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Leopards and spots

August 23
00:23 2011

by: Siew Kum Hong/

It is as if the PAP is determined to prove that leopards cannot change their spots. The People’s Association can try its best to spin the truth, but the latest revelation from the Workers’ Party completely destroys any plausible deniability that could possibly be left.

The Workers’ Party’s revelation has to be read to be believed, but in a nutshell, the HDB had the brazen nerve to lease some prime spots for grassroots events — apparently previously by the PAP-controlled Aljunied Town Council — to the People’s Association. This was done quickly after the General Elections, on 27 May and 13 June, and apparently without any announcement or publication anywhere. On 15 August, the PA informed Sylvia Lim, Chairman of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, that “bookings by WP will not be allowed”.

This is offensive on so many levels. The HDB needs to explain why it did what it did, and the timing for those actions. Why did it suddenly lease those areas to the PA, after the PAP lost Aljunied GRC, when those areas had previously been managed by the town council? Has it ever leased such areas to the PA in other constituencies ? What was the criteria for choosing those areas?

As for the PA, this drives the final nail through its pretense of being a true grassroots organisation — as opposed to a state-funded para-political organisation used as a mobilisation vehicle by the ruling party. If it was truly non-political, it would not issue a blanket refusal to lease these areas to the Workers’ Party.

Many will consider me naive, but I had hopes after the General Elections that the PAP would truly learn its lessons, and become a fair and just party truly focused on doing the right thing for all Singaporeans — instead of working for the party’s own narrow interests. I now see that that was too much to hope for.

Before May 7, I had privately predicted that GE2016 would be Singapore’s equivalent of Malaysia’s GE2008, when the opposition tsunami rocked the long-time ruling coalition. I did not see that happening this year. After May 7, I thought that the PAP still had a chance of avoiding an opposition tsunami in the next elections.

Well, let’s just say that the PAP MPs and prospective candidates better have a Plan B in 2016, in case they lose. Many of them will likely need to use it.

This post first appeared on Siew Kum Hong’s blog.

  • chew

    This is ridiculous, and clearly shows where the interests of the PA lie. It’s shameful that this has to happen in Singapore, I guess I was dead wrong about politics in Singapore being above petty issues like this.

  • Benedict Thambiah

    It’s plain pettiness. All their grace in defeat has gone to waste. It only goes to show that you can only win on their terms. 2016 cannot be another watershed. It needs to be a freaking tsunami.

  • Jack Russell, Max

    Kiasi mentality, to win at all costs, even after having lost is at play here. There is no more integrity between what they say an what they do, anymore. They are better off wearing black and black.

  • Daniel Ho

    It’s time the PA reveal its real name – the SA. As in Hitler’s SA. And like Hitler’s SA, perhaps it has outlived its usefulness.

    Why the pretense of grassroots when what the PAP truly wants is a Gestapo agent in every block, an SS trooper guarding every flat, and a Hitler Youth astroturfing on every Facebook page.

    Seriously, bitch please.

  • JT


  • james

    Let them stop the pretense.

    Let them just come straight out and say, no, they do not want a democracy.

    No, they do not want to play fair.

    No, they will not play by the rules of decency.

    Come on, PAP. Isn’t it tiring to have to keep on pretending? Isn’t it a drain on your resources to keep having to find ways to “fix” any opposition? Small o, not capital O, because more and more of us are opposing you every day. More and more of us are becoming very, very disgusted with your bullshit.

    Come on. Have the balls to show us your true colours. Impose martial law. Incarcerate dissidents openly. Assume the full mantle of power. You will be cheered into dictatorship by the 20% or so who knowingly support you, with both eyes wide open.

    Come on, Darth Sidious. No more being Chancellor Palpatine, no more skulking behind the scenes pretending to be the head of a Republic. Show yourself as the Emperor you really want to be, Harry. Let the throne pass to your son, as by time-honoured primogeniture.

    If you are benevolent, CAPABLE tyrants, I will bend my knee to you. But when you cannot even be a competent or benevolent oligarchy, I find that likelihood very remote indeed.

    Keep doing this shit, PAP, and one day you will get your wish. You will find yourselves with the adulation of Singaporean sheeple — because the rest of us with a hankering for decency in our souls, and functional intellects, will have left this city-state long since.

  • William Li


    Why is it so easy to hate the pap?

  • shawnn

    Actually the PAP is preparing for an offensive defensive attack. If you heard of Benny Lim EX Director of ISD also being appointed as Perm Secy in PMO. This clearly showing the PAP is preparing for offensive defense in case Singaporean go against the PAP. Democracy start from the heart of the PEOPLE, No Government can destroy it which history around the world has been see in many decades. PAP won’t change because they have too many things to lose. Unless Singaporean stand as ONE UNITED PEOPLE by changing their attitude and thinking towards the PAP if they want a GOOD FUTURE for their children and grand children. They need to stand firm and come out of their comfort zone and stand united with the People believe in DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Then Singapore will prosper together with the People. if not only PAP and Rich Singaporean and Rich New Citizens will prosper but all the Middle Income and Blue Collars Singaporean will be left out another 10 to 20 years to come.

  • David

    We can use this episode to re-write Singapore history. The men-in-white is not so whte afterall. Our statutory board has been politicised, the so-called social-network aka PA has been used for political agena. As if PAP has not suffered enough shame for what they did, Denis Phua deny them all in Chinese Newspaper and turned around to blame WP for politicising HDB arrangement. How ironical can that be.

    I wouldn’t want to associate myself with any of PAP people, be they grassroots, supporters or anyone that smell like them. This country will forever be divided and Lee Hsien Loong cannot run away from beingthe man behind our divided society.

  • yh@2

    “Many will consider me naive, but I had hopes after the General Elections that the PAP would truly learn its lessons”

    It’s not naivete lah, just optimism ;)
    I too believed PM when he said about change and sacred cows. Even if I voted opposition, he is my MP and PM by popular mandate which I have to respect. I listened to what he had to say and heeded his call for unity, and was rightfully optimistic about promises, with a pinch of skepticism.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots – proven again. A dragon doesn’t change its scales. haha. but i’ll be optimistic again next time (though I’ll remember this and many other broken promise and won’t vote for him, as usual).

    I now understand why WP wanted its own grassroots organisation why they refused to use the usual town council management vendors (which are owned partly by HDB), and why they had to get someone close to them to start another non-PAP/HDB related town council mgmt.

  • Pigs and Pariahs

    PA, the pariah associates seem to need toilet training. They so lack finesse, shameless pooping in public’s full view.

  • Andrea

    At the most, someone will take the fall, protecting LHL from losing face and then the whole nation will be asked to ‘move on’, egged on by the state media, unable to do any scoops obviously.

    This matter should be known as widely as possible to prevent future attempts at gross injustice.

    Not to mention, the sheer stupidity.

    I am really pleased though that WP chose this week to release this media statement. :D Bravo!!!

  • james soong

    Politics is dirty. Everywhere in the world. Why do we expect it to be different in SIngapore?

  • Blurrrrdog

    We need to send a more powerful message in the PE. We need to make their endorsed candidate lose and lose big (it will be great if emperor palpatine come in last in the voter tally.) Only will this be able to shock the ruling mentality

  • WL

    We should start writing to the CEO of HDB to ask for an explanation, cc to the PM’s Office. Afterall, didn’t the PM recently said something about cohesion and unity? Or am I being naive?

  • oute

    The Workers’ Party had a few good lawyers, and they know the law. What is stopping them to pursue according to the law. Are they afraid or fearful.

    Singaporeans are questioning the number of foreigners and other issues in the country since the GE 2011, and what has the Workers’ Party being doing. Complaining about their own space. And why now highlight the issue – the Workers’ Party had known since May/July that the space does not belong to them, and why dont they oppose the HDB ruling.

    Are they asking us, the common people, to fight for their cause – sounds like the PAP style of work.

  • andrew leung

    PAP is a Rogue government, it is behaving like a rogue.

  • Roy Lee


  • Steven Kho

    HDB has the right to lease its premises to whoever it wishes. This is none of the WP business. The PA is merely serving those who are worthy. Looking at the inconveniences that voting WP brings, why bother voting WP in the 1st place? They can’t improve your lives, they turn the whole Aljunied area into a slum, and they spend all their time bickering over such minor issues.

    1-party system may not be perfect, but it’s still the best option for Singapore. A small nation can’t afford political gridlock and no use wasting time with a so-called “co-driver” which can’t even get its own house in order.

  • We are Singaporeans

    Mr. Siew Kum Hong,

    I am like you, thinking PAP will change after the appology was given.

    Those who recite the National Pledge with their heart, are all disappointed.

    Why? Sigh!

  • Dead Poet

    To all the people who supported PAP blindly, thinking there were men with honour, what does this episode show. They are no worst than any political despot who refuses to give up power. I wonder what they will do should they lose majority…I must be a fool, we already know the in the army. We have already been told this by the great MM. I wonder what other below the belt tactics are being employed in Aljunied. We have such honourable and gracious proud Singapore

  • JeffGoh

    “The people cannot delegate to government the power to do anything which would be unlawful for them to do themselves.”…whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence.

    When so ever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society, and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty.” — John Locke — (1632-1704) English philosopher and political theorist

  • NDRue

    Dead Poet> Ironically, who makes up the army in Singapore? :)

    Call the army in, and see how many respond :)

  • William Li

    To the pap and its faithful supporters who frequent TOC,

    Please pay attention to steven kho’s postings.
    They are reflections of how you talk to the citizens of Singapore. Yes. This is how silly and irritating you sound to the citizens.

    Please pay even more attention to the responses to steven kho’s postings
    They are reflections of how the citizens of Singapore feel about you. They are the citizens’ feedback to you.

  • small heart

    输了有没有风度,赢了有没有量度。 good example cynthia and to expect to win people’s heart go on like that??? so we cannot be negative to foreigners etc etc but singaporean can be negative about singaporean.

  • Apolitical

    The call to elect a President that will not be constantly questioning the government on policies is a specious one. At first sight, it sounds logical and appealing to those who argues that there shouldn’t be an alternative centre of power to the elected government. However, a closer examination of this line of thinking reveals several flaws.

    The Constitution clearly mandated the Elected President with the task of protection of our Reserves. As envisaged by the government this meant not allowing it to draw down the Reserves for frivolous spending.

    The incumbent government obviously didn’t intend that they should be questioned on their policy making decisions and rightly so too. However, insofar as to government policies that will impact our Reserves somewhere down the line in the future it stands to reason the Elected President not only has a moral obligation but a duty to question the government and challenge it vigorously.

    Try imagining the duties of a parent. Chief among many others is the duty to ensure that the child is adequately prepared to compete in society and make a good living. There are many bad habits a parent has to prevent the child from acquiring, e.g. smoking, gambling, drinking, taking drugs, etc. A parent can take a passive role by stopping the child from doing any of these bad habits when he or she sees it. Or he can take an active role by ensuring the child never got to the point whereby the child will be tempted or compelled – imagined the child associating with bad people – to do so.

    One could argue that the duty of a parent is to provide the child with love and let nature takes its course. If your child insist on smoking and mixing with bad companies, where it is quite obvious he or she will have a bleak future, can the parent do nothing and still claim he has performed his parental duties admirably? No!

    If the Elected President realised that impending or even current government policies will lead to the drawdown, weakening, or dissipation of our Reserves should he remain silent for fear of intruding into OB (Out of Bound) Markers? Or, should he take a back seat and simply wait for the inevitable day when he can tell the government ‘I told you so’ and then refuse to sign off on any drawdown of our Reserves?

    It is not difficult to imagine when that day arrives the country will be in economic mess and any loss of confidence by the market of its future will push the country over the edge. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the President at that crucial moment when everything he foresaw years ago came true. He will be confronting a real moral dilemma he refused or was prevented from confronting years ago.

    It is a Hobson’s choice he will be facing. Saying no to the government’s drawdown of the Reserves can lead to economic ruin for the country and the blame for it falls on the President. Saying yes will only encourage an emboldened government to continue its wasteful and profligate waywardness.

    A look down the road tells us we need a strong Elected President that is prepared to be confrontational insofar as the protection of our Reserves is concerned. We need a President that will not remain silent and happily collect his S$4 million annual salary regularly even when told he can’t be informed of the true state of our Reserves because it will take 56 man-year to compute.

    In my book only one man has shown the moral courage to do this job: Tan Jee Say. He has shown his mettle staring down Tony Tan’s veiled threats on the ISA issue. The other two hopefuls were merely opportunistic spectators with wet dreams of the annual S$4 million salary, hoping to die rich – I can’t imagine how anyone can ever finish spending so much money in one lifetime in Singapore.

  • For our future’s sake.

    I hope the 60.1% will experience the bullying and dispicable tactics of the PAP in one way or another.

    And their loved ones too!

  • Of Leopards and Sheeps

    It takes 50 years to raise a hoard of leopards … you think it is easy to transform them into a herd of sheeps?

  • Dead Poet

    Well, I am glad some good came out if this. Three of my colleagues who are PAP supporters and RC/CC members have been put to shame by this episode. They have run out of excuse and have finally admitted that PAP is playing gutter politics and have vowed not to support them anymore..there is hope for 2016

  • William Li

    To major general chan,

    Are you responsible for these disgusting, despicable actions of the peoples’ association?

    we want to see a raise of your hands.

    Kee chiu!

    Or are you just acting only?


    What craps is this? Both the ESM and PM talking so much about a non-divisive Singapore.

    Din they know that PAP is the culprit?

  • popcorn

    Can’t people see there is a distinct split in the PAP. PM Lee can’t control his people
    within his own Party. His own people won’t heed what PM says on any stage.
    Seems PM dun have much support.

    Fabulous, at last there is a glimmer of hope for Singapore. Dissenting views within PAP would lead to a split. Great news. Some Grassroots and Govt Establishments are at loggerheads.

  • JasmineT

    I don’t consider your thoughts as naive. It’s called “hope”. Hope that the PM would be true to his words just before and after the GE. But once again, hope has been dashed to smithereens.

    The ruling party has once again shown how petty, shallow and vindictive it truly is and how it intends to continue remaining as such. Please stop squeezing out crocodile tears.

  • Non-partisan politics

    PA is supposedly non-partisan. PE is supposedly non-partisan. Reality is different. WP’s complete silence on PE is deafening. Claims that WP is opposed to PE, like they’re opposed to the GRC concept, doesn’t seem a valid argument. Perhaps they should start taking a stand on both local issues in Aljunid, and national issues, if indeed believe they have a leading voice on these issues.

    Would be impressive if their machinery could be seen as being effective in taking on both these rather challenging and delicate issues.

  • Citizen

    This is pettiness personified. I am chanting 2016, 2016, 2016….

  • TracyTan

    PAP is Petty and Pathetically deplorable. All Singaporeans must be wise and vote against Tony Tan at PE 2011 and vote against the PAP at GE 2016.

    PAP thinks that it can win through unfair tactics. Singaporeans must show the PAP that righteousness and fairness prevail.

    Down with PAP!!

  • Poor Citizens

    Action speaks louder than words.

    The disgusting dirty tactics used by HDB & PA (on instructions? from PAP?) will be a put-off for many citizens.

    PM, stop telling citizens to unify and please rein in your own papaya men who are causing great division to this little red dot. The papaya brains are the root cause to your problems.

  • Stevenkhorfather

    The beginning of the downfall of the LEEgimes

  • William Li

    When reading about the latest actions of the pap controlled people s association, a few chinese characters come to mind. I don’t know why, but they just come. And they are
    I can’t control my mind, these characters just fly atoms me.

  • VOTE WP 2016 if you want BACK CPF

    Very very strange and tough to understand – IS PAP for Singapore OR AGAINST Singapore?
    Is PAP uniting the country OR uniting ONLY PAP?
    IS PAP unterested in the 40 % OR only serving and protecting the 60%?
    Then why Loong keep on repeating that PAP is a servant and not masters, and why Loong ask Sgp to stand united? And Loong also repeated said, make Sgp all inclusive.

  • Duh

    The only good thing to come out of this incident is that people will see the hypocrisy of the PAP more clearly and then swing even more votes for non-PAP parties in GE2016.

  • georgia tong

    PAP abusing power again. Abuse of power is corruption.

  • disgustedo

    Petty, small-minded, hypocritical, vindictive, divisive, undemocratic, revengeful, gutter tactics, unethical, cunning … sorry can’t find anything good to say over this whole sordid episode.

  • truth5

    If PA is to be above politics then like any other civil service organisation no one who belongs to a political party should be involved in its administration. As it is PA is a political outfit manned with so many people from PAP.

  • Simon Hokkien Pein

    Wah Lau….another dirty policies, Papies and cronies only know to make life miserable of Sporean.

    Where are ur promises to reforms ?
    “Bo lan pa , kee who ca ke lan”
    PAPies is NO more for the people of Singapore
    To hell with yr dirty politics – PA / HDB / cythia papies

    Simon_Hokkien Pein.

  • I love washerwoman

    TJS’s mother is a washer-woman.
    Tony’s father is a very rich OCBC banker.
    You want a empathetic people’s Prez.
    You know what to do.

  • John Tan

    This is Criminal! Disgusting! PA and Cartoon Yap has to answer for abuse of Peoples Organisation. MR Khaw must also discipline HDB.
    All Bullinging must be stopped.

  • Crap

    Steven Kho,

    Then why bother having GEs??? Why don’t we just install Lee Hsien Loong as our Supreme Leader and convert S’pore into a communist country!

    Better still, why don’t the UN get PAP to rule the entire planet Earth….then Earth would become a paradise.

    Long live PAP!!

  • Chanel

    This episode shows that NOTHING is going to change. The PAP is going to continue using such underhanded means to win elections, instead of winning by making people’s lives better.

    Thank god the people of Aljunied GRC didn’t believe George Yeo’s bullshit about being an internal reform agent if elected.

  • Patrick Tan

    Undeniable facts on Dr Tony Tan:

    1) Dr Tony Tan was borned rich. He was borned into the family of the founders of OCBC Bank. Thsi was why he became CEO of the bank.

    2) Dr Tony Tan is also a relative of LKY. This was why he was cooped into cabinet.

    So judge for yourself how Tony Tan can be independent, how he can act as checks and balances.

  • Damn

    This under-handed, vindictive act by HDB, PA, CCC is deplorable! Mr Siew had nailed it on the head when he wrote that “the leopard never changes its spots”! So now we know not to be taken in even when they say: “I’m sorry!” Vote WISELY during PE, pls!

  • Fabregas

    Common, anyone who believes the PA and HDB are independent of the PaP should have their head examined. Its like Ceric Fool saying that NS “White Horse” are there so that they will not be awarded special privileges.

  • PAP Stranglehold

    The senior ranks of HDB, PA, PUB, JTC, GLC, Stat Boards, Ministries etc are all populated with people handpicked by the PAP government. In that way, they maintain a stranglehold on the entire government machinery including its affiliated organizations and companies.

    To free the people from the PAP, it is not just as simple as kicking them out in Aljunied or some other GRCs. Hard work lies ahead. The WP party understand this and has taken the first step by raising this issue.

    If Singaporeans can do themselves a favour this Sat by voting in TSJ, we would have collectively taken another step forward.

    With many small steps, we can hope ultimately to bring in the real change.

  • GoonDoo

    THANK YOU PA & HDB for your timely action….

    Now that this has been exposed just before the PE… Let singaporeans NEVER FORGET the lessons learnt from the 2011 GE.

    Sg’reans – DO THE RIGHT THING… and create an EFFECTIVE check & balance worth $4m a year to us all.

  • Cat Spade

    The web of the miws have spread far and wide!

    The only show and protest we netizens can do is vote wisely this saturday for the EP and again in year 2016.

    Mr CSM of WP, we are depending on you and your team to knock this growth on our backs and let us be able to stand straight again!

  • Time

    Leopards can change their spots,but it takes time.

  • sad

    PA said the events in void decks must not be political in nature

  • Thor

    Cynthia phua has already shown her gutter level response and her political career is over. What about the other young chap in aljunied from PAP. If he has integrity and a conscience, he should resign.

  • Sage

    PM’s first 100 days: Decisive, dramatic but not deep enough
    Yahoo page have just posted the above topic and sad to say only a few miserable comments are being posted there, and worst of all, those thumbs up and down have been taken off too. Sigh! what a country we are living in, even cyberspace has to be under the control of those u know who lah!

  • http://TOC H.Lim

    I am prompting the 60.1% who had voted for PAP this election, and ask yourself this question: Have I voted in a fair and honorable government? Is this the kind of treatment to all sectors of Singaporeans acceptable? You may have given your support to PAP, do your conscience allow you to condone such injustice and sheer bully tactics?

  • blame the sheep

    the 60% majority are blind and stupid. sheep at the core

  • lobo76


    In time, they become the spot. i.e. BLACK panthers. lol

  • doppelganger

    During the long summer of PAP rule, it established many organizations to facilitate community services. As the bulk of the community is sited in HDB estates, it was in HDB estates that the PAP built many essential community facilities and some strongholds of its power. All with Government funds. In that context and even now when there is an opposition ward in Aljunied, these facilities and strongholds already well established are valuable community resources. However in Aljunied where the WP is to run the Town Council, the PAP strongholds must accept the WP’s role. The originally PAP establishments and organizations have to incorporate its new master, the WP into its act. The intolerance against WP’s Shen Show Mao is a sign that the PAP is unwilling to allow him to participate in the local society of Aljunied, assuming wrongly that the party PAP is the Government of Singapore itself. These are very simple facts and it does not take rocket scientists to unravel the motive behind the problem with the PA. Can the Prime Minister tell the Government or more precisely his political party the PAP to give way to the WP in Aljunied? We do not need the Minister of Law or some other staunch party flag carrier to make a mess of this Town Council change in Aljunied..
    By the same token, the police posts, the fire brigade posts, the community libraries, the community clinics indeed the HDB itself should be available to the WP in Aljunied. Most salient is HDB cooperation with WP as the new Town Councillor . Can the Prime Minister do us Singaporeans a simple favor to ease our lives and put our welfare above his own warfare in party politics?

  • Must be the problem with the bleach

    Anyone can recommend a good brand of bleach to rub off the black leopard spots and make the uniform whiter and shiny again?

  • RC

    Not only did the leopard spots not change, they have grown bigger! By 2016, the leopard would have become a panther, all black!

    I think LHL must take a position on this.

  • concerned sporean

    “it’s an honest mistake.” very soon.. a very well-written script will be presented to the public.. Breakdown in communication blah blah blah.. some super junior staff will take the blame and the matter will blow over.. what else u expect the PA, HDB and PAP to say?.. “Yes, we are dirty and we are all in this together to fix the opposition?”..

    come on sporeans.. let ur vote counts.. vote for Mr Tan Jee Say..

    saw the news that $110m used to top-up CPF for our elderly.. such news the government will always make sure the public get to know through the mainstream media.. how about info on how much the government spend on giving out scholarship to foreigners, giving out baby bonus to PRs etc etc be made known to public?.. where’s the transparency in our government?

  • Leopard ken a caged

    Even do leopard crawl also cannot escape public scrutiny

  • tklim66

    Everyone knows what HDB has done to WP is politically motivated. The decision runs counter to PM’s remarks for Singaporeans to come together for a common good. Side-stepping and back-stabbing against oppositions would only enable oppositions to gain more sympathy votes in the next General Election and win more Parliamentary seats.Former PAP MPs for Aljunied GRC should enlighten residents of Aljunied of their views on HDB’s action. Keeping quiet is amounting to evading responsibility.If statutory Boards or Government related organizations are allowed to intimidate oppositions, the public should help oppositions to fight for justice and fairness. A capable Government should not be afraid of oppositions. Opposition parties could only make a good Government better and smarter.

  • SGworry

    HDB has a lot to explain. Somebody up there 拿着鸡毛当令箭.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    The top people at the HDB know which side of their bread is buttered…

  • PA is not neutral

    My mother said PA only brought them to PAP election rallies, never any other polictical parties.

    Hence PA is not neutral.

  • PA is not neutral

    I told my mother, never in PA history, an opposition MP is appointed as the adviser. But PAP member, even lose in election, is appointed as adviser. How can you call yourself a grass root leader when you ignore the people’s wish?

    Hence PA is not neutral.

  • justacitizen

    It is really unbelieveable that HDB can have the right to lease out plot of land of the size that are involved for 2-5 years term.
    I have never heard of any government agency doing business in this manner.

    Who makes this decisions? Is there a department in HDB that deals with such lease application? How do they draw the demarcation? What is the rate and prices of the lease? Are these prices published? And many more questions may be asked.

    No wonder MP Sylvia Lim accuses them of wrong doing in her press release.

  • ting

    Plan B for 2016 GE = Approve more new Singapore citizens

  • Disguisting n Underhand

    PAP has finally let the cats out of the bag. They use their losing candidates to support their cause. Singaporeans are not naive lots n they know what is right from wrong. Singaporeans should better understand now. The ruling party wants to suffocate the opposition to control Singapore. I hope Singaporeans will vote wisely in the upcoming PE.

  • Loong

    Long long ago they were doing all these shameful disgraceful dirty tactics in Potong Pasir, Hougang. What is new is that the internet has exposed such partisanism to a much wider audience and being fair minded people we are shocked to know of such miscreants and how an `honourable’ can be so dishonourable. Some Goh did mention somethign about jun zi – unbelieveable!!