, Singapore Airlines.
    2000 : Chairman, Singapore Management University.
    2004 : Director, MediaCorp.
    2004 : Director, Singapore Tourism Board.
    Other appointments
    Director, Standard Chartered Bank.
    Chairman, Singapore Institute of Management.
    Chairman, Speak Mandarin Campaign.
    Chairman, SP Telecommunications.

  • Jeremiah

    Since it is history, the reports of the Advisory Commission, the President, ISD etc should be released publicly for Singaporeans to learn from the lessons within it.

  • Thank You SDP

    We have to thank SDP and their team for highlighting such issues to the PAP-Government. Without SDP’s support, the detainees won’t have the moral courage to stand up.

  • Thank You SDP

    SDP will have my votes for 2016. I hope they contest in Tanjong Pagar.

  • We want change

    The government is going against public opinion. We have to wait for the formation of a new government. Make this an issue at GE 2016, and keep the issue boiling till then. Another example what a repressive country in a one party state can do to shut out the opposition and abuse human rights.

    If you love repression, cheer on but you may change your mind if one fine day YOU, family members or friends become a victim.

  • Our Muslim Abangs how?

    Fark. What about our Muslim brothers who r suffering inside? Farking Chinks who only think for themselves.

  • coalition

    The COI shall be formed: Chairman- Tommy Koh, Dy Chairman – Ho Kwong Ping, Members – C George and others.
    The united Oppos must pursue this relentlessly till GE 2016 or earlier!!

  • DP

    I think the pre 1965 detainees stand a btter chance. They should request that the Britisg governmet hold a COI on the 1963 detentions. I beleive justice will be served in UK

  • ah Kong 2 cents

    MHA make right move, save further resources. The 16 should just repent and wait for kingdom come. Remember in history as the 16 mosquitoes who dream of overthrowing an legitimate government. Should have giving them life imprisonment, PAP is too kind and soft. I will vote for WP next GE, believe LTK will have iron gloves and has deathly venom too. Society need discipline.

  • Singaporean

    Govt is not going against public opinion. After last ISA/ISD action against political detainees, there were six elections and at each election PAP has won at least 60% vote.

    If public opinion was strong enough, PAP would have relented long time back.

    Put it this way – sadly enough – majority Singaporeans are selfish don’t give a damn to unjust sufferings of their fellow Singaporeans as long as it doesn’t affect their rice bowl. It is only now that we are seeing some public consciousness. In many other countries jailing of people like Chia Thye Poh would have not been tolerated by general public.

    ISD actions against political detainees is a national shame that cant be washed away until there is a public independent inquiry.

    Even for ISD detainees themselves, this action is too little, too late. They should have pressed for if long ago, should have gone on indefinite fast etc. to put pressure on Govt as well as let their plight be heard.

    So, it is natural that Govt is not going to yield on this issue.

  • You Judge

    Fair inquiry to PAP is just like baring all their evils doings to public. Rejecting the inquiry is an admission of guilt itself. Putting up whites to cover black doings are unscrupulous human being practices.

  • Kumar

    doppelganger 30 September 2011
    I say to the 16 detainees. You are lucky that MHA denies a Commission of Inquiry. Such a Commission would find you all guilty AS A MATTER OF DEFINITION.


    well said, doppelganger. that is the crux of the issue. the COI would be staffed with sycophants. good thing COI not convened, not bcoz the past sufferings are irrelevant, but bcoz the COI would further damn those 16.

  • witness

    What other reply can one expect? They will obviously not want to shoot themselves in the foot.

    A COI will have to wait until a non-PAP government takes over.

    Reminds me of how, only recently, were the Khmer Rouge leaders put on the spotlight for their misdeeds — after most of the chief culprits have died.

  • Petition Queen Elizabeth

    I will believe them if they send a petition to Queen Elizabeth and Malaysia Sultan. Did they? SDP instigated them for them.

  • SDP supporters, please read

    Malaysian opposition party, Perkasa’s President says ISA repeal may affect security.

    Perkasa’s President, Ibrahim Ali is a former ISA detainee.

    ISA detainee say that himself. Go figure.

  • Stevenkhorfather

    iow meh ? Ask again after “he” passes on.

    “He” is still around lah ! You don’t want face , “he” still want his face

  • Chanel

    Past experience with the COI for the escape of Mas Selamat has shown that the PAP govt is not capable of appointing an INDEPENDENT commission!!!

  • lim

    @ Singaputra,

    The problem about the SDP and some of their affiliates/associates is that they are often seen to choose not to work within the law as a first option or adopt grandeur plans eg COI rather than simple workable solutions. I would suggest that they do so.

    You don’t need a COI to uncover points 1-6 stated. There are legal means to do so. If not sure, talk to a lawyer. I am not one so don’t ask me.

  • Damn

    SG People paid million$ to have a whole bunch of Legalised Mafia! Damn!

  • Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor.

    20 years from now the JI detainees will also ask for COI. They can seek advice from Teo Soh Lung then.

  • MHA Is A Complete Wash-Out

    ” The Government sees no reason to conduct a review now, more than 20 years after the event, via a Commission of Inquiry”.

    Oh my God, the above statement from THE MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS.

    By the same argument, are the Police saying that any criminal offence committed more than 20 years ago cannot be investigated because the offence(s) was committed more than 20 years ago?

    With MHA, there is no limit to stupidity.

  • waste time

    sure, a coi chaired by tony tan, co-chaired by teo chee hian, and include personalities like jayakumar, george yeo and maybe lim boon heng and the supposed saint gerard ee etc. whats the point?!?

  • Message To MHA

    Give your evidence in a Court of Justice and not to the Press. If you dare not do it,then shut up and bury your head in the sand. You have lost the case.

    A true blue Singaporean,

  • Maria Elena

    Come, come, MHA. All we want is, to know the truth, the whole truth and Nothing, but the Truth.

    Why deprive us the privilege of knowing the truth? Are you guilty or what?
    Democracy and Justice must prevail in our little paradise…Sin..ka…poor!
    Agree? No?

  • Ask Ho Kwon Ping

    Why not ask successful Singaporean businessman Ho Kwon Ping for the truth?

    Do you know he was detained under ISA?

    Do you see his name in the list of 16? What does this show?

  • gerald

    over time, stories are made over and given salt and pepper.

    20 years later, anyone and everyone from both sides can claim anything.

  • popcorn

    “20 years from now the JI detainees will also ask for COI. They can seek advice from Teo Soh Lung then.”

    A malicious and despicable comment. We are talking about jailing political and social dissenters, not fanatical would-be terrorists. The Govt won’t have the competence and capability to catch the “real” terrorist. They have to rely on our more street smart neighbouring countries to nab them on Singapore’s behalf. All Gahmen have to do is to pay them.

  • Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor.


    “We are talking about jailing political and social dissenters,”

    Be logical a bit. My rationale is simple.

    JBJ is a sharp, charismatic Workers Party member and member of Parliament before the Leftist’s arrest. Chiam See Tong is in political office since 1984. My aunt stays in Potong Pasir. She only sing praises of Chaim. The recent GE is just unfortunate for him.

    Anyway, JBJ gave more problems. Was he ISA-ed?

    You go figure.

    I repeat myself again: “20 years from now the JI detainees will also ask for COI. They can seek advice from Teo Soh Lung then.”

  • popcorn

    Why would successful businessman Ho Kwon Ping upset his ricebowl by including his name in the list of 16?
    Busy expanding his business empire all over the world, enlarging his piggy bank.
    Vit M tops anything, no brain.

  • yeoman


    you are right,why would a ‘now’ super-rich enriched HO KWON PING rock his boat?

    he even sits on govt bodies and companies.

    even many among our ‘once poor’ ministers and other prominent MIWs just want to fill up their deep pockets and prefer to remain ‘silent’.

    COI or NO COI here,there will still be a COI before THE MAKER;it is better to feel sorry now than later.

  • popcorn

    Not political in nature? The “Marxists” were deemed political dissenters, thrown into jail, flimsily charged as Communists out to subvert the system, start a revolution and throw the PAP out of Parliament.
    Go on, repeat yourself until siow twenty years from now, by then all the fabricators are probably in urns already.

  • Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor


    Why would successful businessman Ho Kwon Ping upset his ricebowl by including his name in the list of 16?
    Busy expanding his business empire all over the world, enlarging his piggy bank.
    Vit M tops anything, no brain.

    u answered your own question.

    Communists don’t believe in Vitamin M. Communism doesn’t work thus Ho Kwon Ping 弃暗投明.

    But from these nonsense, it is obvious Teo Soh Lung and the others are holding on to their leftist ideals.

    How many people did the Communism Party of Malaya killed? 10,000?

  • yeoman

    Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor

    communists don’t believe in vitamin M?

    but,they do believe in becoming ‘multi-millionaires’ by screwing up their simpler ‘peasant’ countrymen ,not unlike how our non-communist ‘leeders’ are doing?

  • Want Your CPF Vote out PAP in 2015/6

    “”Ask Ho Kwon Ping 30 September 2011
    Why not ask successful Singaporean businessman Ho Kwon Ping for the truth?

    Do you know he was detained under ISA?

    Do you see his name in the list of 16? What does this show?””

    Well I dont think HKP wont tell the truths. But WTF you think the rest don’t tell the truths JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT RICH – bloody fkc what kind of logic you write.

    “”Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor. 30 September 2011
    20 years from now the JI detainees will also ask for COI. They can seek advice from Teo Soh Lung then. “”

    You are another idiot cock. Then I wish you die next month instead of living for the next 20 years !!!!

  • Teo Soh Lung And Company Are Communists

    Based on their press release,the govt wants us to believe that Teo Soh Lung and Company are communists.

    Over my dead body will I believe they are communists. They are as innocent as me, my wife,children and all other Singaporeans, unless proven in a Court of Justice with hard evidence. Otherwise, stop hoodwinking me and other Singaporeans with your absolute nonsensical statements in the press. They proved nothing other than your blatant attempt to cover up your political motives.

    Shame on you, MHA.

  • Teh Tar Lek

    @ Teo Soh Lung can be JI advisor

    “Communists don’t believe in Vitamin M” ?? Sure??

    Read this :

    “The luxury life for Kim Jong-Il’s family goes on regardless of the worsening suffering of North Koreans amid the third-generation succession,” the legislator said.

  • Chanel

    “Anyway, JBJ gave more problems. Was he ISA-ed?”

    There are many ways to skin a cat. For JBJ, PAP bankrupted him instead….meaning he couldn’t run for election again. For the 16 detained, bankruptcy won’t work because they were not running for MP then

  • Crap

    There are other specific laws that better targets terrorism, if that is the real aim of ISA. The reality is this: PAP wants to keep ISA in case it needs to use it against their political opponents. That is the ONLY reason

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  • lim

    The better example, imho, would have been Chee rather than JBJ. JBJ was elected so one might argue that PAP was scared to go against its own political system.

    Chee, has not been elected. If the ISA had been used against him, considering that ex-PMs called him a political gangster, it would have validated talk of the ISA being used against political opponents. They could have easily used the ISA to gag someone who still persists in engaging in inconvenient & often embarrassing politics.

    The fact that it was not used in Chee’s case undermines that argument. The weak, unsubstantiated and apparent biased posts/rhetoric only solidifies the impression that the anti-ISA grounds are not strong. This impression is further bolstered by the mere dismissal or inability to argue against the use of non-judicial detention against terror suspects as is happening in the world today.

    Based on the above, it would difficult to argue that the 16 are mere neutrals or god forbid, closet govt supporters. The continued actions of 16 appear to confirm their continued anti-govt slant & ironically, in my eyes, makes the govt’s explanations then & now more convincing.

  • kookoo

    lim 30 September 2011
    The fact that it was not used in Chee’s case undermines that argument.


    hey stupid, it was not used against Chee because Chee’s rhetoric did not appeal to the masses, and Chee not as charismatic as JBJ. if Chee was anywhere near JBJ,he would be a goner because he would pose a threat to old fart

  • PAP Need Climate Of Fear to Survive

    ISA is an instrument that the PAP govt need to use to create and maintain fear among the opposition parties and the citizens. How else can you explain an incompetent govt staying in power for over 50 years while delivering nothing to its citizens? Their economic strategy? Simple. Just bring in 2 million uneducated and cheap foreign laborers to increase GDP and increase HDB prices to astronomical heights so as to pay off the high debts that they owed Singaporeans.

    Terrorist threats? What threats? Just when was the last time a building was brought down by terrorists here or someone was killed by a terrorist? Never.
    Which is a bigger threat? Terrorists or the ISA? The latter has already claimed the “lives” of innocent victims jailed without trial for as long as 32 years. Are we a nation gone mad or so obsessed with terrorism that we are prepared to imprison anybody without trial on the basis that some nebulous evidence showed that he is a likely terrorist? No, we have not gone mad or are obsessed with terrorism. The blatant truth is that the ISA is used to instill fear on the opposition parties and all those who are against the ruling party. And it has worked for over 50 years. Let the truth be told.

  • Harry Li

    By denying the call for an independent inquiry, the government, once again showed its repressive style, and ever ready to use again. This ISA remains a threat not only to the oppositions, applies to anyone, whom they deemed, a challenge to the one party rule. Although, we got six oppositions now, that does not mean they are safe from ISD actions. The repressive rulers knows when and how to use the ISA card, at their choice time. It’s not so difficult for them to fabricate a reason- communist, terrorist, rightist, just shoved into our throats, and you got to take it.

  • Ben

    What are they afraid of? The truth? Everyone in Singapore knows that ISA has been used on political opponents of the regime. This just reaffirm the truth.

    Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither


  • We’re Singaporeans!


    That’s Why!!!!

  • john

    Harry Lee is nothing but a political coward. I hope he lives to 150! He can suffer all the sicknesses of old age and suffer day and night.
    What is the use of gaining the whole world and suffering the loss of one’s own soul. May all the spirits of his victims haunt him till he is mad. Who would believew that Woody GCT was responsible. He was a new PM then, He dares to do something like that without the consent and support of Harry? The words of Mr Devon Nair in conclusion; LKY is light years away from human greatness. To me he nothing but an animal of the lowest order.

  • Harry FART

    Dear John
    Please do not insult animals by comparing this old fart to them. Animals are never wilfully cruel! This ONE human being has wilfully caused the sufferings of so many innocent human beings to feed his EGO!

  • john

    Dear Harry FART; Thank you for pointing out my factual error. My deepest apologies to all animals. It was truly an unjust comparison.

  • Ong Bing Seng aka fuxswan

    Bcoz sporlians WILL Accept, as ALWAYS.

  • 40%

    Just vote pap out ge2016. Problems will be solved . Spore belongs to sporeans. Pray oppositions will form the new gov.

  • anti-dictator

    this can be explain why they say no

    most obvious answer is

    PAP judge
    PAP law
    PAP courtroom
    PAP legislation
    PAP cronies
    PAP system
    and PAP mafia GODFATHER

    very obvious

  • Wei Tsuen

    The ex-detainees’ statement mentioned confessions were extracted through torture. MHA’s response completely evades the accusation.

  • Lye Khuen Way

    “You want the truth ? You can’t handle the truth !” Looks like there are many, dead & alive who cannot…. Sorry, I meant those still alive . Sad.

  • eaglefly

    ai yoh, you all dafts mean you’re not in commie island now ???

    why then your cpf is lock up ????

    because you’re “STUPID” ?????




  • Harry Li

    By denying the strong public call for an independent commission is pulling the society further apart. The fear in the division of society, cautioned by LHL, is not only at manageable level, but by their own doings are increasing at a alarming quantum. The proof may have to be 2016.

  • Farting Harry

    Why are comments disabled for this rubbish letter?

  • Damn

    @Farting Harry
    Why are comments disable for this rubbish letter?
    Many pappies related clips or article have their comments disabled. Perhaps they don’t want to be too embarassed by the tsunami of negative responses. This is the doings of someone who is guilty and has lots of s**t to hide!

  • born free

    Injustice is good for them. They ask you to forget about justice.

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  • Thor


  • Thor

    It is interesting that government statements are now released as if there is an omnipresent sentinent being in each department. Who is signing off in these statements? Why hide behind the skirts of civil servants. Have the courage of your convictions. At least, these 16 who called for the COI did. They went through hell and came back swinging. I just hope that I will live to see justice done one day.

  • Mas Karamat Wong

    The mha simply rejected.

    This also showed the oppo is weak n they can only ask but never have power to do anything though 5 or 6 are well compensated by people’s money now.

    Mao, where r u ? What u’ve been doing bro?

  • mice is nice

    in the absence of light, darkness prevails…

    is there something lurking in the dark that does not wish to be revealed? can justice really be served when decisions are cloaked in darkness, actions not fully justified in the eyes of the public?

    maybe the detentions were made by far-right lunatic fringes in our former cowboys town (T. Pagar?)?


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  • Bornbred Singaporean

    Let’s not waste time with a Commission of Inquiry! The commssion will be appointed by the Government and will probably comprise the ubiquitous Gerard Ee and other high-flying individuals who are benefiting from the system and therefore is obliged to the government.

    Unless we change the system from the core, let’s not bother with any commission or even any kind of judicial setup. See what happened to Judge Michael Khoo (and all other cases taken against the government)and you know what a waste of time it will be to set up anything to investigate the government.

    Let’s work on changing the system and rooting out all that’s so wrong first!

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  • peterC

    @Bornbred Singaporean

    Spoken like a TRUE Singaporean.

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