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Updated: MP Penny Low preoccupied with phone in the midst of singing national anthem at NDP

August 10
19:31 2011

by: Jewel Philemon/

Update: TOC contacted Ms Penny Low and asked her if she has a response to this incident which is widely being discussed online. Ms Low responded to TOC and said:

Thank you for your enquiry.

This is the clarification posted on my FB a couple of hours ago :

“I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. If in my enthusiasm i offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura!”

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Penny Low

Ms Penny Low Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC was caught looking preoccupied with her mobile phone in the midst of singing the national anthem at Singapore’s 46th National Day Parade.

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam commenting on this on his Facebook said that this must be an addiction for Ms Low as she should have known that the cameras would be on her. But some on twitter were however defending Ms Low saying she had dropped her phone and was merely picking it up.

  • Yuan

    She dropped her phone?

    Means she was playing with it, that’s why she dropped?

    You se-di-a, sing national anthem, you DON’T move. How the handphone drop? From the sky?

    And the camera came onto her near the ending of the song. Means if she is picking up her handphone, she was doing something that caused her handphone to drop IN THE MIDDLE of the national anthem.

  • gombath

    ohh, how vicious…maybe she had a personal emergency to attend to? how is this action an indication of real disloyalty? remember the film, enemy of the state? it’s coming through…

  • FML

    Alamak…Give erm a break lah. Important issue that raise up. This kind of small matter also must write an article about it.
    Maybe her phone rang and she was trying to silent her phone. It wasn’t very long when she was fiddling her phone from the video anyway.

  • Perspective

    Come on! Why are we picking on something so trivial as this???

    Happy National Day to Everyone.

  • asteroids

    >>Come on! Why are we picking on something so trivial as this???

    Because she is from PAP mah. TOC only pick on PAP.

  • lalala

    @FML.. she was posting live photos on her Facebook, as evidenced on her FB page

  • FML

    lalala @ I can’t see any on her wall…=(
    …did you see the exact date and time?

  • lol

    @FML, see picture

    A few wall posts askign her this was promptly deleted.. hahaha

  • Jo

    Never sing, never pay attention, never respect the anthem as we were always taught to…

    Oh… rules only applies to peasants..

  • human

    It’s not a trivial matter. It shows disrespect for our country’s national anthem, and everything it represents. Even if Low Thia Kiang/Chen Shao Mao had done it, he would (and rightly should) have been similarly criticized.

  • Crazy

    This is the National Anthem. MPs are supposed to be role models. She should apologise

  • All Singaporeans

    From kindergarden throughout school, every morning during assemblies, National Service, what are we all taught to and suppose do when National Anthem is being played and sung?

  • lol

    Picking up handphone more important than national anthem? lolx.

  • hia

    I don’t think it’s a small, trivial matter. The national anthem is a solemn affair that has to be honoured and respected by all citizens, much lest a leader of a country. Maybe it’s trivial to some because we have taken it for granted that only a sovereign, free nation has a right to an official anthem. Whether the handphone dropped or malfunctioned or there was some personal emergency or whatsoever, the anthem lasts for all of a couple of minutes. Just respect the anthem until it is over before attending to it.

  • alamak

    This is the level of politics from KJ? Please opposition, please buck up. TR’ish gutter won’t get anyone anywhere.

  • Utter Disgrace

    Utter Disgrace. She couldn’t even give a minute of her time to the singing of the national anthem. For an MP representing her constituency and the people of Singapore, this is disgusting. The PAP is certainly going down the slippery slope.

  • johnny sim

    They’re picking on something this trivial because these MPs are making $15K a month when many of their citizens are starving and go unhelped.

  • Thor

    Where does trivial end? What James Gomez did? When JBJ said he had a police report in his hand? When GCT was found inside voting area? What TPL did during cooling day? The arrogance of wearing funeral white to state function?

  • xtrocious

    It’s not trivial but totally disrespectful of our National Anthem…

    Where’s her sense of pride and belonging?

  • Ryvyan

    That’s pure disrespect but something I thought TNP would pick up on, not TOC.

  • sg is too crowded

    disgraceful behaviour.. having an affair on the phone perhaps?

  • What If The Act Was Committed By Sylvia Lim Or Chen Show Mao?

    What if the act was committed by Sylvia Lim or Chen Show Mao? Lap dog SPH would be the first to jump on the bandwagon and splash it, in full colour and in big bold letters, on the front page of every newspaper. Shanmugam would have called for an urgent press conference to question the loyalty of the opposition party, especially that of Mr Chen since he is supposedly a “foreigner”. Other PAP MPs will follow suit turning their act into a loyalty and credibility issue.

    But sadly for the PAP, this scenario will never happen. Slvia Lim and Chen Show Mao are people of high integrity and will never show any form of disrespect towards the nation.

  • -E-

    This isn’t the first time MPs are doing something else when the National Anthem is on anyway. Why do you people still think they give a hoot?

    It’s already pretty obvious through the years that they don’t care about SG nor her citizens and the only reason why they care about SG is because they get $ from it. Lots of $.

    But hey, that’s just my view, maybe I’m wrong.

  • Penny4thought

    They are your God & Goddess lah!

    You people are really “Dafts”.

    In their mind, you people are “nothing” but digits.

    Thats why, most of the time ,as “Digits’ you will be asked to “switch off” the H/p” in important meetings.

    People like her–try telling them to switch off !

    So, sad, even waiting or to hold or delay receiving the call by 5 mins ,she can’t be bothered .

  • Chanel

    Those who said that this is a “trivial” matter should think again. This is the national anthem we are talking about. Even school children will tell you that you keep still and sing the anthem.

    There is simply no excuse for PAP MP Penny Low to be fiddling with her mobile phone!! “Drop the phone”? What a lousy excuse.

  • pokemon

    if i caught fiddle with my phone whhile driving and caught by TP? do they accept my explaination that my phone rang too loud and i trying to silent it.

    anyway, the atmosohere must be loud to notice any phone ring. anyway, shouldnt she should put it into silent mode in the first place for a function of this importance?
    the only reason i can think of, she dont give a shit.


    FML10 August 2011
    Alamak…Give erm a break lah. Important issue that raise up. This kind of small matter also must write an article about it.
    Maybe her phone rang and she was trying to silent her phone.
    you go to rex to watch your bollywood switched on your handfone while munchin soup tulang in rex cinemas?
    yes no?

    maybe your just farted as well?

  • limb&eyes

    Trival? Then your lives are really insignificant.

  • Food for throught

    Something to ponder. In my years of hearing National Anthem during NDP’s , even while at home, we as family would all go silent and stop activities to show our patriotism. The song itself would make you have goose bumbs for it invokes such feeling of patriotism. From the footage and facial expression, she seems to be pre occupied with something that phone had to offer. And thats the sadest part for I believe patriotism over the years are imbibed in you and that becomes part of your subconscious mind. Up till today when the anthem is played you would have some form of reaction. But then Penny seems to have lost that in her. Sad but true. Hope Penny would take this in a right light and do some reflections.

  • Watching porn?

    MP Penny Low might have been watching porn on her new iPhone. Can’t take her eyes off the “action”.

  • whjho

    Trivial matter of only seconds?

    What happens to SECONDS delay in submission for opposition at Tanjong Pagar.

    Immediately, the application was rejected.

  • sigh..

    Still photos are not counted. I can easily have a still of someone blink from the video. If I put up a still of a blink, does it mean someone is sleeping?

    Look at the video. She’s at it for a very short moment. Maybe her grassroots have some important updates for her? Maybe her child is sick? Maybe one of her constituents sms an angry complaint? There are so many maybes.

    This type of petty rubbish belongs to TR rightfully. KJ must be better than this rightfully – but I hear he can’t recite the pledge.

    TOC, you can do much better than TR and KJ.

  • LAng ting tang

    I say Ms Penny Low you got no pride, you got no shame, you got no sense of community, you got no spiak, you got no right to be disrespectful to the anthem, you got no idea the whole bloody world including us across the Pacific Ocean in North AMerica ARE ALL watching your disgraceful, unfaithful, disloyal and self-centred behaviour. Even people from singapore in ALL of Oceania are looking at you looking at you cellphone DURING the anthem – my gawwd !!! of ALL the Time in the world you HAD to look at you handphone – sucks to be you lady. you deserve to be lynched in public on-line through the most powerful and criticaql social media technology has giv en us ! shame on you , Little Lady.

  • lhkjh

    Hello an MP showing disrespect to the nation is call “small thing”? These people who think nothing of showing disrespect for the nation should be tried for treason.

  • Shaun Liew

    penny Low has stooped to a new low. This is utter disrespect for the country. Maybe the mps need to go for ettiquette classes subsidized by wda to get common knowledge and courtesy.

  • Sharon Peh

    I hope PM Lee discipline his MP. This is utter disregard for the Nation. This type of behvaiour is not tolerated even for pri school kids, and this is an elected MP.

    I feel so disgusted.

  • Maybe they paid Penny pennies?

    If she had been a student in school, she would have been disciplined for this outrage. Of all times, on National Day? What kind of leadership is this, huh? Hello? First Tin Pei Idiot, now Penny? This incident is unique. It proves once and for all, that it does not mean when you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Here you pay top-graded Soutn American bananas, and you get worse than monkeys. LKY is proven wrong.

  • NS man

    Singaporean women must serve NS. That’s why they become like that. Total desregard. And you can see clearly she was trying to not get caught! So much for honest government! Hypocrisy to the core. Could we have a by-election? I regretted I voted for them.

  • A Concerned Singaporean

    As an MP you should strive to be a role model for your constituents and the public.

    There are specific instances you should be conscious of and show respect to – like the arrival of the PM and the President whose arrival will immediately follow with the playing/singing of the National Anthem. You are clearly alerted about their impending arrival some moments before they actually arrive and you should have the common sense to switch off your phone or switch it to silent mode as a mark of respect to the VVIP, the National Anthem and the National Flag. If you fail to do this you fail as a leader irrespective of whether you are from PAP or Opposition.

    Gaffes like this should be rightly publicized to educate others. Education (on manners and etiquette) should not be meant only for the general public but to the educated brats as well.

  • What the fish?

    Even if she had dropped her phone, what do you think should have been the moral thing to do? From now on, when PM Lee talks about protecting Singapore and respecting the national flag or the national anthem, we would say: Yeah right. They’re getting from bad to worse.

  • Malay Duduette

    Kurang ajar. (rude) You’re a politician indeed. Full-time hypocrite. We pay $15 000 per month from the nation income tax for Penny to tell us to switch off our handphones during meetings. But she?! Would she have done it if PM Lee was beside her even if her handphone dropped? What kind of leaders are we creating here?

  • Reservist R us

    If there is a war, I will not protect you Penny Low for your utter disrespect!!!!!

  • nobody

    where is her heart while singing the national anthem? This goes to tell her (not us) that she is after the $15k p/m salary JOB only and not about serving the people and country.

  • Alien Go Home!!

    I think you need to stand straight during the singing & shouldnt even look at your phone, Penny. This action just made you look pretty silly & bo-chup!

  • SGrean

    They take so much money, of course they must be perfect in their ways on conduct and handling things. Who will buy a TV for $1,000 and expect its quality to be of $500?

  • SiowPorlampar

    Looking at all of above post, sure is funny how Puppies supporter reacts & says its trivial matters ??

    When Greed overtakes you…anything can be “overlook”…including “Lead by example”.

    Shame on all those “Puppies”

  • Sad Day for Singapore

    Where is your heart Penny? You sing the national anthem with no heart? In fact, she DIDN”T SING the national song during national day!

    Utter disrespect to the national flag. What a sad day for Singapore when their own leaders disrecpect their national flag? On national day somemore…they have gone morally bankrupt…disappointing.

  • Flobert

    The problem with today’s technology, and too many ‘hi-tech’ gadget.

  • The ghost of YOG

    Bad example of how to come across as a well adjusted and balanced human being

  • Shingo

    She is now scrambling to the Mediacorp tape department.

    ” Cut that part out of the repeated broadcast, or I will screw you big time, I tell you. “

  • majullah singapura

    Actually, that’s what’s happening to all the men in white up there on the stand – body there, hearts somewhere else. Penny Low is only being true to herself while the rest pretends and put up a show.

  • Wesley Sneijder

    Dear all,

    Good day to everyone. At this point, I am compelled to chime in to provide the true and fair picture to all regarding the Penny Low phone scandal. As you all know, Penny Low is an avid-supporter of Inter Milan. She was informed by sources that I was going to move to Manchester United or City and that I was already in England. Therefore she panicked and checked the Soccernet as this is important matter to her.

    At this juncture, I would like to inform all that no deal has been reached with any party for me to leave Inter Milan. I am committed to the Inter Milan cause and this year, we will win the EPL once more.

    I hope this matter has been laid to rest.

    Thank you.

    Yours Truly

  • majullah Singapura

    By the way, in all the cinemas in India, you have to stand up and sing the national anthem before the movie starts. During my army days, we had to stop whatever we were doing when the national anthem was being played at the end of the day – eating, walking, talking, area cleaning. So dont tell me it is trivail.

  • oh puleeze

    Is TOC also sponsored by SDP lunatics like TRE? Please serve Singaporeans first instead of kissing the feet of donors/sponsors. This type of article is only fit for TRE.

  • BBmoon

    We only see one side of the story. TOC, pls report wisely and not everything under the sun. Your TOC is accessible and supported by many SIngaporeans. With greater power, comes greater responsiblities. Must be responsible in publishing responsible articles that will not misled pple in thinking otherwise.

  • chip of the block not

    TOC shouldn’t stoop down to the level of TRE. This article is beneath TOC. Jewel should take a leaf from Ravi. Stop reading trash like TRE. They are serving only SDP and Susan Lim ie whoever pays them. TOC should serve Singapore first and foremost.

  • XII


    I see nothing wrong with publishing an article like this. People are free to make their own conclusions about what Penny Low was ‘actually’ doing.

    If the article does not interest you, you have the free will to move on to other topics.

  • Voltaire

    1) It shows Singapore is so well run that critics have nothing better to pick on.
    2) Having said that, politicians need to set an example, where possible.
    3) Lastly, sometimes checking the phone during such moment can save the day. Maybe watching too much movies, but such moments make Singapore leaders the most vulnerable to attacks. Some phone calls could be warning of imminent danger to those at the VIP stand, especially if it is too far from the reach of the closest security staff.

  • Ai Yo Yo

    The picture shows the truth. The TOC and TRE are just stating the facts. Just got to accept it. Penny Low is using the HP when the national Anthem is being sung.
    Penny Low – People would have low or no regards of you. Give LHL a penny for your thoughts – oops – action.
    I wonder what the PM is going to do about it – Just apologise for her mistakes and say we are only human and forget about the incident like the TPL election violation saga.

  • wc


    There’re many things that Penny did while serving her constituents. Just like CSM, SL and LTK. That’s a fact.

    So, what makes CSM deserve accolades for taking a bus and topping up his easylink? KJ can’t recite the pledge. That’s a fact too. Why not pick on that?

    A fact is nothing without context.

  • wc

    It’s a fact that so-and-so missed an global seminar because of an expired passport. That’s lame. But what if he’s been busy 24-7 for the past year preparing for the elections?

    These sort of curt articles make me wonder. What sort of Singapore does the alternative media want to see? All heads no hearts? Or a responsive nation of compassionate understanding people?

  • Voltaire

    Ai Yo Yo,

    1) There are better things in life to do than to pursue such things.
    2) PM has better things to do than to explain such things.
    3) Don’t think Singaporeans want a PM that apologizes for every little thing.
    4) Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you perfect? If you are not, don’t expect others to be.

  • Love

    She could have kicked out of Thai parliment if she in Thailand or shot dead by civilians!

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    Ai Yo Yo,

    If you love facts, let me give you some facts. It is easy for people to remember the negative facts and forget the positive ones. Especially PAP achievements over time, including in the last five years. Opposition candidates like to ask the question, “Have the last five years been better for Singapore and Singaporeans?” The answer is an emphatic “YES”. Many opposition supporters say “NO” because they only look at the negative stuff. That’s why looking at facts in context and looking at facts in a balanced way is important. Else, you can become self-radicalized.

    So these are some positive ones to balance the negative ones, in case you miss these very important facts.

    + Singapore enjoys near full employment

    Sovereign Credit Rating
    + AAA: only 14 countries in the world left with this rating – even mighty USA is being theatened with downgrading (in fact had just been downgraded by S&P to AA+)

    Local Banks – safest in the world – thanks to strong MAS regulatory framework
    + All three local banks rank amongst the top six safest in the world

    Strong Currency
    + Appreciates from S$2.22/US$ in 1981 to S$1.23/US$ now, thereby mitigating
    inflation and preserving our savings / value of our assets (just imagine if we
    are on the other side)
    + Currency’s strength backed by huge reserves so that it is not easily attacked
    by currency speculators
    + Former MAS Chairman Heng Swee Keat named top central bank governor of

    GDP per capita
    + Ranked 6th globally on purchasing power parity adjusted basis

    Foregin Affairs
    + Won Pedra Branca
    + Resolved railway land
    + Excellent network of FTAs
    + Forged global ties with emerging markets – China, India, Russia, Middle East,
    Africa, South America
    + Small country with a big influence – chairs Shangri-la Asis Pacific security
    dialogues, one of the few non-G20 countries invited to G20 meetings, Tharman is
    chairman of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) International Monetary and
    Financial Committee – just to mention a few

    Improved water security
    + NEWater, desalination, more reservoirs including Marina Bay reservoir

    Estate/Environment Upgrading
    + Lift upgrading promise fulfilled
    + Barrier-free access with wheelchair ramps, curbs all flattened at traffic
    crossings, lift buttons for the blind, lifts at MRT stations etc
    + Parks, parks connectors, boardwalks delivered – Hort Park, Southern Ridges,
    Sentosa Boardwalk, Woodlands Waterfront Park, Punggol Wetland Park, countless
    small neighbourhood parks etc
    + Exercise machines for old folks next to playgrounds
    + Gardens by the Bay in the works

    Excellent airport/port/airline
    + Despite keen competition, our airport/port/airline still ranked favourably.
    Changi Airport wins more than 300 awards globally since opening in 1981.

    + NUS/NTU/SMU all well regarded at home and abroad
    + Even our ITE is state-of-the-art
    + New school buildings that provide customized facilities for youths with
    specialized talents/interests – De Lasalle School, SOTA (School of the Arts),
    NUS High School etc

    (from EDB website)

    Economic Performance
    + Singapore is among the Top 3 in foreign trade and investment
    + Singapore is ranked No.2 worldwide as the city with the best investment
    potential for 16 consecutive years

    Competitiveness & Business Environment
    + Singapore is ranked first for having the most open economy for international
    trade and investment

    + Singapore is the world’s easiest place to do business
    + Singapore is ranked the most competitive country in the world
    + Singapore is the best business environment in Asia Pacific and worldwide
    + Singapore is Asia’s most “network ready” country

    Business Legislation and Efficiency
    + Singapore is first in the world for having the best protection of intellectual property
    + Singapore is the least bureaucratic place for doing business in Asia

    + Singapore is ranked 5th in the world and 1st in Asia for having the least
    corruption in its economy
    + Singapore is ranked the most transparent country in the world and Asia

    + Singapore maintains top position in BERI’s Labour Force Evaluation Measure
    + Singapore is ranked 7th in the world and 3rd in Asia for having the most
    motivated workforce
    + Singapore is among the top 5 in Asia for the best skilled labour
    + Singapore’s labour regulations are the most business conducive in Asia
    + Singapore has the world’s best labour/employer relations

    Expatriate Living
    + Foreign talent rank Singapore as Asia’s best country to work in
    + Singapore is the first choice for Asian expatriates
    + Singapore is the best place in Asia to live, work and play
    + Singapore immigration laws for foreign talent highly-regarded for being

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  • Evidence

    Peeny Low, you are caught with your pants down. You cannot hide. Pls come up with an explanation and apology.

    Clearly your mind is on something else when the Nation Anthem is being sang. You do not deserve to be an MP.

  • Ah Meng

    iVOTEahMENG 10 August 2011,

    You’re making too much noise. Stop talking nonsense. Shut up.

  • Reply To Wesley Sneijder

    Dear Wesley,

    Thank you for your clarifications on the misdeeds of Ms Penny Low. Prior to your leaving for MU, would you be so kind as to request Inter Milan to offer Ms Penny a job. I do not know what she is good at but, perhaps, a job like offering the players drinks at half-time will suit her fine. I must warn you though that her pay is S$15,000 per month. However,I am confident that many of her “supporters” will help defray the cost by paying a one-way ticket for her to arrive in Milan asap. By the way, please inform your boss that she loves playing with hand phone even when the Italian national anthem is being played.

    I await your reply,
    and remain a Wesley Sneijder fan.

  • halozz

    It is common knowledge to pay respect to the State when the National Anthem is being played more so when you are a public figure whose actions are fully scrutinized.

    I do not think it is appropriate for Ms Low to do what she did.

    The long list of achievements that you have listed (sorry I did not read through the full list) came into fruition with the ministers getting very handsome pay. This is what the PAP has stated; pay top dollars to get top results. Hence, anything lesser than what you have stated is not acceptable. Isnt’t it so?

    Being so many 1st, how are our countrymen coping with their lives? Are we better off in real terms, I wonder? For my case, the answer is no. I appreciate what the pap has achieved but I failed to benefit from it to a big extend. Why is this so since we are No.1 in so many area? It beats me too!

  • Redemption


    This article really made my day, quite surprised it’s reported here besides TRE.
    All of us SINGAPOREANS are taught when young to RESPECT the national anthem whenever it’s played. The old soldiers of the 60s and 70s needs to wake up and sing it every 6am in the morning.
    And on the country birthday, one of it’s most significant occasions,
    we have this MP CAUGHT in the act playing with her HP while in the middle of the national anthem.

    This is mockery and disrespect of towards the nation!
    I demand an apology from PENNY LOW to all SINGAPOREANS!

    My 2nd point will brief here,
    Am not asking about history of PAP and how they bring Singapore from slum to the first world blah blah blah…
    We can talk until the cows comes home and you guys will still say HDB is affordable, CPF is good for retirement, ERP is good for traffic, COE is good, only rich can drive.
    Nobody gives a damm about what they have done, what we are looking is TODAY! TOMMORROW and the FUTURE.

    My 3rd point will be adding fuel to the fire,
    We have our Tony tan deadfish handshake caught on again.
    Here’s to show how insincere and how disrespect he is.

  • ashly

    If no one is perfect, then why pay yourselves millions? Even a primary 1 pupil can sing the Anthem with gusto. It’s not that difficult, really unless your heart is not in it.

  • sad

    TOC is going downhill..

  • perspective

    I’d like to know what the other opposition people are doing at 8:11pm on National Day.

    Were they standing up and singing along at home? Or they are digging their nose?

    Do they know the anthem? Or even the pledge for that matter?

    So much for wanting to serve the people and the country..

    That’ll put things in perspective.

  • Dead Poet

    Well I must say, TOC has learnt well. They are only following the example set by our leaders when they dealt with any opposition or government critic. Well I guess its no longer fun when the spotlight is on you. So anyone who is actually condemning TOC, fair is fair

  • Pong

    @majullah Singapura 10 August 2011
    >> During my army days, we had to stop whatever we were doing when the national anthem was being played at the end of the day – eating, walking, talking, area cleaning. So dont tell me it is trivail.<<

    That's because you are normal NS man. If you are super White Horse like Phony Tony's son, you can evade NS for 12 years, come back and 'serve NS' as medical researcher in an air con lab.

  • GG

    This neatly captures the problem with the PAP. They are jaded. They lack the excitement of leading this country. I can bet you all the WP MPs were thrilled to be there. One even posted his reminiscences of NDPs past, drawing a thread through the past to his presence there in the review stand. For Penny and the rest , this was a duty, the sooner over the better. If it was an emergency she should have left the dais.

  • What’s up Doc?

    FACTS 10 August 2011
    >>> It is easy for people to remember the negative facts and forget the positive ones. Especially PAP achievements over time…<<<

    Dear FACTS,
    Let me tell you some Facts.
    Credit for bringing Singapore from a 3rd world status to the present era of prosperity, belong to the men of the Old PAP. By contrast, the foundation for the many social/political problems afflicting Singapore today were, laid by the new PAP .

    People, like you, tend to confuse the old PAP with the new PAP. Singaporeans have the greatest respect and admiration for the old PAP led by men of vision like LKY, Dr Goh Keng Swee, Hon Sui Sen, Lim Kim San, S Rajaratnam. These were selfless men who worked genuinely for the interest of all Singaporeans. They were perfectionists and tough taskmasters. LKY and Dr Goh, in particular, tolerated no mistakes from ministers. S Raja was renowned for the rigor in which he ran our foreign affairs ministry. And their ministers delivered. LKY and Dr Goh did not hesitate to dismiss or demote ministers and senior government cadres for blunders. Recall the removal of Ministers Teh Chiang Wan (for corruption), Jek Yoon Thong/Othman Wok (ethical indiscretions), Ambassador Wee Mong Cheng, and others. Many of these flawed humans were comrades of LKY himself. Yet he got rid of them.

    The old PAP men were frugal and austere; they see thrift as a virtue. Dr Goh, on overseas business trips, washed his own laundry in his hotel room. He would undoubtedly disapprove of the million dollar salaries of the new PAP ministers. Such absurd pay have produced neither better ministers nor better decisions.

    Under the new PAP of GCT and LHL, how many ministers was dismissed or reprimanded for a blunder? Not one!!! Unlike LKY or Dr Goh, GCT and LHL do not have the gravitas and moral stature to confront their ministers over their errors. The pernicious consequence of such inept leadership is a culture of rationalization and cover-up has seeped in. Under the new PAP, mistakes are explained, brushed aside, or worst, attributed to causes beyond human control e.g. Orchard floods. This habit of obfuscation and denial permeates all levels of the new PAP government. When they claimed they are listening, are they really? Or are they preparing to frame an excuse to explain away the mistake. They are masters in churning out spurious statistics and data to justify their misguided policies.

    Thos who have worked with the Old PAP, with men like Dr Goh, or Rajaratnam in the 60s and 70s, can tell you how the old PAP dealt with problems. They called a spade a spade, do not prevaricate, acted boldly and decisively. The new PAP is not even close.

    You should, therefore, be ashamed to hijack the track record of the old PAP and credit it to the new PAP mercenaries.

  • -E-

    quote: “I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents’

    LOL!!! This is even better than the usual, ‘it’s an honest mistake let’s move on’, ‘out of context’ excuses! LOL!!!

    But in all seriousness…is she serious? How does one capture the moment of pride at the tail end of the anthem to share on FB? Take video? Picture? Or what? Isn’t that left to the official videographers/photographers on scene? And isn’t it basic knowledge that you shouldn’t really be doing any other thing during that time?

    Qn: What makes her so special?

  • Mari Kita

    When the cow comes home, the fact still remain the same, no change. That whatever reason you give, you still DID NOT pay due respect to the state anthem. Please don’t use your constituents (they are not your residents) as an excuse for your mistake (many adults will not hesitate to tell the kids your kind of mistake is an offence).

    It is not wise for you to argue further, you want to leave this episode fast, you need to take responsibility for your action, admit it, apologise for it, give an undertaking this will not happen again. For all you know, you may find some sympathy among some netizens. Is this not what we would expect our children to do at least? And mind you, you are NOT a kid! YOU ARE A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT!

  • Leo

    Whatever the reason, this is a mistake admit it instead of attributing to enthusiasm or anything else.

    Every Singaporean who has attended any Government School from Primary School onwards would know the way and means of basic respect to the nation.

    The use of a electronic device and not to pay attention is definitely not one of them.

    How can we expect Singaporean to have any sense of nationalism when the leaders of the nation do not lead by example.

    I would expect some of the spectators to do so, but definitely not an MP.

    I would foresee students in schools start using their handphones during morning assembly and even attributing that even the MP does it.

  • Fed Up

    What if a WP, MP was using the mobile.
    I am sure the PAP supporters here will have a field day.
    Well done TOC keep on exposing them, as we cannot depend on the biased press.

  • Al

    Actually I’m more amazed that she even had reception. I remember during the rallies my HP had zilch ZERO signal most of the time… But Ms Penny Low got enough 3G to immediately upload pics???! Is she on fibre optics mobile plan???

  • First World Alternative Media

    We wanted a first world parliament, so we have our first world parliament.

    Now, it’s time to also have our first world media. So.. here we are now.

    Thank you for being so first world, TOC and TRE. You two are truly brothers hand in hand in our drive for such first world media.

  • Benjamin

    Hmm… I am assuming that Ms Low’s residents have TVs and I suppose it’s the National Day Parade and it should be live telecast the sharing of her excitement on facebook may not be necessary or at least… it can wait till the national anthem is over. Facebooking at the tail end of the national anthem is contrastingly different from facebooking at the end of the national anthem. The latter is appropriate but not the first.

    Perhaps Ms Low is unaware that her action has united many Singaporeans on what is considered appropriate while the national anthem is being played. Indeed Majulah Singapura!

  • js

    I wonder what will happen if the cameras instead showed a guard-of-honor doing this. Would a perfunctory apology suffice then?

  • First World Media

    From third world to first world. Our transformation is complete. We have a first world economy. We then just only have our first world parliament. With this epochal article of TOC, we now have our first world media.

    What’s left is to have some first world netizens.

  • luzhenrong

    Penny’s reply is as lame as any of the pappy supporters. Let’s be clear about the National Anthem, it is the only Song that all Singaporean need to respect irregardless whether you are an ordinary coffee boy or a President. You need to stand at an attention when ever the National Anthem is been played in the public where there is a congregation. What Penny Low’s reply to this issue quote “I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. If in my enthusiasm i offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura!” This reply is clear that she is not taking this issue seriously. Since Penny feel casual about the National Anthem so be it. Anyway she is just another neutralized citizen. I do not expect any neutralized citizen to die for Singapore less sing our National Anthem with dignity and patriotism. Majulah Singapura!!!!!

  • TT

    This is very sad. Ms Penny Low:

    1. Punctuates badly, yes, it’s FB, it’s electronic communication but there is NO EXCUSE for poor writing – she is, after all, a Member of Parliament!

    2. Her response/excuse sounds false (is she just plain lying?!)and sarcastic, she seems to be insulting National Day and all who celebrate it!
    Shame on her.

    quote: “I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents’

  • First World Media

    This is what first worlds do best. Check and balance at every step of the way literally. It’s more important to pin down your political opponents than to raise the debt ceiling. Good work, guys! First world, here we come!

  • Born in sg

    Ms Low, do you know frankly when is the right time to do the correct thing and what can’t be done in such occassion? “to share on FB with my residents”.. you are merely just pushing the blame. Even a 7 year old kid (Primary 1 student) knows that he/she need to stand still and not fidget around when the national anthem is played. No respect for you, kids will start to question our leaders set such an example. boo!

  • Eureka

    This news is such a eureka! Definitely the full 60% will be on our side now! EUREKA!!!

  • nationalcrisis

    she is typing in her phone saying malaysian national anthem sounds nicer.. haha

  • Wee

    Just check her FB account and see if anything is being posted at that time. If there is nothing posted, then she is lying again.
    Shoot back at her again!

  • mumain’t happy

    Ms Low, the issue here is you MUST stand at attention. See our founding father, our President, our PM, or EMM…like that, don’t move

  • Seen

    As usual, the word ‘sorry’ is nowhere to be seen. It is clearly disrespect, even if she’s posting to FB it’s not the right time and she must apologize.

  • glassruss

    Loyalty to Person cannot be above loyalty to Party.

    Loyalty to Party cannot be above loyalty to Nation.

    Grassroots belong to the nation and are loyal to the nation. Grassroots must not attempt to cover up or gross over “trival” items such as disrespect for the Nation by choosing Person and Party loyalty over National loyalty.

  • Damn

    Say whatever u want, fact is u were meddling with your hp whilst Nat’l anthem is playing!! Don’t u know u hv to stand at attention? Shame on u!!

  • Rin Rin

    Even Tin Pei Ling knows to stand still and respect the Anthem. Now I respect Ms Tin. Penny, you sure you love Singapore or not?

  • Offend

    Dear Ms Penny, thank you for explaining. You did not offend anyONE. You just offended ONE entire nation.

  • Charge her

    Under the Penal Code it is an offence punishable by fine and jail for any one to disrespect the National Anthem. Police should now charge Penny Low for this disrespectful offence so as to set an example for the law-abiding public, since the evidence against her is indelibly recorded on camera.
    Will she go to jail or be just fined? I doubt any thing will happen to her.
    Just like Ting Pei Ling got away scott free for violating GE Cooling Day.

  • Ant

    I ve seen an entire platoon sign extra for not stopping and facing the flag during the national anthem. The camp I was in is made of different unit and unfortunately they were recruits in the unit beside our unit.

  • justacitizen

    Dear MP,
    I guess that made it alright. After all u had your constituents in mind. BTW did u know that 1 of the soldiers in the parade fainted at the same time u were FBing and he was punished severely for that?……….Just kidding that did not happen. But if it did, it would be no laughing matter for that poor soldier.

  • Richard

    Errrr…. Isn’t MediaCorp in charge of capturing the moment to share with ALL people in Singapore and not just residents who log onto Penny’s FB page?

  • xlandjy

    Send Penny to Sun Zi.

    In Sun Zi art of war, the Emperor asked Sun if he really could train soldiers to defend the country effectively. Sun replied, “certainly, your Majesty.”

    Emperor said, “Lets try it out on my concubines.”

    Sun then assembled the girls in front of the Emperor. Sun shouted “ATTENTION”. The girls giggled and laughed at Sun and the Emperor.

    Sun Zi warned them, “Training soldiers is no laughing matter. If you failed to obey, I will take firm disciplinary action.”

    Sun Zi started again, “ATTENTION!” Most girls followed the order and a few still giggled.

    Sun Zi ordered his assistant, “Take these few girls and chop off their heads.”

    Emperor was shocked. He quietly whispered to Sun, “they are my lovely girls. U don’t have to take it so seriously.”

    Sun replied, “Your Majesty, if I am not serious, you will lose your empire in no time.” His assistant then went ahead to have the few girls executed.

    Thereafter, the rest of the concubines followed the order promptly and accurately.

  • First World Media

    Hurray to Singapore’s first world media! Forget about the US and European problems affecting the world! Forget about the severe challenges coming Singapore’s way! We have a first world media today born on National Day! This is a greater cause for celebration than any issue and challenges in the world facing Singapore’s future. YEAH!!!!

  • bobby

    What a juvenile excuse….Shame on you Penny Low…

    I hope the PM drop you from the lineup in the next GE in 2016.

  • rei

    It is not your enthusiasm that has offended people. it is ur disrespect to the national anthem, regardless you are excited, anxious, angry or sad, the actions itself that made the point. don’t apologise with a justification. Apologise like you mean it.

  • Cosi

    Penny should apologize like this:
    “I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. I’m sorry that I have let my enthusiasm overtook my respect for the Nation, and will be more disciplined in future. National Anthem is a time for all Singaporeans to display respect for the nation in unison, not individual enthusiasm. Majulah Singapura!”

  • Penny’s Action Meets The Expectations Of A PAP MP

    Did we not hear the PAP’s usual boast that their MPs are subject to stringent tests after umpteenth tea sessions. Well, Penny certainly met the criteria alright which includes a blatant disregard for upholding the value, respect and honor of our nation.

    Congratulations to the PAP, in particular the PM, for your blatant display of hypocrisy before all Singaporeans on our National DAY.

  • Wong Kok Hoong

    其實這樣的解釋和回應,真的有點畫蛇添足,越描越黑. 她沒有得罪任何人, 只是在不恰當的時候做了一些我們常做的事. 如果她只是為她做的事道歉, 其他什麽都不說, 也許網民的反應不會這麼激烈. 廣東話常說:解釋就是掩飾, 希望她能從這件事情上,長一智.

  • citizen

    What a lame excuse! What makes her think that her residents were all logging onto her FB at that point? If she was so proud of her country at that moment, she would have stood still, attentive and sang the anthem with gusto.

    Some people can really fib without batting an eyelid.

    Majullah Singapura!

  • Time 23:59:59 hrs

    We are singapore, singaporean..hahaha

    *** THE END ***

  • Chicharito

    Wah! Can’t believe this article generate so many coments…

  • popcorn

    Please lah, only a new fart MP checking her mobile, no need make too much fuss.
    She’s just a newbie MP, still sucking milk, give her some more time to learn National Anthem etiquette. Maybe she also did this thing at school assembly when Anthem was sung. Maybe she came from neighbourhood school where they play around at school assembly.
    Just leave her alone, after all she’s a nobody. Or maybe you all fell into her trap, making use of you people to get the whole nation to notice her by her easy to remember name, Penny low.

  • disciplinarian

    Cane her or chop her head off. The last sentence in her apology is super bitchy.

  • sieteocho

    At least she wasn’t jacking off. I hope…

  • NDRue

    The next time I’m required to stand at attention while the National Anthem is being played, I’m gonna jump and scream around because I’m so excited and proud that the National Anthem is being played for all to admire and respect.

    Oh wait, I can’t do that, I don’t wear white.

  • Chicharito

    Excuse me, she is not a newbie.. This is Penny Low, not TPL..

  • majula penny low

    As usual, when caught with pants down, PAP MPs will offer half hearted apology.

  • Hormat

    Maybe next NDP, parade commander should shout HORMAT SMART PHONE!!!!!

  • lim

    Symptomatic of a younger generation. A politician must not only be patriotic but seen to be patriotic.

    In itself, the act may seem harmless but it may be indicative of the lack of importance placed to tradition such as the national anthem with the newer generation of MPs.

    If anything, it shows the lack of self-discipline associated with the older generation.

    Rather than a couched defence which makes the apology seem insincere, Ms Low would have gotten far more sympathy with an unreserved apology. It makes it seem as if anyone should be excused in using the phone during the anthem. Can you imagine athletes doing the same during awards ceremonies? What kind of example does that set?

    Next time, we get the smart phones to attend NDP & sing Majulah for us instead.

  • Sorry if my enthusiasm upsets you. Yeah right?!

    She gave you a rose but along with that rose comes the thorns that Singaporeans who commented on her misbehaviour and bad sense of timing are to be slighted in the very end. Her MP ego tells her so. Is she hear to apologise? If you are indeed sharing the moment of pride, why are you suggesting that the Singaporeans are seeking to disunite rather than unite you to pay respect to the Singapore flag?

    These are the sort of leaders we have now in Singapore.

    Don’t pretend lah. Your were enthusiastic? And you slight us for commenting on your misaction. If you are genuinely in touch with the anthem, you would have been with the song and music; and not break away from it half-way, to text and tell others your ecstacy. This is not possible. So let me get this right, one is in the midst of sex and we stop to text someone to share with them our enthusiasm in the act of love-making. It beckons the question how in tune one is with the act only enough to break away from it when one is immerse in it. Contradiction Penny. You can lie to the masses but not to us. Learn from PM Lee, when he apologises he does not put in any qualifiers unlike you.

    Justification for the original sin is worse than the sin itself. You need a less on ethics, Penny.

    Could we know which service provider she used so that we could verify if she is indeed speaking the truth?

  • Penny Low stooped so low

    What are words when you really don’t mean them when you say them?

  • popcorn

    Oh, this Penny Low is an oldie, can’t collect there is a PAP MP by this name.
    Can’t even pronounce the Transport Minister’s name, it’s Lui and Tuck something.
    My apologies, there you are, from checking her phone, now we know her all over the country. It’s cheap penny publicity for her.
    Strange, could remember the Opposition MPs’ names, all of them, esp newbies like Chen Show Mao and Printam Singh, but at least these Opposition newbies respect our Anthem right from the start.
    Oldie Penny should learn a thing or two from these newcomers.

  • HighPriest

    Why are you using traditional chinese input? Are you Singaporean? She’s doing something we’ll all be doing at the wrong time? Hello? Have you being through the army? PAP supporters are saying there’s nothing wrong with this?? @Fact, so you mean with all the contribution that PAP has done, PAP MP can show disrespect to the country??

    Hello? Wake up la… If this is done by a opposition MP what will you say?

    If an opposition MP is caught using mobile phone during singing of national anthem, I believe TOC will also publish it. When measuring, please use the same ruler!


    Wow,that means those citizens who want her to say sorry are trying to divide Singapore,what a crime?

    “If in my enthusiasm I offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite, not divide. Majulah Singapura!” (Ms Penny Low, 2011)

    NO,I am not onre ogf those who want a’SORRY” from her,as i know well,what one can expect to get.

  • Right

    Wong is smarter,I think it is better that she ignores those who want her to say SORRY,or those trying to divide SINGAPORE

  • The Real Penny

    She was not interested in the national anthem. It was just something she had to do; part of the job. There were other more important matters to her than paying respect to the flag. It’s clear cut that she was looking up while she was texting to avoid being caught red-handed. IS IT NOT?

    And look at her reply. Nauseating. What a pious pretender. Your body language betrayed you ‘live’ on TV and you balantanly script a response that you were enthusiatic. If you were indeed enthusiastic, why did you look up a bit to make sure you weren’t caught? Let me guess…one of the soldiers zipper was wide opened?

    We need to verify what she actual texted and to whom and for what purpose as her response was insincere and defensive. The question is why such a defensive apology.

  • I pity PM Lee

    This elections, the people voted against PAP not because most of the people wanted to vote opposition. But because they voted AGAINST PAP. And the main reason is that the PAP cocked up.

    When PM Lee said sorry, many of us decided to give him a chance. Afterall, the PM himself apologised.

    After elections, I hope the PM will rein in his MPs. Things like this kind of disrespect for nation, and half hearted, insincere apologies just reinforces the anger and displeasure on the ground. It is needless.

    I pity the PM. He has a big job with the recession coming. Even without these MPs who don’t understand the words in PM Lee’s apology in May 2011.

  • !!!

    How does us making a respond on her disrespecting the national flag be deem as trying to disunify Singaporeans? Hahahaha! It is you, Penny Low who is disunifying Singaporeans when you’re an MP and you disrespect the national flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fatah

    Money cannot buy politeness.
    Money cannot buy civility.
    Money cannot buy culture.
    Money cannot buy etiquette.
    Money can buy MP Penny Low.


    MAJULAH SINGAPURA means Forwards Singapore. If your eyes are not looking forwards but down at your phone instead, HOW TO MOVE FORWARDS??????

  • Tony

    I think she was lying about posting on Facebook to share with residents. Just check her facebook, nothing was posted on Tues during that time. Shame on you Penny! Trying to cover your mistake with a lie.
    This is so called of leaders PAP attracts.
    Sad day for Singapore.

  • BillyMa

    It’s getting from bad to worse it seems.

    lhl must fired the person in charge of those tea seesions & those who short-listed these ‘disrespectful’, ‘hare-brain’, & ‘arrogant’ PAP MPs.

    This incident once again confirmed that PAP MPs & ministers only listen to one voice, i.e. lhl.

    If lhl says it’s ok, then it’s ok.

  • Did you speak the truth Penny?

    I’ve been searching but I can’t find those entries Penny spoke of in her fb. Was she telling the truth or was she lying to cover up her mistake?

    I agree with the above poster: Justification of a mistake is worse than the original mistake. :O

  • If only she apologise sincerely

    If she knows humbility, admits wrong and apologises sincerely, this matter would have rest with the apology.

    Now it gets taken to another level. Need PM to settle again. PM going to be very busy with all these own goals. Elections just finish only. This is so embarassing.

  • Penny wipes her mouth.

    “i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. If in my enthusiasm i offended anyone, please accept my apologies.”

    It is not your job as an MP to share your pride to your residents (by the way, how many residents are on your FB?) by respecting the national flag? You’re a smart girl. Could you suggest to us how you could still share your pride while at the same time not disrespect the national flag?

    As my MP, and in your wisdom, could you suggest to us how you could still show your pride WITHOUT disrespecting the Singapore flag?

    Otherwise, why did we vote for you? If not for your wisdom, which you clearly do not exhibit by your misaction?

    Here’s a lesson for everyone whose minds are muddled by the PAP’s brand of propaganda: they are very good at wiping their mouth when there is incompetencies in leadership, missing mas selamat, fare hikes, hiding cost of building an hdb unit, etc.

    You name it. They’ll wipe their mouth clean.

    Disappointing. You could have made the situation better by a clean apology but you don’t want to even admit you’re poor example. You seem more enthusiatic to warrant a conditional apology than to sing the national song. If you don’t want to sing, at least respect the flag. Hey hello! You’re an MP leh!

  • Linda

    Penny Low, on close look at the photo you’re touching the keys of your phone, so could you be sending SMS? You’ve many times misused your position as an MP, time to retire you!

  • fatah


    You said MP Penny Low was lying, do you have evidence to support your claim? If so, let us proclaim to all Singaporeans that Ms. Low is really low….

  • Time 11:59:59 hrs

    wow liao, no give chance. She had already apology.

  • Believe LKY

    Now you all believe LKY when you said he cannot find enough talents to fill the MP seats?

    I feel sad for my PM. All these people are ruining his pledge and his sincere apology to win us back in the Elections!

  • Hardtruth – Lord over the people

    “While your apology is very welcome, I would have thought better of you if you had left out that last sentence of ‘NDP is a time to unite, not divide’.

    *** Since you are in the wrong, it is not your place to LECTURE people, not in a situation like this.” ***

  • Brit Colony

    I do not know who Penny is before this incident. But I would like to share my views, I agree when IQ is high, EQ will be extremely low. MP is like anybody out there, in fact, lots of tasks at work as well as family matters concern, some citizens really have nothing better to do. But maybe thats what a SG culture is all about when they get too well “educated”. From a plate of $5 rice to $50, they can make fusses & complain rather than using the spare of making more monetary gains in businesses. The best Singaporeans (last breed) ended at those born in 1960s & early 70s, the rest? 90% troublemakers who are empty shells. Thats why the moment I see a group of “bermudas & slippers fetish” people complaining in overseas using singlish shouting, who is your boss? I want to complain your food, your staff etc, I am too ashamed to be known as a Singaporean. Ms Penny is a human, she does have her rights & her own freedom. “Mind your own Business, nasty ones”. zzz

  • BillyMa

    It seems like all the PAP MPs got the cue from lhl.

    Just let all of these ‘honest mistakes’ accumulated until GE2016, then let lhl just do a summary ‘sorry’ to close every of such cases.

    PAP then hope to get the strong mandate to rule (ruin) the country for another 5 years.

    This has becomes the standard of PAP. And this come about becos PAP knew that they’ll get elected each time & every time.

    Will this norm be breaken? For once?
    You decide

  • Teen Pei Ling

    Should have just followed Tin Pei Ling and screamed…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY !

  • abc

    @ •Brit Colony

    Penny is in the wrong. She don’t want to give up her ‘right’ and ofcos she has her right!!!

  • Douchebag

    She looked enthusiastic meh??? My toes are laughing!

  • pennies pound

    When pennies pound up and down vigorously nobody could take her eyes off the forex page.

  • Penny Low (I’ll be there)

    You and I must make a pact
    We must bring salvation back,
    Where there is love, I’ll be there. (I’ll be there)

    I’ll reach out my hand to you
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    Just call my name and I’ll be there. (I’ll be there)

    I’ll be there to comfort you,
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    I’ll be there with a love that’s strong,
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    I’ll be there to protect you, (yeah baby)
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    I’ll be there to comfort you,
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    Just call my name, I’ll be there (I’ll be there)
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    I’ll be there, I’ll be there,
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    Don’t you know baby,
    I’ll be there, I’ll be there
    Just call my name, I’ll be there (I’ll be there)
    Oh oh oh oh I’ll be there, I’ll be there

  • stand corrected

    I had a chance to correct a kindergarten kid singing malulah singkapula. He followed and sang Majulah Singapura. Next moment he sang malulah singkapula again. He stood corrected.

    After all he is still a kid, not a prominent figure.

  • Shawn

    The only way to find she was telling the truth is get the Phone Operator to print the transmission data sheet on the National Anthem was being played then we will know the TRUTH was she using her handphone smsing or she intend to record her pride moment.

  • RGS Gal

    @ •Brit Colony

    Penny made a mistake. That’s human. What you fail to understand how she apologised. She dismissed Singaporeans to be nit-picking on her when she clearly on broad national TV disrespected the national anthem and the national flag by texting on her fb. If all the students in Singapore text on their morning assembly each morning during the national anthem, would you condone that? Why are you labelling commentators here you pointed out her mistake to be “complainers”? Help us understand how putting things right and correct wrong moral acts to the state be deem fit to be labelled as “complaining”?

  • Redemption

    @Brit colony

    Penny low is ex-Malaysia that just converted to citizen last year.
    I can smell you are also not local born here or you just FT which doesnt require you to do ns etc.which is why to u and her, the national anthem can be taken lightly.

    Please don’t insult our intelligence telling us MP are humans and got many tasks to do.

    This concerns nationalism and our pride. Obviously, I don’t sense any from you.

    Ah, are u cousins with Steven kho or Alvin chua?

  • PAP Observor

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? Does Penny look like she’s overflowing with enthusiasm as she stealhily try to conceal her act on ‘live’ national TV? The whole world is watching. You damn liar! Your body language clearly contradicts your words and you can still stand uncorrected that you were enthuasiasm. Don’t pretend lah. Even our PM Lee has the good sense not to buy what you said. Please do not insult the intelligence of our Prime Minister. He’s not an idiot, you know. Geez!

  • Petty Penny must be Probated

    Dear PM Lee, it’s not an honest mistake. It was intentional. Please ask your brother, Lee Hsien Yang who was ex-CEO of Singtel to trace her call and double check if she was telling the truth. For the moment, please place on probation and serve disciplinary action on her for disrespecting the national anthem while the flag was being raised.

    Thank you.

  • Stevenkhorfather

    Just 3 mths after election & 60% of the People actually wanted these kind of Ppl as our leaders ??

    Don’t knw what to say really ?

    In Chinese its probably called :

    “Tow Noun Sai Liow Liow ”

    literally translated as “Brains full of shitts”

    Yes, these are our Foreign Talents ( including our MPs ) leading Singapore into the future..great !

  • Citizen

    I am willing to forgive her, but what disturbs me is the fact that she is not honest. Look at the picture, she is holding the hp at an angle not to shoot a shot but to read or send a message.



  • yeoman

    a ‘PENNY’ for you ‘thought’?

    …for our thoughts?

    isn’t this hypocrisy in action?

    it’s the same as asking poor workers to accept $1000 PAY OR BE ‘replaced’?!!!

    only GOD knows…

  • fatah

    Singapore is for Singaporeans. Anyone else are tourists.

  • Fabregas

    Hellooo all, so Ms Penny Low used her hp during national anthem. Is this front page news?? So what if she farted during the anthem? Who cares? Geezz….common we got more important things to discuss.

  • GOD


    Nani is the same guy from TOC by the nick of Steven kho who worshipped PAP and endorsed LKY as god.

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  • globglob

    Right. So next time a school student is caught using handphone during national anthem, just say that they felt so enthusiatic that they wanted to sms someone to share their patriotism. I’m sure it’ll work.

  • Sinkie

    Another FT supporter of ms Penny Low support her and scolded Singapore citizens as useless and incompetent.

    Now her employer NATIONAL HEART CENTRE is not happy and conduct enquiry.

    NHC in facabook

    We sincerely regret the insensitive comments made by Ms Rachelle Ann Beguia.

    Although she posted those comments in her own capacity, National Heart Centre Singapore does not condone to such behaviour.

    We have always advocated to our staff that they should be respectful at all times, courteous and constructive when engaging in media platforms.

    An official enquiry will be conducted and appropriate actions will be taken accordingly.

  • shawn

    The work is not done and finish as this is the BEGINNING for SINGAPOREAN. We have ensure that she is terminated and send back to her country. Then We Singaporean satisfy with the investigation. Also she have insulted not only Singaporean but also our Man in Green who have scarified 2 years of life to defense this country and another 20 to 30 years as Reserve so the conclusion of the Enquiry should be TERMINATION and deported back to her country. We should continue to FLOOD the National Heart Center Facebook and demand them to Terminate her service immediately and she must deported to her own Country. Do all SINGAPOREAN agree with me?

  • bob

    I was a supervisor in a smc company, and the foreigners (btw china and malaysia) would do bootlickers. I felt that bootlickers is ok as I knew where to draw the line. Some get rebuke from me for being insensitive to others or doing a back-stabbing.

  • Fugazi

    She is an MP, not some ordinary soldier or a specatator in the crowd.

    So much for being ”talented”, ”capable” and ”exemplary” leaders – in quotes, cos the incumbents brag all the time.

    Believe me, if it was someone else n not from the incumbents’ one can imagine how he/she would have been lambasted.

  • Puppy cannot make it

    She is playing Angry Birds lah…

    Jokes aside, and btw I am no Pappies supporter as evidenced by my nick and previous postings. But I got to say to others… Please give that lady a break lah, don’t blast her just because she is a pappy. Sometimes some anti pap people is also too much. Let us be gentlemen and gentlelady, we pluck them on their policies and their arrogance. Small things like this saga blew until like big issue and moreover she had explained very clearly what she was doing. Cool, Ms Penny Low… your FB… arrg I mean Facebook. Try not to use FB as abbreviation because it is of another meaning in another forum. Guys should know.

  • Faridah

    Agreed with you, Shawn. We really do not want such ‘talent’ here. NHC, please terminate her service and ask her to go back to Philippine. She is not welcomed here. We hope we will not see her anymore in NHC. What a idiot!

  • Ace Ong

    @ Brit Colony

    I don’t know where you are from Stranger. I think you have been away for too long or you simple have no idea where is Singapore. So shut the xxxx up.

    If you are well aware of our constituency formation and how our government looks after us, you will realize that we have to comply to strict rules in order to ensure that the country is in order. After all we are small in size and we are competing against the world biggest and most powerful country to survive, socially, politically, economically and the rest of the 5 Total Defence Signature.

    Each citizen has to work, and am expected to oblige to rules of unusual boundaries… i.e. no gums, no fireworks… etc. These are some of the examples of what makes us better and what make us different to maintain competitive in the global recognition scale.

    MP are leaders of the people, we have higher expectation on them than any other citizens, because they are paid to lead us. They are paid with the government’s money to upkeep the rules and to show the people the way to a better living environment.

    Imagine if we are oblige to pay a fine just for texting messages while driving, what should be the penalty for using the mobile on the national anthem?

  • Philip

    We all pledged our allegiance to Singapore as citizens going into national service. Foreigners turning citizens do the same, I believe. When the National Anthem is played, standing up and facing the National Flag is the thing every proud Singaporean will do, without being asked to.
    Being a MP, who stood for election, pledging to serve the nation and it’s people, Penny’s action is totally unacceptable and show complete disrespect to the National Anthem, and Singapore. How can one believe that she will honor her promise to serve the people in her constituency, let alone the nation. In view of the gravity of her action, an apology seems inadequate. What do you with a rotten apple in a basket? You tell me.

  • liberte

    The fact that she is texting while the national song is being played showed to the whole world that she simply has no respect for Singapore and Singaporeans. She is not a low income and uneducated woman. She is a MP and should be able to proritise and control her emotions. She is not a kid and should behave properly especially if she is on national TV. She has no respect for Singapore. PAP has no respect for Singapore too.

  • backsight focusing

    Looks like the hp is focusing smartly on somebody’s backsight.

  • Nonsense

    Capturing the moment is holding the phone up….not down!!!

  • shameful conduct

    she is asking is all to unite and condemn her for the insult to our national anthem. I agree.

  • Disappointed

    She should just graciously own up to her disrespectful behavior. However, instead of apologizing, she came up with lame excuse in an effort to tell off people who criticized her.

    I’m wondering how can the ruling regime condone her utmost disrespectful act?

  • Penny liar

    It’s obvious that the national anthem does not mean a thing to her. It’s a disgrace that she has such privilege to attend ndp when more patriotic and real singaporeans are left out. Worse, she is a backdoor grc mp, not by true merit.

  • Stevenkhorfather

    What an “irresponsible MP”. See what mess she has created other than just the H/p incident ? ( go see Tre )

    Cannot imagine that she did not stop a Pinoy ( supporter )from making “degrading” remarks on the same FB thread on Singapore NSmen.

    Guess she “condones” and “approves” those behaviour & that kind of supporter.

    Perhaps she prefers to listen to “class 95″ as to what her mates terms as “Noises”.

    Look what she had “indirectly” created.
    What a fiasco now at National Heart Centre ,having to issue an apology over their staff ( the above Pinoy silly remarks ).

    If this is the quality of our Pap Mps, then I am “speechless”.

    Utterly dissappointing indeed !

  • Stevenkhorfather

    Perhaps our PM should just “voluntarily” resign.

  • Mystique

    Surely last term for her. Need new blood in next GE. How to capture the moment when the phone is in that position. Let Singaporeans decide if she is telling the truth.

  • Chin Tua Kee

    Her real message is that the national anthem is not that important to her…..

  • Junainah

    I believe that anyone who says that we are nitpicking is not getting the point. Everyone is expected to stand (and do little else) in a ceremony when any country’s anthem is being played. This is respect. Please do not go around and say my generation is unworthy when you do not know what basic respect is. If footballers can stand straight prior to the start of a match when another country’s anthem is being played, I do not see why Ms. Penny Low can’t.

    As a teacher, one small thing I would like to instil in my students (regardless of their age or mental capacity) is the ability to acknowledge their mistakes. Only then can people respect them. Only then can they actually learn from their mistakes and grow. I would be alarmed if my students give excuses.

  • FT

    Ms Penny Low,an ex-FT PAP MP,is better off function as FT MP.

    I am waiting for the day when we have FT PM,FT DPM,FT XXX Minister,etc

  • sa

    these mps and minister does not have sense of self-reproach

  • poorfellow

    These PAP jokers never learnt their colleagues mistakes. In their enthusiasm to find opposition mistakes, they falter and make more mistakes.
    That is simply a blatant, inexcusable act by an MP. Her apologies cannot go down well in oour bowel.

  • PMET

    Clerks also must imported from overseass,PM must give proper definition to FOREIGN TALENTS

  • Truth

    It seems that MP Penny Low was telling the truth.
    I read a msg in her face book by a Mr Adrian David Cheok -

    Penny, you are doing an amazing job. The new SEED Park will be wonderful for your community. Hope this trivial matter about the phone will be seen in the bigger picture as you just wanting to reach out to your community. You are a pioneer to use the new communications to reach your community!-Penny Low Face book

    It seems that Ms Penny Low,being one of the GLOBAKL YOUTH LEADERS,was involved in some new techniques with Cute Center N Mixed Reality Lab to do some tests for voice less communications.

  • Famous

    Satay Club

    Nani is the same guy from TOC by the nick of Steven kho who worshipped PAP and endorsed LKY as god.

  • sporelovemycountry

    From her “apology” and her remarks, it’s so obvious that she is trying to wriggle her way out but yet some failed to see that and sided with her. Staying at attention during national anthem is not about offending anybody yet she chosse to say “if I offended any one—”. Any Singaporean especially an MP should know to not only stand at attention but sing the national anthem and not indulge in anything else. It is for the decorum and stature of respect. Not doing so is an insult to the country, its people and its sovereignty and not any individual per se. President Nathan or the PM can also use their cell phone during the National Anthem and I’m sure no one will be offended but can they? Penny Low should just come out right to apologise for the lapse instead of giving all the bullshit!!

  • point

    Good point.
    Ms Penny Low,you seem and sound like a nice lady.
    Please just say sorry and move on.

  • alan

    “a teeny weeny bit petty”,…..

  • salison

    Another TPL. Wonder if she likes Kate Spade

  • “MAJULAH SINGAPURA” is NOT a shield

    This is hardly an apology.
    That part “NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura!” is self-defensive & salvaging personal pride.

    Penny, no one is divided! EXCEPT FOR YOU!

    What is the point of “Majulah Singapura!” when you can not pay full attention in our very short national anthem?
    “MAJULAH SINGAPURA” is NOT a shield for you to hide behind while making an insincere apology!

  • andrew leung

    Ms Penny Low should be assigned to be the lead singer of the National Anthem at next year’s parade. The National Day Parade Committee must make an announcement beforehand to remind everyone to put their phone in silent mode and not to play with their phones when singing the National Anthem.

  • Get rid of useless people

    As expected, people like Penny Low are just self-serving people who cares only how much money the official position can earned them. She is not there to serve Singapore nor Singaporeans but herself. Her action showed she has little respect for Singapore and Singaporeans and all the people present there including the ministers.

    There are so many sick people like Penny Low in the govt who are good at making shameless excuses for their mistakes and failures. No wonder there is a major systematic failure in the govt. The govt and the ministers seem to turns a blind eye to the shameless behaviour because they too are guilty of shameless excuses? Where is the integrity, the honour and the pride? Down the stinking gutter.

  • Tim

    Ms penny , it was already not so nice for being caught not paying attention during national anthem. It can be forgiving in the first place but your comments are totally a disgrace and merely insincere .

    Your remarks represent spore and to foreigners who is watching tv and saw your comments, how would they think about us? As a human being, it’s common to make a trivial mistake but your comments is a gravely one!

    Ms penny , i just wanna let u know …While u are trying to salvage your own , you have lost the whole of spore’s pride and respect!!

    Learn to say sorry like your boss during the election. It really helps if u are sincere ..


  • Beth

    I just watched the repeat telecasts on Ch 5 and 8 this morning. They replaced the scene of the MPs and ministers singing the anthem and Penny Low handling her mobile phone with that of fireworks.

  • Low Hou Loke

    For information, I’m not related to this PAP MP.

    I chose to make my remarks in TOC because of the comments made here so far.

    PAP MPs answer to the secretary general of the PAP, in this case, PM Lee Hsien Loong.

    I shall leave her punishment to the PM, but hope that all Singaporeans will know of this punishment.

    Thank you for reading,

    Low Hou Loke

  • ethan

    What share on FB during national anthem? Does Penny eat while she shits?

  • Patriot

    Lies and damned lies. Who are you trying to kid, Penny Low? I assume by “capture” she meant to take a picture? Unless it is a pervert’s upskirt photo, I do not know how she can take a photo of the anthem singing scene from her posture and demeanour.

    Proves that people with no integrity are in Puppy ranks too. “Neh!” to the Puppies who regularly issued this defamatory statement against other parties.

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  • http://Website(optional) iworkhardsometimes

    @ Low Hou Loke,

    quote u: “PAP MPs answer to the secretary general of the PAP, in this case, PM Lee Hsien Loong.”

    i disagree.

    first and foremost, MPs answer to the people of Singapore.

    their loyalty is, first and foremost, to the people of Singapore.

  • Low Hou Loke

    “iworkhardsometimes” made a valid point.

    However,I believe the secretary general of the PAP is in charge of discipline, rewards and punishment of MPs and members of the party.

    Hence, the PM or someone he designated is the right person to punish Penny Low.


  • How to punish

    @ iworkhardsometimes 15 August 2011

    @ Low Hou Loke,

    quote u: “PAP MPs answer to the secretary general of the PAP, in this case, PM Lee Hsien Loong.”

    i disagree.

    first and foremost, MPs answer to the people of Singapore.

    their loyalty is, first and foremost, to the people of Singapore.


    In theory it is right. But in practice, how do the people of Singapore punish her since Penny has made us lose face to the whole world ?

  • William Tan

    “I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that i wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. If in my enthusiasm i offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura!”

    Thank you for your kind understanding.

    Let me try and rephrase what you had just said, Ms. Penny Low;

    I was CAUGHT during the wonderful NDP 2011 and made to feel so DUMB by SINGAPOREANS who CAPTURE the moment (on TV) of my STUPIDITY, at the very tail end of the ANTHEM, to have this episode of my life shared on FB for all Netizens. If in my ENTHUSIASM (to use my new cellphone) I obviously OFFENDED everyone, please accept my APOLOGIES(LIES). NDP is a time to unite not divide SINGAPOREANS( which I am not quite one yet). MAJULAH SINGAPURA!

  • notanotherspinstory

    Naughty girl Penny Low should be punished by openly texting Twitter in NDP 2012 while standing in front of the crowd saying National Pledge.

    The text should read “I will not Twitter while singing Majulah Singapura or reciting the National pledge.”

  • Low Hou Loke

    I’m coming to 64 years old this November.

    I served 3 years of NS and after disruption for government service overseas, continued with reservist service.

    A tangible way for me to show my respect and love for Singapore is to stand to attention when our national anthem is played. More so, if I were involved in the NDP on our National Day.

    I’m deeply disappointed with new PAP MPs and ministers when these make specious and lame excuses for mistakes they had committed.

    Such people seemed to believe that all Singaporeans are stupid and will accept whatever reasons they offered.

    Whatever has happened to having the courage of admitting a mistake; apologize sincerely for it and stating the same mistake will not be ever repeated?

    PAP MP Penny Low made a specious and insincere apology for her utter disrespect of a solemn occasion. Unless she make the right kind of amends, I wish that she will pay dearly for her disrespect and stupidity for not respecting the national anthem. The fact that she did it on purpose condemned her further.

    Hence, my suggestion that she be punished by her political leadership, in this case, the Prime Minister.

    Thank you,

    Low Hou Loke

  • We’re not fools, Penny.

    The bit about “NDP is a time to unite not divide” is irrelevant, sound really condescending, in fact more like telling off a bunch of nitwits “right, I’ve apologised. now shoo..”
    I have my ear pulled by a teacher for not being attentive during national anthem in my primary school days, years back when we didn’t know better. We learn fast what respect in attention means.
    But Penny Low is a MP!
    It isn’t about offending anyone, like ‘sporelovemycountry’ had mentioned earlier that it’s beside the point that she should apologise to anyone or that anyone could have been offended.
    There is no one, Penny, but a unite voice that said “Penny Low, you better wake up, don’t treat us as fools, respect the general, & quit thinking about looking good for yourself”

  • justice for all

    That’s no nice lady there.
    My friend from MHA told me that she was from there and that she’s an arrogant b—h who’s hated by all there.
    I guess there are always such people in every organisations and these are the ones that usually rise to the top… like scum !

  • Auntie Penny!!

    Auntie Penny, are you sure you are capturing national pride on handphone & share with residents? Why so kan-cheaong? You cannot wait izit? Just wait for a few minutes also cannot ahhh? Handphone is more important than singing national anthem izit? You make yourself low-gui!

  • Tommy L.

    All the fuss. It’s very easy to verify. Just go Facebook and see what she had uploaded, if the timing of the uploads and the image creation date/time coincides with the time of the national athem. Our MPs are generally not politicians in the truest sense so of course, they’ll stumble. I’d rather have a technocrat MP like ours here in Singapore than a 100% politician like other countries who can blatantly lie without batting an eyelid.

  • Bobo

    Just went to her Facebook page, cannot find the claimed upload. Wonder if she uploaded it to some other pages ..

  • Alex Xia

    I suggest she volunteer to go through basic military training for females in order to learn some proper discipline. Her answers is certainly not acceptable.

  • Ram Murugase

    All of us stand still as a mark of respect and face the flag when the national anthem is sung. There is no excuse to use your mobile device to”capture the moment” when the cameras are doing so on the national televsion on all local channels. This is a lousy excuse.

  • iNSiDeR

    Ms Penny and family were in Malaysia on 6th and 7th of August 2011. She was replying to her auntie that the durians she brought were not ripe yet. That’s all mah. Why say big words like Malaysian and no feeling so on huh????
    Singaporeans no standard that is why choose MPs and Ministers from Malaysia and India.

  • angyg

    one day if my son gets punished in school for moving when national anthem is been sung, i will quote penny low and tell the principal lets move on u have no more moral right to punish him

  • Penny Y

    I just do not understand why Penny said “NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura!”? What has is to do with her not respecting the National anthem? Would love to listen to her reasoning.

  • Divided Low

    The only person was so “divided” was Ms Penny Low while the rest were fully united during the National anthem.

  • Lostsadsoul

    National anthem is the pride of Singaporean and everything must be put aside when is no excuses can be given or else in future my son cannot be punish in school or NS and they have no right to do so cause MP also did that.

  • Penis Low

    She’s single and middle aged, coming to mid-life crisis and penis-less. How to blame her? I think she will be better after sucking a penis.

  • Jamal

    @ Penis Low
    Watch the language friend. You dont have to go that LOW!!!!

  • Penis Low

    heh heh heh..

    Low? Meaning I got to lick her arse instead?

  • Pin Zi Hou

    It is seriously most unbecoming for a Member of Parliament to give such an excuse for a disrespect act to the Nation in Public and to dismiss it lightly with a mere posting in her Facebook. Facebook users consitute only a negligible fraction of the People of Singapore. In her mind, this is just a small matter. Such mentality is too naive for an important political office of a Member of Parliament.
    It would be more befitting and consistent with the dignity of her position for her to write to the PM with apology to the Nation and Parliament and requesting to be disciplined by the Parliament Disciplinary Committee so as to uphold the dignity of the Office of MP, Representative of the People in the Constituency concerned, the Parliament and the Nation.

  • HBK

    Please step down ! Not fit to be a mp! What a disgrace!

  • nimi


  • Kasey

    jia liao bee?? haha yeah

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